Senate impeachment trial of Trump officially begins

ABC News
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The history-making moment included the swearing in of Chief Justice John Roberts.
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Jan 17, 2020




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ShyRage1 14 days ago
Not that Trump has been found guilty, the Democrats are in complete panic. I've said it before and I'll say it again. You can't Trump the Trump. I wonder what next the Democrats will be crying about
JeepDan777 24 days ago
Sworn in? 90% of the Democrats already sold their soul to the devil a long time ago
Patti London
Patti London 28 days ago
Is Roberts the final judge on impeachment? What happened to the Hillary passing a fake dossier to investigate Trump.
mltnr290 28 days ago
I am so sick of this s**t. Watching the liberal news networks, or as much of it as I could stand, all they are talking about is how this impeachment will effect the 2020 elections. I only have one thing to say - PUTIN 2020!
Mark Janson
Mark Janson 28 days ago
Disney, Comcast and the NYT and Washington Post need to be broken up. Their Owners and managers arrested for TREASON - then after a fair trial - EXECUTED. This unreal BS has to STOP. Are these wealthy CLOWNS completely insane - Maybe so.
Hyeong Kim
Hyeong Kim 28 days ago
s korea with all the asvab us sent
enigma-el Month ago
who are they swearing too? god? or satan?
Berry Jeyasingh
Berry Jeyasingh Month ago
So many jobless people in full suit
Kekistani Patriot
So according to the watchdog group ALL executive orders intended to circumvent congress' legislative role are illegal. Yet, ALL Democrat candidates are campaigning on reforming or replacing ACA/healthcare. How's that gonna work?
junkies1111 Month ago
Putting your hand on a bible and swear to be truthful is laughable. Your made up god must be piss if u lie 😂
Viet Tommy
Viet Tommy Month ago
so this is where our tax money goes to waste
bling 1
bling 1 Month ago
Schumer you are corrupt the day you were born going against a great president your days will come and Nancy people of United State will stand behind Trump no matter what.chicago
Westendstores Discount
Westendstores Discount
Trump is so cool, he is just going about his job whilst the democrats are pulling their hair out. "WHY IS TRUMP NOT MORE CONCERNED" ??? BECAUSE YOU IDIOTS HE IS NOT GUILTY. HE IS INNOCENT. HE HAS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.
Texas-7111 Freedom and Liberty!
Nice biased video.😒🖕 Trump 2020!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Boris82much Month ago
The very things they are accusing Trump of doing they have done. They say Trump must prove his innocence!!! Look people, if they can do this to a sitting and elected president, they will do it to us. If they want your house but you don't want to sell, they're arrest you, put you in jail and take your land. It won't matter if your'er innocent.
Oliver Phippen
Oliver Phippen Month ago
TIME FOR RECALIBRATION It's funny that the doves are crying for witnesses that they could have called in the House ??? Witnesses will not be granted because the Dims don’t want either Biden to be called cause it will implicate ZERO in an election year ??? The Senate will not / NOT do the Houses job ??? Looks like the House violated their Oath of Constitutional protection for all and support the Constitution ??? There are punishments for government officials who violate the Constitution but normally, they are violating some law which is based on the Constitution, as opposed to just violating the Constitution. ... IF Nancy submits her articles of Impeachment she will be charged with : FRAUD on the Senate court (SHAM -Urgent articles) Ignoring her OATH to the Constitution ) Abuse of power (Constitutional Atty Jonathan Turley warned her of that ) Constitutional Extortion (negotiations with the Senate over the articles ) Contempt of WH (SHAM ) Obstruction of Justice (Taking up the peoples time and money ) Separation of powers (Part of the Constitution) Harassing the POTUS ( 3 years in the preparation -Obsessed with the POTUS ) Hate crime (targeting the POTUS ) And the MSM will be charged with CONSPIRACY linking them to racketeering with the DOVES (easy ) Confirmation that the Dims are unfit to govern -unqualified, -unsuitable ??? When Nancy introduced her Impeachment managers she looked a little sick as she put her own knowledge of the Constitution on display …..exposure to FITNESS - What will be the Houses punishment when the House is exposed for not knowing the constitution /supporting the Constitution or its job ???? They all / ALL VIOLATED their OATH ????? I don't know what the punishment will be because they all knew this was a FRAUD ??? The house will be transformed from this Constitutional violation ?? PUBLIC RECALIBRATION in an election year is huge ??
Jenn smith
Jenn smith Month ago
DID THEY TAKE DOWN ALL THE VIDS OF THE HILARIOUS "IMPEACHMENT WALK"?? i can't find it anymore --- it's so frikkin hilarious to watch the hideous democrat munchkins walking, trying to look serious.
Jay Serrano
Jay Serrano Month ago
Trump 2020!
timmy Month ago
nice waste of the Taxpayers' money
Tracy turnbull
Tracy turnbull Month ago
Tracy turnbull
Tracy turnbull Month ago
Trump 2020
Molana Rumi
Molana Rumi Month ago
I hope this murderer called Trump will be impeached so to avoid war and conflicts. We need peace and harmony restored . Trump represents all evils, and acts as such. He is a disgrace to America. If for nothing else, once America discovered they voted in as president a psychologically sick man, a narcissist of erratic behavior, this reason alone should allow them to remove him from office.
Wexit BC. AB. SK.
Still winning TRUMP 2020!!!! 🍾🥂🍾🥂🍻🍻🇺🇸🇺🇸
Roland O
Roland O Month ago
Nancy Pelosi has opened "Pandora's Box", now all hell misery is looming over the Democrats. I don't think she knew what she was doing - irresponsible. Now it must be paid with "truth" - the little thing that remained in the box ...
Vie Loi
Vie Loi Month ago
Everyone get your impeachment shirt now haha themodernamericana.com/collections/frontpage/products/trump-thanos-what-impeachment-infinity-gauntlet-donald-trump-t-shirt
rolback Month ago
The farce will be over in less than a week. No witnesses, no crime, no evidence. At least a parking ticket offense usually has a car involved. This case has nothing.
Sam Sji
Sam Sji Month ago
Such fools.......all that money could be used for housing Moms 4 housing , education, health care for all Americans!........Term limits for Congress and senators 😎🇺🇸
w t
w t Month ago
send pelosi packing!
aaron Adams
aaron Adams Month ago
Blah blah blah!!! Smh these fools will never learn! Democrats are rats that need to be exterminated!
Almost Lancelot
Almost Lancelot Month ago
Chuck Schumer is even more pathetic than his fat, ugly, joke stealing daughter.
timmy Month ago
these Corrupt Democrats are a Disgrace to the American people
Render B
Render B Month ago
Fake news.
Euro Media
Euro Media Month ago
Go in home Nancy ,you are drunk ,most of Americians like and want Donald Trump for President ,you democrats ,are responsible for destruction of economy !
Blue Subzero
Blue Subzero Month ago
Just drama too much talk and no actions on the impeachment
Daniel Diaz-Lebrun
"...Impartial Justice..." Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure thing.
William Rogers
William Rogers Month ago
Why would anyone not want Joe Biden looked in to. Hes a creep, if anyone, is connected to pizza gate, its him.
Mike Oxbig
Mike Oxbig Month ago
Everyone wants Biden investigated,but 1st trump must go because he is the worst president since Andrew jackson and not mentally fit for office,he thinks we had airplanes in the 1700s
David Mobley
David Mobley Month ago
Kamala Harris: "the very intergrety of the united states senate is on trial." This coming from a nasty woman who jailed thousands of african americans for smoking pot!
Chrissie Julien
Chrissie Julien Month ago
Past elected presidents talk a good game and after they are in the White House instead of working for the PEOPLE of this country they take "donations/contributions", but its really a bribe or payout to get whatever it is they want and THEY GET IT. Trump is crass but everything he has told us, fake news, the pedophiles of the swamp, MS-13, Etc. Etc. IS TRUE. The Democrats can't stand the fact that he is actually DOING HIS JOB. Why would Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats waste so much tax dollars on these dumbass investigations when they should be doing their own jobs and focusing on WAY MORE IMPORTANT THINGS! Obamacare WAS BULLSHIT. People who had insurance through their own employer were basically punished for those who couldn't afford it. I mean what sense does it make to penalize people for not being able to afford healthcare only to make it worse! The healthcare industry as well as pharmaceuticals need price regulations! But Obama took the money and FUCKED US ALL. But how's them free Welfare phones working out for everyone while banks got BAILED OUT. Besides Obama being Black what the fuck did we actually BENEFIT from him in office? What "changed",..in the 8 years he was president!?? Trump has been busting his ass and if everyone hates him like these news anchors claim then why are we now watching this impeachment shit!?? Cuz the Democrats KNOW FULL WELL Trump will win again! They tried the same thing with Judge Kavanah for the supreme court position and the dumb crazy looking lying bitch who remembered he sexually assaulted her at 16. It's a shame that Democrats have no problem lying and destroying good people just because they can't be BOUGHT or they don't drink the "hatorade". Where'd that raggedy bitch go!?? That's right, she crawled back under the rock after the Democrats cut her false flag CHECK....... BOO BITCH YOUR A HORRIBLE ACTRESS AND PERSON!!! Woman that LIE about sexual assault should be IMPRISONED for their BULLSHIT ATTEMPT TO DESTROY ANOTHER PERSON. Not to mention it is an INSULT to the woman who truly have been through a rape.
frog or toad?
frog or toad? Month ago
Hey Chrissie. Ill be honest u sound really mad. If ur trying to get a message thru to someone, sounding mad isnt the way. People only hear the mad. But ill reply so it can become a discussion. To beleive Pres. Trump doesnt take bribes is obsurd. Every president has and that includes our current one. Its sad but true. And yes requiring everyone to get health insurance was lowkey a crazy move but almost everyone has discussed it. And it doesnt have A N Y T H I N G to do with current event in politics. So why bring it up? And the reason this impeachment is happening is because donald basically blackmailed another leader. Which isnt right. Especially when u were meant to help them. Theres evidence now that there was shady crap so why not investigate. And about the allegations against justice kav. I dont know if she was lying. But she seemed honest. In the trial u see her saying she help as much as she can. And she answered all the answers confidently and nicely. The defendant was losing his shit. He was angry and yelling and turning red. No one does that unless it hits them deep and nothing hits deeper then the truth. In my eyes they shouldve investigated better. Many witnesses and other evidence was never shown because apparently it was decided they didnt need it. Which is unfair to everyone involved. It makes it harder to find him guilty or not guilty. Either way their shouldve been more evidence.
Paul H
Paul H Month ago
This is real power in the world
Jek Tono Porkins
Colossal waste of time and money, but that’s what Congress does best.
bahamiantv Month ago
Let the circus begin!!
isaiah david
isaiah david Month ago
this is a mockery of the constitution. a violation of the rights of the public majority state who voted and won the election. this usurpers uses the legal proceedings meant for them to eliminate a political opponent who was able to exposed the generations of senile democrat's who led this country into degradation. this numb, ,short-sighted, selfish, hypocrite politicians go on the process as if respectable, undermining the millions of civilized people around the world watching them roaring with laughter for using the highest court of the land for a tale just to protect their next candidate. SHAMELESS democrat's!!!
Mark M
Mark M Month ago
@isaiah david What denial? You are not making any sense.
isaiah david
isaiah david Month ago
@Mark M in denial is a refusal or unwillingness to accept something or to accept reality.
Mark M
Mark M Month ago
And I would be surprised if anybody is reading this. It's boring as hell.
Mark M
Mark M Month ago
@isaiah davidAre you drunk or just not very bright? That sentence is non sequitur.
isaiah david
isaiah david Month ago
@Mark M if you can assume that your dog has common sense in that definition I and the rest of the people reading this now understand your point of view.
Heath S
Heath S Month ago
hi from Mobile9 ® major companies and entertainment center studios w/ non- profit-sharing I was with Nixon and Clinton The difference the second party involved isn't inda house Thanks God Go Wall Mobile9 ®😎 public comment great job house etc. You deserve the praises$$#9 PS Ukraine was always my uno study until I left DC metro area and you and God willing studying the child slaying etc through Libyan countries To nutshell stop,war, torture etc the people choice God bless,,
Flavio Sousa
Flavio Sousa Month ago
So silly, a waste of time and taxpayers' money.
Sosume 1
Sosume 1 Month ago
Pray the spying Democrats are dragged through the mud. We voted for Mr. Trump to go after all the corrupt career politicians.
Sarah Month ago
only reason I liked him at first . It takes a lot of balls saying your government is corrupt and should be cleaned . It says a lot about him and more people should be listening . This is super upsetting for me and hard to watch .
Gaming and other stuff
wbtjob Month ago
Just another drama theater brought by LGBTQ and d@99f@kk@z to waste of americans taxpayers money.
Al b
Al b Month ago
I support Trump no matter what do you realize how much money is government officials or wasting your tax dollars for this stupid thing he's doing his job and an inn in even if he was doing the opposite you would still blame him so where are we at here?. Every second you waste trying to destroy somebody that's brought this country back from the brink of hell is more money out of the taxpayers dollars let him do what he supposed to do that's what he supposed to do I feel like I'm getting robbed by the government because you guys are wasting so much money trying to do this stupid little Witch Hunt he's got more important things to think about called the world he's the most powerful man in the world and you are trying to destroy him maybe you should be impeached Pelosi and all you guys you guys are like a mob.
Charles Goodson
Charles Goodson Month ago
Now it is our turn, let the games begin.
Ronald Winters
Ronald Winters Month ago
How'd a rapist who's best friends with a pedophile become president
Mike Month ago
My prediction is that: 1. Trump will be acquitted by a very narrow margin - much to the despair of most of the nation. 2. Such a shyster move by the GOP would ultimately prove how broken our system of government is. 3. Trump will fail to be re-elected come November - however, as Trump begins to lose his grip on power in late summer of 2020, and fears that the armor of the Oval Office will fall away and will have to face the music of all the schemes he has wrought - he will become ever more desperate and irrational, and do something entirely insane that will put the citizens of this entire Nation at risk - Thus, my prediction is that we have not yet seen the worst of this horrible man. Be prepared.
sameer dalvi
sameer dalvi Month ago
Hi American's, I am from India. I want to know , will trump get impeached?
sameer dalvi
sameer dalvi Month ago
Well we Indians think, he is a innocent man. You should not remove him..
Mark M
Mark M Month ago
@Sarah Incorrect. I don't know why you people can't get this straight. The House has the sole power for impeachment. The Senate tries the impeachment. This is really pretty simple. Impeachment is an indictment. The Senate tries the case.
Sarah Month ago
no and he is not impeached until trial is finish the guy below me is clueless . Typical !
Mark M
Mark M Month ago
He is impeached but he will probably be acquitted.
Ronald Winters
Ronald Winters Month ago
Practically everyone in Trumps orbit have been convicted of crimes. Birds of a feather
Audio Maverick
Audio Maverick Month ago
God bless you?.... cringe
Tom Thumb
Tom Thumb Month ago
Nothing is worst then trying to convict an innocent man. As Democrats do 24/7 So many innocent blacks in jail because of democrats and democrst prosecutors lies to convict innocent people for there own agenda. This my friends is fact. This my friends just exposes them. ABC anchors are part of this disgrasful behavior.
Jerry Middleton
Jerry Middleton Month ago
Nothing I want to add he wasn't even the president back in 2016 he was campaigning there is no laws broke it wasn't even the president you can't Peach impeach a person for something they did before they became commander and chief I wonder how many laws those Senators broke those Democratic senators broke before they became senators
Jerry Middleton
Jerry Middleton Month ago
You know if the Republicans were smart about this they would get some of the footage from the nineties when Clinton was being impeached because the Democrats had a whole different point of view no he wasn't abusing his power he's the president we should never impeach a president Republican or Democrat Chuck Schumer said that back in the 90s so these Republican Senators had a brain they would bring that to this person's attention the judges attention and play it I'm sure they get RUvid just like everybody else that would be considered a part of evidence would it not history repeating itself
that wasn't.chicken
LOL....Pres Trump announces end of Moochelle Obumma's failed school lunch program.....ON HER BIRTHDAY!!!.........HAW HAW!!!
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