Sewing a Suit for my Wedding

Ryland Adams
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Comments 80
Ryland Adams
Ryland Adams Month ago
I've always wanted to try sewing and after being rejected by many stylists for our wedding I took matters into my own hands :)) I hope you enjoy the video!
Zombie Queen
Zombie Queen 2 days ago
U did a very good job I love it
mikky 24 days ago
with Wendy just offered to sew you the harness :D
Reid 25 days ago
Honestly i'm in love with this lewk. Only critique is that it could use a more opaque undershirt, and perhaps a blinged out top hat 💅🏻
Rachael Jones
Rachael Jones 29 days ago
Good for you Ryland! This inspires me to try more artsy things I’ve always wanted to try but never felt like I could
Nushin Nejad
Nushin Nejad Month ago
Lilly Caines
Lilly Caines 2 hours ago
This is lowkey really impressive wtf.
Arisha Nikka
Arisha Nikka 9 hours ago
Hi Ryland ♡ mermaids of Rylandis are waiting for a new video! Stay save and Lots of love ;)
JMAL 1 9 hours ago
Ryan!!!! Where are you?🥺 I love your videos❣️
Chloe S
Chloe S 10 hours ago
I know he's gonna wear a suite but like... imagine a white glitter Arianna grande dress
Gabrielle Drysdale
Gabrielle Drysdale 11 hours ago
I surprised Ryland hasn't uploaded during this coronavirus period. Ryland, me and alot of people need your zest of attitude and personality thru these cruel times!
crashie 204
crashie 204 11 hours ago
That is legitimately the most gorgeous thing ever especially since you made it yourself also withwendy is suchhhhh a good youtuber for sewing omggg \(^o^)/
AguilaCoco 12 hours ago
Please tell Shane to make a video about DID, it would be just wonderful to bring awareness about the disorder because there's such a bad misconception about it. Plus Shane really goes with this kind of stuff and it would be even better if he colabs with DissociaDID. It's just so interesting!
Abby’s Vlogs
Abby’s Vlogs 14 hours ago
LMAOOO I lost it when Morgan said "you look like your gonna play the guitar while we eat chips" it was so funny to me bc im hispanic myself but dint even realize he looked like mariachi until then HAHA
Mariah Lopez
Mariah Lopez 21 hour ago
ryland pleas idk if you read comments but its important about 1 year ago jessii vee one of my fav youtubers has a vid called "i reacaived a SCARY letter for shane dawson l HE MUST SEE" i know she dousent belive it but i do pls just watch yall are my fav youtubers pls i luv you all to ryland and shane MUST READ
Skylar Schilffarth
Skylar Schilffarth 23 hours ago
Harry styles vibes
L K 23 hours ago
Darn I have no food in my fridge. Holes in the wall. You get the idea...happy for you shawn. But does anybody think like me : ? If you are gay or tatted you make lots of money? But the way, I have a college degree
is is just me or ryland adams and shane dawson are such a ship^that i ship them the most and i hope they live long, And dont have a divorce.
frida avila
frida avila Day ago
I really like it, it kinda looks like a mariachi suit
rwofcomedy vandread
Ryland making suit: I'll just do it myself Me knowing how to make a suit: So you have chosen *Death*
Jarred Maxeiner
If you don't mind me asking how did you come out because I'm bisexual and I don't know how to come out
Røse Prødūtionś
You should’ve called up my grandma XD but good job ofc!!!☺️
Debz 0-0
Debz 0-0 Day ago
12:47 15:40 17:57
SHugarPlum Day ago
1:14 DUDE IT'S DARREN CRISS also please invite Shane's dad i just don't want you to forget
Morgan, you’re doing great sweetie
Lexi Holt
Lexi Holt Day ago
Get married already 😂💞
mari Day ago
sew annoying
Jordyn 2 days ago
I wish I looked like Morgan
Grey Alastair
Grey Alastair 2 days ago
I didn't come to spill tea but this is the motherfucking TEA of ALL Teas I found a leaked video of Ryland and Shane now it could be take .... But I'll leave that for y'all to decide either way I'd I love Shane and Ryland and they are amazing
Kimberly Sandoval
i know this question is a bit random but are morgan and Andrew( cameraman) dating already people are shipping them and tbh they act like a couple
Turbo Pokaski
Turbo Pokaski 2 days ago
Tbh I live for Morgan’s cropped hoodies and Ryland did a really good job
julie ivers
julie ivers 2 days ago
LexlPurpl 2 days ago
morgan is so beautiful aaa
Kathrine Turney
Kathrine Turney 2 days ago
yass Ryland! :D
ratty mc fatty
ratty mc fatty 2 days ago
i thought they already had a wedding lmao
Original Robloxians
harry styles is quaking
Pikachu Pikachu
Pikachu Pikachu 3 days ago
Who is he getting married to?
lauren 2 days ago
shane dawson
Melanie Jackson
Melanie Jackson 3 days ago
His friends were horrible. This was a good first attempt and he was so excited. They should have been more supportive.
NaCl 3 days ago
Ryland check ur insta and twitter dms, i sent you something :))))
Cat Castaneda
Cat Castaneda 3 days ago
omg when the video of Timmy and the picture of him popped up on the screen I got so happy lmaooo
Lexi Schlientz
Lexi Schlientz 3 days ago
I fuckin love you, you’re so cute!
Ineffable Trashcan
Ok but, Ryland did REALLY GOOD THOUGH
MJ Wildy
MJ Wildy 3 days ago
@Micarah Tewers help this man out! Please!
vani kovac
vani kovac 2 days ago
What happened
Twinkle Stars Mum
Ryland. Awesome effort. But why don’t you hire micarah trewers (you tuber) she would make you anything you want I bet. Check her out she’s hilarious!!!
One Track Mind
One Track Mind 3 days ago
The dress does look great tho.
One Track Mind
One Track Mind 3 days ago
If Ryland is wearing a dress I guess he bottom? 😂
THUGERS 91 3 days ago
Haaa gaaayyyyy
I’m going to cry
Okay so? Why do you care?
Mel Ludizaca
Mel Ludizaca 3 days ago
Who’s also binge watching Ryan’s and Shane’s videos because you have nothing else to do in quarantine 🙋🏻‍♀️
Lucky Three
Lucky Three 3 days ago
Excellent Job buddy!!!!
Shahad 3 days ago
it has been a month since u last uploaded.. hope everything is okay!
Phan Stylinson
Phan Stylinson 4 days ago
You should definitely use Harry Styles as inspo for more outfits.....he has a good mix of feminine and masculine fashion
BTS Jeon Kookie
BTS Jeon Kookie 4 days ago
You did a pretty good JOB 👍🏻
Hydrax_ bluez
Hydrax_ bluez 4 days ago
Where is the building my cat an outdoor house part 2?
Gracelynn Didian
Gracelynn Didian 4 days ago
This is why I use a sewing needle and thread my self 😂 I hate sewing machines
Christine Alleman
I love it! Great job, I can't believe you figured that out in 4 days. Amazing!
TheRenegadeStarr 4 days ago
Dayum I could of sent you a few designers that are on Instagram who’ve styled for celebs but they also make moderately priced items for regular folk too.
Lisa Smithson
Lisa Smithson 4 days ago
Have everyone were white and then you and Shane will be in black customs
VEL PEREZ 4 days ago
Sucks cause al three channels are my faveee! But waiting over a month or more for any content... makes me give up lol
Noelani Hendrickson
We are still waiting on “tea in the G”
Young Lizard
Young Lizard 4 days ago
Your suit looks AMAZING and also when are you adopting me, my boyfriend, our baby and three dogs? We can design and sew clothes together, dad!
diamond jka
diamond jka 4 days ago
This is why I will never sew lol
Lori McMillan
Lori McMillan 5 days ago
honestly.. try it again and keep practicing until you actually perfect your outfit. the idea is great... how the.. technique and outcome.. needs help.. and the foot on the sewing machine.. goes down. ;) buuuut.. if you make the ruffles smaller and more tuxedo style. would look way cute... or try making a cumber bun? or black sparkly lapels?? and use the white sparkly as a faux pocket square.. good luck! and congrats!!! ♥♥♥
Samantha Ryan
Samantha Ryan 5 days ago
I think it’s rly rly good for your first time sewing but it still looks pre choppy and You could alway go to a tailor and show them exactly what you want and it wouldn’t be so expensive you could also possibly help out like u guys make it together :)
Ashley Hartley
Ashley Hartley 5 days ago
Wait wait. I've been sewing my entire life and just now mastered zippers. Wtf. Impressed.
Paola Marie
Paola Marie 5 days ago
This actually looks like something harry styles would wear... Except for the skinny pants
Hauntingly hungry
Morgan laughing the whole time at your days of hard work is the most little sister thing I’ve ever seen
Kit M
Kit M 5 days ago
Great job! You should sew some buttons on the jacket or line it with fabric so it will sit better! Awesome first go! Impressed
P. Croff
P. Croff 5 days ago
They are throwing so much shade at my baby ryland, whyyy?! He tried so hard
Bryn Diesel
Bryn Diesel 5 days ago
Since Shane, Ryland, and Jeffree aren’t saying shit about what they’re bff is doing ... please go sign to stop this hate monger attacking such a fragile community. chng.it/q52vjb8yZd sign the petition to remove Trasha from RUvid #ThoughtWeWereAllAboutPositiveMentalHealthAdvocacy ?!?! 👎
Bryn Diesel
Bryn Diesel 5 days ago
Since Shane, Ryland, and Jeffree aren’t saying shit about what they’re bff is doing ... please go sign to stop this hate monger attacking such a fragile community. chng.it/q52vjb8yZd sign the petition to remove Trasha from RUvid #ThoughtWeWereAllAboutPositiveMentalHealthAdvocacy ?!?! 👎
Ray Hope
Ray Hope 5 days ago
U are a queen!!
Ray Hope
Ray Hope 5 days ago
Like I think it is really good! U have inspired me to attempt everyday dresses like Lolita style that I can't afford!
Ray Hope
Ray Hope 5 days ago
I love it and you! Super impressed!!!
Aria Lil_ Bunny
Aria Lil_ Bunny 5 days ago
The sewing machine kept getting jammed because your NOT supposed to sew that fast with a sewing machine or with anything.
Grace Marie
Grace Marie 5 days ago
He looks like magical mr. Mistoffelees
• violet øcean •
You should make a dress and if you don't like it wear the suit
vintage bitch
vintage bitch 6 days ago
if i don't see drew at the wedding ima lose my shit
Fnaf Animations
Fnaf Animations 6 days ago
Honey Bee
Honey Bee 6 days ago
Love you Ryland! You did an amazing job! So proud!💓🤩🥰
Kv_Kawaii_ Potato
Before you start using a dangerous machine, like a sewing machine, please watch a basic video on how to work your specific machine, I had so much anxiety from this video.
Kv_Kawaii_ Potato
Put the foot down on your machine! You're gonna have a hard time controlling it that way
indy 6 days ago
Petition for Ryland to start his own fashion line
Brian Carter
Brian Carter 6 days ago
Are y’all getting married 😦
Brian Carter
Brian Carter 6 days ago
Congratulations 🎉🍾🎊🎈
Melissa Castle
Melissa Castle 6 days ago
Unsubscribed to all that support what trish has done to the DID community and mental health community- you guys could at least can a comment of your thoughts. I unsubscribed to everyone. Mental health is so important and she made it a joke.
Brodie Young
Brodie Young 7 days ago
ur making this look way to easy. what with all this quarantine, I can feel a dangerous project coming on lol.
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