Selena Gomez and Jimmy Cry While Eating Spicy Wings (Hot Ones)

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Selena Gomez and Jimmy go head-to-head eating spicy wings that get progressively hotter as Hot Ones host Sean Evans grills them with questions.
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Selena Gomez and Jimmy Cry While Eating Spicy Wings (Hot Ones)


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Jun 11, 2019




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Comments 80
Sonim Machinao
Sonim Machinao 5 hours ago
If they eat my food (Indian northeast food )😂😅they will go to hospital🏥 😂😅
_ OneLove
_ OneLove 8 hours ago
Was the barking necessary? She was trying to answer the question but he was over reacting like 🙄. I wanted to hear what she was trying to say.
Hilal Younus
Hilal Younus Day ago
It would be better if jimmy just be his own self rather than pretending to be funny...
Isiac Hollen
Isiac Hollen Day ago
Jimmy, shave
Red Shaddows
Red Shaddows Day ago
They're lucky Sean only gave them 4 hot sauce
俺の庭 Day ago
B A 2 days ago
manuel guerreiro
manuel guerreiro 3 days ago
Hilal Younus
Hilal Younus Day ago
Haapi 3 days ago
5:34 love how jimmy gets scared hahahahahhah
Evan Vincent
Evan Vincent 3 days ago
I wish Jimmy woulda just gone on Hot ones, I would’ve liked to see that
Jesper Lian
Jesper Lian 4 days ago
to be honest, those sauces are very mild
Rebecca Cruz
Rebecca Cruz 7 days ago
First time I actually see them eat most of the chicken, makes me so happy
E Parker
E Parker 7 days ago
why on earth he behaves worse than a 5 yr old? so annoying and immature
JT Badrinath
JT Badrinath 8 days ago
Jimmy Fallon's jokes are so lame 😒
EmJeePee 8 days ago
At this point sean doesn’t even feel how hot it is
Sara 8 days ago
welp this was embarassing
Claire Brophy
Claire Brophy 8 days ago
gotta keep an eye out for selenerrr
Josh & Kia
Josh & Kia 9 days ago
Trinidad and Tobago in the Building💀🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹
Zachariah Ralte
Zachariah Ralte 10 days ago
I'm hungry by watching it👁️👄👁️😂
ohlook 10 days ago
Selena was so genuinely annoyed 😭😭
Diana DelRosario
Diana DelRosario 10 days ago
they rlly disrespected sean like that hes best host literally ever lmao he aint evil
George Washington
George Washington 12 days ago
7:29 Selena: Why do you do this to people?! Jimmy: You Evil Man, Evil, Evil Man, YOU SICK EVIL MAN!!!
Nate Harvey
Nate Harvey 12 days ago
Jimmy is a mess in this episode
Luis Ruiz-ortega
Luis Ruiz-ortega 12 days ago
No sé por qué les pica tanto si deberían estar acostumbrados aló picoso 👺
Jessica Atkins
Jessica Atkins 13 days ago
Selena is so beautiful
Xian Mendoza
Xian Mendoza 13 days ago
This show Fucking sick
Snxdes 14 days ago
This is one of the annoying Jimmy has ever been in a show. everything else is just him slamming his table
Sujan Thapa
Sujan Thapa 14 days ago
Selena's dress is more brighter than my future😐
Will Tate
Will Tate 14 days ago
She’s so beautiful
Hardik Manwani
Hardik Manwani 14 days ago
7:46 Story of my life.
john smith
john smith 15 days ago
oh poor over paid jimmy kimmel had real buffalo sauce poured over his head and it wasnt fake sauce .
GameDime 15 days ago
What are you doing LMFAO
ØP NinJa
ØP NinJa 15 days ago
Unpopular opinion - Jimmy ruined the show.
sathnidu athauda
sathnidu athauda 16 days ago
Wow jimmy should quit after this shit
rod 16 days ago
I'd like to see a full hot ones episode with Selena, of course minus Jimmy because... well you know.
Adnan Ahmad
Adnan Ahmad 16 days ago
look at her cheeks
Christopher Clarke
Christopher Clarke 16 days ago
Sean Evans will be the host of the Tonight Show when Jimmy retires... I'm calling it.
Roxi Hashman
Roxi Hashman 16 days ago
Do a shot of tequila and swish around, it should work
kumar satyam
kumar satyam 17 days ago
Jimmy the kind of friend I'm embarrassed to hang with 😂
Kaushik Viswanathan
Jimmy acting like he's dealing with spice for the first time, and Sean actually has to be the one keeping focus/attention on Selena
RT Ph 18 days ago
Cuvm ttou
alastair brauns
alastair brauns 19 days ago
jimmy fallon looking like a fool with hot sauce...
Prashant speaks
Prashant speaks 20 days ago
This was a iconic moment and this would go in history books?? Im going to mars.
Raelatable 22 days ago
Selena is so calm and classy and Jimmy is just barking like what
Haxel Hazard
Haxel Hazard 22 days ago
Didn't even mention Sean in the title... Disliked
Prapatan Kranggan
Prapatan Kranggan 22 days ago
Sean interviews BETTER than Jimmy does.
Lottie Ochoa
Lottie Ochoa 23 days ago
I cant stop laughing !!!!
The boy Nicolas
The boy Nicolas 24 days ago
Dangit I didnt think that bald dude was gonna be there
Tgvb Villanueva
Tgvb Villanueva 25 days ago
HAILEY BALDWIN - spill your guts.
Harley Gia
Harley Gia 25 days ago
Selena really went from, “it’s not bad” to, “this is horrible” in a minute
Faris 17
Faris 17 25 days ago
I want them to use actual Trinidad pepper . I am from Trinidad and scorpion and a pepper named 7 pot makes a foringer cry .
Matave Parapong
Matave Parapong 26 days ago
Cool😋 I like Mexican for fish tacos it’s not easy but I Love it.🙏🏻😉I like you, You’re know about details😎and I like U Jimmy So😉
Undead Abyss
Undead Abyss 27 days ago
Look at Jimmy just tear those wings apart, holy shit!
James Reames
James Reames 28 days ago
06:03 02:18 02:54
kyle elliott
kyle elliott 28 days ago
Sean is killing
Lekhaz Samuel Raju
Lekhaz Samuel Raju 28 days ago
Hey guys You know when Sean has the best time in his career In a vaca-sean
Ira Garcia
Ira Garcia 28 days ago
Come up with your own game. Playing this on your show is just wrong. Sean could've interviewed her and we would get a better episode. This is annoying.
Jay Tee
Jay Tee 29 days ago
He's overacting. As usual. She's struggling
Nishant Narang
Nishant Narang Month ago
The way she said 'What the Hell'
Bianna Aikins
Bianna Aikins Month ago
Sean eats the wings like it’s nothing
Andrew Stein
Andrew Stein Month ago
Selena is one of the sexiest celebrities I
Ligia Caceros
Ligia Caceros Month ago
Vodka works better than milk
Mei Fransisca
Mei Fransisca Month ago
I really want to eat chicken wings rn 🙄
Abdou HLM
Abdou HLM Month ago
jason statham what are you doing here ? 😂😂
Abdou HLM
Abdou HLM Month ago
OMG!!!! Since when did Jason Statham become the referee of the Hot Pepper Championship? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
YeseniaJ Zuniga
YeseniaJ Zuniga Month ago
Jimmy: “wait you haven’t eaten your wings!” Sean: Why you gotta expose me like that man😂
Shashank Bidkar
Shashank Bidkar Month ago
That baldie Has no taste buds
Jimins Wife
Jimins Wife Month ago
Chicomacheeno Month ago
Sean! You a fuckin madman!!
J-Dog West-Combo
Can we all just collectively tell Fallon to just *not*? Man he's annoying and needs to learn to shut the fuck up some times
Rsobregon52 Month ago
I cant believe Sean got to do the Outtro into commercial, thats like an amazing honor for any guest.
AJ Month ago
selena thinks jimmy is a retard like the rest of us
UndeadViking Month ago
Thought this was a rip off glad sean was there
Alexander Johansen
Jimmy doing the MOST
Miguel Guerrero
Miguel Guerrero Month ago
Jimmy is so cringe, I was about to exit but stayed for the great Sean.
Ramp10er Month ago
It would be much more funny if they were singing while eating hot ones.
kaizoisevil Month ago
Jimmy Fallon looks a bit like Jimmy Kimmel with that facial hair.
John Pun
John Pun Month ago
Captain hot ones killin it
CrypticNinja Month ago
Jimmy is like the annoying side of Arturo tbh
Siddhesh Dubey
Siddhesh Dubey Month ago
priyanka chopra did that better😒🤣💘anyways,love u selena🥀
André Borges
André Borges Month ago
I love the way how Selena eat's his chicken
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