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I apologize for the lighting being too bright and the camera not focusing properly. I had it on a different setting by accident! xoxo
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The makeup look i'm wearing is my Spring Tutorial | copper eyes! I just aded eyeliner!
ruvid.net/video/video-BcZQhZ5Hu_c.html -----
Hi I'm Jaclyn Hill from JaclynHill1 on RUvid. I am a professional makeup artist. I'm young, ambitious & full of life. I post makeup tutorials and makeup reviews on all different holidays and themes, like smokey eye tutorials, how to shape and sculpt brow tutorials, challenges/tags, celebrity makeup tutorials like the Kardashians and Jenners along with other celebrity makeup looks, hair tutorials and more! I hope you love my makeup tutorials.

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Feb 24, 2014




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Comments 2 593
spritebite2 2 months ago
Idk if it’s just me but I’ve been watching a lot of her older videos and I see so much sadness in her eyes. I appreciate how much happier she looks these days. All of her drama aside.
Sharon Kour
Sharon Kour 9 months ago
Hi Jaclyn just like to say your name is something its very nice and a very successful name honestly there is something beautiful in ur name very lucky 4u. Thabk you for this saphora review i might purcahse the products you mentioned i luv ur videos so much im glad I tuned in luv ur furniture were are ur draws from please im obbsessed with ur channel so much fun
Ciara Rose
Ciara Rose Year ago
Just watched your video of you watching your first youtube video. It led me here; your first video that I watched. This video started everything for me. I was youtubing Sephora haul videos in preparation for my first ever trip to Sephora and honestly I clicked on this one because you had uploaded just that day. Because of you and this video, I found my passion. I pushed my boundaries and worked really hard to become a certified makeup artist. Now 4 years later, you're finding yourself again and I'm learning exactly who I am. I never would have done that without you or this video or makeup. I just wanted you to know that no matter where your journey takes you, the impact you have had on all us newbie makeup lovers has been amazeballs. You are an inspiration. Thank you.
Allison Johnson
Ava Maybelle
Ava Maybelle Year ago
You have a problem with hordering makeup
Sidra Waqas
Sidra Waqas 2 years ago
hi Jaclyn , can u tell me your lip color u used in this video?
Shelby Henke Fit Beauty
Heyyyy Jaclyn!!! If you LOVE an amazing B.B. cream that feels amazing really works doesn’t wipe off or like melt off in the summer sun you need to try Coola BB cream I got a sample of it and fell in Love I was amazed at how amazing it actually works I got it in Golden for summer time and light/medium for winter because on my days off I don’t really do make up but like a good B.B. cream !! ❤️
madison deslatte
madison deslatte 2 years ago
your makeup 😱 gorgeous
Rosa Molina
Rosa Molina 2 years ago
Your makeup looks amazing and you look so beautiful!
Melissa Coburn
Melissa Coburn 2 years ago
also Jacklyn if not tried Mary Kay they have some really great stuff they have a charcoal mask that is fabulous no peeling off just let it dry for 20 to 30 minutes and wipe off
leslie holmes
leslie holmes 2 years ago
omg i love watching your vids your amazballs
Sabrina Eycken
Sabrina Eycken 2 years ago
The gloss cœur sucre is in English Sugar Heart 💖
Yoi Montgomery
Yoi Montgomery 2 years ago
Why does she need sooooo many blushes??????
Tenille Tollison
Tenille Tollison 3 years ago
what color is your nails and lip stick
mya t
mya t 3 years ago
you should come to mn
Lauren Kimberlin
Lauren Kimberlin 3 years ago
Those are some really cute ear rings love the makeup
kala -___-
kala -___- 3 years ago
can you do a meet and greet in Maryland?????
Palmbeach Slimes
Palmbeach Slimes 3 years ago
Please do some more hauls. Plus love the makeup today. Can't stop looking at it.
Hazel Lissette
Hazel Lissette 3 years ago
Can you do an update on the tarte oil serum
Painted perfect
Painted perfect 3 years ago
The out takes are so funny, love this girl lol
ellie 3 years ago
Will you please do a tutorial on how to contour with the anastasia beverly hills contour kit?? Need some guidance lol!!!
Stephanie Shapiro
Stephanie Shapiro 3 years ago
You only live a few hours from me lets be bffs
Bailee Doherty
Bailee Doherty 3 years ago
I think you would love the hydro-plumping retexturizing serum concentrate from Kiehl's. Both treatment oils as well (Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Daily Reviving Concentrate). Those are my absolute favorite serums to use.
Alexandrea O'Donnell
This is completely random in regards to makeup but I enjoy your videos and have noticed your make up space is always so nicely decorated. Have you ever considered doing a video featuring your interior decorating? Looks like you have a knack for it. I would enjoy watching it and see what inspires you.
Saba Hussain
Saba Hussain 3 years ago
How much did u spend in total? I mean if i buy all this den how much will it cost me..? Bcz i really all the products u shwd and i love sephora
Amelia Edward
Amelia Edward 3 years ago
Saba Hussain *then
thesaltwater salmons
Saba Hussain maybe $500+
Jennifer Ruckman
Jennifer Ruckman 3 years ago
You're so beautiful! And so sweet. I love your videos.
Lydia Duran
Lydia Duran 3 years ago
Do a lush haul! God Bless You!!! :)
Jasmine N
Jasmine N 3 years ago
Jaclyn i love U soooo much
Lily Morris
Lily Morris 3 years ago
watching your videos is like my favorite thing to do
Blondie B
Blondie B 3 years ago
I have been binge watching your videos! Love your happy personality! Thank you for what you do!!
Blondie B
Blondie B 3 years ago
I was surprised about the Clinique products because I heard from somewhere that they were for younger women, I am now close to 40. I will have to take another look at their products. Thank you Jaclyn for bringing that up :)
Arnavi Sutaria
Arnavi Sutaria 3 years ago
Yeah, the lighting was a little too bright. I could bare
Amy076Lou 3 years ago
Claire F.
Claire F. 3 years ago
Your nails are beautiful! What color and brand is that? Thank you.
bekkydorothea 3 years ago
Hahhaha I loved so much the bloopers
MattJess0421 3 years ago
You are so funny. I think I know what my 12 year old will act like as an adult now, lol- she has the same color hair and eyes and acts a lot like you. You should make a video of just your bloopers all into one haha.
Angela Alexander
Angela Alexander 3 years ago
could you tell what eye shadow it is:)
Angela Alexander
Angela Alexander 3 years ago
I quite a liked your eye shadow
Brenda Arteaga
Brenda Arteaga 3 years ago
Ally Suchovsky
Ally Suchovsky 4 years ago
aw I wish you would go to Brandon mall again or town center in Sarasota
Lily xoxo
Lily xoxo 4 years ago
this video just cost me money LOL
Summer Dwight
Summer Dwight 4 years ago
What are some highlights you recommend that aren't glittery??
Summer Dwight
Summer Dwight 4 years ago
+Loafy 333 thank you !!
Nayely Castro Barron
I love love your videos! going thru your old stuff like a stalker! I live in Zephyrhills about 30min from Tampa hopefully I'll cross your path one day!!!!
Jasmine  Wingate
Jasmine Wingate 4 years ago
*dull. damn auto correct haha
Jasmine  Wingate
Jasmine Wingate 4 years ago
lmfao I love when you incorporate your cuts because it shows you being YOU and honestly I love that about you. we're all a little weird & i wish more people would embrace it! don't ever let anyone full your smile or shine baby girl ♡youuu!
Stephanie Runyan
Stephanie Runyan 4 years ago
I love your jacket! I know this video is older...but any idea what brand it is?? By the way, I just started watching your videos a few days ago and they are awesome!
Katelyn Green
Katelyn Green 4 years ago
omg I love her hauls
Anj L
Anj L 4 years ago
You should check out the Clinique Lip Pops. I'm not generally a lipstick girl or a Clinique girl. I usually end up eating the lipstick in about 15 minutes. I lean towards lighter colors, but I bought these lipsticks in Berry Pop and Cola Pop. They are gorgeous! It doesn't even feel like you're wearing anything when you have them on, and they lasted a pretty long time. That's saying a lot for me.
katielynnxo93 4 years ago
You have to try clinique advanced concealer its amazing! Been using it for about 9 years
Katy Baby
Katy Baby 4 years ago
If you're looking for a night time serum try the peeling groovy serum by bliss beauty. I recommend all bliss Beauty skin products. They definitely know what they're doing
Whitney Porreca
Whitney Porreca 4 years ago
Oh my gosh, come back to Brandon!! ❤
Hi Jaclyn, I really enjoyed this clip. Do you have any video on lipsticks? I noticed that most lipsticks are too strong on my lips, maybe the lead content in it. Any recommended brand that's not too harsh on the lips but still has that nice color? Thanks.
Zara Scanlon
Zara Scanlon 4 years ago
Love u jacyln😄please be my best friend and we could totally be random bffs and we could go shopping together #lifegoals
melly moe
melly moe 4 years ago
Love your video! great job girly :) Check out our VIB HAUL that i just uploaded! The addictions are real lol
Alondra Pineda
Alondra Pineda 4 years ago
she has so much ! i need to catch up
Ximena Zuniga
Ximena Zuniga 4 years ago
Omg you are so hilarious
Kayla Marshall
Kayla Marshall 4 years ago
One day I will take this video to sephora and be like "yes give me everything she just got!"
Jessica Hamilton
Jessica Hamilton 4 years ago
does anyone know what she is wearing on her lips?!
Emmy Van Veen
Emmy Van Veen 4 years ago
Look at the description
Quetzalyy Perez
Quetzalyy Perez 4 years ago
I love you so much 💗 I love your videos
Chyana Rose
Chyana Rose 4 years ago
yassssssssssss on your makeup!!
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