Seth Rollins’ greatest moments: WWE Playlist

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Whether riding with The Shield or slaying kings on The Grandest Stage of Them All, Seth Rollins is one of the most accomplished Superstars in WWE history. Relive some of the biggest moments of The Architect’s career.
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May 28, 2019




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Comments 1 572
Omprakesh Pathak
Dean ambrose and roman reings better than seth rollins
Bilan Caamir114
Bilan Caamir114 2 days ago
I like seth rollin
Panda Pubg Mobile
Joshua Musaya
Joshua Musaya 3 days ago
Seth rolling is the best
Mahibul Nabil
Mahibul Nabil 4 days ago
Roman shouldn't spear. HE SHOULDN'T! !
Antonio Visagie
Antonio Visagie 4 days ago
4:09 best moment
Glenn Sells
Glenn Sells 5 days ago
Seth Rollins is legend
Alan Flores
Alan Flores 7 days ago
Honestly.....no one could forget about Rollins beating triple H while being injured
Judy Chen
Judy Chen 8 days ago
0:32 5:30 7:31
Daniel Khan
Daniel Khan 9 days ago
2014-2016 Seth Rollins = Loki of WWE
sweet lasagna
sweet lasagna 9 days ago
12.00 the way i celebrate when a goal is scored
Sahil subbu
Sahil subbu 13 days ago
Who's here after his heel turn?
Ahmed Allam
Ahmed Allam 14 days ago
Universal champion vs brock ??
Blaze Lynch
Blaze Lynch 15 days ago
WreslemaniA reigns saves him and he attacks reigns 😔
Blaze Lynch
Blaze Lynch 15 days ago
Got the NXT rollins
Blaze Lynch
Blaze Lynch 15 days ago
I plau a game called wwe champions
NaKo Gaming
NaKo Gaming 19 days ago
so WWE is just going to block out the word "curb" in curb stomp during the Wrestlemania 31 match?
nic b
nic b 21 day ago
3:31 Kane’s eye
Hyper comander
Hyper comander 21 day ago
lol Roman looked like a jobber at start 😂
Kantharia Harmesh
Seth Rollins World heavyweight championship Universal championship Number one hero
Scarlett cain
Scarlett cain 22 days ago
At 8:45 Miz face
Oscar Joseph
Oscar Joseph 23 days ago
bring heel rollins back
TheGamingDoge 23 days ago
Seth lost to the Demon king, he didn’t have a chance. But he lasted him at least.
TheGamingDoge 23 days ago
Seth doesn’t deserve the world and united states championship, and He doesn’t deserve that briefcase. Because it was given to him. But he deserves the other championship that he got without the authority.
matteoren 21 day ago
Lmao no, Seth got the world heavyweight champioship fair and square
Rae’s Way
Rae’s Way 24 days ago
Lets be honest Seth didn’t WIN all of these, it was because of someone else
Haider Ali Anjum
Haider Ali Anjum 21 day ago
O really so anyone who wins anything in that ring is because of someone else.(scripted)
Decomposed 69
Decomposed 69 24 days ago
Two things I want,old dean ambrose, and the sheild
Chucky Martinez
Chucky Martinez 25 days ago
Michael Cole: Ryback's unstoppable! The Shield: Allow us to introduce ourselves.
JuneBug 99
JuneBug 99 Month ago
When Dean ran up and hugged Seth around the waist after Seth and Roman won tag team gold that was just so adorable
Lucas Month ago
Best Moment - Double Champion
Rahim Month ago
Where is Seth Rollins slay the beast and win his first Universal Champion
Aliullah Hayat
Aliullah Hayat Month ago
Seth "Freakin" Rollins with the world's strongest Cardio, you can say Seth "Cardio" Rollins, I Believe. Do you remember his Gauntlet match last year where he Fight for a hour and put a record for the longest Fight. Second longest fight was also on RAW John Cena vs Shawn Michaels, Shawn Michaels just won't give up he Kick out even from a Avalancha AA at this time Avalancha FU.
Thufail Wafii
Thufail Wafii Month ago
12:00 roman reigns is so happy
Nikos Vlach21
Nikos Vlach21 Month ago
Squid Da Kid
Squid Da Kid Month ago
Rollins was so much better in 2015 than now
Devi Revi
Devi Revi Month ago
Realy sweet
Mystic Mauricio
Mystic Mauricio Month ago
What about wrestlemania 35
Joy kamau
Joy kamau Month ago
Mehedi Bhuiyan
Mehedi Bhuiyan Month ago
I just hate the moment when he stole the moment of roman reings.
현기남 Month ago
Seth rollins is a great wrestler.
Keon Carr
Keon Carr Month ago
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