Seniors Try VR For The First Time - HTC Vive

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Some friends stopped by the studio and tried virtual reality with the #HTCVive for the first time. See what they experienced and what they thought.
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Comments 80
Soupertrooper 2 years ago
VR for bedridden patients is something I can totally get behind.
The Potato Of 42
The Potato Of 42 4 days ago
Something that the taxes would be worth for.
Christopher Parkerson
@TheTiagoFire its really good but its taken atleast 14 drugs before every episode idea
TheTiagoFire 14 days ago
@Dylan How?
TheTiagoFire 14 days ago
@Tenzing Khedup Congrats on spotting that one, captain obvious.
TheTiagoFire 14 days ago
@Christopher Parkerson Haven't touched that one yet, surprisingly
Жизнь Школьника
ah, yes. Hardest videogame boss of all the times. Slush - E mart cup
wessel harm
wessel harm 2 days ago
2:26 i died laughing xD
Só Anna
Só Anna 3 days ago
I didin't know i needed this but i needed,i just needed
angel yeas
angel yeas 3 days ago
"Free lottery ticket, everybody!!" XD
The Topsoil
The Topsoil 3 days ago
Not Seniors "Boomers"
Yonke Uulen
Yonke Uulen 3 days ago
VR + medical sort of joint = everything they need ; )
Pedro Carcamo
Pedro Carcamo 4 days ago
Carol from PornHub damnnnnnnnnn
NotArnar 4 days ago
watching elderly people try vr really shows that its much more accessible than something like computers especially for video games
ItsDemise 5 days ago
That Navy guy is like the Great Value Morgan Freeman with his voice. I love it
Shamic Entertainment
He said he lived through world war 2 but he would have been a baby, maybe not even born
_Snakey_ Minecraft
I remember when I showed my Grandpa beat Saber (:
Mr_x 1992
Mr_x 1992 6 days ago
0:56 Liar! he was 72 in 2018 so he was born in 1946, he wasn't even born during WW2 let alone lived at that time
Your Colors6
Your Colors6 6 days ago
Old man: So this is why these young people are wasting their lives on these video games. Me: ok boomer
zilfondel 7 days ago
"you could get hooked on this" - talk about understatement
Their Teammate
Their Teammate 7 days ago
That one guy that looks like a professor spittin’ philosophy XD
yee 8 days ago
Legends say he is still making that slushie
Traz 9 days ago
2:53 i respect that salute!
Christopher Tropeano
Imagine vr sports games. That would be incredible.
Waste our lives ?? Nah it's just better than reallity
GTR 10 days ago
3:56 Jessica Nigri's grandma
The Pug World!
The Pug World! 10 days ago
padmaja prava
padmaja prava 11 days ago
What is name of this app
Alex Maddalena
Alex Maddalena 11 days ago
Well at least she can still make some good ol chemical bacon
Bob Isnotdead
Bob Isnotdead 13 days ago
This video feels very wholesome
Lil Cow Buckle , YEE HAWW
I love old people
VeryUnCoolPerson 14 days ago
Bruh you gonna give em a heart attack 😂
Ole van der Linden
Ole van der Linden 14 days ago
SomeWeirdNoob 15 days ago
im just so stressed cuz i looked up oculus quest for cheap i saw one for 200 but it was a scam. i legit crying now cuz there so expinsive and i need more money i only have 200 and i cant get more money and idk what to do plz help .......
Johnny Basily
Johnny Basily 15 days ago
yo should i get this VR www.amazon.ca/dp/B0811VN5JT?ref=myi_title_dp
Ruster 9 days ago
Johnny Basily dude no that isn’t even good oculus and vive are the best there is I have the oculus
Saulo Navarro Jr.
Saulo Navarro Jr. 15 days ago
Don't trust the NWO
Stay safe, say no to a VR where we dont care about one a nother
{Just An Image}
{Just An Image} 17 days ago
“Always wanted to do whatever I wanted in a store.” *throws a bunch of papers out of a drawer* “YOU THINK I’LL GET F I R E D ?”
Stefan Palicki
Stefan Palicki 17 days ago
Give em star trek bridge crew with the TOS bridge.
That One Weird Channel
If the guy who spent all his vr hour trying to get a slushie got his mindset completely changed so can I! I just need to figure out how to make a google cardboard at home.
iiJason124 18 days ago
2:48 ope there goes gravity
Solo 19 days ago
Hello just stopped by to share some Love!
xXLazerGamingXx 1933
I have a great fear of heights and when I was little my sis told me to the the richies plank experience and I had no idea how to take off the headset🤣
Yar D Blah
Yar D Blah 19 days ago
This is not vr this is the old ppl in my family in real life.."good gracious my brain!"🤣
Manuel_Diaz 23 days ago
This is how I’m finna be in 2080 with full dive lmao
KAZ 25 days ago
0:57 i love this grandpa
L4wless174 25 days ago
MemeMeister 26 days ago
You know it’s good when boomers are down with new technology and enjoy it.
고꼬맹 26 days ago
3:31 respect him.
Carter 27 days ago
They Sound like a Robots Not gonna lie
Ricky Van
Ricky Van 27 days ago
watching this in 2020 and still amazed at how elderly can play VR games very smoothly even with a little difficulty.
Ultra Kitty Studios
ok boomers
sub to pewdiepe
sub to pewdiepe 28 days ago
EpicXFire Month ago
This makes me sad, becoz someday we will be taking their place... n we definitely gonna need help from our grandkids to operate that shiny tachyon machine...
King Ymada
King Ymada Month ago
Wholesome. Cute. I luvvit
1:32 Did she really blow on virtual fire?
AntiScribe Month ago
2:50 is he an actor? I recognize him
rebellerihanna Month ago
sis was on her hands and knees on that plank lmfao its 4am and I haven't been sleep ok
Variesh Month ago
Those are the most adorable old people. It’s like they went and found the cutest old folks they could find for this video.
Kimmy Dichoso
Kimmy Dichoso Month ago
Them : Here is a VR Headset, which is a HTC Vive. Tell us what you think of it Seth: You know I lived through WWII and we had gas masks... Looool I could hug these lot !!
Theresa Gaignard
These people aren’t old. My mother taught herself Photoshop at 68.
Crocodile Harpoon
2:53 Ok boomer
ARMYALEX Month ago
i need to know what that game is that takes out your brain
Luca Dario Bützberger
The next day, several seniors went to a electronics store and bought VR headsets.
Yasthebosstv Month ago
For a second I thought you said sensors
LeShawnDeQuea Month ago
Seth looks like that old guy from homescapes.
Mido Month ago
3:05 HmM YeS ThE FloOr Is MaDe OuT oF fLoOr
Zephricus Month ago
10-4 dinosaur.😉
Christy Bumpers
Christy Bumpers Month ago
2:53 ok boomer
JesseRoxII Month ago
Wow, they actually liked it. I was expecting them to be more like... “Those darn millennials with their fancy beepin’ machines playin’ Fortnight and Pokemans!”
Dark Bulb
Dark Bulb Month ago
Get used to AR and then VR. This will be your new world because the real one is being turned to shit. You will flock to VR first for entertainment and eventually it will be your only sanctuary to what you've let them do to the real world. 5G is how it starts. Wuhnan is how it ends. All things may be used for both good or harm. The threat is not in the tool but in the hand that wields it.
0ne_one111 Month ago
0:58 was my favorite
Josef Stalin
Josef Stalin Month ago
iHxntr Month ago
boomers try vr for the first time - htc vive
Elmo Bolan
Elmo Bolan Month ago
I like how the men are thinking this would be good for porn...
Musang Merah
Musang Merah Month ago
1:48 pls help him
Rocco Leader
Rocco Leader Month ago
Boomers becoming better 2018 colorized
Snowy Month ago
I love it 🥰 🤣
Nirzy Vids
Nirzy Vids Month ago
VR is awesome for seniors!!!
TuckeredOut 28
TuckeredOut 28 Month ago
Ok boomer
Jevinces Month ago
Good evening VrScout I saw several of your videos that I liked and were rather interested in, I also noticed that virtual reality is a technology that you are passionate about. Let me explain, I have a brother, Jérôme who is the owner of a small independent French studio which produces entirely VR games (Quest, Rift, Vive) His current project is a survival horror by the name of Terminus which mostly in the Paris metro, and a final demo will be released on March 17. You can see more information on terminus-cvr.com and tests of the technical demo on RUvid. If you are interested in doing a video test before its release, we could provide you with a special edition. Would you be interested ? Wishing you good luck with the development of your chain
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