Seth Rollins’ greatest moments: WWE Playlist

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Whether riding with The Shield or slaying kings on The Grandest Stage of Them All, Seth Rollins is one of the most accomplished Superstars in WWE history. Relive some of the biggest moments of The Architect’s career.
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Published on


May 28, 2019




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Comments 80
Fresht Ali
Fresht Ali 19 hours ago
5:20 why? he want to help you😟😫😭😡😡
Dark Fire
Dark Fire 2 days ago
Am i the only who likes seth rollins?
Kedi Mogorosi
Kedi Mogorosi 3 days ago
12:00 when you delete your crush number by mistake
Joy Joyonto
Joy Joyonto 3 days ago
You are really great
Shakir Mickel
Shakir Mickel 5 days ago
Triple H really agreed to let Seth beat him at wrestlemania with a PEDIGREE ?? Wow we was over as hell 😂😂😂😂😂
lund officiel
lund officiel 7 days ago
Wwe plz bring back the shield
Elie Bou Saba
Elie Bou Saba 8 days ago
Seth Rollins : common Dean Ambrose : AAAAAAAAH Roman Reings : AAAAAAAAAH Dean : 😐 All the people: AAAAAAAAAAAAH Seth : 😲 Roman : 😲 Dean : 😐 Baron Corbin : 😤 Bobby Lahley 😤 Miz : 😤 Seth : 😲 Roman : 😲 Dean : 😐
mostafa Ahmed
mostafa Ahmed 8 days ago
I hate Seth sooooo much😡😡
Tony Daison
Tony Daison 8 days ago
NXT is the reigning champion and we can get the latest version for him and we will ki ye are looking forward 😁 the reigning undefeated season and we will ki tum bin and we can get the camel rhyming scheme for him and we will have reacted I will send a message via MSN to do a spear
Adil Khan
Adil Khan 9 days ago
Seth's rollins 💔💔💔🖕🏻
Ndzimana Hlungwani
Ndzimana Hlungwani 10 days ago
Seth you the best of my life you n Becky make me happy when no one can ♥️♥️💕😘
Batz Cubes
Batz Cubes 12 days ago
Batz Cubes
Batz Cubes 12 days ago
Los 3 de the shield tienen barba
noemi Teran
noemi Teran 12 days ago
Hi seth
Salie Villaflor
Salie Villaflor 13 days ago
How about The universal champ?
Sadiya Ahmed
Sadiya Ahmed 13 days ago
John Cena is my favourite
DanBusby 14 days ago
5:28 seth says thank you ✊
sonik pvl
sonik pvl 14 days ago
por la verga ee mi perro
Justin Kneece
Justin Kneece 14 days ago
5:41 best Seth rollins
E Ramos
E Ramos 15 days ago
Set Rollins is bad
SaiyanShoup 17 days ago
Watching the moments with The Shield makes me wish Ambrose was still there. Don't think they could get him back, but it would be cool if they could.
พัทธนินท์ บุญลาภ
Duck you want me too I love u so
Random Person
Random Person 19 days ago
1:08 this was the greatest moment for all three
Mohammed abdulmalik
THE Man 🔥🤟🏻💪🏻
Katelynn Nguyen
Katelynn Nguyen 20 days ago
Seth Rollins suck because he cheats
Sam Ferguson
Sam Ferguson 20 days ago
1:11 dean almost pushed roman out of the ring
The Optimistic Laden
Who misses THE AUTHORITY days
Jonny NUFC
Jonny NUFC 21 day ago
That Mania cash in was one of the all time great moments
Insipid Mold
Insipid Mold 22 days ago
9:09 someone in the crowd shouted "WE WANT ROLLINS" who else heard???
Brawl Ahmet
Brawl Ahmet 24 days ago
Roman wwe champion end seth rolinns ?????
翔伍 27 days ago
very nice!curb stomp!
Chea Nalyta
Chea Nalyta 28 days ago
Lol you suco
Fake Josuke Higashikata
5:49, i forgot all about this
Anna Gualotuña
Anna Gualotuña Month ago
What a cheater, but I like him.
Bryan Jr
Bryan Jr Month ago
Wwe is fake
Blainey BB
Blainey BB Month ago
That face in the thumbnail was one of his worst moments
Bunky Extra
Bunky Extra Month ago
ᴄᴏᴍᴇ ʙᴀᴄᴋ sʜɪᴇʟᴅ
Beast Slayer
Beast Slayer Month ago
I don't know if this is an accomplishment but they might have missed when Rollins became the Monday Night Messiah and his WrestleMania 35 comeback win
Anthers Month ago
Why in thumbnail it looks like Seth’s neck is going to explode lol
Dark Hunt YT
Dark Hunt YT Month ago
Today this video complete 1 year and Happy birthday seth
Stephanie Landgraf
Man, I love Seth Rollins
Leonardo Hernández Jimenez
the worst fighter
Pearl Morris
Pearl Morris Month ago
It does mean something
CDVinche Month ago
When I was watching wrestlemania 31 live I wasn't thinking about seth Rollins the only thing I was thinking about was "Oh brilliant Roman is gona to win I'm so happy 😑" But I completely forgot about Seth's Briefcase so that was clearly the highlight of 2015 in my opinion That or seth becoming a double champion
huawei sasa
huawei sasa Month ago
Brun Da
Brun Da Month ago
One of the best wrestling team in the world shield,,,,,,,,,, 👊👊👊
shirish valand
shirish valand Month ago
zaarif gamer
zaarif gamer Month ago
Faraz Mir
Faraz Mir Month ago
wrestlemania 2019 is Missing
Zain Kun
Zain Kun Month ago
7:39 Look Likes That Guy Is From Dude Perfect?🤔
Hè suck
zaarif gamer
zaarif gamer Month ago
zaarif gamer
zaarif gamer Month ago
We all SUCK!!!!!
zaarif gamer
zaarif gamer Month ago
I also suck
zaarif gamer
zaarif gamer Month ago
And u SUCK too
zaarif gamer
zaarif gamer Month ago
But u suck too
emma godfrey
emma godfrey Month ago
I wish I was seth
Mr clean ur butt
Wm31 I couldn't even breathe I was there at the statiun
zaarif gamer
zaarif gamer Month ago
Christian Karl Karganilla
When Becky became single Seth Rollins: 4:10
Jorge Trevino
Jorge Trevino Month ago
Only og fans know there first match and win and when he betrayed em
Alisson Silva
Alisson Silva Month ago
one of the ugliest finishes I've ever seen.
Ardie Orchid
Ardie Orchid Month ago
First my favourite wrestler was John Cena then The Rock then Roman Reigns then Brock Lesnar and now its Seth Rollins I just hope he doesn’t change
FinPL4YZ Month ago
4:08 the music fits perfectly
gi gi
gi gi Month ago
the guy at 5:40 looked like EC3
NikolasMicroGR Month ago
This list should be updated,he is pregnant now
caleb voll
caleb voll Month ago
When do we just start calling him Mr. Wrestlemania?
Jo AmaroRodriguez
Pedigree Wrestling Figz
0:40 Is that the Fink?
Zelqxy Month ago
why the refs b so scary 😂
Neo Axe
Neo Axe Month ago
This guy grinded like no other
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow Month ago
am I weird for never really liking rollins? his character has always been SUPER generic and boring to me
JAYTEA XD Month ago
When he is a face he has no character unless he's with the shield that's why he is much better as a heel but he is top 5 wrestlers in wrestling today
Alisson Silva
Alisson Silva Month ago
Elie Bou Saba
Elie Bou Saba Month ago
Kok Bisa??
Kok Bisa?? Month ago
Roman Reings kayak romy rafael wkwkwkwk kalo pake pakaian serba hitam sama rambut di ikat kek gitu wkwkekek
Chris Green
Chris Green Month ago
Seth is my favvv but, they're faces on 5:35 was too funny!
Dorothy Hall
Dorothy Hall Month ago
Seth Rollins wwe favorite fan
Jonathan Mendez
Jonathan Mendez Month ago
seems like no one noticed that they censored JBL from saying “Curb Stomp”
deadawesome 345
deadawesome 345 2 months ago
roman saved u from brock and u kurb stomp roamn come on man
Tob_Swifty 27
Tob_Swifty 27 2 months ago
Rip shield
Vintage Vortexx
Vintage Vortexx 2 months ago
a lot of stuff wrong with this these are seth rollins best moments himself not him plus the shield this is seth rollins himself so where's mitb 2016? even though he got cashed in on he still won and universal royal rumble maybe even his return at extreme rules him and becky winning was an iconic moment even though he got cashed in on still should have been on there, there is so much stuff wrong with this - one of the biggest seth rollins fan Brock
RADIT BAYU 2 months ago
Me hate shet rollin
MetalBoi 1
MetalBoi 1 2 months ago
Vince love giving Seth titles
yo Deadpool
yo Deadpool 2 months ago
So my friend was watching this playlist (as Seth Rollins was my fav.) And he said : who is the other guy with Seth and Roman 11:32 ?? And that's the last time I talked to him 😊😊
Mohamed EL Malki
Mohamed EL Malki 2 months ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣رولينز ونتاتيل ورلينز ونيتبايتيل😹🤣😹🤣😹🙂😹🙂🙂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Harshit Singh
Harshit Singh 2 months ago
Royal rumble 2019 Universal championship at wrestlemania Beat roman reigns at money in the bank 2016 and become 2x time world champion You missed these things
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