Senate reaches deal on $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill

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In Washington, D.C., a vote could come soon on a $2 trillion dollar lifeline to struggling workers and companies. Nancy Cordes has the latest on Capitol Hill.

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Mar 25, 2020




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Comments 80
tinks bell
tinks bell 21 day ago
Pelosi will get her money before we do.
superstarrr121 Month ago
$1200 per person. Airlines get bailed out ? America airlines has over 49 billion in assets . They don’t need all these billions to be bailed out for 60 days of loss work. Wtf . This is good ol fashion money grab.
Menace K
Menace K Month ago
Shorty @ 0:47 got that wagon
Rick Anthony
Rick Anthony Month ago
SO.....has anyone else taken $ 2.2 trillion and divided it by the number of people in the US (330 million)……….2 things,...……... #1 it's a satanic number (just a coincidence), and #2 it's $6,666.66 for EVERY baby, child, adult, elderly in the US. ?? $1,200 per person, $500 per child ?? What happened to the $ 2.1 Trillion that was unaccounted for the day before the 911 event?, Oh, the two places that they were looking into it, one was the just remodeled section at the Pentagram, the second was Building 7 of the WTC (the one that did the free fall later the same day, the one that the BBC announced that it had fallen, live on air 1/2 hour before it did collapse with building still up in their video). They read their script to soon, OOPS, that's ok, most of the sheeple are ignorant.
Ayman Mohammed
Ayman Mohammed 2 months ago
When will people receive these reliefs and how?
M S 2 months ago
2.2 trillion dollars equals $65,000 per person. You only get $1,200 where is the rest of the money going? 💰
np lit
np lit 2 months ago
That's why I hustle. Have to. Can't lean on the government. Don't want to. True not everyone can. So good luck to everyone.
Robert Simonton
Robert Simonton 2 months ago
Wake up America. To trillion dollars is what is being added to our debt for the stimulus package. This means each American children and older people should get $5,400. They're not getting this they are only getting peanuts. The most is Maybe $1,200. This is a disgrace the way the politicians are spending our money. This is a relief package for the people. The politicians are lining their pockets. Vote all Democrats out of office
Afi James
Afi James Month ago
And the rinos as well.
Manuel Quintero
Manuel Quintero 2 months ago
Well what about son/daughter of an indocumented, will they give it or not?
djmiamamma 2 months ago
Here is a thought: why not find a cure with that money
Lk Mcle
Lk Mcle 2 months ago
I say we go back to work Monday and never ever depend on what the government says ever again... I don't want your blood money.. I'm still working even tho.,, the government is not your friend even though trump is trying his best, still the behind the scenes workers is the problem... Everbody is at home thinking the government is going to help them??? Don't think so people!!! Everybody should be ready to go back work soon, cause government money will not arrive... The money will go to large companies and politicians and big executives of every company
Rick James
Rick James 2 months ago
Over $1600 for every Israeli citizen in the Bill as well....... Also anti-white legislation......
GoodDay 2 months ago
CBS, do retired people on SSI get any check? How come no one talk about this matter?
Blue Victory
Blue Victory 2 months ago
From what I understand they will get a check.
Kiara Thomas
Kiara Thomas 2 months ago
If you did your taxes and you get a card from the IRS we'll your money come on that card even tho you don't have a bank account
Glenn not Glen
Glenn not Glen 2 months ago
EL2ZGOD 2 months ago
@ 0:45
Kevin McCauley
Kevin McCauley 2 months ago
This virus is the back door to global reset
mo cho
mo cho 2 months ago
Do the math people. 115million tax payers x $1200 = $138billion so the big slogan is not for you. you will have to pay back way more for what you get. you will have to pay back $17,000 just for this bill.
Ann Dellorco
Ann Dellorco 2 months ago
Well my tax refund from 2019 went to my student loan..I suppose this money will as well and Will see none of it
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 2 months ago
Shauntrail Skinner
Shauntrail Skinner 2 months ago
So what we have here folks, is a bunch of filthy rich, Ivy League college Politicians, who are deciding if YOU, the American people, should get paid, during your struggles. DUHHH! It does not take an Ivy League genius.. to figure that out, given the circumstances!!! There should NOT have been ANY deliberations on this matter! It should of been automatic! 😡 Tony 59-year-old Black Air Force VET 🇺🇸✈
fernendo santacruz
fernendo santacruz 2 months ago
please resolve claim sbwc2014021750 thank you.
Amanda Williams
Amanda Williams 2 months ago
When all this was planned. There was an option A,B, C and the final option. Now we are in option B which will be distraction directing your attention from the virus cures to looking forward to expecting your money. am looking forward to option C the final drag. Watch out for the next episode of Corona and the government 👀
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 2 months ago
Why not to every person above 18?
CORONA VIRUS 2 months ago
Humans, see your status, now nature will take you😡
Cassie 2 months ago
I have a idea let's start cutting pay and let's start taking away benifit from the top and stop paying them politicians health and mistresses condos that will a bit
J OE 2 months ago
$1200 in bribery for the general public send 1.5 trillion to the cooperate businesses to continue capitalizing on the general public so they can continue living in their mansions!! Read the actual bill instead of listening to biased news & RUvid channels that leave out the pertinent information. You will notice they only give an actual amount for the public but when the businesses get mentioned....there is no mention of the actual amount. We should be passing a bill about how we help the medical aspect of this pandemic. Shame on you for trying to capitalize on us during this time. But it’s the political America way!!1
The Food Adventurer
The Food Adventurer 2 months ago
Bernie 2020
John B
John B 2 months ago
Wait for four months to see relief checks.. WTF are they relieving!?!?!??????🤔😕😕 America's Christmas spending!?!?!?!?!?!???
Glenn not Glen
Glenn not Glen 2 months ago
Cassie 2 months ago
Davelle Coleman
Davelle Coleman 2 months ago
If you didn't file your 2018 tax return (they say that is how they're scaling the benefit you receive), will you still receive your relief money?
El InfantBag
El InfantBag 2 months ago
How will you get the months?
ThaTacoGuy1 2 months ago
1) This bill helps corporations more than it does regular people and small businesses. 2) These politicians still expect millions of Americans to still go into work, especially our healthcare providers, despite the dangers of getting infected. 3)ALL politicians are crooked and are in it for themselves, please understand that.
LightSoundGeometry Analog Electronics
usa needs a revolution and new gov ..time to get rid of the central "fed" bankers and eradicate their entire bloodlines once and for all
joe fran
joe fran 2 months ago
Historic? Oh it will be Historic all right, but not like they think! These Corporate puppet politicians will go down in History as the most murderous, thieving and corrupt group of individuals to ever take office. Selling out this once great Country. Just as Ted Bundy is remembered, you all will be too. How much you want to bet, the big Corporate CEO's of the bailouts will enjoy end of bonuses worth millions in bonuses, all while the small business owners and employees will be crushed. Socialism for the very wealthy. These Politian's know that after their terms end these big Companies they bailed out will invite them to speaking engagements and pay them upwards of $500,000. This is how the systems works. Bribe's and payoffs. The Obama's just recently bought a 11 million dollar second home I believe.
Afi James
Afi James Month ago
Yep, bunch of globalist shitbags from both parties.
Bryan Nguyen
Bryan Nguyen 2 months ago
Bruh 2.4k for couples but 500 for each child they really cutting corners for trying to pay us back out tax money lol
Mike Lindsay
Mike Lindsay 2 months ago
🔥🔥 🥇🥇🥇trending🥇🥇🥇 1:05 💘❣ 👇 👇 👇 👇💯
MIRANDA MIRANDA 2 months ago
APPARENTLY, "SCHUMER AND PELOSI" WANT TO MAKE BELIEVE THAT THEY CARE ABOUT SOMEBODY ELSE AND THEY ARE FIGHTING FOR FOR NEARLY $11 BILLION POT OF MONEY FOR THREE INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT GROUPS. This amount includes $7,286,587,008 for the AfDB, $513,900,000 for the ADF and $3,004,200,000 for the IDA. The funding for these three international organizations was not an 11th-hour addition; it was included in the original Republican version of the coronavirus bill.
N H 2 months ago
🧐Lets do the math. 2 trillion dollars is enough to give every single American citizen $6,000 a piece. They’re offering $1,200 to certain individuals who meet their requirements? What a joke.🤨
longarooni_xv 2 months ago
Why not to every person above 18?
Amit 2 months ago
Its Bad Luck period, for America, after Trump's becoming friends with Indias PM Modi.
The Elder
The Elder 2 months ago
Trump made fun of Obama handling the 2008 recession, now lets see how competent he himself actually is
RodCornholio 2 months ago
What a joke.
Urab Itch
Urab Itch 2 months ago
Oh good they agreed to give me back my own money imagine that....
Matt Oliver
Matt Oliver 2 months ago
Ozark Sapper
Ozark Sapper 2 months ago
Direct deposit huh? Who gave the government the right to track my bank account numbers? 4th amendment much?
Stanley Stewart
Stanley Stewart 2 months ago
Meanwhile Canada just approved $2000 ($1400USD) a month for 4 months for all of their citizens...but we're supposed to be the richest country on earth
fakingtrels 2 months ago
0:46 thicc
El Coyote
El Coyote 2 months ago
It’s crazy to see something that can mimic or possibly surpass the Great Depression...
SIGNOFZODIAC 2 months ago
I’m confused 🤷🏻‍♂️ individuals get $1,200 and couples get $2,400 but is it $2,400 each person in that relationship for couples = $4,800 because if not, that’s the same as two individuals standing right next to each other! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
Goofy Emoji
Goofy Emoji 2 months ago
Most of this $2 trillion is corporate bailout. It's exactly like Obama's bailout in 2008 but on steroids. You're lucky if you get 1k from the government
Jared MvP
Jared MvP 2 months ago
Trixy Felix
Trixy Felix 2 months ago
Guess where a big chunk of the $ is headed - billionaire's pockets. That's what their "campaign contributions" pay for. Even in this crisis corruption and graft comes first.
Nik 2 months ago
Reyes Regime
Reyes Regime 2 months ago
Reason for this is to stop riots and vandalism from occurring.
Vlad Gavrilov
Vlad Gavrilov 2 months ago
That is why we need socialism
Real Fast
Real Fast 2 months ago
Only cities with 500,000 or more will get any of the stimulus package? Kentucky, West Virginia, gets $0.00 ???? LA and NY get tens of billions and even if they lowered it to 50,000 as suggested WVs most populated city is 49,000 plus. $0.00 ? No wonder the Kentucky Senator is theatining delay. They are also worried a Demo might delay but didn't say who. That would obviously be WV Senator Joe Manchin. We are not Grandstanders or victims but remember Trump having no problem paying higher taxes if everyone did. "But why should Donald Trump pay more if no one else is? Would that be fair?" I don't know what President Trump would say but Mr. Trump declared that unfair." Has he changed or was it not true when he said it? Pay Sanctuary Cities and leave out middle Americas working class? Maybe Trump is the chosen one. The question remains, chose by whom and to do what?
Celtic Dawg
Celtic Dawg 2 months ago
China needs to pay for the stimulus!! Hello!!
dennis aquino
dennis aquino 2 months ago
Can't the local government cut the rent in half as well? Specially in California!
Nation V5.2
Nation V5.2 2 months ago
Is it normal or her eyebrows showing the Trump's corona graph?
NWAZ flatEarther
NWAZ flatEarther 2 months ago
Wait for 4 months? I'll probably lose my job, 22 hours now. Business down 4/5 this summer or more. Had my job over 11 years, lucky I start SS soon. I thought I could work a few more years and save my Social Security payments for awhile. Unemployment here I come.
mrmashedpotato 2 months ago
The system must collapse. Fiat currency must be abolished. Wall Street must die.
Michelle Walker
Michelle Walker 2 months ago
Don't keep talking bout it let's Go...... All y'all do is talk... Cut plp their check..... Period
Bernard Johnson
Bernard Johnson 2 months ago
what about people on social security or disability ?
The Angry Bass
The Angry Bass 2 months ago
4 months to receive financial help; imagine that... We need to fire all of them come November. What do you all say?
Richard Kidwell
Richard Kidwell 2 months ago
Nice. Will be based not on need,but whether or not you filed a tax return last year. Would love to see a petition started to "cancel" stimulus payments ,by those of us trying to survive at the poverty level that always get overlooked.
John Marwein
John Marwein 2 months ago
Only God's will
Diddy Doodat
Diddy Doodat 2 months ago
We'll have to wait 4 months but I bet corporations will receive money immediately.
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander 2 months ago
Call J.G. Wentworth 877- Cash-Now
Dino Nuggets
Dino Nuggets 2 months ago
Ummm so big corporations get 500 billion??? Wtf
randy tabron
randy tabron 2 months ago
Who much after pork dem o rats put in could have been more but dem o rats need there pork
Ronell Toliver
Ronell Toliver 2 months ago
So if you depend on the government your family will starve to death.
John Lockett
John Lockett 2 months ago
I wish they would just give me my tax 💰... Still processing.....
Marki7n 2 months ago
yang actually wants happy ppl on the streets.
Marki7n 2 months ago
told yall yang wasnt greedy ubi for 8 years two terms. tax Amazon fb but america wont do it for their ppl. shady.
THEY 2 months ago
Once you understand how our monetary system works, you won't be in a position to depend on crap like this. We have a lot of problems in the US.
Shakazulu Zulu
Shakazulu Zulu 2 months ago
who are the people that may be missed for the coronavirus stimulus bill,
jackassvalet 2 months ago
What about americans who didnt file 2018 taxes? We're still citizens who need help too
Lou Wapo
Lou Wapo 2 months ago
Ole girl was think ASF tho 😭
Bobby Digiacomo
Bobby Digiacomo 2 months ago
None of this my fault
Johnaphon Rogers
Johnaphon Rogers 2 months ago
Will you get your money if u owe taxes
Bertholdt Hoover
Bertholdt Hoover 2 months ago
Yeah I can definitely wait 4 months for a check. Its not like I have rent, bills, car payments, car and health insurance, and student loans to pay. Only in America, do you get so plainly ripped off.
john tran
john tran 2 months ago
Whats the minimum to file tax? What if you only worked 1 day in 2019. Around $150ish and file that? And also win $600 lottery. Lottery is consider w2G income . Will you be able to get this check? Thats under 75k. For singles 😂
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