Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - First Look Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

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The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for Nintendo Switch!
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Jun 11, 2019




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Comments 80
Matt 24 minutes ago
“Let me get this straight. You think resurrecting in an endless cycle of hatred is funny?” “I do. And I’m tired of pretending it’s not.”
Andy Ricardo
Andy Ricardo Hour ago
"Don't make it forced multiplayer" -Everyone
SmashS24 4 hours ago
I hope Teba, Sidon, Yunobo and Riju are going to be the new champions or just play a larger role in the story
Dong Yee
Dong Yee 7 hours ago
Zelda: Link, you've finally bested Ganon once and for all! Ganon: Huh? Link: HYAAAAAA
Emerald Eyed Ocelot
I keep wanting this to come out n o w I am impatient
Spawn1993 10 hours ago
Come on, Nintendo! We want to play!
Mista _Mask
Mista _Mask 10 hours ago
Please tell me that Zelda wont get kidnapped this time. I wish she could be our companion for this one or a playable character for some occasions.
Haven.Warrior 10 hours ago
Will it be available on the Wii U?
Val 10 hours ago
@Haven.Warrior Surely. Very few games don't support handheld, I doubt they'd do that with a console seller.
Haven.Warrior 10 hours ago
Val damn but I’m too broke for a switch. Will it be on switch lite?
Val 10 hours ago
Nope, it's over for the Wii U.
SixthSinEnvy 10 hours ago
Sooo Link is the Inquisitor now, yes? That's what I got from this.
DANIEL KANG 11 hours ago
I feel like botw wild was so great it's going to be VERY hard to make a decent sequal.
Nick Button
Nick Button 5 hours ago
Not to mention more diverse enemies! There are like 15 enemy types in botw. Chu, Keese, Octorock, Wizzrobes, Pebblits, bokoblin, moblin, lizalfos, Lynel, Yiga guys, the mini bosses, and the guardians. there is a serious lack of diversity between them that I feel could SERIOUSLY be enhanced. Darknut as a miniboss, flying lizalfos, deku baba's, deku scrubs, skulltula, floor and wall masters, gibdo and redead, leevers, like like, tektites, beamos, gibdo, poe, and many more from other entries in zelda. All of those were just from twilight princess alone! There is an insane amount of space for improvement for a sequel, there are some glaring oversights in botw that I almost think was intentional. I really feel like they kept some ideas from breath of the wild so they could make a perfect sequel, the biggest clue to me was how crafting seriously felt like it was planned, and then taken out at the very end of development because of all the material you can collect. Every 3d zelda has also had underwater, and what was missing in botw? Underwater. Could you imagine swimming through the same lakes and ponds you had in botw? And then swimming down, finding a cave entrance and basically entering a mini-dungeon with cool enemies and items?? That is of course assuming we are going to be playing in the same map as botw was. But still, a lot of improvement can be made to the Botw formula, and I believe it will be a perfect game, equal or better than its predecessor in ever way. Sorry for the mini essay.
Nick Button
Nick Button 6 hours ago
Really. You dont think that there are hundreds of ways in which breath of the wild could be improved? Cause I do. They could add crafting, better dungeons, a way to repair weapons, a better final boss, underwater, classic dungeons, and a lot more quality of life improvements.
zencon 13 hours ago
they said ganon resurrects every 100 years, at this point i don't even bother waiting for the sequel
Val 11 hours ago
Yeah that isn't the case, also what's the relation with the wait?
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 11 hours ago
That’s never been stated, like ever.
AJ 13 hours ago
still waiting with anticipation!
Robberino Pavolovinator
you should put redeads in the game
Enderwhat 15 hours ago
I can’t wait
Ruo 18 hours ago
Link Tempest
Link Tempest 18 hours ago
Ça fait déjà presque 1 an
Ben Galant
Ben Galant 20 hours ago
"poor Hyrule, for link has found the body." "poor Hyrule, for link is gone."
Val 19 hours ago
Do you hear that or did you read it somewhere?
Shattered Love
Shattered Love 22 hours ago
i can't wait till it comes out
Daniel Cline
Daniel Cline 22 hours ago
When the next trailer comes out I don’t know if I even wanna watch it cause I want to go into the game completely blind
Cristian Gonzales
Cristian Gonzales 23 hours ago
BOTW was my first Zelda game.... I’ve put in 400 hours into it and i cant wait for the sequel....
Jared Sneed
Jared Sneed 23 hours ago
Can anyone explain why the sun is rising or setting in the north in this trailer?
Blackshadow Day ago
Who else started to play back BOTW just because the sequel is coming
Malena C
Malena C Day ago
Who else hated this new style of comments
JAYKing 20 hours ago
Ash Quintal
Ash Quintal Day ago
I’m so excited to see how Ganondorf plays a roll in this one, I love him so much ❤️
kebin Day ago
I need this game I can't wait any longer
Michaël Bussière
Can we play on switch
Michaël Bussière
@Jacob Reynolds ok
Jacob Reynolds
Michaël Bussière There’s most likely still a ton of stuff for you to do, the percentage meter on the map screen tells you how much of the game you’ve completed, try going for 100% to pass the time.
Michaël Bussière
And i have finish the game 😁
Jacob Reynolds
Michaël Bussière Good for you I guess? The sequel isn’t out yet and likely won’t be out until next year, plenty of time for you to see and do everything in the game.
Michaël Bussière
I have Zelda breath of the Wild 1 but not the 2
Saima khaleeq
BOTW is kinda trash
Georgie Denbrough
Georgie Denbrough 6 hours ago
Val Day ago
How so?
anarchy Meta
anarchy Meta Day ago
so this is our main villian moro from dbz
dwayne601 Day ago
This been out for a whole year and I just found out about it 🤦🏾‍♂️
vaiplex786 Day ago
estara buenardo
Obligations Day ago
Nintendo is this a sick way of telling a joke?
Jacob Reynolds
What’s the issue...?
Val Day ago
BialyBrC Day ago
Any news?
Jacob Reynolds
Tons of fan theories, many of which are a tad absurd but meh, no word from Nintendo yet.
oh look a Lemon
My man Gannon hasn’t hasn’t been using Vaseline in a while
oh look a Lemon
Well by the look of zelda’s hair she’s had some character development
oh look a Lemon
This trailer is helping me survive quarantine
oh look a Lemon
If they make it so that link loses his master sword again I will cry
Ryuji’s Massive Schlong
botw 2 when
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Day ago
Its been 11 months and still no new info why do they hate us so much
Dylan Schroeder
How did I not know about this game umtil now
Light Industries
Alright we’ve successfully killed Ganon! Who wants to come celebrate? Link: ... 🖐 Zelda: Me! Zoras, Garudos, Ritos, Gorons, and Hylians: Us! Ganon: Me
Luca Flenghi
Luca Flenghi Day ago
Black Knight
Black Knight Day ago
Why are you living? What is your purpose? Well... I’m just living for Zelda botw2...
Anthony Murray pimentel
Almost one year and this is the only trailer
Phariz Day ago
Jacob Reynolds
Yeah no, while Midna does have greenish markings on her arm, the majority of the skin on her arms is black. Plus by the time of BOTW she’ll have been dead for thousands of years.
Val Day ago
Maybe for looking too hard... What's the resemblance?
Joyce Jiang
Joyce Jiang Day ago
Short hair Zelda
Aidan Bergeron.
Who's here watching it the 50th time to get hyped?
Ved Aryan
Ved Aryan Day ago
Bring switch to India please , for god's sake
The Charged Blaziken
Why does zelda have to cut her hair, it is the only think i dont like about this
Foxy Flame
Foxy Flame Day ago
just beat BOTW, got true ending, ready for next game anytime your ready please
Victor Vargas
This is gonna be Nintendos best selling game than animal crossing I can’t lie
Val Day ago
In sales BotW comes after MK8D and SSBU and equal to SMO at over 17M, AC sold over 11M. Though BotW was a Switch launch title in 2017, AC released only in March, and we're talking about a direct sequel. We'll see.
SilentPoiint Day ago
I wish for the last zelda game they bring every best bosses and put it all in the game from the majoras mask with the moon coming down, ganon, dark link, ghoma, king Dodongo, demise, etc as the hardest and darkest zelda ever
Matt 31 minute ago
So like Zelda: Endgame?
Val Day ago
@SilentPoiint Won't happen in this game. That would be a lot of nostalgic pandering, I prefer a new dedicated story.
SilentPoiint Day ago
With the moon and majoras mask escaping the parallel world, termina, to be in hyrule with all of the other bosses in different locations but there is still 3 days until the moon destroys hyrule just like when it was in termina but the divine beasts destroy the moon and you defeat all forms of majoras mask and you still have the ocarina, every mask including new ones, etc and after you beat majoras mask the timer goes off and you have to defeat all of the other bosses in the different locations
Nanami Setsuko
*Ganon turns head* : *You should of gone for the head link*
Vanessa and I
Ben O'Brien
Ben O'Brien 2 days ago
It's almost been a year since this trailer, show us some news! I'd be happy with one damn screenshot at this point, one screenshot is enough to get a good amount of discussing and theorizing to tide us over for a while.
RAS 2032
RAS 2032 2 days ago
Me trying to get out of bed on a Monday 0:50 Also, why does it seem that the best part of BOTW trailers is at 0:50
Kenny Muñoz
Kenny Muñoz 2 days ago
Ganondorf Ganondorf is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Duc-Minh Vu
Duc-Minh Vu 2 days ago
Has anyone played the music backwards cuz it sounds like it’s an original song played backwards. So if the trailer music is backwards reversing it again would play the original track?
Val Day ago
Played as it is it features Ganondorf's theme.
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 2 days ago
Am I the only one who just loves the song
Peyton Hall
Peyton Hall 2 days ago
Almost a year since this dropped. Has there ever been a Nintendo game that fans have been so hyped for?
SilentPoiint 2 days ago
Imagine if they added termina. That would be so sick and before you reply, yes I know it’s a parallel world but what if they added it and there was a way to get to that world...
SilentPoiint Day ago
Val not at all, just a what if. I wish they would add it that would be dope
Val 2 days ago
Yeah what if? Do you have hints it could be?
SilentPoiint 2 days ago
Like a rift or something idk
Braedennn 2 days ago
Top favorite games of all time: 1. Super Mario Galaxy 2. Super Mario Galaxy 2 3. Probably this game 4. legend of Zelda breath of the wild
miles tails prower
Emma V
Emma V 2 days ago
Disco Train
Disco Train 2 days ago
By the way Hyrule Castle is raising up in the air, I bet this game is going to have floating islands you can explore with your sailcloth.
Nick Willson
Nick Willson 2 days ago
anyone else think that the skeleton is the skeleton of demise(skyward sword)?
Nick Willson
Nick Willson 12 hours ago
@Val k
Val Day ago
@Nick Willson No it is certain. Demise was killed in SS. Here: Gerudo symbol, forehead jewel and red hair, hair similar to Calamity and blights. Maybe also the floating text containing "seal Ganon".
Nick Willson
Nick Willson Day ago
@nose wiggly i gess we will see
Nick Willson
Nick Willson Day ago
@Val...Right, either would work though
nose wiggly
nose wiggly 2 days ago
Nick Willson He literally has the gerudo symbol on his clothes it's pretty much guaranteed to be ganondorf
The Most Random Gamer
Mmmmm. Yes. Squiggly lines.
jminyard504 2 days ago
A new Zelda with actual dungeons and unique equipment would be nice. BOTW, while amusing for what it was, was such a frustrating departure from the Zeldas I and countless others had been playing since the dawn of the franchise.
rzbxnlol 2 days ago
i feel like this will release earlier because nintendo learned from the original botw
rzbxnlol 10 hours ago
@Dude I got food 2 yeah all i want is a good game
Dude I got food 2
Dude I got food 2 11 hours ago
If they have to take their time,I dont mind
rzbxnlol 2 days ago
Val im just guessing, considering many other games are coming out, maybe botw 2 will come soon
Val 2 days ago
@rzbxnlol Some people say 2020, some 2021, some 2022... but we never had a date, there's nothing early or late.
rzbxnlol 2 days ago
Val people are saying that botw 2 will come out in 2022 (3 years after the trailer) but i feel as id nintendo has learned from breath of the wild, and we’ll have a release date in a few months.
No Super Mario Odyssey 2? Ok... I see how it is
ACOG6XSCOP3Z 2 days ago
I haven’t even finished my GameCube windwaker game because someone stole my memory card 🥺
John Doe
John Doe 2 days ago
Damn this game needs to drop soon I hope
Luis Quintana
Luis Quintana 2 days ago
Did y'all ever hear this in reverse it sounds so creepy saying "poor hyrule, for link has found the body." Poor hyrule, for link is gone." This game gonna be darker than majors mask in my opinion.
Val 2 days ago
Yes it's been done in many threads and videos. No it doesn't clearly say something. And if you mention MM because you heard it somewhere, that's a misinterpretation of Aonuma's interview.
Gacha_moonwolf 2 days ago
When will this get released?
Matt 28 minutes ago
Guys, chill, it’s coming out tomorrow
Val 5 hours ago
@Gacha_moonwolf Then what don't you understand in what I concisely said *five* times now? Nintendo only released this trailer. Nintendo never announced a date. Meanwhile anyone saying 2020, 2021 or 2022, or anything else about the game, is only SPECULATING based on what *seems* likely and what so-called "leakers" put on 4chan or reddit without any proof of what they say. If blogs and youtubers spread those rumors it doesn't make them facts. If you can't get that I don't know what to tell you and I won't bother now.
Gacha_moonwolf 5 hours ago
@Val sadly im not
Val 6 hours ago
@Gacha_moonwolf I hope you're trolling.
Gacha_moonwolf 7 hours ago
@Val what do u mean every website says that it will get released on 2021
Blackshadow 2 days ago
11 months and still nothing yet
John Borer
John Borer 2 days ago
I made up a theory that the hand is actually Gannondorf’s soul and the malice took over his body so that’s why the malice is escaping Gannondorf’s body
John Borer
John Borer Day ago
Was just a fun idea
Tamim Al Thani
Tamim Al Thani 2 days ago
Melinda Sweet
Melinda Sweet 2 days ago
is it just me or did zelda cut her hair like a lot
Melinda Sweet
Melinda Sweet 2 days ago
the hand thing looks like something you would find in the earth temple in wind waker
Melinda Sweet
Melinda Sweet 2 days ago
when is the re lees date people are saying 2020 but that is there opinion are they right and where are they in that trailer it looks like under hyrule castle
Val 2 days ago
There was no announcement yet.
MAK 2 days ago
More house customization options :D Loved when I got that house.
MaNDrag 2 days ago
Despite being a disheveled corpse, Ganondorf's design in the sequel is amazing; he genuinely looks like an ancient evil god. It's also reminiscent of Demise's design.
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