Shane’s Beauty Room Makeover Surprise!

Ryland Adams
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I hope you guys love how the room turned out as much as we do! Thank you Impressions Vanity for the beautiful mirrors! Check them out! (not sponsored)
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Jun 11, 2019

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Comments 23 260
Victoria Mendex
Victoria Mendex 3 minutes ago
I need a shane makeover series NOW !
Kirby Catherine
Kirby Catherine 5 minutes ago
12:21 you mean “Ryland”stones 💎 ✨ 😜
Abby Wilson
Abby Wilson 6 minutes ago
Can you please fly to Illinois and decorate my room
Kimly Koh
Kimly Koh 7 minutes ago
ook but shane used to dgaf about his look and his face . what happen now????
CourtneyKangaroo 8 minutes ago
Shane’s skin is glowing!!!
Avanaa Sakamoto
Avanaa Sakamoto 32 minutes ago
8:14 Shane: I've been washing my face Andrew: Jesus.
Jessica 57 minutes ago
Ryland spends months on amazing looking room but doesnt take 5 more mins to clean the mirrors before the reveal lmfao
Heather Hour ago
I love the squad so much 😍🥰💞
Donni Orozco
Donni Orozco Hour ago
Why’d Shane disappear from HIS channel
Angeline Hanner
Austin James
Austin James Hour ago
My niece walked in at the end of the video and she was like, "WOAH THATS ALOT OF MAKEUP."
Arielle payne
Arielle payne Hour ago
Dose Shane even RUvid anymore
B B Hour ago
angelina baerga
This makeover is literally amazing you need to do interior design ryland
Audie Parker
Audie Parker 2 hours ago
Why has Shane Dawson not been posting
2 hours ago
The best makeover I've ever seen
*Next Video* *Living in the beauty room for a day!*
Death Heart
Death Heart 2 hours ago
Lenona 2 hours ago
Now you need to surprise decorate Andrew’s apartment. And honestly, he deserves it.
amber dibella
amber dibella 2 hours ago
Wow you did amazing !
Kaitlyn Thompson
Kaitlyn Thompson 2 hours ago
Andrews reaction was so cute
Kaitlyn Thompson
Kaitlyn Thompson 2 hours ago
You did such a good job!!!
amber dibella
amber dibella 2 hours ago
Laisha Perrett
Laisha Perrett 2 hours ago
rich lux clock the house lol loveeee
Justine Ponce
Justine Ponce 2 hours ago
ITS SO BEAUTIFUL like every glam girls dream room , 😍 GREAT JOB !!!!!!
Ava Cummings
Ava Cummings 2 hours ago
Can't wait to see the "cleaning my makeup room for the first time in a year" video
I feel so god damn happy for Shane omg
Ruby Gardner
Ruby Gardner 3 hours ago
does anyone else want the stupid like scary and funny videos out again
Super Cooper
Super Cooper 3 hours ago
Mrs Kate?!?
Jacob Dabney
Jacob Dabney 3 hours ago
ok but. the gold wallpaper annoys me. ryland made like half of it striped. why didn't he just add one more dark stripe??? 21:40
K nem
K nem 3 hours ago
I LOVE how it turned out!!
Sofia Randomchannle
When are we going to see makeup tutorials on shanes channle
Maria Guță
Maria Guță 3 hours ago
This video is the exact opposite of Game of Thrones S8E3 in terms of brightness
P 3 hours ago
this is every girls dream
Peggy Thomas
Peggy Thomas 3 hours ago
Beautiful job!
LLAMA QUEEN 4 hours ago
Where can I donate to help Shane launch a makeup line
Brittany 4 hours ago
Love the idea of a masculine vanity, like even as a female I am not a girly girl but I like make up. Love these design videos
Mariza Klimala
Mariza Klimala 4 hours ago
I want to pay Ryland to give my room a makeover.
libsj10 2016
libsj10 2016 4 hours ago
I can't be the only person missing the old shane where he would wear those black shoes every day with his black jeans and his pig merch now he is walking round in balenciagas.I still love you shane but still lowkey miss the old one.
Ineskouletvickot 4 hours ago
Shane should do a collaboration with James Charles! who else agrees????
Maria1992 4 hours ago
The room looks incredible. Great job!!!
melissa turner
melissa turner 4 hours ago
Awesome guys
Rebecca Lea
Rebecca Lea 4 hours ago
I didn’t know I wanted to see a video of Shane reorganizing his makeup, until now!
Kathy and Alyssa Show Pugs
You should give make up away to people who need cause .... that’s a lot
Angelina Garcia
Angelina Garcia 4 hours ago
Hey babe! Check out my very first video it would mean the world to me!!!
Shayla Mclellan
Shayla Mclellan 4 hours ago
edgy kiddos
edgy kiddos 4 hours ago
...Waiting for the day Ryland changes his last name to Dawson...
xEdgy Egox
xEdgy Egox 5 hours ago
eyebrows got me going straight
GuideBeauté Jeu
GuideBeauté Jeu 5 hours ago
seeing shane this happy makes me SO HAPPY you couldn’t even understand. i love u both so much omg
justyna barnas
justyna barnas 5 hours ago
22:27 pallet says open here for nudes..... it’s in the Jeffery star section Maybe it’s a new pallet that he made possibly with shane
victoria cerulli
victoria cerulli 5 hours ago
So real question is did they ever name that other dog lol
Gay girl Love
Gay girl Love 5 hours ago
I'm so proud of our beauty queen Shane
Briana Ponce
Briana Ponce 5 hours ago
Shane and Ryland are SO AMAZING TOGETHER ❤️❤️❤️❤️
tea b i
tea b i 5 hours ago
shanes face really did clear up
tea b i
tea b i 5 hours ago
shanes face really did clear up
Ariana Prenaj
Ariana Prenaj 5 hours ago
I’m honestly really happy that Shane is enjoying himself and has found a new passion. I remember when he told us that he felt uninspired until he met Andrew, and Shane has been coming out with AMAZING content. It’s really heartwarming to see that he has found something he loves and is dedicated to it.
Lil K
Lil K 5 hours ago
I love what his trying to do. But all this makeup seems like it’s gonna go to waste. So. I’ll totally take all of it! THANK QQQQQ
On my block Girl
On my block Girl 5 hours ago
Shane NEED TO POST MORE!!!!!??!!!??!??!!!!!!?!!
xhoana 6 hours ago
what has Shane becomme...?
Jesse Hector
Jesse Hector 6 hours ago
I don't care about Rylan or Morgan, Shane needs to step his dick up and release new videos already. The wait is getting annoying. . They better be worth the wait or I know a lot of people that are unsubbing.
Katie Allendorph
Katie Allendorph 6 hours ago
Shane casually has hella highlighters in a bALENCIAGA BOX
Kimberly Rivers
Kimberly Rivers 6 hours ago
“I’ve been...you know... showering more” 😂 Me too Shane.
Lacey Barkhurst
Lacey Barkhurst 6 hours ago
I need to know where that desk came from. I'm obsessed with it.
JuJu's-Art-Parlour 6 hours ago
Tip! If Shane doesn't know what to do with make-up he doesn't/won't use he could donate it to a women's shelter!!
Angelina Valles
Angelina Valles 6 hours ago
okay what shane looks so good, like his skin looks better and clear and HIS EYEBROWS WOW
Amy Bourget
Amy Bourget 6 hours ago
Great job!!!!
Farting Pig.
Farting Pig. 6 hours ago
Omg I’m so late
jokerella casper
jokerella casper 6 hours ago
Wow that is so much makeup more than I have, more than I will have in my entire life
Sarah Halperin
Sarah Halperin 7 hours ago
seeing shane this happy makes me SO HAPPY you couldn’t even understand. i love u both so much omg
Leana_ya'know 7 hours ago
Why GOD Why is Andrew so f'n sexy????
Diego Ramirez
Diego Ramirez 7 hours ago
2:56 is the definition of “☺️🥰”
Destinymc Lovin1228
I feel like Shane should shave. It’s not that I don’t like it but I feel like it would give off a feminine vibe and it would be easier to play around with makeup.
MommaTruck 7 hours ago
Shane your skin looks fantastic
Cause -N-FX
Cause -N-FX 7 hours ago
Shane’s face looks so incredibly CLEAR!!
Avi Quarles
Avi Quarles 7 hours ago
I love how Andrew is just always lurking in the squads videos now
Regina Crosco-Booker
he should giveaway makeup he doesnt want!
Laurie Myers
Laurie Myers 8 hours ago
God, I love you guys! Omg...that suitcase vanity! ☺️
Michele Watson
Michele Watson 8 hours ago
Ummm Yes....full inspiration for my up and coming beauty room!!! Awesome job Ryland!!! Also, Shane's impression of Richluxe is SOOO good!! - wonder what Shane's intro line is going to be???!!
Natasha 8 hours ago
Ryland come help me redo my room lol
Clay Reichard
Clay Reichard 8 hours ago
Ryland should force shane to make a trolly makeup video
K K 8 hours ago
Meeting. Ryland is alredy showred and done the meserments (idk how to write) Shane - just woke up and looks like he was sooo drunk yesterday
Alexis Roy
Alexis Roy 8 hours ago
Where did the desk come from??
TheSaucy 8 hours ago
i swear the entire squad is turning into a company of interior designers
Andrea Gorochow
Andrea Gorochow 8 hours ago
le ciel
le ciel 8 hours ago
Truly a domestic goddess 😘
Des Avenue
Des Avenue 8 hours ago
Megan gain in some weight
Cy Levine
Cy Levine 8 hours ago
He should do interior design
Alex_White Foxxy
Alex_White Foxxy 8 hours ago
I love how you are doing this for Shane!!!(*^ω^*)
cat lady
cat lady 9 hours ago
Shane idk what you've done differently but you look great!!
Kasumi Rupert
Kasumi Rupert 9 hours ago
Kayla Lenzen
Kayla Lenzen 9 hours ago
You are skilled!!! Absolutely amazing!
Hey It's Lay
Hey It's Lay 9 hours ago
Wow, Shane's skin looks SO good, good job bb!!😍
Zuka zzz
Zuka zzz 9 hours ago
You're doing great ryland! I wish i have a bf like you
Koalapoop 9 hours ago
He loves Shane so much he did all that work for him😭😭❤️❤️
Weak4Weekes 9 hours ago
Im so excited for the Shane x jeffree!!!
ledale ledale
ledale ledale 9 hours ago
Such a cute video
Shana B
Shana B 9 hours ago
I love how Shane puts his everything into what he loves ❤️❤️❤️❤️ that’s why Shane is Queen.
Madison Baker
Madison Baker 9 hours ago
Now we just wait for the movie theater ..
Shana B
Shana B 10 hours ago
Aww ryland is soooo sweet love you guys ❤️❤️❤️
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