Seth Rogen Breaks Down His Most Iconic Movies | GQ

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Seth Rogen breaks down his most iconic characters, including his roles in 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin,' 'Superbad,' 'Pineapple Express,' 'Freaks and Geeks,' 'This is the End,' 'The Interview,' 'Observe and Report,' 'Steve Jobs' and 'Long Shot.'
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Seth Rogen Breaks Down His Most Iconic Movies | GQ


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May 21, 2019




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Comments 80
HAM Everett
HAM Everett 7 hours ago
Wish I'd heard more about his steve jobs role, but, overall, excellent interview :)
Eli Dumont
Eli Dumont Day ago
Hello Jesska
Hello Jesska Day ago
No joke, the foot through the windshield got me; at first I was 😳 and then I was 😂😂😂
Mr. Nonsense
Mr. Nonsense 2 days ago
Hey it’s sunlesskahn
Crsn E
Crsn E 2 days ago
Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s when Steve lost his virginity 😂😂
Kate Mikkelsen
Kate Mikkelsen 2 days ago
He kinda acts like my science teacher
O110_0101O 3 days ago
Ahren Hohe
Ahren Hohe 3 days ago
Ong I wish I could smoke wit Seth Rogan one day
Mya Brown
Mya Brown 3 days ago
Favorite actor
billy brien
billy brien 3 days ago
donnie darko!
Thomas Wake
Thomas Wake 4 days ago
30:12 Channing is a legend
Vanessa Smalls
Vanessa Smalls 6 days ago
This man is just a legend! ❤️🤘🏽
layzieGuy80 6 days ago
One of my favorite actors
David Conner
David Conner 6 days ago
No troma homage? C'mon give credit where its due
Highlighted Comment
knocked up is so relatable. most would deal with a difficult toxic girl in his life, and worse married to one
Noah S.
Noah S. 6 days ago
To me, Seth, Paul, and Jonah together in any movie is like any 3 buds enjoying life
Opaque Night
Opaque Night 7 days ago
💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 Seth Roger
Jaydia Simmons
Jaydia Simmons 7 days ago
That laugh of his is so iconic! You cannot hear that laugh, and Not know who he is.
Joyce Geertsma
Joyce Geertsma 7 days ago
Seth Rogen, Bill Hader, Nic Cage and some of the others who were interviewed by GQ I'd love to have a couple of beers with and talk about anything; movies, life.. anything. Except Edward Norton. I loved his acting in Primal Fear, Fight Club etc. but in interviews he doesn't seem relatable; aloof almost, like he wants you to know he's an intellectual.
Ash Green
Ash Green 8 days ago
Freaks and geeks was my favorite show
sami yami
sami yami 8 days ago
um Horton hears a who ????
Alexia Torrez
Alexia Torrez 8 days ago
I close me eyes 👀 and I feel like Pumbaa is talking to me
Kiva omari
Kiva omari 8 days ago
3:36 yo wtf hahahahahhahahaha
Sy Nguyen
Sy Nguyen 9 days ago
wow awesome
Angel Torres
Angel Torres 9 days ago
I'm just gonna say it. The Green Hornet deserves a sequel and is super underrated.
Angel Torres
Angel Torres 9 days ago
I'm lowkey bothered he talked about Jonah, Bill Hader, Michael Cera & doesn't even acknowledge Mcloving which became the icon for superbad. Regardless you're, the man Seth!
Kern O'Leary
Kern O'Leary 9 days ago
did this man say gzia 1:10 ?
DUCK_ 9 days ago
cool ... more seth rogen laugh for those compilation videos to use
RossDiamondThief 9 days ago
Can we just get an entire video of him telling stories. That’s entertaining enough lol
Alaysia Webster
Alaysia Webster 9 days ago
steve carrol was soooo uncomfortable
André Gignac
André Gignac 10 days ago
Donnie Darko was a masterpiece and Seth's role was hilarious
theSea 10 days ago
I have a crush on this dude since i watched 40 old virgin
Mista Fistya Sista
Mista Fistya Sista 10 days ago
imagine being in the movie theater where jonah hill taps seth rogan on the shoulder, and you shush them
ovoxoriginal one
ovoxoriginal one 10 days ago
His laugh 🥰
A J 11 days ago
I love Seth Rogen! I'll watch anything with him in it 😬
BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham
I am fair but some ma ha boned me bone
Chris Vaccaro
Chris Vaccaro 13 days ago
seth rogen talks like he just said an entire paragraph without inhaling and hes trying to get the last few words out
Aiken Fisher
Aiken Fisher 14 days ago
didnt want this to end!
spider 15 days ago
Seth Rogen LITERALLY, has the greatest laugh ever -Chris Traeger
riquelmeone 15 days ago
Seth Rogen and iconic characters? His achievement is introducing a new sort of persona into movies, people that are highly uncomfortable to watch, he fits into these roles. But iconic? Outside the US he cannot be considered iconic in any way.
shinobikaz 15 days ago
Has Donald Glover done one of these?
shiva umesh
shiva umesh 16 days ago
Freaks and Geeks!!!!
DRL 16 days ago
Has so many great movies. But I love the green hornet tho
Ian Red
Ian Red 16 days ago
To this day, since seeing Superbad I have never seen a better comedy honestly.
Brian James
Brian James 16 days ago
wait, Seth Rogan has iconic movies? who knew
Tanner Bushman
Tanner Bushman 17 days ago
How could you miss Donnie Darko smh
Adam Senna
Adam Senna 17 days ago
30:36 30:39
mhd raditya
mhd raditya 18 days ago
The Green Hornet tho?? Why isn't its in there
DIBZ3 18 days ago
I saw the same ad 8 times that can’t be skipped
Shoeless Joe
Shoeless Joe 19 days ago
Would really like to see Seth do more drama. He's brilliant in 50/50 and Take This Waltz
Markel Ellis
Markel Ellis 19 days ago
If there's anything that I remember about Seth Rogen, he's very well known as his role as the cop in Superbad. What a great actor. I certainly would like to meet him and get his autograph someday. He's a really cool guy.
Dominic 20 days ago
Seth, if you ever read this. After watching this, I just feel I wanted to say: I remember around the time pineapple express was released. It didn't matter the movie, if you were in it, I wanted to see it. And so did many other people. The dynamic didn't matter you were hilarious alone!
CJAYGRiZtv 21 day ago
Am i the only one who notices that Seth is packing heat
Tacarra M
Tacarra M 21 day ago
He’s so friggin adorable
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia 21 day ago
Dam I wish I could get a liquid swords t-shirt, GZA is the best
Matthew Garrett
Matthew Garrett 22 days ago
“Can you tell us about shoving the missile up your butt? Seth: “Yeah. There’s a scene where I shove a missile up my butt.”
Cheating Apple
Cheating Apple 23 days ago
Other actors: I loved how you could really imagine how the character was like! Seth rogan: tatoo funny
Baulm. 23 days ago
*Gasps* Ehehehehe
Davis 23 days ago
CrystallineMoons 24 days ago
the fact he mentioned temecula.
Landon Jines
Landon Jines 24 days ago
I totally forgot he was in 40 year old virgin
Dr shmeckle
Dr shmeckle 24 days ago
Is no one going to talk about what seth is packing? respect mr Rogen
L.C. Dexterity
L.C. Dexterity 23 days ago
lord forgive me for what ima do to seth
Michael Bryant
Michael Bryant 24 days ago
Adam Sandler seth Rogan jonah hill comedy kings 💥
lydia hardy
lydia hardy 25 days ago
Seth Rogen is so HOT
Dale Downing
Dale Downing 25 days ago
loved superbad, still watch it about once a month
Vania Perfecto
Vania Perfecto 25 days ago
Seth Rogen can have my kids 🥰🥰
Jayant Patil
Jayant Patil 25 days ago
I respect you bro 💯
Chumlung rai
Chumlung rai 26 days ago
that legendary laugh !!
malaiporn jaidee
malaiporn jaidee 26 days ago
Alvaro Olaechea
Alvaro Olaechea 26 days ago
Lawjee 26 days ago
Anyone else notice how weirdly the video ended? Honestly I would have cut it after the Wozniak story.
Paulina Pelaez
Paulina Pelaez 26 days ago
I would marry Seth Rogen
Jeevz Rap
Jeevz Rap 26 days ago
He shove turkey jerkey in his butt for one of his own movies. Thats dedication!
kamdaddypurp 26 days ago
Jonah didn’t get heat stroke because of the clothes it’s because it didn’t help but it’s because he was fat at the time lol
schella.somethin 26 days ago
I want to pay attention to what he is saying but his moose knuckle is on display and woooow.
LexieAssassin 26 days ago
I saw This is the End mostly b/c Emma Watson was in it. I still feel she should've had a bigger part in the movie.
auti Jean
auti Jean 27 days ago
I remember smoking weed with my non watching oineqpple ecpress and she hadd never seen it yet and she piased her pants laughing so hard and didnt make it to the bathroom it was epically hilarious Plus she was wearing my clothes which was camo pants and a lamb of god t shirt so it was even funnier Ugh good times
Poetic Frost
Poetic Frost 27 days ago
Does anyone else think Green Hornet was a great movie?
Viridity Angel
Viridity Angel 27 days ago
Lowcast Finne
Lowcast Finne 27 days ago
Most stupid person I know your boring broo
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