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Nthe Deepblue
Nthe Deepblue Month ago
Funny.you are worried about idiots in the minority =hypocrisy since you decided to do the all day..all impeachment .. your choice dumbocrats..so you got what you asked for...butttt furthermore why are you bitching.. Trump's gonna win..why keep up with these exercises in futility
Destiny Puzzanghera
Disgusting another commercial for abide in you people make me sick I’m voting Bernie Bernie Bernie no matter how much brainwashing you try to do with these stupid videos I’m not even watching them anymore you disgust me
Old Woman
Old Woman Month ago
I'd like to know why corporate media, despite the overwhelming evidence of Trump's guilt (even as the Trump administration and senate Republican majority continue withholding further documentation and witnesses in ordinary discovery) endorse the notion that they "know" the senate will acquit. And then this same corporate media wonders why the American people are "cynical" about our justice system. ABC, are you all such hypocrites you really wonder why?
oldsloane Month ago
All you Americans can hope for is that none of those old, stupid, obstructionist republicans will get re-elected!
Vile Crocodile
Vile Crocodile Month ago
Dems did this to themselves. Maybe pelosi cut a deal with the president.
GAIL rowland
GAIL rowland Month ago
Senators running for President should be forced to recuse themselves...they have a serious conflict of interest.
Zanni Giese
Zanni Giese Month ago
Regarding Biden: How does a VERY SICK PEDOPHILE .wind up a political figure? I feel so sorry for the poor children he is seen touching inappropriately while posing in the pictures with him..so many unhappy uncomfortable children.. that's how he likes them..in fear and discomfort.. what a complete slimeball!!
Justin D
Justin D Month ago
Bernie Bernie Bernie!!
jeck jeck
jeck jeck Month ago
Biden deserves no apology:(
JCrules Month ago
go trump
Andrew Nuttall
Andrew Nuttall Month ago
The 4 xandidates have an obvious conflict of interest by not recusing themselves from the trial.
Daniel Ramirez
Daniel Ramirez Month ago
#Bernie2020 🇺🇸
Betrayed By ALL
Betrayed By ALL Month ago
(If I don't want to be a slave) THEY make laws too make you a slave . What I'm I missing here ? LAWS Lethal Autonomous Waepons Systems
Jah Senor
Jah Senor Month ago
No one's voting democrat anyway. hahaha.
All is one
All is one Month ago
So many ignorant conservatives in the comments. I haven't even scrolled halfway down and I'm starting to hear banjos playing.
Synoptic 12
Synoptic 12 Month ago
Idaho Jim
Idaho Jim Month ago
Dem.Fools Won't beat Trump in the Election or by Impeachment ! " President Trump 2020."
az barak
az barak Month ago
Lier used us
MidScream1 Month ago
Bernie the Clown isn't on the campaign trail? :)
D Lambert
D Lambert Month ago
Not like they are going to win 🤣🤣
Fay Schneider
Fay Schneider Month ago
Forced....Yeah Right! What a load of crap! They [ the candidates] can not wait to STRUT their STUFF. They have been waiting for this op-potunitye to throw dirt on the President!
Myron Carstens
Myron Carstens Month ago
David m, you suck , your are as fake as schiff
WeAreIt Month ago
Bernie 2020
PNW Prospecting
PNW Prospecting Month ago
This is why they didn't deliver the impeachment papers until just recently they wanted to wait so that this would happen and screw Bernie Sanders over again the Democrats should be prosecuted for collusion and fraud
extra solar
extra solar Month ago
its just a tabloid trash tragedy and trail of clinton catastrophe crew tears that few very very few aside from chief warren or dr ford can correct again, to make right again, to have the power and the glory and the corrupt expired obama era ego of federal authority again. one of the chiefs tribal elders, sgt serious as a heart attack sam, will be in charge of security.
surfsidefl2000 Month ago
Pelosi, Clinton, Warren. All doing their part to destroy the Sanders campaign. What a joke the US is. Democracy? LOL
Tammy Jordan
Tammy Jordan Month ago
Let me be pesadent for one day and i bet no one will be left behind every body can eat and have good medical a home and only work one job to pay all your bills something no pesadent ever did to this day no justice in this country o just for the white and rich bigotry bigots of this country
Tammy Jordan
Tammy Jordan Month ago
There isn't no justice in this horrible country for the other colors justice is just for a bunch of white bigotry bigots of this country. Black humans stop voteing for white people vote for your own humans color this country is running for rich bigotry bigots not for the poor humans and the homeless the kids an the elderly look trump been in the White House for 4years and no help for the poor and the homeless.
Bridget Gayle
Bridget Gayle Month ago
Everyone should be asking ... How did they impeach a president without enough evidence and now need to keep looking for some, that is not the way the process works.
Tb Rays
Tb Rays Month ago
Trump 2020
Ka Bar Brother
Ka Bar Brother Month ago
Did they not know they would have to be there when they impeached him? Oh, and I totally expect them to be impartial and unbiased in trying the man whose job they’re running for, too.
Robert Hicks
Robert Hicks Month ago
If you are running for President, you need to recuse yourself from the impeachment trial. Plain and simple.
mr kool him self mr kool him self
Trump is and will always be the WEAKEST LYING LINK
LoudmanSpeaks MaxQ
Any Democratic Senators who are running for President need to recuse themselves from ANY participation in the Impeachment trial!...Failure to do so would constitute a clear conflict of interest and grounds to remove their eligibility for a Presidential campaign!
Randolph Ross
Randolph Ross Month ago
The democrats and radical left will continue theyre deadly conquest of destruction to this nation. Most americans want soviet socialism and open borders because it keeps down the price of cocaine coming across the border. 60 percent of white vote democrap only, Trump needs at least 70to80 percent of the white vote to win considering 95+ percent of blacks and Hispanics vote democrap only.
stan toups
stan toups Month ago
LB Month ago
Unbelievable. They must pay for this absolute BS. Fake impeachment, no crime. TREASON
Kiim Abbey
Kiim Abbey Month ago
These four running for president should not be part of impeachment trial, to try an unseat the very person they hope to replace. And what role do they play in the impeachment trial?
Franc GoodMan. Relaxing Videos
Guys plz plz plz if you reading my comment plz subscribe to my channel, i love you so much😘🌷⚘God bless you all.
Ray Ursillo
Ray Ursillo Month ago
E Laine
E Laine Month ago
Serves them right. No one will miss them, especially since the spastic clowns have decided they can dance
Eyvonne Hammonds
And THAT is why Bernie Sanders cannot be President: he lies just as much as the rest of the career politicians.....
James Shepherd
James Shepherd Month ago
Yeah so who cares.
mark long
mark long Month ago
When democrats talk I will never listen
C B Month ago
How is it possible that a fine, young, Israeli, Jewish gentleman, like Mr Schiff, can call for the impeachment of the white, Christian president of the USA?
Michela Mangiaracina
Was Andrew Yang at that NAACP march?
That’s Just Crazy Talk
Demonrat Senators running for President: Waaaaaa, reeeeeee, damn you Nancy. Me: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, and the clown show must go on.
Jack Holly
Jack Holly Month ago
Orange Man Bad? Orange man Badass!! Actually! No stopping this!😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Jack Holly
Jack Holly Month ago
Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Get on the train bitches before you get run over!!
Acuravigor47 Month ago
We all know Trump won’t go anywhere and he will also win in 2020. This is funny to me Lol. Democrats seem like lost clowns.
Nicholas Brewer
Nicholas Brewer Month ago
They won't win so why bother?
Scott Young
Scott Young Month ago
I like how we are in trillions of dollars of debt and we have Democrats trying to expand the government even more. Maybe with Trump's booming economy we can start getting out of it.
Melanie Hales
Melanie Hales Month ago
It’s all a waste of time and other peoples’ money, anyway. And ABC still sucks.
Biker Bernie
Biker Bernie Month ago
The house Democrats force them to leave the campaign Trail they are the ones who voted for the impeachment... Let's put the blame where it belongs
Jack Holly
Jack Holly Month ago
Democrat nominees ~ uber Rich old white people. Who would have guessed?
david forte
david forte Month ago
Oh no don't worry you can go back campaigning in two months when we are done fucking you over
Bill Heathcock
Bill Heathcock Month ago
EXACTLY as Pelosi planned it lol, she hopes to stall the trial through February so her boy Biden can campaign virtually unopposed during the February Caucasus. She's already stated that joe biden will be the dnc choice to run against President Trump because "she says so".
Jim Boyy
Jim Boyy Month ago
Wow so the Dem candidates who are senators actually have to do their jobs, but they are getting paid and usually not there ,or participating ,what a joke
solomon kane
solomon kane Month ago
slow ride en
slow ride en Month ago
Lucky people do not have to listen to the lies an BS.
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