Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - E3 2021 Teaser - Nintendo Direct

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Return to Hyrule - and the skies above - in this first look at gameplay for the Sequel to the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, planned for release on in 2022.

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Jun 15, 2021




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Comments 0
ִ 3 hours ago
Zelda has died. No more Legends.
Princess Violet
Princess Violet 3 hours ago
I wanted to be Zelda this time and my friend play Link and we play together smh :/
Jeff McDingohead
Jeff McDingohead 3 hours ago
When will pre-orders be available?
Clifton Moore
Clifton Moore 3 hours ago
Bokoblin: "Woah, you have a metal arm? That is so cool!"
Windmolen 3 hours ago
Do the weapons still break in three hits?
Tombomb 3 hours ago
dey give us wat we want bois
Shannon Haagsma
Shannon Haagsma 3 hours ago
Woah that was awesome I can't wait to see the game in stores I'm so pumped more dungeons, new enemies, new items, and new chellenages bring it on I'm ready for a chellenage
J-Boy_123 3 hours ago
Elfie From Angel City
FTC X comp
FTC X comp 3 hours ago
Wasn’t this already released
FTC X comp
FTC X comp 3 hours ago
@Lé Muffiñ Studios I saw a few people playing it it was just link in the past
Lé Muffiñ Studios
Blake Dixon
Blake Dixon 3 hours ago
Looks like someone attempted human transmutation
Jnate 3 hours ago
Who else think the sheikah slate turned into his new arm?
rosa zubmar
rosa zubmar 3 hours ago
Yo a los 20: Zelda lo mejor del mundo¡ Yo a los 45: ¡¿Aun hay Zelda??¡no mms
SandyJoe Eid
SandyJoe Eid 3 hours ago
I lost count of how many times i’ve watched this 😩😭
moonchii uwu
moonchii uwu 3 hours ago
ASMR SOAP SHOW 3 hours ago
its looking good 👍😇
Mel D
Mel D 3 hours ago
Why does that remind me of JoJo's so much
سطام نواف العتيبي
هل من عربي هنا ؟
Monkey 22
Monkey 22 3 hours ago
When we see the Stone Talus, look at the Bokoblines, they have one big horn and not a tiny horn. I think this is the fabled 10, 000 years before the first game.
Ryan Skelton
Ryan Skelton 3 hours ago
looks like 60fps and above 1080p? switch pro?
Diego Portillo
Diego Portillo 3 hours ago
most important question: are weapons still gonna break after the third use?
Ana K
Ana K 3 hours ago
looks like the same old map with some sky islands added to it. I’m hoping i’m wrong but i’ll be seriously pissed if they don’t change anything
john chad john
john chad john 3 hours ago
Please. I just want to play as Zelda
Ellway34 3 hours ago
Omg the absolutely amazing theme during the free fall scene gives me goosebumps
The Poke Couple
The Poke Couple 3 hours ago
This looks so amazing!! We cannot wait to get it!!
TrinkBruder 3 hours ago
C'mon. Where are the my kids SAT GPA jumped through the roof 🤯 when they started playing this game testimonials
Fabio Enchilada
Fabio Enchilada 3 hours ago
Canonically before skyward sword maybe??
Lé Muffiñ Studios
BOTW takes place at the very end of the timeline, and this is a sequel. So no. Unless some time travel shenanigans happen.
Somday 3 hours ago
Link is coming to genshin?
AFKIO 3 hours ago
no stop please.
Endy Enderman
Endy Enderman 3 hours ago
So basically link in this game can use za warudo
Billy 3 hours ago
sebastian 689
sebastian 689 3 hours ago
Since its still BOTW world.....anybody know if the divine beasts will still play a role?
Lé Muffiñ Studios
I think people disposed of the sheikah tech so a repeat of the calamity doesn't happen
Dm 3 hours ago
Sheikah tech is gone
Gogeta, the Greatest Fusion
Lazy Afternoons
Lazy Afternoons 3 hours ago
Time to watch Skyward Sword so I can understand sky stuff in Zelda a little better :)
Inverted Gamer
Inverted Gamer 3 hours ago
Ok is it just me or is that totally Zelda and not Link...
Lé Muffiñ Studios
Zelda would be showing half her chest then
Dm 3 hours ago
It's link
woomy 3 hours ago
this trailer got more views than the splatoon 3 trailer in a single day omg
Criada Batterista
Criada Batterista 3 hours ago
I wonder how the storytelling works this time. It doesn't seem like they could do the same "amnesia and find memory" formula.
CGK 3 hours ago
Honestly I don’t think this trailer was THAT impressive, I still want to see more. Definitely not as amazing as the BotW e3 trailer.
Brianna B
Brianna B 3 hours ago
I was in middle school when the first one came out. I’ll be in college when this one finally comes out. Time flies
Xeref2 3 hours ago
The thumbnail made it look like fortnite for a sec.
Freezing Fire
Freezing Fire 3 hours ago
Zelda battle royal ? Where are we dropping bois ?
Chill Penguin
Chill Penguin 3 hours ago
Alright, so we’re all in agreement; Nintendo totally won E3 2021. Without a doubt.
LegallyDead 3 hours ago
I made an account just to say this: I am 99% sure that it's Zelda at times in the trailer (ex. the skyfall scene). It would explain the magic moves shown, like the fireball and the transportation
Helow [GD]
Helow [GD] 3 hours ago
Wait, is link missing an arm?
Christian Castillo
Christian Castillo 3 hours ago
*Genshin Impact Paimon enters the chat*
HeclFrecl 3 hours ago
What if Breath of the Wild’s sequel goes into Skyward Sword creating an infinite time loop of the Zelda series. No matter how hard you try to break the cycle, Demise will be able to reinstate his eternal soul bound Hatred and Malice born time and time again. It’s just a thought that could be further backed up with Nintendo pushing Skyward Sword HD so people will have a chance to understand what is happening!
Χριστίνα Παπακώστα
Yes! Yes! YEEEEES!!!!!!
Sloth Man
Sloth Man 3 hours ago
Wait a minute, if hyrule castle is lifted would that mean other places will be too and inderneath those places can also be explored. So the map is turning into skyward sword's map
Marvin Turner
Marvin Turner 3 hours ago
At this point It's vaporware until it officially releases 😂 But take your time Nintendo, make it a classic!
Nicholas Nguyen
Nicholas Nguyen 3 hours ago
they added floating loot lake event!!1!1
Marlaw Deang
Marlaw Deang 3 hours ago
Another game of the year in the making
Alfredo GXR
Alfredo GXR 3 hours ago
Probably this story is gonna be how the islands gonne to the sky like in the skyward sword, which will be the continuation
Jia L.
Jia L. 3 hours ago
Trailer is 1080p 60 FPS gives me hope.
Link Zelda
Link Zelda 3 hours ago
Don't know why I'm not fond of the trailer
Rebekah Musson
Rebekah Musson 3 hours ago
I can't wait play this 😍
ZephaniahNoah 3 hours ago
Music still sucks.
AFKIO 3 hours ago
@monke fortnite main menu theme probably
monke 3 hours ago
@ZephaniahNoah what music do you like?
ZephaniahNoah 3 hours ago
Neither right nor wrong. Just sharing my opinion.
monke 3 hours ago
@Dm dude prob likes rap or sum'
Dm 3 hours ago
Aersback 3 hours ago
Is breath of the wild still inspired by princess mononoke
Adrian Mendoza
Adrian Mendoza 3 hours ago
Una de mis metas en la vida es tener dinero y poder comprarme el switch y jugar la zelda
Luke Fox
Luke Fox 3 hours ago
They really took that woke up in the sky joke seriously
TrinkBruder 3 hours ago
Getting your kids to play this is easy as getting your kids to eat Froot Loops 🥣
Tony 1212
Tony 1212 3 hours ago
Kinda reminds me of I think season 4 of fortnite when the house rose up in the middle of the lake...
Ria Robinson
Ria Robinson 3 hours ago
Never been more excited for a game release in the entirety of my life!!!!!!!
Mon Lacson
Mon Lacson 3 hours ago
This is so hype!
🌊OceanMan🌊 4 hours ago
BOTW 2 ✅ (finally) Mario Odessey 2 ☑️ Pokémon Gen 9 ☑️ Splatoon 3 ✅
PJay 4 hours ago
Skyward Sword 2 haha
Dm 3 hours ago
Eitan Rumiguano
Eitan Rumiguano 4 hours ago
OJ is BEST 4 hours ago
AHHHhHh this is insane!!!!
Criada Batterista
Criada Batterista 4 hours ago
I just noticed something. They way nintendo show us the beginning of direct with ganondorf being thrown, is a foreshadow of this trailer but zelda is the one fallen instead 🤨
Boe 4 hours ago
Yo the new Fortnite season looks sick
Its_Breakz 4 hours ago
Etika would’ve loved this
Trey Sellinger
Trey Sellinger 4 hours ago
From 0:21 to 1:25 gave me mad goosebumps, I have never been more in love with Breath of the Wild. This is probably going to be one of my favorite of all time
steven jose gelves de la hoz
I bet everything that the official name will be: The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Past My theory is that how it is rumored out there that there are going to be trips to the past, and we will explore Hyrule 10,000 years in the past. There will also be skills closely related to time such as the spiked ball that returns its journey (I mean back in time), another track is the drop of water rewound in time and the link falling upwards, there is also the song of the main theme You can hear it the other way around, all of that has to do with time and that's why the name, call me crazy but you can't deny that it makes sense. The name is perfect and if Nintendo does not want to say it, it is because it will have to do with time and with the past.
marlina carbajal
marlina carbajal 4 hours ago
AppleToaster 4 hours ago
There are two different Links here. Watch very closely.
Boden La Grange
Boden La Grange 4 hours ago
Me who hasn’t finished the first one yet
wehttaM_1 4 hours ago
I cant even play this cause my little brother uses our switch to play fortnite he has over 1000 hours on it
Bryant R.
Bryant R. 4 hours ago
im so happy to see that THIS is on 1# trending and not some crappy music video
Sloth Man
Sloth Man 4 hours ago
Did anyone else notice links arms
Manuel 4 hours ago
FIRST Nintendo triple A since 2017. Okay.
OG Ostad
OG Ostad 4 hours ago
I really hope weapons don’t take 7 hits to break
Ahmet O
Ahmet O 4 hours ago
The legend of Zelda - Breath of the wild 2 : Skyward sword
Flavoured Sneks
Flavoured Sneks 4 hours ago
I hope it has the same content as botw 1 :00
Undatch 4 hours ago
GeNsHiN ImPaCt iS bEtTeR, brooo
G. L.
G. L. 4 hours ago
Am I the only one noticing his (right) arm? There is some kind of damage or armor on it. Maybe we lose the Shika Slate and get (if you will) a Shika Arm.
Helow [GD]
Helow [GD] 4 hours ago
This reminds me of castle in the sky
Tom Sproson
Tom Sproson 4 hours ago
This is why they re-released Skyward Sword for the Switch isn’t it. I bet it’s important to the story or the gameplay somehow. 😁😁😁
Jachky 237
Jachky 237 4 hours ago
Oscar Parra
Oscar Parra 4 hours ago
Breath of the wild should be an anime series
Mikaeel Kahoul
Mikaeel Kahoul 4 hours ago
That ost 😭
Fernando 4 hours ago
Aquí es donde recuerdo la frase de los Gordos "Es Ganon... Siempre es Ganon"
Ivan Coreas
Ivan Coreas 4 hours ago
I just realized the music at 1:10 is the first three notes of Zelda's Lullaby
Samuel. 4 hours ago
Please keep sword combat a thing. I’ll still buy this if you dont but please
Dm 4 hours ago
WHy wouldn't there be sword combat in a zelda game
Nikachu 4 hours ago
im on my 20th rewatch... anyone have me beat?
indy921 4 hours ago
I think I'm on my 50th rewatch.
indy921 4 hours ago
Me too
Artazur 4 hours ago
Nice Trailer 👍🏼👍🏼
Nathan Mitchell
Nathan Mitchell 4 hours ago
When do y’all think we will get more information? It’s like a drug, the more I get, the more I want!
Vladimir Acosta
Vladimir Acosta 4 hours ago
¿Qué le paso a link en el brazo?... Aahhh que ya salga... 🤪
Daniel Romero Armijo
Va a salir en 2023 :(
Tavy 4 hours ago
excitiment going out of the roof
Mr Jebadia
Mr Jebadia 4 hours ago
2022 You BASTARDS ! Well all be dead by then from WOKE-NESS
Springtrap exe the Demon bunny
That was Soo cool and amazing they really have improved with everything and a new pairiglider and does link have a robot arm I can't wait for this to come out it's going to be Soo good 💜💜💜😱😱😆😆😄😄😄🙂🙂🙂🤗🤗😊😊
Roberto Cabello
Roberto Cabello 4 hours ago
Edward elric?