Shakira FAKE Guitar Playing at the Super Bowl?

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Is Shakira really guilty of FAKE guitar playing at Suber Bowl LIV halftime show!? Today Stevie T examines the evidence to find out if she truly is a GUIFAKIST!!
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Comments 80
Brett Estrada
Brett Estrada 2 hours ago
2:51 Where's the tutorial, Steven? 😂
Wala Lang
Wala Lang 3 hours ago
Dr. Shaun is that you? HAHAHAHA lol
CaptainGeo 6 hours ago
Mitch Connor. O_O
Tyrese Stephen
Tyrese Stephen 9 hours ago
Woaw Steve your really funny
Samuel Mathis
Samuel Mathis 10 hours ago
She’s a good singer
Ty Olmedo
Ty Olmedo 12 hours ago
When I watched the halftime show I immediately thought “Stevie is gonna do a video on this”
Gabriel Czarny
Gabriel Czarny 13 hours ago
Eva’s Life
Eva’s Life 14 hours ago
I subscribed! I hope you like it 😃
Lonea YT
Lonea YT 14 hours ago
Aidan Brooks
Aidan Brooks 15 hours ago
I don’t know what’s worse, Shakira’s playing or the fact she was using a firebird
Just me and my Strat
How rude! You forgot to mention how she offended the rope players community.
Rosetta Fox
Rosetta Fox 20 hours ago
6:33 wtf was that I’m cryin her hips were like punches 😂😂😂😂😂 I’m seriously fell off my chair Steve is so harlious I love this guy 😂😂😂
rancid 21 hour ago
if i played drums like shakira did i would've blown up my drums and never look at a set again.
Adam Musgrave
Adam Musgrave 23 hours ago
Ya look like the good Doctor I know that’s random
Joshua Roggy
Joshua Roggy Day ago
I’m evry video he looks like he’s having and autism attack
Qualified Default
0:58 where his head is🤣
James Braley
James Braley Day ago
Vejtibles I’m nervous
Lazary Wolf
Lazary Wolf Day ago
That is beyond meat
Jordan Wolf
Jordan Wolf Day ago
This made my day🤣🤣🤣🤣
RedOrb Day ago
that riff sounds like stp - vaseline
Kagome Higurashi
Sharika hahahahhahahahahhahahahahahah
•Itz_ Stella•
His hair tho
Billy Gregory
Kieran Rochford
I having a great laugh this evening. Man you so funny
Michael Belew
PTSD for guitarists
Lazary Wolf
Lazary Wolf Day ago
Christian Rosario
She played much better music and actual guitar back when she started. Her music is trash now.
MAY HEM 2 days ago
1:22 me and my entire classroom
Alexis ZaratePlays
(This Comment Was a Copyright Joke so I took it Down ;-c)
Alexis ZaratePlays
Alexis ZaratePlays
David Ovalle
David Ovalle 2 days ago
You look like a Blur's member, but you're cool
brisbopitoski 2 days ago
She ain’t even plugged in
Cashman123 2 days ago
this was the first video from him i watched and i subed not even halfway in
Roselyn Morejon
Roselyn Morejon 2 days ago
*sharika** hahahha lol 😂
Leo Gallo
Leo Gallo 2 days ago
Wait her guitar is a left handed guitar so she use it on her right hand so that is why the cored looks fake
Richie Johnson
Richie Johnson 2 days ago
I'm pretty sure the superbowl half time shows are never played live. A few bands have said publicly that that wouldn't do it for that reason
doom slayer
doom slayer 2 days ago
Andrew Saunders
Andrew Saunders 2 days ago
6:31 I died
Big Boss Channel
Big Boss Channel 2 days ago
Guitarist Meme
Thor yu gi oh
Thor yu gi oh 3 days ago
Your good at guitar
Rainbow Gamer
Rainbow Gamer 3 days ago
It looks like when that Shairka girl was dancing her part of her body was shaking and Steve look like he was really in to it and it look like he was liking it...and she was showing her parts a lot...
Lemoon 2407
Lemoon 2407 3 days ago
SteveT I love your face at 1:28 , just Bug in Progress
Corn on the cob
Corn on the cob 3 days ago
Did anybody here steve say *sharika*
Mickey Mindful
Mickey Mindful 3 days ago
melo b
melo b 3 days ago
She can actually play the guitar
kfcboiy 3 days ago
Matthew Carl
Matthew Carl 4 days ago
When I saw the super bowl and shakira playing there I said. *STEVIE T GET ON THIS!!!*
ammar izzuddin
ammar izzuddin 4 days ago
pleaseeeee play hail to the king-A7x
Koenguy11 Johnson
She was pretty good looking for a 50 year old
Joseph Ignatius
Joseph Ignatius 4 days ago
Checkmate Stevie T
Matthew & Mateusz Ellis
Why does his guitar have no tuning pegs
Nathan White
Nathan White 4 days ago
7:25 up to 7:45 😄😄😄😁😁😁😆😆😆 also 0:07 up to 0:37 😄😄😄😁😁😁😄😄😄 and 8:17 up to 8:23 😂😂😂
János :'D
János :'D 4 days ago
Max 4 days ago
nice 😂👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Tiancheng Liang
Tiancheng Liang 4 days ago
I just noticed something, in the "shredemtion" of this song, Stevie T's guitar wasn't plugged in. But he is not faking. But why is he using a cable used for guitar pedals?
BooMSlanĞ 4 days ago
6:31 got me dead😂😂
Bilboyourboss 4 days ago
Dragonforce for super bowl 2021
Sena Aydın
Sena Aydın 5 days ago
Steve is a fan of Davie504. Evidence? 5:15 .
michael Chavez
michael Chavez 5 days ago
Love it!! Had me cracking up
Mike Benson
Mike Benson 5 days ago
I have 3 accounts subbed does that count
Random Nick
Random Nick 5 days ago
“ her hips don’t lie but her fingers shut do “
Kermit_the _frog
Kermit_the _frog 5 days ago
I’m a drummer and I swear to god I am so pissed now I want to insult her but I can’t
Finding Keno
Finding Keno 5 days ago
9:32 Look Out Steve!!!
moody_lazyhead lazy
can yall see in the vid he said he hit 2,00,00 subcribes and he only has 1.92M subscibers so he is fake too but only wit subscribers
FaZe Halo
FaZe Halo 5 days ago
FaZe Halo
FaZe Halo 5 days ago
“Enough With The Sancing ShaRika”
M00dy_blue 5 days ago
Shakira used to play the guitar so I don't think her playing is fake
Brian Plotner
Brian Plotner 5 days ago
At least Richard Benson is actually honest about what he's playing.
Wes Darling
Wes Darling 5 days ago
Have some sympathy, the NFL couldn't afford St. Vincent.
ninja turtles fan
1:01 Steve just became a men
doublea125 5 days ago
On the topic of why the NFL insists on pop artists for the Super Bowl Halftime Show, it's a business decision. Their reasoning is simple, try to bring in new fans. You spelled it out in the video as to why it should be hard rock or even metal bands performing, but it's easy to see that most fans of handegg (or football as most of you mistakenly call it) are likely already into that sort of music. From a business perspective, they want to bring in people to show them the sport. "If we get William Eyelash to perform, all of her fans will see how incredible this sport is and will instantly become fans!" James Hettfield has gone on to say that despite the same petition for Metallica to play for the Halftime Show every single year (with an incredible amount of signatures at that), he and his bandmates have made peace with never being able to do it. Now those of us in the real world understand why this tactic of theirs doesn't work, but until they pull their heads out of their asses and reward fans of both hard music and the sport instead of using bait tactics to draw in a temporary crowd, we're unfortunately stuck with spray-tanned girls riding stars and causing power outages.
ALX 5 days ago
Wait why is there a old guy there 9:02 in the left
Ncov 2019
Ncov 2019 6 days ago
your videos makes me laugh everytime i watch it with its sense of humor.
Bill Gonzo
Bill Gonzo 6 days ago
So Stevie t just put the best solo of his life over a Shakira song.
Gustavo Pacheco
Gustavo Pacheco 6 days ago
Steve looks like a "fake" young John Oliver with that hair!
Mario Neri
Mario Neri 6 days ago
You have 1.92m
MR MJ 6 days ago
Your just jealous you have no skill so all you do is make stupid faces
Brandy Sanchez
Brandy Sanchez 6 days ago
It time for L.T.W.P.I.
TheSneakySpy09 6 days ago
Shakir a is charged with six total charges, all counts of guifakery one count if drumfakery and one count of calalalala plagiarism, stevie T right a list of arrested guifakists. And put a wanted poster of the most counted fakist in your recording room
Alexis ZaratePlays
SiggeEmneus10 6 days ago
Am I the only one Who wants The Pantie Collection?
Jorge Correa Urrea
Do you know what Shakira has that you lack and will never have? Charisma. Oh yeah, and millions in her bank account.
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