Sen. Paul: I think the Bidens are corrupt

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Kentucky Senator Rand Paul on the Biden Ukraine scandal and the impact on the impeachment trial.
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Published on


Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 2 412
joan Neel
joan Neel Day ago
The Biden’s were blackmailing for 5 Billion dollars, but this was under Obama, so he should also be investigated~
TONY 11 days ago
I would really like to know why Democrats are above the law
Gloria Rider
Gloria Rider 16 days ago
"You're a true AMERICAN patriot-" "Senator Rand Paul!!"
Tamara Hart
Tamara Hart 18 days ago
Lock both of the Bidens up!
J L 18 days ago
I hope there is an investigation, I think many people would like to know what happened.
Delaine Grandmaison
Trump and his family are the worse corrupt people i ever heard about and hanitty is worse
Puma Week
Puma Week 20 days ago
Oh yeah, corn pop is a member of international Mafia
steve nolte
steve nolte 20 days ago
Sean the answer is " of course they would " if the person they hired is the son of the Vice President of the United States of America , nothing but Corruption , and the Bidens are career - Lifelong Politicians who are most likely and certainly corrupt from Papa Joe down to Little Biden , just kick the door in and the rest of the rotting structure collapses , however the Repubs have to have the cahonies to bust one of the Swamp Dwellers and Bottom feeders . political will comes in to play here and the repubs have to have it for once in a long while !
ks Khoo
ks Khoo 21 day ago
The biden are courruped in deed. Arrest them .
David Isaacson
David Isaacson 21 day ago
A clear and present danger to America and Americans is more like it.
nathaniel jacob
nathaniel jacob 22 days ago
And you are not
roger watson
roger watson 22 days ago
Ya Think!!!
James Stanley
James Stanley 22 days ago
hell yes he and his cocaine using son are traitors
julie akers
julie akers 22 days ago
Your great president is a self confessed sexual assaulter kids charity thief tax cheat bonespur coward and 6 time bancruptee that's what he has been found guilty of you all must be very proud
dee jay
dee jay 23 days ago
Good for rand Paul
AlwaysWellSaid Jane
I think Trump wanted it to be clearly stated on televison to Ukraine. For the purpose to keep the record clear that he was not there to do other business or to promulgate ad noseume politics as he 'introduced' himself to Ukrania public. Television stating it clearly, amidst the corruption and politics in the VIEWERS eyes. I think it was to make clear in public! that aide would not be allowed to be received 'under the table' by either party or either country, or be any country. That is Trump's agenda platform and certainly not a surprise to anyone. Clear the Swamp if you haven't heard. It's like professional chaos. And they proved the swamp is real again. Maybe it's habit, but I don't think so. Hunter is just stuck in Joe's political ambitions looks like. I think Joe's mighty proud to tote him around.
AlwaysWellSaid Jane
I think both Biden, the DNC missing server, and the remark which say's 'that drug deal' of big interest. All should be regardless of politics. Corrupt would be to NOT investigate ..that's the swamp chaos.
Marian Vasile
Marian Vasile 23 days ago
Biden Family should have all the assets taken over by the Treasury and used against the debt.
M Schmidt
M Schmidt 23 days ago
They still lie under oath.
John Tatum
John Tatum 23 days ago
So happy today..no witnesses...hooray! It was close...51-49...hope Acquittal comes today 1/31/20
Pete Smith
Pete Smith 23 days ago
In hindsight: There were only two RINO's that voted with the Democrats, Romney (surprise, surprise) and Collins. Traitors both.
Wynette Greer
Wynette Greer 23 days ago
The Bidens are totally corrupt, and so are Kerry’s, Pelosis, & Romney
Alan Johnson
Alan Johnson 23 days ago
Quid pro JOE, Biden is a treasure trove for republicans. The dossier seems like a more serious crime than anything adam is peddling.
michael vo
michael vo 24 days ago
Dj The Shooter
Dj The Shooter 24 days ago
If the Bidens are corrupt, if they broke the law, go get the AG Barr to arrest them. See! It's easy!
really2k1 24 days ago
Hannity - the fake conservative. Neo-con war hungry RINO. If he thinks the president can declare his own wars and use an 18 year old document meant for another country and regime, he's the furthest from a constitutional conservative you can be.
Scott Hullinger
Scott Hullinger 24 days ago
He "thinks" the Bidens are corrupt? Duh!
NOVA RACER 25 days ago
About Time
About Time 25 days ago
The Presidents witnesses should be allowed first, before any Democrat witnesses!
Matlow Jaster
Matlow Jaster 25 days ago
Sure, the Bidens are corrupt, they Democrats, right?
berdboy 25 days ago
100% the bidens are corrupt
Ron Baltus
Ron Baltus 26 days ago
Please let Schiff be the first witness and Hunter Biden the second witness along with his dad!
James Williams
James Williams 27 days ago
Those that support Biden are like an abused spouse ... Joe Biden is a really great guy ... Biden has a history of fraud ...he is so easy to research ... why is this clown not in jail
lauren flanagan
lauren flanagan 27 days ago
Democrats we heard might put their head on a pike if they vote against Biden
bert5056 27 days ago
Do you think Trump is not corrupt? If yes, you are very naieve. Maybe you are also corrupt because you are shouting!
Kim Anh Tran
Kim Anh Tran 27 days ago
Arrest corruption Joe Biden & his rotten son Hunter Biden. Where is the Justice?? Bring them out to the Justice will come out all the truth corruption who behind him??
black M
black M 27 days ago
republicans are such wimps they should be dictating what happens it their senate, when it was in the house the GOP didn't get to call anyone
Linda Tedesco
Linda Tedesco 28 days ago
It is already a kangaroo court, is there any doubt in your minds?
Seattle Solar Supply
Unless Hunter Biden is a cocaine cowboy, he's in a bed of corruption. The Bidens are just as corrupt as Bill and Hillary Clinton.
Diana Woolnough
Diana Woolnough 28 days ago
There is no debate about the Biden's corruption. Joe Biden went on Television and bragged about his own corruption in Ukraine .
William Shoff
William Shoff 28 days ago
Dem's have condemned the President, the Justice Dept. and now the Senate, only thing left to condemn is the Supreme Court. Can we line them up and shoot them then. Please.
mike magic
mike magic 29 days ago
VP Biden sold out the United States of America to Ukraine, China, Iraq, Afghanistan with the approval of Obama. Now the Democrats are running cover for him. They should be ashamed! Biden/Kerry family made MILLIONS!
Danny Cockrell
Danny Cockrell 29 days ago
How can you try to impeach a sitting president with second hand information from a whistleblower . As soon as that information is Presented in court John Robert’s should toss it In the trash. After all that’s how this got started on just hear say.
Makai Mauka
Makai Mauka Month ago
Acquit President Trump without witnesses then move to EXPEL Schiff for three years of endless lying to Congress. Then get rid of Pelosi for starting an Impeachment without a vote by the House. This mess was and is was illegal/ not legit according to the constitution..
Makai Mauka
Makai Mauka Month ago
Voting for witnesses is a mistake...
Makai Mauka
Makai Mauka Month ago
Dismiss the impeachment without witnesses then jump on these criminals with both feet...
Never forget Sean Hannity advocated supported and fomented the Iraq war and supported Bush and his rapid expansion of Government and the lessening of our civil liberties under the Patriot Act
Reagan Cognata
Reagan Cognata Month ago
Joe Blow
Joe Blow Month ago
Love your honesty the Biden’s are corrupt as hell anyone who can’t see that is freaking blind or an idiot
Kathy Smith
Kathy Smith Month ago
Rand your days are number if you don’t vote to dismiss this dems circus of impeachment! Wake up already!
Gloria Rider
Gloria Rider Month ago
"Everything the Dems accused TRUMP of doing--they are DOING & are still doing it!"
teage Month ago
I think there are corrupt Republicans too. As much of a sham this whole impeachment is I hope it at least puts a giant bright spotlight on all the dirty Dems and Reps.
patricia utzman
patricia utzman Month ago
Millions of businesses do that. Just ask the common worker. They get passed over all the time for the bosses kid or the kid of his golf buddy.
Light up the dark
More and more waking up and speaking out, great news.
Bobby Barrett
Bobby Barrett Month ago
No doubt any republicans that votes for witnesses or votes impeachment will get the boot no doubt about it
Ed M
Ed M Month ago
Hey Rand--big shot --The Pauls' are corrupt and you are learning from the master of corruption your messiah Don the Con. Then you go on the propaganda sewer to tout your BS--where are Trump tax returns??? in Russia??
Gloria Rider
Gloria Rider Month ago
"All this bogus impeachment crap- happened- because they hate TRUMP MORE than they LOVE AMERICA!"
C Connon
C Connon Month ago
Trump is king of corruption!!! Hands down.
Diana Sloan
Diana Sloan Month ago
Crazy Uncle Joe bragged on TV than he withheld taxpayer money from Ukraine until a prosecutor was fired who was investigating Hunter Biden for corruption!
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