Servants: The True Story of Life Below Stairs. Part 1 of 3 - Knowing Your Place.

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Servanthood is the blurred line between wage slavery and chattel slavery but in recent years popular costume dramas set in the British colonial period such as "Downton Abbey" and "Poldark" whitewash this for the sake of romanticism. This is the first of three in a 2012 documentary series which looks at what life was like for British servants in that period. Unfortunately what appears as history here is still the reality for millions around the world, including children.
Presenter: Pamela Cox
Executive Producer: Emma Hindley
Series Producer: Annabel Hobley
This channel: anarchi.st

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Apr 9, 2017




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Comments 80
5mnz7fg 3 hours ago
The very sad thing is that almost all suppressed and exploited people basically accept the system and its customs and mind sets.
Carolyn Treadwell
Carolyn Treadwell 20 hours ago
I can imagine that the model servant that didn't want to take those gentlemen up on their proposals of marriage was because she would only be enslaved to them in less a less grand environment than her current quarters and friendship with the mistress.
Daniel T.
Daniel T. Day ago
My grandparents had a servant but my sense of things from what I heard , she was more like a family member like an auntie, my mother went to visit her in her old age.
Frequently Cynical
Those fancy 18th century non-uniforms were obviously their go to church type clothes. Ya think the gardener wore that fancy outfit while doing his job?
Snodrod Day ago
Idk if I could be a servant or not. God knows my family wasn't made of noble stock. I don't know my ancestors but I wouldn't be surprised if some of them lived their lives downstairs. I have always craved purpose and community. You get to live and work in that big house, be around all those high, noble people. Maybe I'd make a good valet lol.
Olympian d
Olympian d 2 days ago
Informative, interesting, charmingly presented. Very English. Rates HD, not the lo res junk its in!
Maggie Margaret
Maggie Margaret 2 days ago
The head female servants were called mistresses. Yet then it seems wives were also called mistresses. ? At least at the end of this video when she refers to "Jane", she calls her the Mistress. This is confusing. Did it change when middle-class and then lower middle-class people began having servants? And now today, a mistress is a woman companion of a male adulterer. What is the counterpart name for a male companion of a female adulterer?
Eatme Douche
Eatme Douche 2 days ago
It still means both - when used in that context, it meant "mistress of the manor/castle/whatever" and if you look it up - this is the definition: 1. a woman in a position of authority or control. 2. a woman having an extramarital sexual relationship, especially with a married man.
Eatme Douche
Eatme Douche 3 days ago
This lady is an idiot. Shortening people's names from Florence to Flo isn't to demean them, or "lower their rank" - it's a sign of being familiar with them, a nick name of sorts. Yes, the uniforms were to denote their position, but, not to demean them - why would you wear a silk shirt to serve spaghetti? And how would anyone at your party know who to ask for a drink? Think they might wonder why your daughter or son are acting like your butler or maid?
Eatme Douche
Eatme Douche 2 days ago
@Olivia "Proven research"? Proven by what? and "professional" what?
k3kboi 66
k3kboi 66 2 days ago
@home_juusto yeah and most if all work places have uniforms. Being a servant was/is a *JOB*
home_juusto 3 days ago
@Charleston Annie i guess The people in that era were Happy to use clothes that someone just gave them. Its stupid to apply todays standards to old centaries.
Olivia 3 days ago
It’s funny how so many idiots in the comment sections always think they know better than proven research done by professionals. But you do you, I suppose.
Eatme Douche
Eatme Douche 3 days ago
@Charleston Annie Yep, but I don't choose my uniform for work, my employer does. I guess McDonald's is degrading all of their employees, and putting them in their place?
Eatme Douche
Eatme Douche 3 days ago
1:35 in and I can tell you what it was like, and the hardships and shit, lol. It's paid fucking slavery - and you're a piece of shit. Shut up and get my coffee.
k3kboi 66
k3kboi 66 2 days ago
>paid >slavery Does not compute.
Killianwsh 4 days ago
"Why did the culture/era of servants disappear?" BWAHAHAHA!!! You must be some kind of an idiot or a shill paid to continue the bullshit lie of the modern era, or BOTH! WE ARE STILL THEIR SERVANTS / SLAVES!!! TRY NOT PAYING YOUR TAXES! OR DEMANDING MONEY FROM OTHERS AT THE BARREL OF A GUN!! OR SIMPLY MAKING UP RULES FOR EVERYONE TO FOLLOW EXCEPT YOU & KILLING THOSE WHO REFUSE !!! RIGHT!!! You CANT, YET THE ELITES DO IT EVERY DAY!! As long as you are forced to give up a portion of your life working to pay for ANYONE. you don't choose to support, YOUR LOWER THAN THEIR SERVANT YOUR THEIR SLAVE! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD!
Sacred Geometry
Yes now they have us wearing masks and taking away all rights and tracking us through our phones. What's next probably no middle class and worse trying to start a civil war
Killianwsh Day ago
@Olympian d Thanks for "efficiency of delivery" reminder. You are, to some degree correct, however I have been trying, CALMLY, to awaken my Brothers and Sisters for many years now, to almost no effect. All the while, those who intend to forever enslave us, advance ever closer to accomplishing their vile goals by the day! There comes a point when one MUST start screaming to awaken enough of the strong to resist TOGETHER! If you know of a more effective method (that actually works!) I'll happily utilize it! Meantime , though it may make me seem insane , Ranting does work! I'm not interested in the least in being seen as "Sage" or "Profound"! I am desperately trying to save myself, everyone I know and love, & the vast balance of my good , but brainwashed Brothers and Sisters on this planet from the well concealed traps laid before us, intended to perfect our enslavement even further!
Snodrod Day ago
TL;DR I would have read this if it was written coherently instead of an ignorant caps lock rant.
Olympian d
Olympian d 2 days ago
The profound truth of your statements is dis-serviced by delivery as a rant.
namaste 4 days ago
We are still slave servants!! What are u talking about??
Greg Grimer
Greg Grimer 5 days ago
19.40 I did not know they had black and white iPads back then. Those Victorians were clever.
Chris Regman
Chris Regman 5 days ago
"All in all you are just another brick in the wall".
William Smith
William Smith 3 days ago
Floydism ! A great belief system !
Joseph Owens
Joseph Owens 5 days ago
This series is invaluable is showing the kind of world in which Charles Dickens' novels took place. Those who know his books know how broad is his satire when it comes to servants; many of his servant characters are the kind that most certainly did NOT keep their place!
P. Jay
P. Jay 7 days ago
9:53 the cook was in most cases a woman. Whomever made that drawing and approved it to be used in this documentary, is unaware of the history and what this program is about.
Eatme Douche
Eatme Douche 2 days ago
@P. Jay Know how else you can tell? That's a photo of the male employees, see any other women in the photo?
Eatme Douche
Eatme Douche 2 days ago
@P. Jay Her moustache disagrees with you.
P. Jay
P. Jay 2 days ago
that is a woman!
Eatme Douche
Eatme Douche 3 days ago
Hey, moron - look at the photo at 17:10 and guess what the fat guy, in the middle, with the white chef's jacket, white apron, and white chef's hat on, is?
Slayerjane61 4 days ago
Perhaps by the 1800's cooks were more often female, but being a cook was not a "female" profession traditionally. In Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales from around 1400, one of the male pilgrims is a cook, so at that time, cooks were more likely male.
Christal Joy Breeze
Spread the word. Pedophilia no more. The Queen is illegitimate and all her offspring too.. Now watch thevtower of Babel fall.
Christal Joy Breeze
This Class system brought down human dignity to allow ruthlessness to prevail. Check out Joseph Gregory Hallet the new King of England King John 111. His claim looks very authentic. These royals have been lying fir too long and now their time us up. Queen Elisabeth is illegitimate .
Queen Elizabeth is one of the most respected woman in the English speaking world. Even anti-monarchists admit she's a great force for decency and stability. Check out her speech to the nation at the height of the Coronavirus. It went viral all over the world as an example of how a leader should speak to their people. You'll never get her many millions of admirers to call her illegitimate.
Bernice Pereira
Bernice Pereira 8 days ago
So why are the black people making out their ancestors were the only ones that have been slaves read the book called the stolen village by des ekin where christian men women and children were kidnapped to make into slaves
Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry 20 hours ago
@stacey gewin they make millions and millions and millions of dollars every month from the casinos there so many Indian casinos in California alone there's no reason for them to live that way. I don't know where you came from brought that into I thought they deserved to be mistreated. You going from a to c and putting words in my mouth. They have fixed up the reservations and then they said they totally destroyed them they're just destroyed their own places but that's beside the point that's probably bored of malcontents and unemployment
Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry 22 hours ago
@stacey gewin do you know how many Indian casinos there are in California. ? They make milllions upon millions they make every month that they could help out their own. I'm not sure how I interpreted that is saying they deserved abuse . Somehow you went from A to Z and put words in my mouth id you interpret that into saying they deserved abuse I don't know how you went from A to Z. Next time research how many millions they make a month and all the Indian casinos in California alone
stacey gewin
stacey gewin Day ago
@Sacred Geometry The reservations are overrun with poverty and violence, so no, they aren't living very good. And do you seriously think it's okay that they were treated like shit? Most tribes are very poor. 90,000 tribal families are homeless. 40% of on‐reservation housing is considered inadequate. Unemployment is very high on reservations, often over 35%. The average household income on reservations is 68% below the U.S. average of $53,657. Twenty percent of the households make less than $5,000 annually.
Sacred Geometry
@stacey gewin well they're making millions and millions every month on the casinos there's no reason why they should be suffering on reservations
Sacred Geometry
@TheToywa They're children get didn't get sold underneath them because they are forced to get abortions and died or they were kicked out and starved because they're raped by the head of the house or they're son's
BarTech TV
BarTech TV 9 days ago
We still work as servants, only for corporations rather than families.
Lisa Gunnison
Lisa Gunnison 9 days ago
Well, if you’re at it.....do a documentary on those that have roots as Innkeepers. Entrepreneurs of sort.... ran the inn, cooked the meals, ran the stables, don’t forget the tavern....clean the rooms, board the people, stable the horses, farming, raise barn animals.....learned to sew, became farriers, started merchant exchanges and worked 20 hours a day clearing god awful land that was prone to flooding and poor soil so you might actually get a crop of decent spuds. And do all this with birthing nine or more kids. Life can be rough.
Charlene-Chandler Beairsto
Bill 7 days ago
Stop complaining Lisa :O)
ThePragmatist 10 days ago
The old lady around minute 32 has impeccable Received Pronunciation.
Λογος 10 days ago
Now the servants have an electrified tunnel to go from their quarters to the place of service. They call it the underground.
Birgit Lorbeer
Birgit Lorbeer 10 days ago
And all that has changed since then is our titles, ie now i am a 0 hour employee. This system is wrong , as even extremely smart individuals can not succeed! Most of the time.
Lola Campbell
Lola Campbell 11 days ago
Theres still domestic Service what you think a janitor or motel maid is and these cleaning companies only difference is shorter hours and a home and upstairs downstairs is a joke and not funny but my mom was a housekeeper when she met my step dad when he was an orderly and she worked hard and I ended up an artist but I pushed my fair share of mop and pails when I was young and had to only job I'd hate if I was a servant was the human plumbing that's absolutely vile and hepatitis waiting to happen..and the whole caste and class thing is utterly rediculous..since nobody is better than anyone more money doesn't mean more class or manners..
Lola Campbell
Lola Campbell 8 days ago
@Sid Vicious I'm sorry and I didn't mean.onesidedness or accidental narcism lol but I'm terrible at punctuation and visual impairment doesn't help either plus being a savant i tend to think on a topic before I give a response so when it comes to me just remember invisible punctuation and low vision not an excuse just a courtesy to others giving color commentary and you have a blessed day
Sid Vicious
Sid Vicious 8 days ago
Lola Campbell that was the longest sentence I’ve ever read!
Curt Coller
Curt Coller 11 days ago
The minimum wage for slaves is zero. The maximum wage for protagonists is death. The rest of us can make a living. Why did "servants" disappear? They did not! They just got other names and barely enough to make a living. The American terminology still uses the term "Landlord" coined in the British Kingdom. The American history still used slaves like most other nations did. You must be naive to believe that this system "disappeared". Curt Coller
Curt Coller
Curt Coller 11 days ago
You are right: TOIL is the word.
silvana španjević
They had no life. They were underpayed and had to cover for masters dirty afairs. And some bosses and eatate owners used to abuse their servants. Like raping, getting them pregnant and then kicking them in the street. My granny was a servant but not in the UK but in out country. She had to be clean, work hard but she earned some money for when she gets maried and she stopped to work once when she maried grandpa. She was working since she was 11 till she was 20 yo but that did prepared her for the life later. People did use to send their children to be servant so the would learn to maintain the house and be good workes and run their own house once. And of course know how to handle kids. So my granny taught me everything she knew. My mom was a cleaning lady, granny was also a great cook, grandpa was a shoemaker and a carpenter, my oldre brother is constructioner, I m a shef, as well is my younger brother. So in a way we are all servants
Curt Coller
Curt Coller 11 days ago
To advance from your position of "servant" you need "education". Being a shef (assuming you mean first cook in a hotel or restaurant), which is spelled "chef" is not the solution.
Ann Carroll
Ann Carroll 12 days ago
Today's house wives work hard too. Not just keeping house but also doing a full time job.
Michele Corwin
Michele Corwin 9 days ago
It's your house and children you care for not someone else's. Dah
Jenny Saunders
Jenny Saunders 13 days ago
she should have a look at the life of a modern minimum wage worker. there's no difference between that servants room and a studio flat except for the modern exorbitant cost of paying for it.
Sarah Kathryn
Sarah Kathryn 12 days ago
we are all enslaved to each other in our society, that's how it's set up. i'm learning how to grow our own food, gotta start somewhere.
Kurt Felix
Kurt Felix 13 days ago
She needs to do one on slaves who got NO PAY AT ALL
Spanky McAnus
Spanky McAnus 4 days ago
Like the Indian servants of the British in India that would keep with the British theme
stacey gewin
stacey gewin 5 days ago
As long as it's about slaves of all colors, I'd be interested in hearing that too
Gia Chahal
Gia Chahal 13 days ago
All covered from head to toe.
Hope Dunkel
Hope Dunkel 13 days ago
Miserable existence.
albe rtplumer
albe rtplumer 13 days ago
Want to train as a servant, so I could lethally stab the bourgeoise . truly the bane of the planet, rather enjoy being a poor person.
Spanky McAnus
Spanky McAnus 4 days ago
The bourgeoisie want you to be happy, don’t be a good little proletariat.
Jo 1
Jo 1 13 days ago
Till today being rich has all the privileges.
pamela reffner
pamela reffner 14 days ago
"Why did that world disappear?" what a strange question? I would think because 'slavery' ended . Very good documentary.
Luna 333
Luna 333 4 days ago
@Carol Sanderman Farmers are absolutely under-valued. I'm from a rural community and have no doubt the great expense machinery is. My ex's family had a small holding (father-in-law also had a ft job), so I have an idea of the amount of work. My wonderful doctor is from a large farming family & I have an understanding how things can go south on a dime - - you mention in CDN$ - waving to you from Ont. Canada 🇨🇦 😊
Carol Sanderman
Carol Sanderman 4 days ago
Luna 333 the average person has no clue what farmers pay for their equipment much less fuel seed fertilizer etc. A 15 year old harvester/combine can be upwards of $700,000 CDN gets used maybe 3 weeks a year in great weather less
Luna 333
Luna 333 4 days ago
@Carol Sanderman Yes agreed; and especially pertaining to crops: climate change
Carol Sanderman
Carol Sanderman 5 days ago
Alice Wilde on paper perhaps. Farmers now take more risk ie crop failures, no increases in prices for grain but huge increase in the input costs.
stacey gewin
stacey gewin 5 days ago
@Luna 333 not just blacks were slaves. All races were!
m keith
m keith 14 days ago
That poem is just the original live laugh love let's just be real here
Kristin Moretto
Kristin Moretto 14 days ago
Just so fascinating man. I want to read and see every single thing on this. I’m also a big fan of memorial pictures or memento mori, just so absolutely astounding.
James Williams
James Williams 14 days ago
My Gram was in service but was " saved " by my grandfather an upper middle class spoiled toff. She went on to have 13 children and having spent much time with her I know that as much as she loved her children she'd always looked upon those days with fondness, " I had much less work to do, " she said, " had more freedom,though I did hate doing the laundry,but at least I was paid for it. "
James Williams
James Williams 4 days ago
@Greg Grimer Reread what I wrote and if you have any comprehension you'll realize that I was not complaining but relating what my Gram told me. God bless your sister and her children, but you ask her if she felt it was an easy job.
J Ow
J Ow 4 days ago
That is a huge amount of children....
Greg Grimer
Greg Grimer 5 days ago
My sister has 15 children. Does not complain about it.
J Ow
J Ow 13 days ago
13! shatteringly exhausting - service would have seemed almost a holiday in comparison..
Kristin Moretto
Kristin Moretto 13 days ago
Edit: family not familiar
Juan Perez
Juan Perez 14 days ago
Is interesting that you relate housekeepers with keys 🔐, specially since the word in Spanish for housekeeper is “ Ama de llaves “ translated as “key master”
Judy Taaffe
Judy Taaffe 14 days ago
This is why most Australians hate the poms. The Americans probably think it still goes on. I am grateful my ancestors never had to work at this, but I met a chap in the 1980s aged about 35 then who said his mother had been in service. Shocked me no end! By the look of this doco, the class thing became worse in the Victorian era. I could go.on, but let's just say i hate Downron Abbey etc.
Carol Sanderman
Carol Sanderman 5 days ago
Judy Taaffe of course we realize Australia was once a penal colony
Judy Taaffe
Judy Taaffe 11 days ago
No I don't like the aristos. The money people. The Downton Abbey people.
Peter Chessell
Peter Chessell 13 days ago
So you hate the english because they had it hard?,,,,seems a little stupid to me.
Curtis C
Curtis C 15 days ago
I bet your a good pork.
blipblip88 15 days ago
This is very interesting infotainment for myself, who has been very entertained/misinformed by the 70's miniseries "Upstairs Downstairs"", "Brideshead Revisited", "Remains of the Day", and of course, Downton Abbey. Good stuff!
Salkis Re
Salkis Re 15 days ago
Then: "Maid of All Work" . . . . Today: Housewife 😑
Salkis Re
Salkis Re 2 days ago
@P. Jay "gaggle amount of kids" Who are referencing with that statement and what does the amount of children you birth have anything to do with being a housewife?
P. Jay
P. Jay 2 days ago
Maid of all works did not have a choice. In western countries today, women do. Why they choose to have a gaggle of kids, completely pinning themselves down, make themselves economically dependent on a man by volition baffles me.
The Al Show
The Al Show 16 days ago
It's no surprise that "mechanics and tradespeople" looked down on servants. This was an unfortunate attitude but it made sense . At least such working class people were independent enough in their trades and could stand on their own two feet. It was better than being a servant.
The Al Show
The Al Show 15 days ago
@diane shelton class conscious society on all levels.
diane shelton
diane shelton 16 days ago
The Al Show no it wasn’t any surprise but it was very sad that was the attitude
David Brown
David Brown 17 days ago
If you seen what kind of jobs they had in the time period like factory jobs this wasn't a bad job. men and women who had factory jobs never lived past their forties. These servant positions people did live to be old. The only drawback is that they where never equal even among their fellow workers.
Debbie Lee
Debbie Lee 17 days ago
Pamela Cox is absolutely perfect for this work. I wish she had a 100 documentaries to her name. She is fabulous !! This documentary was so informative. My grandmother was also a maid for a rancher and his wife in Del Rio ,Texas in the 50's and 60's. But it was a whole different story in Texas I guess than what this documentary is depicting. She loved her Boss. The ranchers wife was a kind, Christian woman and she taught my grandmother so many things. How to cook, and how to do a great deal of domestic chores, English etc. My grandmother loved her and was so grateful that she was given a job working for her. She was one of many servants that were working on the ranch but she was treated extremely well as were the others who worked with her. She still spoke so highly of the mistress of the ranch even after all these years and after the rancher's wife had passed away. So, I guess there are many "servant" stories out there and not all of them are the bad. ❤️
Texas 1
Texas 1 17 days ago
Debbie Lee Texas archers are great! Your grandmother sounds wonderful. How fortunate she was to have such a fine woman to work for and with!
Ravikanth Yella
Ravikanth Yella 17 days ago
Now they are called the homeless people, ofcourse they have freedom, independence, democracy and liberty. They are not even required to maintain cleanliness, Enjoy.
Spanky McAnus
Spanky McAnus 4 days ago
No homeless were still just homeless and dirty in 1850 these were servants with jobs and homes food and money?
Morgane Maziarczyk
Morgane Maziarczyk 18 days ago
These servant's diaries and books should be edited - there's so much to learn about !
Roisin Bryson
Roisin Bryson 18 days ago
I used to stick this on to get myself cleaning lol
King of Rivia
King of Rivia 19 days ago
There lifes were hard - but they had security - something people at that time generally didnt have
kitty lynch
kitty lynch 2 days ago
Spanky McAnus
Spanky McAnus 4 days ago
Alice Wilde oh yes it was a horrible job maybe they should of been making matches until the fumes made their jaws fall off or working in factories until they lost too many fingers to keep working or maybe they could be leech gathers wading into water and picking leeches off their skin all day or they could send their children off to be chimney sweeps what about working in an 1800s coal mine I mean even if none of those wonderful jobs didn’t work out they could always steal fresh bodies from graveyards anything but the horrible hellish life of a servant! Lmao get over yourself you’re not damning slavery and you’re barely even getting points for pointing out the societal gap in wealth and circumstance these people didn’t have it so bad back then I mean yeah I’m sure they felt a little bad being so judged by the elite but at least they weren’t driven mad from boiling mercury making hats or going mad from stds they got from prostitution I mean come on put a little thought into the times they were living in things were backwards for a reason reality doesn’t care about your new age idealistic points of view life was dark unjust unforgiving and unbelievably painful in the 1800s
Alice Wilde
Alice Wilde 6 days ago
@Elizabeth Donovan it was a terrible job don't sugarcoat it, working for someone else's benefit in their home with little to no employment rights, the people in the country were happy and would have stayed there if the landholders hadn't got greedy and forced them into service
Elizabeth Donovan
Elizabeth Donovan 10 days ago
It was a good job. . You had warmth, food and cleanliness . Imagine being in a little damp cottage withb5-6-7-8-9 children and very little food . Washing Nappies for babies with no running water or bathroom . Having babies at home hoping you'd survive . There were no balls, restaurants, hospitals . Schools ,cars etc I'd be chasing a kitchen job with a fireplace , food and water .
King of Rivia
King of Rivia 14 days ago
Alive Or Trees There is a big leap from being a slave and being a servant - of course they were very low in the cultural ladder but they were somewhat respected and were able to do what they wanted if they could get money somehow - a slave has none of those chances and tbh servants were really lucky compared to laborers who worked for even less money AND didnt have a house etc provides
John Adams
John Adams 19 days ago
I wish I could go back in time and own some slaves. Just for fun and to see how it really worked. But I really dont trust myself.. I'm a horrible unscrupulous basterd ,I really am.. I think I might have been a horrible slave owner.. I might have just gone crazy and beat em or something crazy.. I'm sure I'd have just went mad.. I might have been bad enough to use the slave babys as lawn darts or something crazy.. I'm really a monster of a person.. if you can call me that.. I might leave a slave in a hot car for god sake. I'm horribly irresponsible like that. I just know I'd have left a baby slave in the bath or something basteress ..
Spanky McAnus
Spanky McAnus 4 days ago
You should change your name if that’s how you feel John Quincy Adams was one of only two Presidents in the nation’s first half century not to own slaves
wandering_about 4 days ago
@John Adams Why would you think that I think I'm heroic?
John Adams
John Adams 4 days ago
@wandering_about no I'm not saying that.. I'm saying theres a very good possibility that you would have been part of slavery.. odds are your not some heroic person. No doubt you believe you are but nope your probably not
wandering_about 4 days ago
@John Adams So I could either chose to be a good slave owner or a bad slave owner. I wouldn't be able to chose that I don't want to be a slave owner at all?
John Adams
John Adams 4 days ago
@wandering_about no owning another person is completely wrong.. get real. So no but you could be better than other slave owners.. what my comment means is people ,all people are corruptible.. so dont think for one second that you or anybody else wouldn't have owned slaves your self had you been in the south and had money in the 1800s.. your no better than those people..if you think your above corruption than your simply lying to yourself..
Yolks 19 days ago
" page 74; Cleanliness. The first thing I would recommend is cleanliness " Why did it take 74 pages to get to the first recommendation? What could you possibly have to say in the prior 73 pages???
Alive Or Trees
Alive Or Trees 18 days ago
But first, a word from our sponsors at Raid: Shadow Legends.
Stephanie Ledogar
Stephanie Ledogar 20 days ago
The lowest of the low servants got beaten. I can only imagine how they were treated when no one else was looking ... I'm sure the servant who gave birth in the closet while the master waited in the other room was delivering the child of said master.
Ana R
Ana R 18 days ago
Stephanie Ledogar that’s what I was wondering because how could she give birth with him not just in the house but in the next room and not make any noise. He had to of known.
Jean Jelacic
Jean Jelacic 20 days ago
when they have a close up on the host, I can't take my eyes off her teeth. how horrifying.
John Keating
John Keating 3 days ago
Yes I suppose it is rare to see a person who is completely natural and happy in her own skin.
Spanky McAnus
Spanky McAnus 4 days ago
This intelligent and beautiful woman and you focus on her not perfect teeth and I couldn’t bring myself to say anything but not perfect maybe if you could get over that you could see her stunning eyes this women’s a pleasure lmao I can’t see how you could describe anything about her as horrible lol
freeganjustin 15 days ago
@Stephanie Ledogar Pretty good for UK teeth. None missing or broken, none rotted etc. Just normal natural teeth. Some parts of the world are still as obsessed with appearances as the masters and mistresses referred to in the video.
Stephanie Ledogar
Stephanie Ledogar 20 days ago
They are slightly crooked but that's pretty petty of you to say...
Kimber WF
Kimber WF 20 days ago
Very interesting...but very depressing.
Lola Campbell
Lola Campbell 20 days ago
This intellectual talks negatively about the very line of work that was mostly available but the fact she so smug and apathetic when if it wasn't for grunt jobs we'd be living in pretty filthy places and my mom was a house keeper and she earned an honest wage but the arrogance and elietism of the employers was a big part of the long hours and mistreatment and horrible levels of work when no body is better than anyone but I come from a long line of scullery maids and factory workers myself and I became an artist but I don't begrudge my mom it was an honest penny for honest work and this chick should pick up a mop and do some honest cleaning might help her clean up her act a bit
The Al Show
The Al Show 16 days ago
@Alive Or Trees Well, I can agree with you about being against the systems in societies used to oppress people. That attitude makes sense.
Lola Campbell
Lola Campbell 16 days ago
actually I've done my fair shair of domestics and I'm proud of my stock and my mom and I don't mind this show but I think the presenter is pretty smug and kinda pompass and honestly I think.that Hampton court lady Lucy the one that did the history thing on the Tudor kitchen she seems so bubbly and thoughtful and obviously a historian and probably had a few domestics I her family who hasn't but I think.if this show had gotten someone like her or Dr Kat someone that can.be informative and insightful without the smug Ness and superiority attitude the documentary would've been more pleasant I'm not saying get mary popins or Pollyanna to present this that be assinine but I just think someone with a little more respect for the material and the people it's about would've made this show more pleasant cause she kinda made it sound like she was sad for her family but without her great grandma's and God using them she wouldn't be around and that's all of us but janitors laborers and domestics are just as valuable as a pompass PhD and that's all I meant I never meant to ruffle any feathers I was simply agreeing with the consensus about this show and it's lousy presentation lol
Alive Or Trees
Alive Or Trees 16 days ago
@The Al Show be grateful that I am now in a society where I can speak out against unjust treatment of the poor to support the wealth that was stolen from overseas? Yeah I'm grateful that I can try to stop that at home despite the fact that it is still happening. I'm resentful towards the systems people use to oppress one another.
The Al Show
The Al Show 16 days ago
You sound rather resentful and jealous it seems. Just be glad you don't have to that kind of work and be grateful.
Alive Or Trees
Alive Or Trees 18 days ago
You know this from watching the entire thing? Because she seemed pretty unhappy with the way good people were treated because they had few options. Maybe any system that funnels massive wealth to a small number of families instead of sharing more with everyone lead to some pretty shameful behavior from those who controlled their lives and future careers.
Berenice Waters
Berenice Waters 20 days ago
What such a fascinating program.!
Marilyn Cole
Marilyn Cole 20 days ago
Yes and the master had his way with all the young maids, getting them pregnant and casting them out, the wife turning a blind eye.
Moongem 16 minutes ago
@Abigail Jack sometimes they are
Abigail Jack
Abigail Jack 14 days ago
@Marilyn Cole I can't agree, that is implying that the stigma of the word was the same back then as now, but from what I've at least seen that isn't the case. It's like saying nowadays the word Boss or Employer is all powerful.
Marilyn Cole
Marilyn Cole 14 days ago
@Lina Basilisk the fact that they're called Master is all powerful
Lina Basilisk
Lina Basilisk 14 days ago
That did sometimes happen, but not every master was like that. Some masters were good employers. Some servants were very fond of their and employers, others hated them. As with many things, it wasn't black and white. It is wrong to judge groups. Every person, regardless of their station in life, should judged as an individual. Industry has not always been kind, nor has business. The fact is, some people make good employers, others do not, no matter what type of job you are looking at.
M Knits USA
M Knits USA 20 days ago
This woman is so arrogant and judgemental I can barely stand it. The only reason she's so adverse to work is because she's obviously never had to do any. I love these "intellectuals" who are always criticizing the lifestyles of the past based on their over privileged perception and illogical comparisons to modern day.
Lina Basilisk
Lina Basilisk 14 days ago
@Alive Or Trees Thanks for that mental image, I may have to go have a lie down to get over it : ) I hate it when people get excessively perky or, worse yet, start acting like they're in a Disney production.
The Al Show
The Al Show 17 days ago
De Gustibus Non EST Disputandem: Of taste there is no dispute. Clearly you have no taste as based On your comment.
Alive Or Trees
Alive Or Trees 18 days ago
Yes, the *only* problem with everything described in this video was that the narrator wasn't holding a broom and singing a happy song.
ondine217 19 days ago
Yes, heaven forbid we learn something of the past and look at it with a critical eye! Criticizing, especially, ought to be avoided at all costs, as it may turn you to (horror of horrors!) an "intellectual". Leave it to an American to object to a perfectly well balanced documentary, and be offended by what is a very light-handed critique of the privileged classes of the past. It's quite amazing also, how they perceived the presenter as anti-work instead of anti-exploitation. You can't make this stuff up!
patrizia pace
patrizia pace 21 day ago
Mi ricorda il film " quel che resta del giorno".
Susan Wegbreit
Susan Wegbreit 21 day ago
Fascinating !!
Danii Niila
Danii Niila 21 day ago
Petworth House is like a big hotel where servants work throughout in and out the tunnels
Zak Davis
Zak Davis 21 day ago
When are people going to CHANGE there HEARTS and LIVES.........people were not made to rule people, they were made to rule animals........white people and other people still do this to today .......it's all about survival, NOT STRUGGLE and MONEY is the EVIL of this WORLD
Alice Wilde
Alice Wilde 6 days ago
shut up racist
Kris Uler
Kris Uler 21 day ago
Your stupidity is mind-boggling.THINK prior to spewing your BS next time. Go ahead, what is an example of white people still doing this to this day? Servants living in tunnels? Where? Go ahead, I am listening. Also, the word is THEIR not there. You’re regurgitating simpleton BS without even thinking things through. WTF does that even mean to you...not about struggle? But about survival? W..h...a....t????
Elizabeth Herrera
money is the reason we can’t fully be a society together
Jenny Purcell
Jenny Purcell 21 day ago
why say 'white' when you also said 'other' people, ? just say SOME people...
Sathyanarayan B
Sathyanarayan B 22 days ago
This documentary in conjunction with the below Video makes me feel that being a servant was a risky profession. The Poisonous Way The Victorians Processed Food | Absolute History : ruvid.net/video/video-bkQ0RFTHvIo.html How The Staircase Made The Victorians Suffer | Absolute History : ruvid.net/video/video-L1vqQi5Tl70.html
Anne Sipe
Anne Sipe 21 day ago
Station in life reminds me of the Catholic churches nuns...
Clare 22 days ago
I wonder what they bought if they were given clothes, food and a room. Because they probably couldn’t buy jewelry or anything like that, or buy fabric to make clothes and they probably didn’t have much room to buy stuff like art supplies and they probably couldn’t buy stuff to play sports because they probably weren’t allowed in the yard except to do work. Also they probably didn’t have much time to have hobbies. And I imagine a lot of them wouldn’t really be able to read because they probably didn’t have enough money to school instead of working. The only thing I can really imagine is buying candies or treats like that.
Gabrielle Reut.
Gabrielle Reut. 19 days ago
Pubs would largely welcome their money.
treacherousviper 19 days ago
I believe it was also common for employers to require servants to be unmarried....
Stephanie Ledogar
Stephanie Ledogar 20 days ago
With an additional 3 pounds a year what would you buy? I'm sure half of it went back to their families living in the countryside
Clare 20 days ago
Kris Uler that makes sense and I noticed as I was writing the comment that I was saying probably a lot but I couldn’t think of any better words 😂
Kris Uler
Kris Uler 21 day ago
The whole family usually did not work in the same place...that would require an entire family to be hired- people of all ages, etc and to have openings suitable for each type of individual within a family is pretty far-fetched. So wages were usually saved and sent back to help support their families after part of the wages were used, as the above comment stated, to supplement the stipends they already got from working there. I highly doubt they spent their hard-earned wages on treats and sweets each month lol! That is a luxury a lot of these hard-working folk knew not yo partake in so frivolously or so often. I think that is your millennial mind coming into play. Also...girrrrrl...how many times are you going to say probably??? We got it the first three times you used it 😂😂 jk jk but I had to chuckle at that.
Frank Snapp
Frank Snapp 22 days ago
This academic did such a BRAVE and BRILLIANT (both simultaneous) JOB of researching and sharing that research. I'm 55, but when I grow up, I definitely want to be a cross between her bad ass and Harriet Tubman's bad ass style. Fabulous. Gay, not coming on. Seriously impressed.
Nicole Coakley
Nicole Coakley 22 days ago
Whenever I hear the words "you need to know your place." my hackles rise and I have to fight down the urge to fight. I really hate those words because they imply that there are some people that are somehow more superior than others and I will never accept that.
Nicole Coakley
Nicole Coakley 4 days ago
So are we to suppose you are one of those special snowflakes? You really need to stop trolling around. Your negative comments (i.e. lies and inflammatory remarks) are not wanted here. Nobody agrees with you.
Greg Grimer
Greg Grimer 5 days ago
There are people more superior to you. Better looking, more intelligent, harder working, more street smart. Sometimes all 4. The idea we are equal is a lie.
Alice Wilde
Alice Wilde 6 days ago
me too Nicole
Frank Snapp
Frank Snapp 22 days ago
NEVER lose that. If you live in the U.S., you will need that CLARIFYING brilliant POWERFUL (empowered) spirit. DO NOT get micro-chipped.
LMTR14 22 days ago
fucking wanker
J 23 days ago
Omg..really , u mean white ppl servants too. Gee whiz. If u listen 2 all the retards in the left wing of the u.s. ur led to believe only blacks were servants & slaves , as if there's any real difference !!
stacey gewin
stacey gewin 5 days ago
@Jennifer Fabian Soem did choose slavery. The blacks' ancestors chose for them to do that work. The first slave owners were black and blacks sold each other into slavery to the white. But there were slaves of all colors and I know most didn't sell themselves into it
stacey gewin
stacey gewin 5 days ago
J Yes, people of all races were slaves/ experienced that crap. But a slave and a servant had a few differences. But I'm totally with you on the blacks need to stop playing the victim card. People of all races have dealt with crap like that. I mean the Natives of America are still stuck on reservations that don't grow crap and are overrun with violence. So no, it's not just blacks who are "oppressed"
Jennifer Fabian
Jennifer Fabian 20 days ago
Slaves didn’t choose to do that terrible work they did. Servants did and they could leave if they wished. Please do some research about slavery and grammar. :)
Groggie1 20 days ago
@Quentin Benford they couldn't quit because they had to provide for their families
Carolyn Westlake
Carolyn Westlake 22 days ago
There are many differences between slaves and servants. Shouldn’t be too difficult for you to look into it, plenty on You tube Always good to learn!
Carolyn Gardner
Carolyn Gardner 23 days ago
The only poem my people received was a whip.
stacey gewin
stacey gewin 5 days ago
@topherh33 also the first slave owners were black and blacks sold each other into slavery to the whites
topherh33 22 days ago
@Unapol Ridlow If you post untrue statements you deserve to be corrected. I'm sure you are used to being corrected.
Unapol Ridlow
Unapol Ridlow 22 days ago
@topherh33 no one asked
topherh33 23 days ago
Also many slaves went back to their masters after being freed as life was easier being a slave for them
topherh33 23 days ago
Not true, many poems were written about black servants and many were never whipped especially house servants.
Standard Bearers Academy
What beautiful handwriting in the books of records. We seem to have lost the art of writing today
The Al Show
The Al Show 17 days ago
Writing in terms of handwriting mattered a great deal especially back in the 19th century. Documents and materials were handwritten after all including records so writing mattered.
Howard Bamsey
Howard Bamsey 25 days ago
The past tense of spring is sprang not sprung
Dani68ABminus 24 days ago
That’s how I learned it. Present tense is spring, past tense is sprang and present perfect is (have/has) sprung.
Mikki Turton
Mikki Turton 24 days ago
Who cares
Clarene Rosas
Clarene Rosas 25 days ago
Howard Bamsey ......(spring is sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where da flowers 💐 iz). This is my ode to my grandchildren each year. May I always be remembered as the poetic grandmama!
Spaceman Spiff
Spaceman Spiff 25 days ago
Actually sprung is the original past tense form of "spring" (late 15th), "sprang" came later (early 16th) and is now classified as rare usage by the OED. Sprung is the more common past tense.
Paulette Richards
Paulette Richards 25 days ago
The servants where worked to death with low pay
rhi gel
rhi gel 18 days ago
@Here_We_Go_Again2 Quesion: What cheap labor saving machines are going cook your meals, scrub the floors really clean, make your bed, change the bed sheets, and put the laundry into the washer and dryer, and then fold, hang and put away the laundry? We prefer servants.
Here_We_Go_Again2 18 days ago
@rhi gel In the modern era, labor-saving machines are cheaper than paying for a large contingent of legally-arrived servants in the USA (minimum wage, social security contributions, etc.). *Muslim countries still allow slavery* *if the country is Sharia(h)-* (i.e. Islamic law) *compliant.* Islam does not view slavery as an evil institution. Nor does it view the rape of slaves to be wrong. After all, Mohammad had slaves (sold, traded and raped them) and anything that Mohammed did is considered a good thing in Islam.
Kuruc Marianna
Kuruc Marianna 22 days ago
@rhi gel I had worked in the US 1997-99 as housekeeper. I had to watch the kids and had housekeeping duties, but not too much. This was a not-poor not-rich family with 2 boys. My friend was working for a stone-rich Jewish family in NYC. 10 children, one is a baby. She was the cook, baby-sitter, driver, cleaner, housekeeper, teacher. The "lady" had social life. My friend spent a year with them, starting with no-English, was paid a minimum. I never understood this kind of families and way of raising children. :(
rhi gel
rhi gel 23 days ago
@Simon Wright United States rich families still have servants in their homes. Some families have only one or two, depending on what they can afford. Other richer families have many more servants.
Simon Wright
Simon Wright 24 days ago
Still goes on in several countries unfortunately, particularly in the Gulf
Adolf Hot
Adolf Hot 25 days ago
I came from a long line of child molesters down my mums side. Down my dads side a long line of Aristocratic blood lineage dating back to the plagues of Europe.
David S Cameron
David S Cameron 25 days ago
Tragic outcome!!
Lea Kerstholt
Lea Kerstholt 24 days ago
DoxyLady 25 days ago
Had to flatten themselves against the wall ? That’s disgraceful.
Elizabeth Herrera
Elizabeth Herrera 20 days ago
Claire O'Sullivan oh my goodness
Claire O'Sullivan
@Elizabeth Herrera Yes, I went to a private Catholic primary school here in Ireland and if you were in the corridor and a nun was passing, you had to flatten yourself against the wall with your arms out. In the position of the crucifixion, I now see.
Elizabeth Herrera
Claire O'Sullivan can you tell me more?
Kuruc Marianna
Kuruc Marianna 22 days ago
@Claire O'Sullivan :(
Claire O'Sullivan
Claire O'Sullivan 24 days ago
We had to do that as pupils in a Catholic school in the sixties when a nun went by on the corridor. Flatten ourselves against the wall with our arms out. Unbelievable.
Johannes Bols
Johannes Bols 26 days ago
"You think you're so clever and classless and free. But you're still fuckin peasants as far as I can see." John Lennon
Mata Man
Mata Man 26 days ago
Sherattles on too much. It becomes boring
Private Citizen
Private Citizen 26 days ago
A governess was *not* a servant. A housekeeper was *possibly* not a servant (often a widowed/single female relation or connection held the post).
Private Citizen
Private Citizen 6 days ago
@Alice Wilde utterly incorrect and no amount of leveling vehemence will make it true. A governess by definition was a lady and an employee. Not a servant. Nor was her male counterpart the tutor a servant. She was from either the same class or a little lower than the family she worked for. Housekeepers were in a more complex situation. A housekeeper might have been a poor relative or a servant. It depended. Many of them were of working stock, but many were not.
Alice Wilde
Alice Wilde 6 days ago
they were 'in service' same difference
Lalo Lujan
Lalo Lujan 26 days ago
Ppl think that happens long time ago, but not much changes except for the commodity of technology, but in third world countries, which most of riches are supersnobs and prejudiced ppl. servants are treated bad and the same hard work, some rich ppl don't modernize and let ppl clean with basic old fashion ways.
Lalo Lujan
Lalo Lujan 24 days ago
@Simon Wright yep! Totally agreed.
Simon Wright
Simon Wright 24 days ago
Absolutely. I lived in the Gulf for years and even the western expats have maids, and often those expats treat their servants like second rate human beings. Sickening.
It's what You make it
Really appreciate this, thank you!
rene sagahon
rene sagahon 26 days ago
Very well done documentary
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