Seriously Messed Up Things Everyone Ignores About Star Trek

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Sorry, Trekkies, Gene Roddenberry's final frontier isn't really the utopia that it might seem. For all of Star Trek's progressive ideologies, there's plenty just below the surface that remains completely messed up, even hundreds of years in the fictional future.
When time is of the essence, and you're not too far away from your destination, most technologically-advanced humanoid species use their ship's handy transporter to get them from point A to point B. But there's a reason that characters like Bones and Barclay were fans of the less-convenient Shuttlecraft: they were adamantly opposed to being destroyed and reassembled at an atomic level.
The use of the transporter system is an existential nightmare. The ship's computer scans your molecular makeup, stores the pattern of your entire existence in what's basically a flash drive, then converts your mass into energy which moves you from one place to another. The energy is then reconstituted into matter into the shape of you…when it actually works.
The person that steps into a transporter is vaporized and then a near-perfect facsimile comes out the other end. And sometimes, it just creates a duplicate of you that turns evil and you kinda just have to deal. And then, you might also just happen to run into some terrifying subspace monsters. All in all, not cool.
Watch the video for more Seriously Messed Up Things Everyone Ignores About Star Trek!
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Atom by atom | 0:15
The future of racism | 1:15
Sexism in the future | 2:34
Next stop: Risa | 3:58
Mysteries of whatever | 5:19




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Comments 80
Grunge 2 months ago
Star Wars or Star Trek?
Rick Gehring
Rick Gehring 11 hours ago
@Ryan Gould when you get down to it, they had the greatest TV prop ever.....a gate that will take you anywhere, no 15 mins of screen time wasted at warp factor something.
Ryan Gould
Ryan Gould Day ago
Stargate sg-1
Daniel Dotson
Daniel Dotson 3 days ago
Leo McGoohan
Leo McGoohan 4 days ago
Disney ruined wars Trek
Rick Gehring
Rick Gehring 6 days ago
@Oni Raptor Blast from the past , great underrated series.....the 1st 4 years.
Stephen Ireland
Stephen Ireland 4 hours ago
A lot of upset trekies hating that you’ve pointed out the shows obvious hypocrisy lol I’m a fan and it doesn’t bother me, why? Because it’s Sci- fi not fact.
Stephen Ireland
Stephen Ireland 4 hours ago
Star Trek also believes it’s proven fact we all came from a muddy puddle and evolved up to complexity🤪
Wooded Acres
Wooded Acres 5 hours ago
It's sad that you try to make things worse than they were. The original Star Trek was made in the '60's. Quite a bit different than now. I'm sure you're too young to know anything about that. SNG was filmed in the '90's which was basically 25yrs ago and still well before our culture turned on us. Like I said, sad to see you swimming in this culture with glee.
Wooded Acres
Wooded Acres 5 hours ago
It's sad that you try to make things worse than they were. The original Star Trek was made in the '60's. Quite a bit different than now. I'm sure you're too young to know anything about that. SNG was filmed in the '90's which was basically 25yrs ago and still well before our culture turned on us. Like I said, sad to see you swimming in this culture with glee.
ecmorgan69 13 hours ago
In what way was “Angel 1” wrong?
Rick Jones
Rick Jones Day ago
2:02 So? In Black Panther they had "actual spears" yet no one pissed themselves over that movie.
ransom182 Day ago
When did the Federation and the Romulans go to war again?
duckgoon Day ago
Crap vid
The Vault The Official Channel
There’s one horrifying thing: Federation higher-ups tend to not as much of representatives of the Federation ideals as their subordinates. While we do get good elite, like Picard, who left when he couldn’t take the politics, but there’s many a time when we have to deal with bigwigs doing stuff like trying to dissect a beloved explorer to create a army of expendable people, trying to strip a innocent man’s rights for getting his DNA test wrong, refusing to give aid to a race just because one of them shanked his son, establishing Nazi regimes, and genocide. This isn’t the Mirror Universe’s galaxy full of twisted parodies of Starfleet, these happened in the actual universe, and is not everything shitty that a Feddie bigwig has done that a the little people don’t do.
Brennan Hearn
Brennan Hearn 2 days ago
Silly Grunge, we don't ignore the episode Code of Honor. We just adamantly pretend it doesn't exist because it's a piece of shit episode with no redeeming qualities. Like Threshold, or Profit and Lace, or literally any Risa episode.
Karen1963Yorks 2 days ago
Star Trek was not "mentally stuck in the 1960s" it was made in the i960s and had to sell itself to studio executives who were probably mentally stuck in the 1920s
Bandicoot 3 days ago
Mistakes are futuristic, so chill
Charles Sullivan
Charles Sullivan 3 days ago
Whoever wrote the script for this video is obviously not a Star Trek fan.
Bob Wood
Bob Wood 4 days ago
The question is "Does it matter?" Answer "No" It's just good Science fantasy.
God-Emperor of NPCkind
Can y'all stop being offended on behalf of other people now? It's been done to death now.
strohberries27 4 days ago
Only if you're a . . . "SNOWFLAKE" ? Is that the words the offendials are using these days? Ridiculous.
3dartistguy 5 days ago
In Star Trek they keep saying they eliminated poverty in earth, so I guess the government redistributes the wealth evenly which is socialism.
John Vocatura
John Vocatura 5 days ago
Good god man, you’re an idiot. You have no idea what actual racism is.
Eric Posner
Eric Posner 5 days ago
Just trying to seem woke while making a video is not always the best idea. Case in point this horrible video I just watched.
Timothy Kieper
Timothy Kieper 5 days ago
A person who sees everything as racist, Isn't He/She the true racist ??
J D 5 days ago
I even love star teks imperfections theyre just endearing qualities that are overlooked on purpose.
Steve Ennever
Steve Ennever 5 days ago
Jesus, PC much?
Jacob Brasher
Jacob Brasher 7 days ago
Tom Paris’ comment makes sense for his character. He tended to buck his society’s mores.
Ernest Marshall
Ernest Marshall 7 days ago
Star Trek great series. We don't need ur Anti Trek view points.
Jason Schultz
Jason Schultz 7 days ago
Still, I love it all the same.
lokisgodhi 7 days ago
You'd have to be a complete imbecile to think Tom Paris was seriously asking Chakotay if there was an Indian trick which allowed him to turn into a bird and fly them out of the deadly situation they were in. It was clearly a bit of ironic gallows humor.
Tyler Wilkinson
Tyler Wilkinson 7 days ago
I wouldn’t call this “messed up”. Just the expected story writing based on the time the shows came out. Sorry they weren’t as “woke” as Discovery back then. And I’m sure Star Trek of 2050 will be different as well.
DrCrazyAzz 8 days ago
What a load of shit , all this stuff is why it's awesome!
Charles Boyce
Charles Boyce 8 days ago
Meh, the reason that planet ran by women was a disaster is because they still treated men like lower class citizens. The whole point was to really male you think about the issue from a different perspective, not an indictment on female leadership...
Indrid Cold
Indrid Cold 9 days ago
Transporters only worked short distances. The shuttle crafts were needed for longer distance. Helena of Troy needed to be spanked. There was nothing wrong with that.
hkgonra 9 days ago
They say all things come back around, maybe one day woke will go out of style and we will be allowed to acknowledge our differences without everyone being butthurt about it.
TNTspaz 9 days ago
Dear god, how do you live everyday being such a crybaby
Teddy in Japan
Teddy in Japan 9 days ago
Yes When transported you are essentially dead and the person at the end of the transportation is a duplicate of you, and you’re still dead
Christopher Slade
Perhaps you are missing the point? You can attempt to change people. You can claim superiority or more advanced levels of inclusiveness - but in the end, you can not change humanity. Seeing people as men and women is not sexist. It's reality. Making note of someone being an Indian is only offensive it you allow it to be. Racism is only as powerful as it is permitted. If it's not "found" in every single little thing, it dies off. In one episode, Picard makes an extremely excellent dressing down to Worf. Long and short..."I will tolerate individual differences, so long as they do not interfere with the function of the ship and it's crews duties. If you cannot perform your duties while engaging in your personal beliefs...." What did he say? We should accomodate you more? It should be ignored? We need to change to be less "intolerant"? No. You should RESIGN. That's not evil, that's not racist, sexist, xenophobic, or hateful. Star Trek dreams of Utopia, but time and time again shows it's impossibility in a great way.
Jimmy Blimps
Jimmy Blimps 9 days ago
What is the song used throughout this video?
Gregory Hornick
Gregory Hornick 9 days ago
What does the nature of instant transportation have to do with social issues? The theory that the individual is just a copy of the original is just a theory anyway so it's not even that much of an issue in the context of the show. Also, unlike perceived racial differences on Earth, the Volcan's emotionless logic is an established fact. So Bones is being an asshole when he says things like that, but he's not really being a racist.
chew6647 10 days ago
This video was so shocking i had to be beamed directly to sickbay
DrowningInDejaVu 11 days ago
Marjel Barrett was in 4 roles. She is the voice of the Enterprise computer as well.
DrowningInDejaVu 11 days ago
All of these things are great things. The only thing wrong with Star Trek was the constant virtue signalling.
mat matt
mat matt 11 days ago
I’m exhausted from hearing about racism and sexism in old tv shows. It’s there. Star Trek does a pretty good job avoiding or confronting it but it’s there. Just like in every other show in the 60’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s.
nini v
nini v 11 days ago
Not all cultures are of same value . It is NOT racist to call out the differences between cultures and criticize them . It is NOT racist to not tolerate polygamy or excision or religious beliefs . Blind multiculturalism is a dead end . It is not being intolerant in Western societies NOT to respect hijabs, arranged marriages and many other various mores . Sorry but the TNG episode on TRIBALISM was spot on . Tribalism offers a lousy outcome for women . Sub-Saharan Africa is plagued by tribalism & religious bullshit . Nice try but this clip is ... A Grab bag of neo globalism .
Gary Lee
Gary Lee 12 days ago
If racism or own group preference is a thing of the past then biracial relationsips would have been commonplace and all the races over time would blend together and would have a homogenous appearance. The fact that we are still seeing different races in the future would suggest there is still some own group preference going on.
shakzor 12 days ago
Surprise, surprise; what passes for "progressive" in the 1960's is no longer considered progressive enough over fifty years later. This is because progressivism is a bottomless pit.
L Adams
L Adams 12 days ago
Did y’all just refer to Majel Barret as a ‘series threatening mistress’ who caused trouble by ‘sneaking onto set’ and then was annoyingly given roles in Star Trek by her husband Roddenberry?? Wow ok. That’s disrespectful af. Majel Barret was an actress (1950s-2014) and a tv producer and the literal First Lady of Star Trek, the most iconic voice in Star Trek and to top it off, she played several iconic roles in the series. Say what you will about Star Trek’s sexist beginnings- it was a show made in the 60s, (take a look at James Bond and other charming examples of sexism in film and tv of the period)- you’re making this video in 2020. Jeez. I hope you realize what you’re doing is painting a picture of Majel Barrett (who you never even named) as nothing more than one of Gene Roddenberry’s flings. Get on the level here, you’re tearing down a fantastic woman with an amazing career. Fun fact, when Roddenberry insisted his girlfriend of the time, Majel Barrett, play the first officer in the pilot episode of Star Trek (The Cage) NBC producers lost their shit, not Bc she was involved with Roddenberry, but Bc they insisted that a man be cast in the role of first officer. Audiences of the period hated Barrett’s Number One Bc she was pushy and annoying- frequent labels given to women who are authoritative and strong willed. Right there, Majel Barrett cemented herself as a staple of Star Trek for being the very first woman (and one of very few until much later) to have been a first officer in Star Trek.
Ibtisam70 12 days ago
One of the things that makes Star Trek worth watching at all is that the humans *aren't* some whitewashed western version of ideal or perfect. I hate sci fi that denatures humanity based on unsustainable ideals.
Falk Schakolat
Falk Schakolat 12 days ago
Your arguments are the perfect example for everything that is wrong with the current generation. This is so bad, it hurts. The only good thing about this video, are its comments.
Artifactsofmars 12 days ago
This is the problem, dealing with social issues instead of exploring new planets and scientific concepts. I like to say "Throw politics out the door, and let's go explore".
Dream Black
Dream Black 12 days ago
This is one of the worst videos about Star Trek in RUvid.
Bob Albert
Bob Albert 13 days ago
This whole video is nothing but PC bullshit.
Nick Cellini
Nick Cellini 13 days ago
Grunge was shitty music because it was all about whining and complaining. Now we have a RUvid Grunge channel that does the same thing. Go to your safe space in Seattle so Bernie Sanders can wipe your ass for you with your daily allotment of 4 squares of toilet paper. If you do force yourself into get depressed enough remember that we will not clean up the mess if you "Cobain" yourself.
The BlueLight
The BlueLight 13 days ago
I've been Star Trek obsessed since the TNG days. So it's safe to say I'm a huge fan. But the transporter thing is something I was never able to accept. You described it perfectly. It's not about moving the object at lightning speed, like Stargate, but completely dematerializing an object or person and then materializing it again. So in essence, your killing the person...right? And there are many other stuff, too numerous to mention in one comment... But don't get me started on eating and drinking in holodecks/holosuites. So your drinking photons and force fields? And Nog (DS9) stayed in a holosuite for a few weeks? So he ate and drank and crapped in the holosuite? And there was never any mention of replicator technology in the holodecks. So when hardcore Trek fans talk about the 'bad science' of new Trek iterations, I really wonder how much they were paying attention all these years.
David Lawler
David Lawler 14 days ago
This is loaded with pseudo-sociological drivel. Take it with a grain of salt.
Time Keeper
Time Keeper 14 days ago
When the algorithm gets it wrong
Patricia Wynne
Patricia Wynne 16 days ago
I can't help wondering how many little Kirk bastards are running aound the galaxy since he apparently boinked every femaile he encountered, assuming they had 26 chromosomes--give or take a few.
Sidney Fein
Sidney Fein 16 days ago
That's true today too, progressive policies that look sweet until you dig a little and realize that slavery by any other name is still slavery.
JayLeePoe 16 days ago
Alex Kurtzman could just make a better TV show rather than pay some hack journos to do their own version of the dozens of fan-made comparison. Eat shit, you WhatMojo on a diet.
Artful Gamer
Artful Gamer 16 days ago
Like the video, it's true there was a lot of assumptions that is was all a Utopia, but the underlining idea was that humans for the most part strived to be better, not that everyone was, no matter how far we will go we will always have problems, but if we all work together our tomorrow will be better then today, that was the point it was trying to set.
Gmwilkie George
Gmwilkie George 17 days ago
#LadyGaga in Star Trek TOS 😳 #Wow
steven franklin
steven franklin 17 days ago
Here's the problem. What is acceptable or unacceptable behavior has changed so dramatically in a relatively short period of time. Anyone remember the first Rocky movie? I hadn't seen it in decades. There was a scene I had forgotten. Adrian was alone with Rocky in his apartment for the first time. She said that she wanted to leave. And Rocky stood himself in front of the door blocking her exit. How would we regard that today? Then there's the movie Kramer vs. Kramer. The Dustin Hoffman character was fired from his job just before a court hearing was scheduled to determine custody of his son. He rushed to an interview for a lower paying job for a position he was overqualified for. He was so relieved when he was hired that as he was leaving the office, he grabbed a woman he never before met and kissed her on the lips. Imagine today what the reaction would be if that happened. One of the running gags of the original Arthur movie that the character portrayed by actor Dudley Moore was constantly drunk. He insisted on driving the car even when he was in no condition to drive. Back then, this was considered funny. Not any more. There are countless examples of behaviors and attitudes that were once commonly accepted or at least tolerated that aren't any more. Why should Star Trek be exempted from that phenomenon?
There Is No Sandwich
Ok this made me really mad, ESPECIALLY the part about Majel Barret.
There Is No Sandwich
I know Star Trek through and through, it’s easy to see you don’t.
Luciferia Rose
Luciferia Rose 18 days ago
I disagree with your interpretation of Transporters. Otherwise, you have some points. Some of your other points are also decidedly iffy.
Robert Palomera
Robert Palomera 18 days ago
The duplicate Riker wasn't evil and those "monsters" were actually people, do you even watch the show and think about it before you shoot your mouth off.
Zane Bliss
Zane Bliss 18 days ago
Couldn't finish the ramblings of a snowflake.
Stu Gryffin
Stu Gryffin 19 days ago
Fkn idiot. Thumbs down.
Leif Khas
Leif Khas 19 days ago
There's nothing wrong with Star Trek just a lot of Woke idiots today.
Dark Legacies
Dark Legacies 20 days ago
Lol I want you to do a video on Warhammer 40k. Please.
Luka Mikić
Luka Mikić 20 days ago
What a bullshit video. Bye grunge. Unsubscribed.
PGT Beauregard
PGT Beauregard 20 days ago
Star Trek portrays an utopia that works, with tinges of a socialist all-powerful state. You point out imperfections in this utopia. Well, history proves most utopias evolve into dystopias, from the 3rd Reich to Jonestown. Face it, Mankind is by definition an amalgam of good and evil. In the only correspondence between Freud and Einstein, Einstein asked why Mankind fights. The answer wasn't clear except that men have a yin-yang psyche. Look, the senate is rife with corruption, intrigue, lobbyists, girlfriends, special interests, etc. Umm, I'm not referring to our Senate, but the Roman senate. So things haven't changed in 2400 years and they're not likely to change in only 300.
Charles Mackay
Charles Mackay 20 days ago
This is a stupid video. Obviously there is gonna be racism to make it realistic and add plot.
Jeremiah Stanton
Jeremiah Stanton 20 days ago
transparent aluminum was created because of star trek ,and most if not all of the things this video was about was taken way out of context
Simon Bennett
Simon Bennett 20 days ago
This video is made for soy boys
Optidorf 20 days ago
The DS9 episode Children of Time was also kind of messed up. The crew got stuck in some kind of time loop that creates an alternative reality. To go back the writers decided it's no problem whatsoever to leave that alternative time loop and destroy an entire generation of descendants.
Custos 21 day ago
Racism was dead but speciesism remained. Paris was insensitive, it was his character, and basically a shitposter from the future. The Bajoran-Cardassian plot was great, with it being a bit of a shoe-in for conflicts like the communist Chinese vs. the Tibetans.
Quinn Curry
Quinn Curry 21 day ago
People know all humans come from a common ancestor and people toss that info out the window all the time 🤷 sounds believable to me
D Jackson
D Jackson 22 days ago
Are you talking about Roddenberry or Rick Berman
Son Rayzer
Son Rayzer 23 days ago
You have to take each show in the context of the time. Star Trek was trying to show the future but still it was made in the 60s.
some guy
some guy 23 days ago
The transporters is a fictional technology so is any form of faster than light travel the show tells us it works somehow so it does.
Sydney Carton
Sydney Carton 21 day ago
It works except when it doesn't
Eva9000 23 days ago
"an earth woman could not survive" 4.40 yeah but I'm living in the real future not a fantasy I beat your 7 years 3 fold
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