September - Earth Wind And Fire - Fabio (cover)

Fabio Rodrigues
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A little cover of my one of my favourite band.

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Jun 8, 2020




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V D 7 hours ago
Manda bem de mais, estou tentando tirar esse som s贸 por conta desse seu cover foda, parabens!
lucho azul reyes
lucho azul reyes 13 hours ago
exelente interpretaaci贸n, muy buena voz y composici贸n. me gustan los matices
alvo bruxo
alvo bruxo 14 hours ago
Ningu茅m notou que ele e br
Craig Mundy
Craig Mundy 14 hours ago
Ely Gemeson
Ely Gemeson 18 hours ago
Mano,esse cara canta muito, parab茅ns F谩bio s贸 sucesso pra vc,espero que vc cres莽a muito
Laurent Gravel
Laurent Gravel 18 hours ago
Un artiste exceptionnelle Un gros Merci pour ta musique
Ver么nica Monique
Ver么nica Monique 19 hours ago
David BROWN Day ago
What does it feel like to be so talented 馃尃
Dave Bravo
Dave Bravo Day ago
Estoy muy feliz por ti, Fabio, llegar谩s muy lejos, eres un gran artista para tu edad, un fuerte abrazo y sigue luchando por tus sue帽os!!!
vtr ccsm
vtr ccsm Day ago
Show..mano Te acompanho do Rio de janeiro. Canta pra mim Lady in red
Tristan Nevins
dude you're crazy talented!!
John Kevin
John Kevin 2 days ago
You can see from the fret board how passionate a guitarist is.
T Rose
T Rose 2 days ago
This takes me back to the time when the Asian OGs of RUvid were making covers (2006-2010 era) . A simple video and raw talent is all you need. There are no unnecessary talking, overproduced voice tracks and overly dramatic cinematography. You gained a sub!
DrantYT 2 days ago
The vibes are like having dinner in a restaurant and he's performing in the front.
Isaac Smalls
Isaac Smalls 2 days ago
Wow. This was a nice suggestion.
I'm Smurfy
I'm Smurfy 2 days ago
I'm listening from France and this bring me some fresh vibes thanks a lot brother
Leo Emmanuel Salen
Raul Hernandez
Raul Hernandez 3 days ago
Sensacional unico el mejor felicidades carnalito
Jericho Lee
Jericho Lee 3 days ago
Melee 3 days ago
Keep at it brother this is beautiful
Joseph Pardy Music
Donna Woodward
Donna Woodward 3 days ago
Fabulous! from California馃挄鉁煓
Anders 4 days ago
Daqui a pouco chega em 1 milh茫o de views :3
IS SY 4 days ago
i want you to release your covers on spotify....
Cassia Barbosa
Cassia Barbosa 4 days ago
Tony Garza jr.
Tony Garza jr. 4 days ago
Fabulous Fabio one more time! God bless you for bringing joy to our hearts馃榿馃憦馃憤馃槑
Larrymarx 4 days ago
You got it all Fabio, great guitar playing plus excellent voice... Thank you for taking the time to make and post this video... "Awesome"鈾櫕鈾
Martin Attard
Martin Attard 4 days ago
Wow! Never heard a voice as versatile as yours! Just Wow!
Joao Victor Rodrigues
Irm茫o, tu 茅 fera demais, ja perdi a conta de quantas vezes eu ja ouvi essa musica
Nadja Radivojevic
Which guitar is this?
bavondale 5 days ago
Wow. Love your renditions. Keep it up
coffeeteaormeify 5 days ago
You are very gifted... God bless you more and more each day
Makana Tavares
Makana Tavares 5 days ago
Such a beautiful voice.
Wellington Rodrigues
Ganhou mais um f茫, sucesso !!
BeWa 5 days ago
Robledo Mel茅ndez Omar Joaqu铆n
脡pico greetings fr铆o Mexico
bluzshadez 5 days ago
Fabio, You have a beautiful voice and you are a very talented guitar player. God bless! Stay safe and healthy!
Marcelo Ferreira
Marcelo Ferreira 5 days ago
Cara, voc锚 me lembra muito o Tim Maia, que tamb茅m foi pra gringa e bebeu muito da m煤sica americana. Fora o talento extraordin谩rio. Sucesso irm茫o!
CArlos Sam Hernandez
Such a great singer... 馃憦馃徑
Ahmad Hafidz
Ahmad Hafidz 5 days ago
S茅rgio Coutinho
Primeira de luxo
Nicola Picone
Nicola Picone 5 days ago
鞚挫磮頇嶌潣 鞀堩伂毽茧沟
You have so good voice!!! I hope you very well and I will cheer up you (I'm Korean, I can't speak English fluently)
Ramil Curato
Ramil Curato 6 days ago
Oh dude niceeee God Bless you more power to create awesome musix
Wtiberon 6 days ago
I like that it is cool to like Earth, Wind, and Fire again. I use to have to listen to them secretly.
Werner Botha
Werner Botha 6 days ago
great song man pls send me a video on youtube for me maybe i can play drums with it
franco Ju谩rez cesar
Beautiful I whish play this cover to she...
Ekmi Sense
Ekmi Sense 6 days ago
this guy so Awesome..
Anthony Tran
Anthony Tran 6 days ago
This dude is my spirit animal for reals 馃敟馃敟馃敟
Raul Jimenez
Raul Jimenez 6 days ago
que voz tan buena, bro ser谩s grande
ivo m
ivo m 6 days ago
Hey man, that was brilliant 馃憤
Just saying this was in June 0_0...
Trisha Concon
Trisha Concon 6 days ago
i don't love dancing but this makes my body moves by itself because of this lit cover. you nailed it!
鞝曤 氅嬱 旎る矂雼
Heitor Barbosa
Heitor Barbosa 6 days ago
You really remind me of Ed Motta, the way of singing and good old acoustic guitar. Love it.
Urstoff 7 days ago
He gone make September in June. You rock dude. Your voice just soothes any bad feeling. Full of positive vibes :)
Jamez bullock
Jamez bullock 7 days ago
Thanks fab
Oliver Gramm
Oliver Gramm 7 days ago
馃憤 馃憤 馃憤 馃憤 馃憤 馃憤 馃憤 馃憤 馃憤 馃憤 馃憤
S M 7 days ago
Humans are extraordinary
Alan 7 days ago
5 stars
Juan Cortez
Juan Cortez 7 days ago
Thank you for this incredible cover. It's now on my playlist.
Gabriel Florencio
My dude you remind me of Tim Maia, keep up with the great work. Muita sorte 脿 ti.
Nam Cong
Nam Cong 7 days ago
coastyBOYcdm 7 days ago
Do you remember The 21st night of September? Love was changin' the minds of pretenders While we're chasin' the clouds away Our hearts were ringin' In the key that our souls were singin' As we danced in the night, remember How the stars stole the night away, oh, yeah yeah yeah Hey, hey, hey! Ba-dee ya, say, do you remember? Ba-dee ya, dancin' in September Ba-dee ya, never was a cloudy day Ba duda, ba duda, ba duda, badu Ba duda, badu, ba duda, badu Ba duda, badu, ba duda Ba duda, badu, dancing in September Ba duda, ba duda, ba duda, badu Ba duda, badu, ba duda, badu Ba duda, badu, ba duda Ba duda, badu, never was a cloudy day My thoughts are with you Holdin' hands with your heart to see you Only blue talk and love, remember How we knew love was here to stay Now in December, found the love that we shared in September Only blue talk and love, remember The true love we share today Hey, hey, hey! Ba-dee ya, say, do you remember? Ba-dee ya, dancin' in September Ba-dee ya, never was a cloudy day (Ay, ay, ay) Dancing in September Ba duda, ba duda, ba duda, badu Ba duda, badu, ba duda, badu Ba duda, badu, ba duda Ba duda, badu, dancing in September Ba duda, ba duda, ba duda, badu Ba duda, badu, ba duda, badu Ba duda, badu, ba duda Ba duda, badu, never was a cloudy day
Pepe de Espa帽a
Pepe de Espa帽a 7 days ago
Justin C
Justin C 8 days ago
Fabio, you are a legendary singer! You have a beautiful soul, keep bringing people through these challenging times with your voice! Bless you brother.
Billy Rubin
Billy Rubin 8 days ago
not remember but rememba
Dr. High Music
Dr. High Music 8 days ago
so awesome :)
BRIE Townsend
BRIE Townsend 8 days ago
Ricardo Gnecco Falco
Show! 馃槈馃幎
Diana Szilagyi
Diana Szilagyi 8 days ago
I could listen to you all day.!!! 鉂 your music .!!!
rkwondo4 8 days ago
Great job
patricia suarez hurtado
Gi Memor
Gi Memor 8 days ago
Your VOICE !! OMG !!
Gi Memor
Gi Memor 8 days ago
Kevin Gonzalez
Kevin Gonzalez 8 days ago
Where are you located? You sound great!
Joao Pedro Luz
Joao Pedro Luz 8 days ago
Love it!
Jesus Adrian Lee Vera
where can i lern the guitar part? i麓m not good at ear :(
vickie drane
vickie drane 8 days ago
Do you sell cd鈥檚
Yair 8 days ago
Just perfect
doodydoo243 8 days ago
What chords??馃ズ
Papi Beats
Papi Beats 9 days ago
Obrigado algoritmos!!!
Carina Barros
Carina Barros 9 days ago
Fabio vc toca em algum local, digo bar, faz shows? Let me know please.
ichiko sei
ichiko sei 9 days ago
that's so gooood! im inlove 馃А
PJ 9 days ago
Allee Willis would be proud ! Maybe I'll try this one ...
Uh Huh
Uh Huh 9 days ago
He makes it look so casual like he could play while sleeping.
Donna Woodward
Donna Woodward 3 days ago
So true!!
Boa M煤sica
Boa M煤sica 9 days ago
Cara, ficou muito bom. Mandou muito bem, mesmo. Parab茅ns.
Brandon Lagunas
Brandon Lagunas 9 days ago
Great work bro馃槃!
R. Bennett
R. Bennett 9 days ago
Bravo!! Bravo 馃憦! I could listen to him all day. 馃尭
Akash David Hargoon Samtani Bassarmal
Anybody got the chords for this cover?
Akash David Hargoon Samtani Bassarmal
Thank you so much!!
Fanga 8 days ago
Verses: Dmaj7-C#m7-Bm7-C#m7-F#m7 and A7/A just before the Chorus: Bm7-E9(or sometimes E9sus)-C#m7-F#m7 :) Hope it'll help!
Uke ni GlenCab
Uke ni GlenCab 9 days ago
John Cedro
John Cedro 9 days ago
job well done, nice version of yours
maria diaz de vivar
que linda voz.....
Issa Issaa
Issa Issaa 9 days ago
mati12 2
mati12 2 9 days ago
Carlo S
Carlo S 9 days ago
damn! subbed!
Katrina Felix
Katrina Felix 9 days ago
Love it 鉂わ笍
Marcos Miranda
Marcos Miranda 9 days ago
Caraca amei maninho canta muito! Brasil olha esse cara meu! naturalz茫o mandando muito bem!!馃槏
Otamiro Lima
Otamiro Lima 10 days ago
Muito bom gostei demais al么 brasil preciosidade nossa vamos prestigiar.
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