Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - First Look Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

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The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for Nintendo Switch!
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Jun 11, 2019

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Comments 29 472
Gaming Cu Fabio
Gaming Cu Fabio 21 minute ago
Did u guys try reversing the first part of the video because that girl's "huhus" were a bit schetky
Melkyn Javier Troncoso v.
Andrew Peña
Andrew Peña 59 minutes ago
Be and my brother have both switches we beat botw together I was kinda maybe they could add a co op with Zelda and link
Alin Friedman
Alin Friedman Hour ago
Anyone else noticed at the end of the trailer the castle lifting up? What's that about?
The One Taco
The One Taco Hour ago
Is it A dlc or is it a whole new game
Michael Randall
Michael Randall 2 hours ago
Hey Nintendo maybe make it two player one link and one zelda and they can both have special abilities
Michael Randall
Michael Randall 2 hours ago
Ross DeBolt
Ross DeBolt 2 hours ago
I enjoyed Breath Of The Wild a lot but the 3 things i got really frustrated about were Weapons braking i honestly know that making weapons breaking to change the players weapon variety but if you want to keep a weapon could you make it possible to bring it to a blacksmith to fix it or something. The second thing was could you add dungeons back. and the last thing that got on my nerves the most was the bosses the blight Ganons really got me bored could you make it so the bosses are different when i beat them in the other games i really enjoyed the different structure and art of each boss and the different concept of beating beating them.
PancakePals -
PancakePals - 3 hours ago
Atleast we all know Zelda went to get her hair done before this.
sdrawkcab 3 hours ago
i didnt even play botw yet
Jonathan Austin
Jonathan Austin 3 hours ago
I hope we can play as Zelda! Her haircut is very cute, and she needs to be the next Lora Croft!
Alex Versloot
Alex Versloot 4 hours ago
0:43 in .25x why is the green letters and power going to his hand ???? Has anyone seen this
Sean Morrison
Sean Morrison 6 hours ago
One of the characters from Fate/EXTELLA Link is gonna be rescued by Link in Breath of the Wild Sequel but he also gets taken over by an New evil character
HOXCY EVAN 6 hours ago
I can hear the UnHeAlInG SoNG.....))) He is back)) I've never done that....
Sieg Turtle
Sieg Turtle 6 hours ago
I hope we get to see the twili people cause you know the green gives it away.
dontaskfor cheese
dontaskfor cheese 6 hours ago
The best thing about legend of Zelda botw Is that you climb the highest mountain in the game and what you get is "YAHAHA YOU FOUND ME".
Weirdly Habits
Weirdly Habits 7 hours ago
Can’t believe this came out a month ago.. it felt just like yesterday
Weirdly Habits
Weirdly Habits 7 hours ago
I watched this 5 times and won’t hesitate to rewatch it again. Please a time traveler, come and tell us when this will come out I just can’t wait
mugigohan 7 hours ago
IchiroHunter 8 hours ago
They will bring the magic bar back
jacky 8 hours ago
Zelda: Link! You did it you saved Hyrule Link: ... Ganondorf: Hahaha you fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders
Fifty 12
Fifty 12 10 hours ago
Colin Arsenault
Colin Arsenault 10 hours ago
Let's hope Ganondorf is the final boss again
Austin Nguyen
Austin Nguyen 11 hours ago
why must i throw money at nintendo for shrines and korok poops
Logan McEvoy
Logan McEvoy 11 hours ago
What was the song that plays in reverse
Jefferson Ivan Jimenez Concepcion
1:10 Those words at the end made me cry!
AzureSkyCiel 13 hours ago
Even Dio Brando was less persistent that Ganon.
Gopal Dey
Gopal Dey 13 hours ago
#17 trending in India. Still after 1 month 👏👏
Renan de Araújo
Renan de Araújo 13 hours ago
cant wait to play a game por 4 months and do anything else at all
Mr.Fiction1 15 hours ago
Is the music just Ganondorf's theme reversed?
Water cat
Water cat 15 hours ago
10/10 would build hyrule castle over Ganondorf's tomb again
Juana Marina Chavez Bello
s>iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiii
tiktok memes
tiktok memes 16 hours ago
So... your telling me.. I need to beat those damn shrines again?! Gannon: iM tRyNa PuT yOu In ThE wOrSt MoOd Ah
blackshade9 16 hours ago
0:45 0:46 It does not escape my notice that the likely-Ganon hand-claw is identical to the spiritual-green-claw that is clearly grabbing Link's arm. Interesting...
Emiliano Farfán Guillén
I hope tgat you can continue with your progress that would be cool
Guitarist500 17 hours ago
Does anyone know where the camera at 0:53 is? I want to compare any differences from botw Edit: I'm guessing it's either Hopper Pond or Forest of the Spirits on the Great Plateau
Galeem 17 hours ago
Link: for 10 years finall- Ganon: Guys , I brought popcorn , what did I miss? Link: am I a joke to you? Edit: I don’t get likes ; I m not begging
Jason 0790
Jason 0790 17 hours ago
My GOAT game gets a sequel XD
Isabel_ Osamu
Isabel_ Osamu 18 hours ago
JustMikePlaying 19 hours ago
Pause at 0:41 am i the only obe seeing majora's mask?
Galactical _NightShade
Link: Come at me old man Ganon : k * dies* Ganondork: NOOOOO BROTHERRR 0:49 Ganondorf : Oof my neck Link : I can fix that problem
TheLegend 27
TheLegend 27 19 hours ago
Im calling it now that rat is either the first enemy of the game or the final boss
TheLegend 27
TheLegend 27 19 hours ago
0:30 these look like hands to me
Mollie 21 hour ago
Someone sneezes behind me Me: 0:49
Marco Aurélio Duarte Moreira
Zelda pt_BR
TheRealProbob 21 hour ago
As a huge zelda fan i always wanted to play botw but i simply couldn´t spend 350 bucks for the switch+ botw and i was waiting for the price to drop but it didn´t. Then this trailer showed up outta nowhere and i sold some of my stuff to buy a switch the same week. N O R E G R E T S H Y P E I S R E A L
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 10 hours ago
You couldn’t have just bought BOTW on the Wii U?
Alex Eller
Alex Eller 22 hours ago
Nintendo i am a Fan froh Zelda thanks Nintendo.
JLupeGGV Angel
JLupeGGV Angel 22 hours ago
So...how many bosses has this sequel? Is the same map?
D- Wreck
D- Wreck 23 hours ago
It sounds kind of like Twilight Princess 🤷‍♂️
Mr. Green Banana
Me and the boys at 3 AM lookin for *G A N O N D O R F*
Angel lopez
Angel lopez Day ago
Wellllll, excussssseeeee me princess
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