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After a lot of secrets of the beauty were revealed in Shane Dawson’s mini docu-series: THE BEAUTIFUL WORLD OF JEFFREE STAR… the iconic duo launched their makeup collection today, and I’m here to tell you the truth!!! Are the eyeshadow palettes any good? Let’s find out!!
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Nov 1, 2019




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Comments 80
NikkieTutorials 6 months ago
*OINK OINK!!!* what do ya think??? 🐷🖤✨
PartyRatz 6 days ago
ariana.butera queen
molly and ivy russell
Paula Sue Clement
Cant pick a side, they're both Gorgeous!!
cursedbumbleb ee
cursedbumbleb ee 4 months ago
best makeup colab of 2019
Calming Asmr
Calming Asmr Day ago
That is a cool pallet!
Tīna Dālberga
LOVE the background!
Kaitlyn Knight
Kaitlyn Knight 2 days ago
I live between two states... and I know exactly how you feel about feeling unsettled.
Maya Bunch
Maya Bunch 3 days ago
My family loves a lot and I have never felt at home anywhere
med amine kaddar
med amine kaddar 3 days ago
"Dipping into my pills for my transition" has a wildly different meaning now
Ana-Maria Stiolica
Jeffrey what the "fablawa" 😅😂. You were funny 👍🏻
Unai Unaisha
Unai Unaisha 4 days ago
why did you move to an apartment you said that you were just fine in your home did something happen?
Anne Cormier
Anne Cormier 5 days ago
Can you make more makeup tutorials with the conspiracy palette!
Maddie C
Maddie C 5 days ago
Nikki don't cut corners but those creases better run
Alexandra Sanchez
Jeffree, what the lfughfflhhfhflk
Solomon B
Solomon B 10 days ago
Ceo of “Jeffree what the fbllllll”
demonic nikole
demonic nikole 10 days ago
Day of the dead in Mexico is November 2nd ☺️ close enough!
woop woop
woop woop 18 days ago
No ones gonna talk about her outfit? It is stunningg
Kianna Cruz
Kianna Cruz 19 days ago
Okay this yellow SENDS me.
Joe Swanson
Joe Swanson 21 day ago
I love what you are wearing it's very Beetlejuice!!!
Sailor Sam
Sailor Sam 22 days ago
I may or may not have had some wine yesterday, saw it was restocked, and immediately bought it 🤦🏻‍♀️ I Hope I like it 😂 edit: If Nikki came out with her own brand I would be in debt because she is the master of makeup universe 😍
Brittny Rodrigues
Brittny Rodrigues 22 days ago
Okay, you're literally so fire at makeup..
T dollaz
T dollaz 22 days ago
fuck this bitch all makeup falls
Carsyn Owens
Carsyn Owens 19 days ago
What's the point of commenting this?
dan jay
dan jay 22 days ago
Nikki,can I hire you to do my everyday makeup??
Meena Rajawat
Meena Rajawat 22 days ago
Umm I'm loving it... specially the lipstick...are they matte??
jgirl 34
jgirl 34 24 days ago
It always drives me nuts that her ears are always bright red, and her face is solid like beige, foundation on ur ears is like ur neck, blend it all together
Pearlyq22 24 days ago
she is so pretty!
Poppy 24 days ago
rewatching as I finally got hold of mine
Robin H
Robin H 25 days ago
Kalingga Hilal
Kalingga Hilal 27 days ago
Lashawna Mae
Lashawna Mae 27 days ago
the exposed color is GRAY in person (at least for me) so I’m confused if I’m doing anything wrong 🙊🙈
aphrcdiite :
aphrcdiite : 27 days ago
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez 28 days ago
Hardly any fallout that she showed
CherryGum_D 28 days ago
I just realised that the video was out on my birthday I could say “oh now this is a cool birthday :D” but I only see this nOw RUvid you dummy why don’t you recommend things on time But ok a cool day now I want that pallet jeez And I don’t even do makeup BUt I wAnt It
angela lina
angela lina 29 days ago
Just Drawing
Just Drawing 29 days ago
You're not alone with moving and not feeling at home. It's been nearly a year and I still don't feel at home
Natalie Marion
Natalie Marion 29 days ago
All I can say abt this is I LOVEEEEEEEEE 😍❤️❤️❤️
Tylor Olivier
Tylor Olivier Month ago
I love your channel more than James Charles'
Payton Ward
Payton Ward Month ago
L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley Month ago
Love it or Hate it????I LOVE IT!! THEM!!!
L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley Month ago
52 52 & 54
L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley Month ago
Blood lust purple Blue blood blue Blood sugar red
L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley Month ago
I want to get the blood trilogy
L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley Month ago
First lip wud go the best i feel
Blxssom Month ago
Ok guys I’m going to wear jeffree what the heubejehavdj
Anessa Bravo
Anessa Bravo Month ago
Jeffree would never let their fallout in the pan
Guan Zihan
Guan Zihan Month ago
Aww it’s fine, it’s prolly bc u haven’t made a lot of nice memories in ur new house...
Bored Bones
Bored Bones Month ago
Loving this look! 💖
Clark Month ago
The makeup look is stunning 🤩
Mark Carandang
Mark Carandang Month ago
biggest flex of the year. Doing eyeshadow that detailed in a fucking mini mirror
marianne sani
marianne sani Month ago
I dont like your face for make up
Ahn Saehyun
Ahn Saehyun Month ago
Jeffree what the fucrouwujdoak
n w
n w Month ago
I dunno who this is or if she always smears base on her lips? am i the only one who finds this disturbing? Also eyebrows that look stencilled on is never a good look especially if they do not even follow the visible bone structure of the brow.
Tiny Alexandra
Tiny Alexandra Month ago
I love this, it just makes a calming drama type look. It is miss matched and it just works for some reason. Just 🌺Lovely🌺
Ma. Theresa Isobelle Matobato
Love the piercings! 💖💖
The reason why there's a bit of fall out is from all the powder you put on ur brush...your eye looks hideous way too much!!!
Cutie3XBaby Month ago
It’s called EXPOSE 👀 EXpose expose eXpOSE 👀👀 😂😂
Yoselin Sanchez
Yoselin Sanchez Month ago
I love your makeup 😍 I choose both side !
Angélica Pacheco
Addy 0206
Addy 0206 Month ago
Can you do a make up review on precious stone ruby make up revolution London palette please it would mean the world to me thank you so much!!
Alami Sakamaki
Alami Sakamaki Month ago
Nikkie’s nose is so pretty:))
blob blep
blob blep Month ago
“My pills! My pills for my transition!” - Nikkie pre coming out to yt
Liv Morgan
Liv Morgan 22 days ago
I’m confused edit:never mind
Taylor Reimer
Taylor Reimer Month ago
I know she’s talented as all hell but does she use tape? I feel like she doesn’t and that’s a whole new level. Like wh-
G Lover
G Lover Month ago
No one has ever described Brown as ‘stunning’
Nelii Month ago
i love how she said 'Jeffree what fummm."
Light Do Morn87
Light Do Morn87 Month ago
Crazy side
Heather G
Heather G Month ago
Diet Cola will always be fav
Hari Dixit
Hari Dixit Month ago
10:20 what the heck! That scared me how different both eyes are
Hari Dixit
Hari Dixit Month ago
Who else is simply watching this FOR Shane, And Loving his success?
Anj Casimiro
Anj Casimiro Month ago
One of the best looks 😍 you can see how pigmented the palettes are, wish I can have one here in PH!
breqfast Month ago
*''I don't cut corners''* **does brows off camera**
Gordon Angles
Gordon Angles 2 months ago
I love moving it feels so good
Beth N.
Beth N. 2 months ago
Love both!!
aesthetic. bangtan
aesthetic. bangtan 2 months ago
jeffree what the flplalalabala
lola loud
lola loud 2 months ago
My brother girlfriend has that makeup pallet
Anna Birulina
Anna Birulina 2 months ago
"Ranch" I tip my hat to Shane and Jeffree to making a Dr Phil reference.
Mariah Benson
Mariah Benson 2 months ago
Still on the internet selling secondhand for twice the price. C'mon. This should have been planned WAY ahead of time seeing how James Charles Palette couldn't be kept on the shelves for so long. JFC is at the tip of his and top of the makeup industry yet cant make enough for true supporters. And now all he has is cashapping people and hoping he stays relevant. Quit making drama videos and keeping an egocentric personality "lit" on the internet and start hand pressing some palettes so people can have their makeup..
Vanesa Flores
Vanesa Flores 2 months ago
Jeffree what the shdvndjdv 😂😂😂
Katia Kazuyo Sobreira Shibue
Nikkie is the best! No doubt.
Jeremy Chase
Jeremy Chase 2 months ago
Her ears are super red!
nyen life
nyen life 2 months ago
No they’re not...
Emily Bakker
Emily Bakker 2 months ago
Jaah!! woon nu 3 jaar op me zelf en nog steeds ben ik niet gewend, mijn spullen voellen niet van mij terwel ik ze wel zelf betaalt heb en bij me ouders voelt ook niet echt als thuis meer
Carol Moore
Carol Moore 2 months ago
Wow I love it
Cheryl Adamson
Cheryl Adamson 2 months ago
Needs a little bottom lash on the left eye to balance it out
Dany Hasbany
Dany Hasbany 2 months ago
I love how your background just matches the theme of the pallet you try every now and then. Queen 👑
Isa Secor
Isa Secor 2 months ago
One of the worst palettes I’ve ever used not worth the money
Barbara Kolar
Barbara Kolar 2 months ago
What is the name of that eye primer? I have loose skin on my lid. Will that help me? Love always ❤️
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