Severe thunderstorm covers Rome in hail and floods

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A severe hailstorm hit Rome on Sunday evening, bringing a dramatic end to a long spell of hot weather and covering the streets of the Italian capital in hail and floodwaters.
Drivers found themselves stranded in high waters, while the runoff poured into underground stations. The temperature around the city dropped by 10C during the storm.
An area of low pressure moving south from northern Europe to Italy over the weekend brought disruption to most of the country, with other Italian cities - such as Milan and Palermo - experiencing floods as well.
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Oct 22, 2018




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Comments 20
Alexander Afxendiou
The more you people sin the more god will take away everything and everyone you love
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor 2 years ago
This was 4 days before being paid by Universal Credit £1.05. Looks like we both suffered.
java dwipa
java dwipa 2 years ago
Disaster everywhere
p v
p v 2 years ago
mralan1969uk 2 years ago
A good old storm is the best natural way to clean the City, the place stinks...
AnTea Matter
AnTea Matter 2 years ago
Bet all the immigrants wish they'd kept there boats now.
Layna8 2 years ago
Layna8 2 years ago
Nicolò Barcella
Shut up here in Italy is normal having severe thunderstorms(even tornado like in my area-Veneto) during summer,especially in northern Italy. So if you don't know nothing about our clima please don't tell bullshits!
Big Law LLC
Big Law LLC Year ago
Ancient mystery babylon👿 how long shall you be in power, until the wrath of the lamb🐑of god comes for you.
RnR England 708090s
Don Kosky
Don Kosky 2 years ago
Since Rome misrepresents the true Jesus Christ, I only see bad things happening from this day until the 2nd coming.
gr0bbelaar 2 years ago
Shush, you crazy person.
Kawssar Sabbouha
Kawssar Sabbouha 2 years ago
Per07 2 years ago
God is not happy with fascist Italy at this moment.
Italica veneta
Italica veneta 2 years ago
it's not God - It's harpp
Enzed 2 years ago
È l'EDDY Grand Solar Minimum .... aspettatevi questi eventi meteorologici .... diventeranno più intensi fino al 2024. Dovete preparare OGGI, per superare questi eventi. In primo luogo ci sarà una massiccia perdita di raccolti, in tutto il mondo .... Aumento dei prezzi degli alimenti ..... I grandi minimini solari, non sono gentili alla vita su questo pianeta. Sono una grande minaccia. Per favore, preparati a prepararti, ADESSO .... oggi.
Royal Caymanian
Royal Caymanian 2 years ago
The old adage “Rome is falling” must now be changed to “it’s falling on Rome”!
dominic pelle
dominic pelle 2 years ago
Climate Change Denier.. **there has always been hail**
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 11 months ago
The dinosaurs were wiped out because they didn’t *recycle*
dominic pelle
dominic pelle Year ago
@X warming changes the climate.. YEP.. what was your point science denier?
dominic pelle
dominic pelle 2 years ago
@X ..that's what happens when the conditions change.. like the globe getting warmer .. it changes the climate. MORON
dominic pelle
dominic pelle 2 years ago
@Nate D. Higgers WoW... that's brilliant ... you must be a really really smart person to know that... The world waits for you're leadership in the dementia ward.
TimeKeeper Revelations
I guess climate change people think the world was sun shines and perfect 70degrees in past ? They don't seem to be in reality
Stacy Hackney
Stacy Hackney 2 years ago
I hope no person or nonhuman animal was hurt.
ARX 351
ARX 351 Year ago
Few people died because of trees/branches that fell on them or their cars.
Royal Caymanian
Royal Caymanian 2 years ago
Stacy Hackney Me too... But did you really have to write “nonhuman”? LoL
They're spraying like crazy where I'm at, you know the weather can be manipulated
TimeKeeper Revelations
Things are getting dryer from climate change :/
jimmy fortrue
jimmy fortrue 2 years ago
@Enzed ... I try telling this to people and very few get it. The cognitive dissonance that follows is too overwhelming for most. One even told me he doesn't worry because Northern Canada and Siberia will be the new wheat belts of the world.
Enzed 2 years ago
Its the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum - Cycles of the Sun. 2015 to 2035. These events reset Society. We know whats coming, based on evidence throughout our history. If one is NOT now preparing to try to survive this major event.....you are wasting precious little time left. One has much to do. The longer one waits to prepare, the more people one will be competing with for the limited resources. In two years time....its too late.
dominic pelle
dominic pelle 2 years ago
@TimeKeeper Revelations so now I'm characterized as having a superiority complex becuase I believe in the NASA NOAA and all the other major science organisations of the world... HOW DARE I HAVE FAITH IN THE BEST SCIENTIST OPINION.. I should listen to the dummies funded by fossil fuel industry and conservative organisations.. NEXT YOU'L L TELL ME NASA is a socialist organisation.. and is involved in a conspiracy withall the OTHER major science organisation from around the world to redistribute wealth to POOR countries.. **The reality is it is you who have an inferiority complex**
TimeKeeper Revelations
@dominic pelle yeah that's it your Superior like all liberals your the science Wizards you hold all knowledge everyone else is beneath your feet
dominic pelle
dominic pelle 2 years ago
@TimeKeeper Revelations No I just believe the best scientist knucklehead ... while you just believe in your political ideology that's against the science while the fossil fuel industry funds fake science for the feeble minded..
darlene kuhn
darlene kuhn 2 years ago
WOW that was wild. I'll drop a comment to others to check out and get some views your way. Stay safe and wise as i know you will and FATHER bless you and yours through JESUS our LEADER and SAVIOR. Thanks DARLENE
Michael Ainsworth
Michael Ainsworth 2 years ago
Mathematical 2 years ago
Climate change :V
jimmy fortrue
jimmy fortrue 2 years ago
@paul paul ... Kinda funny how during the Obama administration, Federal funding was billions of dollars yearly to study global warming aka climate change. Those scientists that boarded the gravy train live very well indeed and any dissenters get ridiculed, ostracized and unemployed by The Government, MSM, Academia and the general public at large. So yes, of course 97 percent ( of the 66 percent who gave a yes or no conclusion... 34 % were undecided) agree that man-made climate change is extremely likely.
paul paul
paul paul 2 years ago
Just looked up your claim. This is from NASA's website 'Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals1 show that 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree*: Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities' So it's not 97% of climate scientists, it's only those publishing papers. It also says 'extremely likely', not DEFINITLY caused by humans. So your claim is not true. This is the problem with those claiming climate change is man made - you spread false information and then people aren't going to take you seriously.
paul paul
paul paul 2 years ago
I think plastic is the real threat, and that is definitely a man made problem.
Joyce Nichols
Joyce Nichols 2 years ago
paul paul - in fact some time back, I believe 1000 years roughly the earths average temp. Was 10 degrees hotter. Scientists have shown that the sun has hot and cold cycles. The current cycle is 207 years and we are now moving toward a cold cycle.
paul paul
paul paul 2 years ago
Yes, the climate has always changed. did you know only a few centuries ago malaria was prevalent in europe because the climate was much warmer then.
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