Selena Gomez Reveals What Bill Murray Kept Whispering to Her at Cannes

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Selena Gomez talks about her movie The Dead Don't Die and describes some of the antics her co-star Bill Murray teased her with while promoting the film.
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Selena Gomez Reveals What Bill Murray Kept Whispering to Her at Cannes




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Comments 80
Dipson sherpa
Dipson sherpa 27 days ago
I love you selena Gomez forever
elvin gador
elvin gador Month ago
es tan segura de si misma esa mujer, la quiero mucho.
Justinwolfordfilms 2 months ago
Her laugh made me laugh @ 1:42
Hasindu Navodya
Hasindu Navodya 2 months ago
Isn't there any man than Bill Murray in earth to marrie
Mr.FluffySnow 2 months ago
Selena is broken now
Wilson Cumbicus
Wilson Cumbicus 2 months ago
Badrun Nesa
Badrun Nesa 2 months ago
I want to say to justin bieber 😞 GO TO HELL!!! NOW MY GIRL IS MARRIED
Daniel Taku
Daniel Taku 4 months ago
Ciana Mc
Ciana Mc 5 months ago
Letting her know??????????? Smh
Amy Dyer
Amy Dyer 5 months ago
He told her, her kidney was in his kitchen at one time
Karina CaDel
Karina CaDel 5 months ago
Аоорл Рооро
Везет же кому то из парней!)))
Аоорл Рооро
Я бы очень хотел сделать селене кунилингус!)))
Аоорл Рооро
Мечтаю оказаться между ножек у Селены)))
Dfghj Joph
Dfghj Joph 6 months ago
Какая же красавица ммммм)))) просто идеал красоты)))
Dfghj Joph
Dfghj Joph 6 months ago
Очень хочется сделать селене кунилингус!)))
KsX 6 months ago
He is not a big kidd. Once again he ain't a big kiddddd..... He is old enough to be ye fckin grandpa and now u go fck himmmmmmm......
Hassan Gholamian
Hassan Gholamian 6 months ago
that was the most ridiculous and stupid movie of all time i waste my time on watching. the guy just wanted to make something.
Brandi Marie
Brandi Marie 6 months ago
She got kennekas kidney.
that199Xgrrrl 6 months ago
Funny this is similar in the ending of Lost In Translation.
i havent seen the movie. but is it on dvd yet?
Barry Capehart
Barry Capehart 7 months ago
He was asking how is Kenneka Jenkins' kidney holding up....
nidhi singh
nidhi singh 7 months ago
Is she really getting married to bill
Рропо Ппдо
Рропо Ппдо 7 months ago
Везет же комуто... я завидую тем парням которые делали или делают куни селене)
Рропо Ппдо
Рропо Ппдо 7 months ago
Ножки просто обалденные)))
Рропо Ппдо
Рропо Ппдо 7 months ago
Безумно красивая и очень приятная девочка)
/// AMG
/// AMG 8 months ago
I just listened to interview of Hailey and i can see why JB fell for her. Someone easier to live with and listen to.
NissaDaBinks 8 months ago
Bill was flirting! Let's be real!
Greg Dahlen
Greg Dahlen 8 months ago
too short a clip don't really get a sense of her personality
little Do
little Do 9 months ago
Movie sucked but she was great.
The black kid from Norway
Her voice tho💜
Laya Ali
Laya Ali 10 months ago
Bill Murray and Selena dating??
Anuz gier
Anuz gier 10 months ago
love you selena❤️❤️
Lok Moti
Lok Moti 10 months ago
Между твоих ножек мечтаю оказаться!)))
Lok Moti
Lok Moti 10 months ago
Такой красотке одно наслаждение сделать кунилингус!)))
Lok Moti
Lok Moti 10 months ago
Обожаю тебя девочка!!!)
:ملاك الحربي
Selena 😍
Chris Brown
Chris Brown 10 months ago
No denying shes a pretty thing...peace
Rohit Devar
Rohit Devar 10 months ago
selena you have bcome too fat
Village Nepal
Village Nepal 10 months ago
i love you selena
follow The footprint
follow The footprint 11 months ago
😘😘😘😘❤️ selena so much
Koko Chanel
Koko Chanel 11 months ago
I love you Selena
Tïffäny Shavonə
Tïffäny Shavonə 11 months ago
seriously jimmy? i cant watch your show without you spoiling something. ughhh you give away too much lol
Nikhil Singh
Nikhil Singh 11 months ago
selena : marries bill murray bieber and abel: WTF!!!!
Jena B
Jena B 11 months ago
wait.. The Dead Don't Die and Zombieland 2 ?
Ifti Hossain
Ifti Hossain 11 months ago
zaza ali
zaza ali 11 months ago
Justin watch this video multiple time without hailey
Stardust 11 months ago
Her face is so swollen
Brand. Math
Brand. Math Year ago
2:06 Jimmy Fallon learned from his Trump interview I see
World Changer
World Changer Year ago
I get why Justin Bieber can't get over her. She's magnificent.😍😍😍
Talia Aguiar
Talia Aguiar Year ago
Essa mulher é maravilhosa ❤
Krysten Chambers
Oh no her kidneys must be having some flushing issues. She's beautiful, but u can see it in her face that her lymphatic system is backed up, which typically is a kidney and liver issue. Lupus also creates inflammation so. She needs some gut health to heal that immune system.
Nick Soapdish
Nick Soapdish Year ago
Selena's dress looks beautiful
Obs Hmra
Obs Hmra Year ago
She is fat now
Barnali Das
Barnali Das Year ago
Selena I love you
Tychus Major
Tychus Major Year ago
I might watch
subir mukherjee
Selena you r not hot at all, hottest, my says that...
Mikie E
Mikie E Year ago
Selena look like she don't give a fuck her entire time on Fallon. Smh
Randy Angel
Randy Angel Year ago
The Cover art for that cd looks like the one from Will Sparks and Scndl-Tombstone
puth p
puth p Year ago
High Depression gain weight.
Clint Jacops
Clint Jacops Year ago
Clint Jacops
Clint Jacops Year ago
Wow ❤
SAMNANG S. Year ago
Like the ways you are, Selena!
Clint Jacops
Clint Jacops Year ago
j san
j san Year ago
I missed selena
Mike B
Mike B Year ago
Why is there gore in the film... the mkultra agenda never ends...
Anonymous Year ago
She doesn't really seem like herself. She seems almost irritated and moody. 2:06 and 2:18 was awkward. And look at her facial expression on 2:40. She looks almost pissed and irritated my Jimmy. So I'm surprised why most commenters haven't noticed that.
Yorleni Martinez
Bonita hermosa mi cele!
Monarquista Rebelde
Why is she that bloated?
peached yeolmae
Yes mom keep the good comeback🔥😭😭
Mirza.mm Year ago
Why does she look fat here ? Water retention, Or just fat ?
Zahid Rahim
Zahid Rahim Year ago
ending song name ?
Rahul Ps
Rahul Ps Year ago
What about Selena's kidney ? Is she well
Shar Newton
Shar Newton Year ago
She's not all that.if it weren't for Justin her partner in crime back in the day... Justin made you
Garvita Singh
Garvita Singh Year ago
For a celebrity to mess up their hair, it's a big thing honestly
Sahi Junior
Sahi Junior Year ago
her face looks so fat
Vinoli Ayeh
Vinoli Ayeh Year ago
Serena is very healthy ...😍
Vidhyesh Shetty
I have only 1ne question? Why the hell on earth..why...why...why...him?
lovely dreams
lovely dreams Year ago
she looks so healthy and happy! can’t wait for the new album!
cool dude
cool dude Year ago
I love Selena. She is so attractive. She did a great job in taki taki.
Abdur Rahman
Abdur Rahman 7 days ago
@Rajkumar Trivedi could be
Rajkumar Trivedi
Rajkumar Trivedi 10 months ago
can you tell me selina really marrying bill please
j pune
j pune Year ago
She pretends to be happy but inside she is very sad god bless you selena. Keep you in good health.
Afsane .m
Afsane .m Year ago
My queen ❤
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