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A woman comes to the clinic showing symptoms of pregnancy but when she tells House that she's not been sexually active in over a year, he discovers a startling reason for her health problems!
Season 1 Episode 17 - Role Model
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Aug 2, 2017




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Comments 80
Hans Campbell
That woman appears to be a young Bell from Once Upon A Time. I wonder what Rumple will say about this?
Dulcie Lambert
Dulcie Lambert 6 days ago
shrtlink.ca/and150showliv මණ්ඩලය තරයේම ව්යාකූල.- ඔයා ඇත්තටම කනගාටුදායක සැක්! නින්දා අපහාස Kramer.
Catherine Hudson
Catherine Hudson 6 days ago
shrtlink.ca/m0deland14milf පැතිර, සෑම තැනකම ඇතුළු අභ්යවකාශය.
DANG JOS 7 days ago
She's hot!
Gimmie Micer
Gimmie Micer 12 days ago
This show was outstanding. Delt with real personalities, some of the strangest real diagnosed illnesses. Just loved this show. Great characters.
Suhailin Lajimin
Suhailin Lajimin 13 days ago
i subcribe.. thanks
Paul DeAth
Paul DeAth 14 days ago
House's version of Doctor/Patient confidentiality *leaves the door open at every opportunity*
สุยนต์ จันดาวรรณ์
ffvck me please 🍣🍣 itssophia.github.io/sophiahotvids/8v/#hotcams-p0rN14Xo දන්නේ නෑ ඒක ටොමී ඇය ඇමතුම් බිලී නමුත්
James Dillard
James Dillard 14 days ago
She is very beautiful woman
Jason Wilke
Jason Wilke 16 days ago
Are you happy RUvid I played the stupid video it was doll and boring now can you please take it out my watchlist and quit showing me this crap
Dave Thompson
Dave Thompson 17 days ago
baby jesus
Pat Mark
Pat Mark 20 days ago
Pray an act of perfect contrition everyday
Eugene Boucher
Eugene Boucher 20 days ago
She's so hot, can you blame the guy??
Betty Hinman
Betty Hinman 20 days ago
Why does she live so close to her ex?
Lange Heinrich
Lange Heinrich 20 days ago
please send me a neighbor like her omg
Кавказ на Шниве
не хватает русского перевода)))
Captain John
Captain John 21 day ago
There's an empty place above my apt. if you're looking to get away from the X, sweetheart! 😋... 🚬👓...
Eduardo Landolt
Eduardo Landolt 21 day ago
I read sex and 20 mill views, I'm here...and what do I get, a tv series...&^%@(€^%
Morris Zachrisson
Morris Zachrisson 22 days ago
Such idiots both.
Puppy 1975
Puppy 1975 22 days ago
Why on Earth did they make Hugh Laurie put on a Yank accent? Sounds awful.
Sumukh 22 days ago
What kind of weak ex-boyfriend is hers
Judgy Judgerton
Judgy Judgerton 22 days ago
Great show He’s such a dick though.
Анатолий Кудря
what is it?
23 days ago
Do you wanna...? Why YES please
Rene Solara
Rene Solara 23 days ago
Rug burn on your butt ? H0W!!??
Константин Возный
Ооо, доктор Хлус
yiftach 23 days ago
start a religion. wow. just wow
JP51ism 24 days ago
Just to recap, that's Missy Crider; she is IMDb-listed re: "Role Model" episode of House.
Slashley gibbins
Slashley gibbins 24 days ago
I want to meet a sexomniac.
Tony A
Tony A 24 days ago
She looks mighty fine!
Grant Peace
Grant Peace 24 days ago
Missy Crider, incredibly talented, beautiful, smoking hot, personally I think she is great actress and unfortunately a complete nut ball in real life. Her crazy I have no doubt keeps her from getting more regular parts and gigs.
Gene Search
Gene Search 25 days ago
Was a great show until the plot left him from being a doctor
Sun RockFlix
Sun RockFlix 25 days ago
Halls menta...só quem gosta aguenta!😎☕
Michael gamer
Michael gamer 25 days ago
I had an ex-girlfriend with a brother who used to talk to her in the kitchen while asleep. Perfectly normal conversation, but he was asleep. One early morning, I found my ex-fiancee on the porch of my townhouse up on a bench with her arms out. It was a good 20 foot drop. I carefully worked her down. Next day she told me she had a dream about wanting to jump off a mountain. Didn't know I had talked to her at all. Humans are strange creatures.
Chris Kelleher
Chris Kelleher 25 days ago
20 million views of this clip. That is telling.
Yossarian 26 days ago
So why did he have to have an American accent? Why couldn't he have had his own accent? What's wrong with the idea of House being an Englishman?
A_hamburger 22 days ago
It’s an American show, they wanted him to be American I guess.
Xeldinn 23 days ago
Works better for the American audience I guess. It doesn't matter anymore.
Maljoe 26 days ago
She's fit. What's her name?
Gérard Coustes
Gérard Coustes 26 days ago
Assise le jardin mélodieux se dévoile à chaque épisode lassé elle songe en fait une source vive de sec le jardin de l 'oisive mysterieuse l'intrigue se dévoile avec une paresse la chevelure ondulé auprès de la caresse l'azur se dissimule à découvrir. ..
Jeston Sun
Jeston Sun 26 days ago
when are russian crusiers going to be released
WetDroiD Edition
WetDroiD Edition 27 days ago
If there a sexsomnia women above the apartment that should add to the plusvalue of a property
jedics 27 days ago
I'd like to resolve her issues!
Le Joker
Le Joker 27 days ago
Docteur Maison
Eldin Jiron
Eldin Jiron 27 days ago
Pecan Pie
Pecan Pie 29 days ago
It’s never lupus.
Ambrose Leahy
Ambrose Leahy Month ago
Gotta love fiction!
blazekilla555 Month ago
According to modern feminists, what the ex is doing is a form of rape.
blazekilla555 29 days ago
@merlinthegray he will definitely face charges either way because men are guilty until proven innocent.
merlinthegray 29 days ago
If he knew of her condition (which is unlikely because she didn't know) then it definitely would be rape. He might still face charges though. You type that like it's a bad thing. Why?
Gummy Month ago
In small doses, GHB is actually pretty fun. A few drops and you'll feel kind of drunkish for a few hours with no headache or hangover. It's great. Hung out with a girl who wanted some and she enjoyed it. We did that a few times. One of the times she went way overboard and knocked out on my bed until morning. I slept on the floor because that entire situation was a bomb waiting to explode. If she was a nutcase she could have falsely accused me of rape, and very easily because of GHB's reputation.
Ben Parsons
Ben Parsons Month ago
in small doses, all drugs are fun, but they're still drugs
conservat1vepatr1ot DL
See, these brainwaves are of the “boner frequency”.
Christan Valentino
Wtf it sounds like a porn plot
Anthony Ndk
Anthony Ndk Month ago
House: "You have restored my faith in human race. You're lying." LMAO
Gus Herrera
Gus Herrera Month ago
So let me get this straight, this program is about a Smart Ass Doc!👌👌🤪😱
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Month ago
This is the most popular video on this channel
Gul123 Gul123
Gul123 Gul123 Month ago
dogsof war
dogsof war Month ago
House was a great show
Michael James
Michael James Month ago
Hate to be that guy but if she fell pregnant necessarily from unprotected sex then there would have been slightly more, ahem, “evidence” hanging around of the copulation than a mere hickey and carpet burn... 😉
toomanyaccounts Month ago
well the miscarriage was a sign
Why couldn't she live upstairs from me?
Potatochip Month ago
There are no hair tests for GHB, also GHB is out of the urine by a maximum of 12 hours, so there's no point in testing for it. Fake:0
toomanyaccounts Month ago
@Potatochip well this dates from 2003. it says ghb was detected in human hair a month after exposure. they did a controlled dosage on a volunteer and tested the hair for ghb a month later to determine what amount there was and if there was more then there naturally should have been a . www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12570228 the test on hair was not as common back then as it is now. plus hair does a lot more drugs then ghb test. its how you determine if a recovering addict is telling the truth about being clean.
Potatochip Month ago
@toomanyaccounts Oh shit, my bad. I was reading on it and whatever source I was using stated there was none for GHB. I guess House wins again.
toomanyaccounts Month ago
ah do some reading. there is a hair test for ghb and it can detect use up to 90 days.
Mahmut Bedir
Mahmut Bedir Month ago
Çok güzelmiş
TMS Month ago
David Disbrow
David Disbrow Month ago
I have another symptom I woke up of my a** was all stretched out and had Vaseline all over it! And another thing my hair's all stuck together
bruno voisin
bruno voisin Month ago
i'd rent a flat in the same building if i could :-D
GRJCLyon Month ago
The thumbnail and at :17 with the tissue looks like she's cleaning a nut. hahahha
Randy Morris
Randy Morris Month ago
Damn, wish we could have seen her carpet burn... LOL
Creatip Month ago
For an old series, the casting crew did a good job finding attractive women for extras and roles....
pedrobntto Month ago
best character
Philip Justin Gavilo
whats the title ?
#DeafTalent Month ago
Its interesting in that antidepressants can also cause increased sex drive and lack of judgement.
Jordan Ett
Jordan Ett Month ago
This is super real. My roommate has this disorder and has to sleep alone out of fear that he'll do something inappropriate in his sleep. Never gotten up and found himself in someone else's room, luckily. And for the better- I'm the only other person who lives there.
Harmthuria Month ago
Someone I know told me that this episode wasn't farfetched, that the condition is real, because I doubted it. He told his ex roommate had this condition, and found out when got too friendly with his dog lol. He had a surveillance camera in the living room, where it happened, so when he wook up in a fright, he checked the footage to understand why his bark was attacking him, just barking and a small bite wound to his face, and he was so surprised. He went to the hospital and other places I was told, and got this diagnose, and was fine after a few months on the pills he got (thankfully).
Daniel Daniels
Daniel Daniels Month ago
Jordan Ett ironically this is why my girlfriend and I both sleep naked together
W M C Month ago
I'd pray to bump into her in the hall at any hour. Not too into blondies but this one may change my mind.
W M C Month ago
@Daniel Daniels What I wrote was a whiskey induced comment. Given the right situation .... well, I think you know where I am going.
Daniel Daniels
Daniel Daniels Month ago
W M C I don’t think so. I’m not into blondes primarily because most I’ve dated have been super entitled and bitchy, and she seems to fall right in line with that.
rjeption Month ago
Whole time I thought she was tryna have sex with him
ReznovRulz Month ago
19.5 million views.. I wonder why? 🤔
Mark Olivier Galvan
Damn this series was great, the soundtrack in every episode is usually good.
EJAY Nirvehc
EJAY Nirvehc Month ago
Hahah I love house , such an amazing character his sarcasm is gold 😂😂🙌🏽🙌🏽💕
Erol Küçükkeleş
House was just the best !
Hyena Month ago
And here comes another excuse for wahmen to be whores. As if alcohol and "one thing leading to another" wasn't enough.
foxibot Month ago
I hated sleepwalking.
Lasse Givoni
Lasse Givoni Month ago
I love!! 0:41 "That´s obvious. Start a religion." (Smiiiling!)
jarred clarke
jarred clarke Month ago
It’ll be lupis
Jay Bear
Jay Bear Month ago
Fucken House.....
Paparazzi 911
Paparazzi 911 Month ago
I wish I could be neighbors with this lady. 🤣🤣🤔🤔😷😷😷
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