Selena Gomez Reveals What Bill Murray Kept Whispering to Her at Cannes

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Selena Gomez talks about her movie The Dead Don't Die and describes some of the antics her co-star Bill Murray teased her with while promoting the film.
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Selena Gomez Reveals What Bill Murray Kept Whispering to Her at Cannes


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Jun 12, 2019

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Comments 1 822
StarkForever Day ago
Her face is so swollen
Brand. Math
Brand. Math 6 days ago
2:06 Jimmy Fallon learned from his Trump interview I see
LilianO 7 days ago
I get why Justin Bieber can't get over her. She's magnificent.😍😍😍
Talia Aguiar
Talia Aguiar 11 days ago
Essa mulher é maravilhosa ❤
Krysten Chambers
Krysten Chambers 13 days ago
Oh no her kidneys must be having some flushing issues. She's beautiful, but u can see it in her face that her lymphatic system is backed up, which typically is a kidney and liver issue. Lupus also creates inflammation so. She needs some gut health to heal that immune system.
Nick Soapdish
Nick Soapdish 15 days ago
Selena's dress looks beautiful
Obs Hmra
Obs Hmra 15 days ago
She is fat now
Barnali Das
Barnali Das 16 days ago
Selena I love you
Tychus Major
Tychus Major 17 days ago
I might watch
subir mukherjee
subir mukherjee 18 days ago
Selena you r not hot at all, hottest, my says that...
Mikie E
Mikie E 18 days ago
Selena look like she don't give a fuck her entire time on Fallon. Smh
Randy Angel
Randy Angel 18 days ago
The Cover art for that cd looks like the one from Will Sparks and Scndl-Tombstone
puth p
puth p 19 days ago
High Depression gain weight.
Clint Jacops
Clint Jacops 19 days ago
Wow ❤
Captain Brandon Horror Film Lover
I can sympathize with the horror film lover shown in the clip. I _LOVE_ me some horror genre (from Slashers, to Italian "Giallo" films, Zombie epics, Vampires, Werewolf films) so whenever someone gets a piece of trivia wrong, its strangely grating to me. lol He just seems a bit socially backwards. lol
SOU SAMNANG 21 day ago
Like the ways you are, Selena!
Clint Jacops
Clint Jacops 19 days ago
Asuna San
Asuna San 21 day ago
I missed selena
Mike B
Mike B 22 days ago
Why is there gore in the film... the mkultra agenda never ends...
Captain Brandon Horror Film Lover
Meh, but who wants to watch a gore-free zombie/comedy?
Anonymous 23 days ago
She doesn't really seem like herself. She seems almost irritated and moody. 2:06 and 2:18 was awkward. And look at her facial expression on 2:40. She looks almost pissed and irritated my Jimmy. So I'm surprised why most commenters haven't noticed that.
Yorleni Martinez
Yorleni Martinez 23 days ago
Bonita hermosa mi cele!
Monarquista Rebelde
Why is she that bloated?
Khairany Salsabila
Khairany Salsabila 24 days ago
Yes mom keep the good comeback🔥😭😭
Dr.B Mirza
Dr.B Mirza 24 days ago
Why does she look fat here ? Water retention, Or just fat ?
Zahid Rahim
Zahid Rahim 24 days ago
ending song name ?
Rahul Ps
Rahul Ps 24 days ago
What about Selena's kidney ? Is she well
Sharlene Bux
Sharlene Bux 24 days ago
She's not all that.if it weren't for Justin her partner in crime back in the day... Justin made you
Garvita Singh
Garvita Singh 25 days ago
For a celebrity to mess up their hair, it's a big thing honestly
Sahi Junior
Sahi Junior 25 days ago
her face looks so fat
Vinoli Ayeh
Vinoli Ayeh 25 days ago
Serena is very healthy ...😍
Vidhyesh Shetty
Vidhyesh Shetty 26 days ago
I have only 1ne question? Why the hell on earth..why...why...why...him?
lovely dreams
lovely dreams 26 days ago
she looks so healthy and happy! can’t wait for the new album!
cool dude
cool dude 26 days ago
I love Selena. She is so attractive. She did a great job in taki taki.
j pune
j pune 27 days ago
She pretends to be happy but inside she is very sad god bless you selena. Keep you in good health.
Afsane .m
Afsane .m 27 days ago
My queen ❤
James Natha
James Natha 28 days ago
Love u selena
A McAdams
A McAdams 28 days ago
Love her❤️ Wish happiness🤗
Yakub Pasha
Yakub Pasha 28 days ago
kiran kumar
kiran kumar 28 days ago
shes nothing before bill murrray and his acting.she leak her own vid what she does
Nej Scarlet
Nej Scarlet 29 days ago
I love selena :D
Josef Josef
Josef Josef 29 days ago
Why is her face so big now??
onwe chimezie Promise
Love you so much Selena
Annie Grace Besing
Annie Grace Besing 29 days ago
Love you, Selena
Kath 29 days ago
Oh my love ❤
Ninucaa Rexviashvili
Are they really getting married?
blacked out peach
blacked out peach 29 days ago
1:44 that laugh tho😫😍😍
Alonso Perez
Alonso Perez 29 days ago
Selena is pregnant
aryan kumar
aryan kumar Month ago
Love to see that she moved on and now she is happy we selenators love her killer smile
Jasmine Month ago
Like her shiney dress ; she shine always 💪💥
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