Seth Rogen Breaks Down His Most Iconic Movies | GQ

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Seth Rogen breaks down his most iconic characters, including his roles in 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin,' 'Superbad,' 'Pineapple Express,' 'Freaks and Geeks,' 'This is the End,' 'The Interview,' 'Observe and Report,' 'Steve Jobs' and 'Long Shot.'
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Seth Rogen Breaks Down His Most Iconic Movies | GQ


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May 21, 2019

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Comments 2 725
ツKoolSk8erbro 8 hours ago
All his movies are good, my favorites are Pineapple Express and Superbad
Ren 11 hours ago
ouch rip green hornet
Very Vennie
Very Vennie 13 hours ago
Pineapple express was my favorite. I went to the Comic con showing back before it released in theaters. One of my favorite Comic Con experiences to date. Tears were streaming down my face during the foot through the window scene. In the End was also amazing I wish I could fully re-experience yout movies again they're my favorite
PatrickAllenNL 14 hours ago
I hope all his movies are on netflix
PatrickAllenNL 14 hours ago
I'm just gonna say it but Seth and Jonah as actors and writers are the new golden age. And not in a dirty way
PatrickAllenNL 14 hours ago
2:30 my god they look so much younger!!
PatrickAllenNL 14 hours ago
Hey 15 hours ago
Who wanted to see bad neighbours ?
JjOpoku55 16 hours ago
I never knew you wrote so many movies Seth is my guy
Andrew Zobava
Andrew Zobava 17 hours ago
he's the same ad lib guy in every movie
Jared Phipps
Jared Phipps 20 hours ago
No mention of Funny People?
Drew -JD2
Drew -JD2 Day ago
I don't know whose more of a hack: Seth Rogen or Joe Rogan. Both overrated and not really funny, but claim to be comedians.
angels freak show
baby’s going gray
Zorgaz Day ago
I’d like to point out Seth’s massive package
Benjamin Cox
Benjamin Cox Day ago
The backdrop is the exact same shade of teal as my comforter
ctorre420 Day ago
Anybody know what kinda glasses he is wearing in this please please let me know?
Jacob Murray
Jacob Murray 2 days ago
effrin999 2 days ago
GQ downgrading what Iconic means
Enrico 2 days ago
His laugh tho.
Robertsmith3828 2 days ago
Nothing this guy has ever done has been iconic.
LostinOC 2 days ago
yo rogain. you have been in more movies than anyone ever. you have no talent. give someone else a chance. go buy an island, go there and make the air marijuanas full time.
Sait133 Ajrula
Sait133 Ajrula 2 days ago
William Barnes
William Barnes 3 days ago
Look at that hog.
D'andre Chesterfield
Literally Everyone: I'm gonna make a stupid joke that everyone makes all the f#@ing time that starts with "literally no one"
Frank Bowman
Frank Bowman 3 days ago
The words "iconic" and "Seth Rogan" do not belong anywhere NEAR each other.
Linsquip 3 days ago
This held my attention so much better than most things nowdays. I made it through 20 minutes without changing to multitasking on other stuff.
The NEW Super Kid
I love this guy
Amos Base
Amos Base 3 days ago
A cop a lady and guy? That's a massacre.
Calvin Self
Calvin Self 3 days ago
so youre telling me kelly clarkson wasnt improvised
Thomas Gasque
Thomas Gasque 3 days ago
Zach and Miri to cult for GQ?
memes memes
memes memes 4 days ago
No 50/50? Lame
Sigmafight 4 days ago
If you've ever smoked weed, you'll know that Pineapple Express is the greatest movie of all time! Superbad is right up there too lmao
Kelly 4 days ago
Is it bad that I’ve literally watched every movie he talked about lol
Daniel Timbs
Daniel Timbs 4 days ago
So that's how jonah hill was discovered? Really wish he wasn't. I don't think he's that funny.
Axle Meister
Axle Meister 4 days ago
eh he he he
willprogresivo 4 days ago
Lol, I frankly cannot understand people who proudly defend the use of weed.
observe and report?
David Everlast
David Everlast 4 days ago
I will always remember the audience reaction when they found out that Channing Tatum was the gimp, lol. The whole audience went, "Awwww....man." LMAO! It was like, why they do Channing like that. Q.
M.J.A. Veres
M.J.A. Veres 4 days ago
No Undeclared!?!?
Grace Bostock
Grace Bostock 5 days ago
oh YA you Seth Rogen
Meriwether2355 5 days ago
I wanna see an interview with “Elijah Wood”
Rick Baker
Rick Baker 5 days ago
Surprised he didn't talk about the experience of Green Hornet.
ed p
ed p 5 days ago
Seth Rogan sucks
charliethegent 6 days ago
Do jack black
loverslush 6 days ago
and now ur wear ur gramps trousers and u 80;s choo cho train bed sheets
J G P 6 days ago
observe and report was so underrated.
Will Mac
Will Mac 6 days ago
Had no chance in The Office audition tho
Mercenary Gary
Mercenary Gary 6 days ago
His random bursts of laughter are hilarious.
Joost Wasbauer
Joost Wasbauer 6 days ago
Great video, learned alot ! love this gyus, Pineapple Express part 2 bring it on.
adamwv 6 days ago
you me Dupree is a good movie tho
Mr. Fireman
Mr. Fireman 6 days ago
Pauly Shore is better than this guy. Seth Rogen is a hack!
PrPwnage 6 days ago
He should change his laugh, it is horrid.
castle0417 6 days ago
Iconic??? He breathes through his mouth...
Light Far Away
Light Far Away 7 days ago
Dude made some iconic movies
Lauren C
Lauren C 8 days ago
Do a part 2 :(
ksonhv 8 days ago
This Is the End is my favourite comedy of all time. Channing Tate-yum gets me E V E R Y F***INFG TIME LOL
Guess Time
Guess Time 8 days ago
“This is the end” that movie made me laugh so hard. I was out of breath laughing
Tati D
Tati D 8 days ago
he's so creative it honestly and genuinely blows my mind
mackstertube 8 days ago
My virtue movie comedian of all time. I think I might have seen all his movies, even the obscure ones. I own most of them and have seen all of them countless times. Would love talk to the dude at a party.
Adele 8 days ago
Going to watch Seth Rogens movies now..
Angela Escarcega
Angela Escarcega 6 days ago
Adele 8 days ago
This dude is great since that 40 yr old virgin lol.
Adele 8 days ago
Seth Rogen's laugh is as to Matthew Mcconaughey " alright, alright alright..."
Paul Jordan
Paul Jordan 8 days ago
Why doesn't he talk about "Green Hornet"?
Chelsea CD
Chelsea CD 8 days ago
The same reason nobody else does
John Doe
John Doe 8 days ago
don't mock me or i'll kill you!
OJ Glove
OJ Glove 8 days ago
A cop a lady and a guy that’s like a massacre 😂😂😂
Devyn Snyder
Devyn Snyder 9 days ago
I wish he spoke on green hornet
audi presley
audi presley 9 days ago
Simran Thapa
Simran Thapa 9 days ago
I love that laugh heighheighheighhegih
Kadie Ann
Kadie Ann 9 days ago
Didn’t think I’d finish this video cause it was so long but Seth is genuinely so interesting that I watched it all, very cool guy and a lot of his movies are my favorites :)
Solid Snake56
Solid Snake56 9 days ago
Observe and report has to be my favourite movie by Seth Rogen, best movie of all time.
oscar sanchez mendoza
Seth Rogan as Seth Rogan in every film.
rockforlight 9 days ago
Observe and Report is the most underrated comedy ever IMO.
C D Collins
C D Collins 10 days ago
It's so awesome that whenever he was talking about legalizing weed he was like "and it's important to give amnesty to people who were wrongfully imprisoned due to nonviolent offenses". Which is like I think a subject that a lot of people tend to forget whenever they think about the implications of legalizing weed.
Loreno III
Loreno III 10 days ago
Weird, given the title, this video seems to be about 39 minutes and 31 seconds too long. Must be a lot of padding in there.
isaac Munoz
isaac Munoz 10 days ago
Pineapple express the best movie ever period 🔥🔥🔥
rallycsx 10 days ago
Did you just say Seth Rogan Iconic Movies????? WTF! The guy ruins every scene/movie he is in...
Craig Forrest
Craig Forrest 10 days ago
A review of mediocrity...
E Stoned
E Stoned 10 days ago
Ill do part two holler! Yee yee yee
Russ Wright
Russ Wright 10 days ago
Where was The Green Hornet? I loved that movie.
Spiderpig 296
Spiderpig 296 10 days ago
Shove it any wear u like
gabe watson
gabe watson 10 days ago
The interview is definitely my favorite rogen movie
Dan C
Dan C 10 days ago
Worst actor ever.
ZiggiesAquatic Exotics
The names cist ... Ray cist
ZiggiesAquatic Exotics
That laugh man omfg ima kill this fagglert
coremanEXE 10 days ago
these guys have been making movies about making movies about their lives for like 37 years
Christian Whitmore
Christian Whitmore 10 days ago
Best episode yet
BaxterD 10 days ago
I know Seth will never see this random comment on youtube, but I would love to see him play John Sinclair in a biopic, their speech patterns and laugh are so identical and I feel it's a part of history that's rarely spoken about. It clearly wouldn't be in his wheelhouse, that being comedy, but I feel it would be so perfect.
Elmer Wood
Elmer Wood 10 days ago
Was waiting for him to talk about disaster artist.
collie 10 days ago
he speaks a lot about progress.... dude your name in like 90% of the movies is seth
Rachel Chainsaw
Rachel Chainsaw 10 days ago
The part at the end where they sing Age of Aquarious is the best part hands down! Lol
Angie Nunez
Angie Nunez 10 days ago
the intro to pineapple express was filmed in my city of downey
Section GamingPlus
Section GamingPlus 10 days ago
Three things to look for in a Seth Rogen movie: His Laugh He’s Jewish WEEED
gabe watson
gabe watson 10 days ago
Section GamingPlus I always notice the Jewish part
Jagason 11 days ago
Lucky to see him
Alberto2341 11 days ago
"Denton might have been a Jew, I dont know"😂😂
Tony Lawrence
Tony Lawrence 11 days ago
Seth Rogen, I am saying this to you because I care: GET.... SOME.... HELP!!!!
Matt Lecher
Matt Lecher 11 days ago
Gary r
Gary r 11 days ago
All good movies watching stone
osvaldo Jimenez
osvaldo Jimenez 11 days ago
I thought 50/50 would be on here
Carlos Danger
Carlos Danger 11 days ago
You just got killed by a daewoo lanos mother fucka
Vincent Peters
Vincent Peters 11 days ago
didnt even know it was seth rogan in superbad
CecilxIndy 10 days ago
Next videos