Seth Rogen Breaks Down His Most Iconic Movies | GQ

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Seth Rogen breaks down his most iconic characters, including his roles in 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin,' 'Superbad,' 'Pineapple Express,' 'Freaks and Geeks,' 'This is the End,' 'The Interview,' 'Observe and Report,' 'Steve Jobs' and 'Long Shot.'
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Seth Rogen Breaks Down His Most Iconic Movies | GQ


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May 21, 2019

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Comments 3 238
mika Canseco
mika Canseco Hour ago
Hol up he went to T E M E C U L A
AtomicStoner77 7
AtomicStoner77 7 5 hours ago
Pineapple Express is like the Half baked of it's time there both stoner/action
Lil Sad
Lil Sad 7 hours ago
Seth winner
Moraco Mole
Moraco Mole 8 hours ago
34:06 typical Canadian
Finlay McKie
Finlay McKie 13 hours ago
Chillest guy ever
Luke Boone
Luke Boone 14 hours ago
Jordan peele and Seth rogen are one in the same
B1701 15 hours ago
Awesome video but was hoping he would talk about Take This Waltz; he can really hold his own in dramatic roles ❤️
Nastya Tru
Nastya Tru 15 hours ago
Ok, "Take This Waltz" anyone? He had a really serious role there, unfortunately there's not much information about behind the scenes :(
Mashary Shaman
imagine daylewis doing this
Steve Harcar
Steve Harcar Day ago
Iconic movies?😅🤣😄😂😀🤣😅, iconic?
Devin Rogers
Devin Rogers Day ago
My mans Seth is well hung, take a look. 11:52
Mom Day ago
Pineapple Express is one of my favorite movies ever
Maaaannnnn when are we going to get Quintin Terrantino to do one of these?
Spraggly Day ago
I think my favorite part of the Franco and Rogan duo is how authentic their dialogue always sounds in their movies. It literally just sounds like their normal conversations were caught on camera.
Ethan Adam Rose
Ethan Adam Rose 2 days ago
Gordon-Levitt and Rogen in 50/50 was some of the best chemistry, both comedic and endearing.
King Zeros
King Zeros 2 days ago
“One way or another, I’m not thrilled with Paul Blart Mall Cop”
Rambos Hunchoz
Rambos Hunchoz 2 days ago
Seth Rogen’s Laugh is Priceless 😂
Connor Wilson
Connor Wilson 2 days ago
Jealous of this man!
ZuRriX 2 days ago
Odgledaj ove delove: 5:09 / 11:36 / 17:00 / 35:23 / 37:14 / 38:57
Joe Vargas
Joe Vargas 2 days ago
Observe & Report is definitely one of Seth's most overlooked films. It's a lot darker than anything else he's done but has aged better than most of his other movies.
D Goody
D Goody 3 days ago
Seth Rogan and iconic do not ever belong in the same sentence
peter papadimitriou
But I hoped he stopped getting high
Aaliyah Valdez
In the day and age we live in no one's gonna stop getting high
peter papadimitriou
Seth was funny in some of the things that he was in
CLIP GAMING 3 days ago
Hes totaly geeking in this interview
Renee Alessi
Renee Alessi 4 days ago
I’m so happy that I found this video
amorperecido 4 days ago
Theory Of Infinity
i actually watched the whole fcking thing
D 4 days ago
Enjoyed the interview. I have always been one of Seth‘s biggest fans. Great actor, comedian,, writer, and director . Just his laugh alone always makes me smile.
Kanley West
Kanley West 4 days ago
Pineapple Express will always be my favorite
Stephen Eee
Stephen Eee 5 days ago
I feel like I remember more seasons of freaks and geeks... Mandela effect?
K Bailey
K Bailey 5 days ago
All the movies I’ve seen him in he’s smoking weed
AmeliaAnne 6 days ago
Seth Rogens laugh 2020
AmeliaAnne 6 days ago
His laugh awakens my soul
undathestarz 6 days ago
Pineapple express is a classic
Lilah Moscato
Lilah Moscato 6 days ago
Seth's crotch is distracting lil what is going on there.....
Don Mason
Don Mason 6 days ago
Who else is high watching this at 6am
Thamus Jones
Thamus Jones 7 days ago
This dickhead is not funny, it is amazing he was cast in one move let alone multiple movies.
Isaac Cruz
Isaac Cruz 7 days ago
I love acting and I just finished my first Sony audition today! Wish me luck! I also am going to college and making RUvid videos of my every day funny day life! So far everyone enjoying it 🚶🏽‍♂️I just hope my career pops off someday !
Tristen Atwood
Tristen Atwood 7 days ago
This man low-key a fashion icon
kaitlin brown
kaitlin brown 7 days ago
Pineapple Express is my favourite movie of all time hahaha
Ryan Way
Ryan Way 7 days ago
Seth Rogan is not an Icon.
Laquisha Groves
Laquisha Groves 7 days ago
I love this man so much!
Karen guzman
Karen guzman 8 days ago
The fact that the blood scene is real is hilarious
Jason Ng
Jason Ng 8 days ago
He ruined the green hornet
ADDButterfly 9 days ago
I was hoping for a comment about Paul.
I can’t stop looking at his bulge 😂😅
HMat 9 days ago
tbh Seth is not in the iconic status yet. Don't get me wrong, he is freaking awesome.
George Washington
it's anudda shoah
George Washington
oy vey
roger komula
roger komula 9 days ago
Observe and Report is my favorite by far.
Facundo Martinez
Facundo Martinez 10 days ago
its just..... fking perfect... so so so beautifull
Jumping Kids
Jumping Kids 10 days ago
Seth Rohan is the Middle Earth Version of this guy.
yolo hippo
yolo hippo 10 days ago
Every seth rogan movie is amazing
N Stovah
N Stovah 10 days ago
Pineapple Express is one of the greatest comedies of all time
Real-Youth Visionaries inc.
Lancelot Arc
Lancelot Arc 11 days ago
Seth = iconic Not sure he's entitled to that. Wow, what a PR team.
Wayne Stearns, Jr.
Wayne Stearns, Jr. 11 days ago
Seth Rogen used to be a real comedian. Now he is just another Hollywood PC douchebag closing the door of comedy behind him. Now no one else can ever become the new Seth Rogen b/c 99% of the comedy he is famous for is too offensive for today's lunatics.
Lumen Lights
Lumen Lights 11 days ago
i can't believe they didn't talk about sausage party
Tori Bourcier
Tori Bourcier 12 days ago
Dude I literally randomly found this video and sat and watched the entire thing, and I’ve realized that I now have a much deeper love and appreciation for Seth Rogan 🤣💜
Danielle M Hall
Danielle M Hall 12 days ago
I've never watched Pineapple Express but the foot in the windshield clip had me dead.
Sassy Waffles
Sassy Waffles 12 days ago
I’m here for this is the end, literally one of my favorite movies!
Cuthbert Bracegirdle
WTF GQ?...what's next, the genius of Ben Affleck?...a breakdown of the best directed JJ Abrams movies?
JVCKLive.com 12 days ago
Awesome video really enjoyed it
Ilove Cabana
Ilove Cabana 12 days ago
his moviesfor me are always go-to's after a big night out or just to throw on and have a laugh!
Shaybaan Kreator
Shaybaan Kreator 12 days ago
Hakuna Patata
nathan Osburn
nathan Osburn 13 days ago
This is the end and pineapple Express are my favorite movies by Rogan and Franco
Molly Chapman
Molly Chapman 13 days ago
Really enjoyed this interview. Seth you’re awesome
cynjim88 13 days ago
Pineapple Express is one of my all time favorites.... I LOVE all of Seth’s movies though! Sausage Party is right up there too (This is the End- another awesome movie) The Interview-FREAKING love this movie
tiggz R
tiggz R 13 days ago
I love seth Rogens movies! I think he did a great job on em. My favorite would be knocked up and another one that I cant think of
Asia Alcala
Asia Alcala 13 days ago
my first date was going to see This is the End 🤣
D4nie1'z BaNdzZ
D4nie1'z BaNdzZ 14 days ago
His laugh got me dead🤣🤣
J R 14 days ago
Hearing men talk is so grating
ConsciousThought 14 days ago
I've seen Pineapple Express over 80 times just like the movie Elf. That's where I first seen him and thought he was funny was in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Superbad is another gem. Zack & Miri should be on here!
Matt Neal
Matt Neal 14 days ago
Funniest jew in hollywood
Diaspora Media
Diaspora Media 14 days ago
He should come out with Superbad 2
MyNameIs216 14 days ago
ive been McLovin me some Seth Rogen anytime.
jipster2020 14 days ago
I don't get the Seth Rogan fan parade. "Pineapple Express": 2nd worst movie in the last 20 years. "This is the End":... Even Ed Wood would have cringed at that one. Abysmal. I'd even rate "Movie 43" as better than "This is the End". I did like Superbad though.
Jamie Finn
Jamie Finn 14 days ago
Donnie Darko is the best film seths ever been in
Johnny Cliche
Johnny Cliche 15 days ago
No Zack & Miri, or Green Hornet?...
bronwyniguess 15 days ago
"we were 24 by the time we were making the movie" im 24 right now and ive done nothing with my life - im struggling to get a career
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