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SEE YOU AGAIN featuring Kali Uchis

Tyler, The Creator
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98% 693 249 13 543

From "SCUM FUCK FLOWER BOY" 2017* --------
DIR: Wolf Haley
DP: Luis Panch Perez
PRO:Happy Place



8 авг 2018

tyler the creatorsee you againkali uchiscan i get a kissgolf le fleur*scum fuckflower boywet pantsasap rockywhere this flower bloomwolf haley




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Yojan García
Yojan García 5 часов назад
came here for kali uchis
Brigitte vega
Brigitte vega 7 часов назад
Loving the hair 🤤😍
WAMPY 12 часов назад
Crazy clip wow
Nora Chance
Nora Chance 14 часов назад
faggot should not have had a female SEE YOU AGAIN featuring Kali Uchis sing for him since he likes guys.. should of had only men sing.. stupid dumb ugly faggot... at least hes ugly then and so are white boys.. you cant name one good looking white boy.. elvis was ugly.. brad pit is ugly.. Donald trump is ugly.. all white men are ugly.. but heterosexual straight men are good looking .. tavoir Mowry, step curry, asap rocky, tupac shakur, a local ethan ford ects.. all these men are good looking black guys who look way better looking than any full blooded pure white pink skinned thin lip guy, boy or man.. so I'm very happy! have nothing to lose but uglyiness..
alberto gomez
alberto gomez 16 часов назад
go back to the cotton plantation
Michael King
Michael King 16 часов назад
Chris Breezy with the dance moves!! I C U Tyler
yui 18 часов назад
got schooled
Kristian Kadlubiak
Kristian Kadlubiak 18 часов назад
Poor form on those pushups buddy. 0:04 definitely not a full range of motion there
silvania honorato
silvania honorato 20 часов назад
Como n gostar do tyler .
Kristian Cooper
Kristian Cooper День назад
Been a fan of him since 2011 when I was a junior in high school and now I’m 24 and I’m in the Navy and this song always makes me think of my girlfriend! Thats what our ships look like even!
P o e t
P o e t День назад
Dude that trumpet just adds so much to an already amazing song.
the TLH Dimension
the TLH Dimension День назад
0:08 omfg asap be in everything
Brenda Cantú Cruz
Brenda Cantú Cruz День назад
Comentario en español: TE AMO
SupaDupaHooper День назад
why is there a f15 on a carrier
Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Lenin День назад
0:53 These Somalian pirates about to get shot
Seby DJ
Seby DJ День назад
What was the original name
Kristóf Szobácsi
Kristóf Szobácsi День назад
1:40 Showing some respect for the Kamikaze to land xD
thank you tyler, very cool!
Riki Wahyudi
Riki Wahyudi День назад
Grace VanderWaal cover
lucía guaza
lucía guaza День назад
he singlehandedly included two bops in one video. king
The Gamer Clyde
The Gamer Clyde 2 дня назад
Notice when Tyler at 1:36 says bumblebee a little sfx plays. That is his "theme" if you will. This tune usually plays whenever a "bee" is involved or smth. Like in the last part of the song
Jallo 2 дня назад
Why did I just now notice he has spotted hair
abraham abraham
abraham abraham 2 дня назад
TheDemoSpy 91
TheDemoSpy 91 2 дня назад
20 20 20 20 Vision, Cupid hit me Cupid hit me with Percision ❤
Sumaiyah Njie
Sumaiyah Njie 2 дня назад
When he turned into a ghost it reminded me of this... IS THAT A WILD JELLYFISH?!?! ZING ZING IM GONNA STING YOU ZING ZING
Camilo Fajardo
Camilo Fajardo 2 дня назад
This is the best shit I have ever seen
Surianath 2 дня назад
Dis a mood
D M 2 дня назад
Can Tyler and Wes Anderson collab already
Alex Kenney
Alex Kenney 3 дня назад
OnlyJokess 3 дня назад
Im thinking if i should dedicate this song to my girl lol
Gissell Vasquez
Gissell Vasquez 4 дня назад
Am I the only one that thinks Kali & Tyler should go on tour together or make a whole ass album?
boi thunda
boi thunda 4 дня назад
What was that extra verse?
Emma York
Emma York 4 дня назад
I want to marry u 👌🏻👌🏻😂
TheOneAndOnlyLordUglyFlorist 4 дня назад
Katzi Draws
Katzi Draws 4 дня назад
Kalis verse gives me tingles
Garry Wishdie
Garry Wishdie 4 дня назад
gc1543 xd
gc1543 xd 4 дня назад
This shit is fire
BANANA MARKET 4 дня назад
estamos esperando você no Brasil... mother fuck... kisses
Lauryn 4 дня назад
genius. 🐐.
And Rewww
And Rewww 5 дней назад
Can u guys suggest other tyler song?
King Crimzin
King Crimzin 2 дня назад
And Rewww just check out flower boy his album
I H A V E N O N A M E 5 дней назад
Wait am i the only one who read wiz khalifa in the title
billy from hell
billy from hell 5 дней назад
Good song
Leo 5 дней назад
I don’t understand the video tho but it’s soooo good
Azamo 8 часов назад
Basically him and his wife are going to war and he's a ghost at the end because he died in the war
97060949034034934983 5 дней назад
HeyItsNatt День назад
Igot1penn y
Igot1penn y 5 дней назад
97060949034034934983 yee
Benny Miranda
Benny Miranda 5 дней назад
That phone is only able to make calls to and from different parts of the ship
Dejuan Williams
Dejuan Williams 5 дней назад
Bro keep doing your damn thang !!!
Pual 6 дней назад
catchy asf
evan gundlach
evan gundlach 6 дней назад
Once you fall in love come back and listen to this, you’ll relate so much too it. Ik this cuz it’s happening for me right nowwww 🌳🌻🐝🐞🌸
Porky Pug
Porky Pug 6 дней назад
This is pretty much like the Renaissance period but for Tyler The Creator
Jegura08 Plays
Jegura08 Plays 6 дней назад
The girls squad looks like bananas
mo bamba
mo bamba 6 дней назад
who else bought some golf t-shirts the other day
mo bamba
mo bamba 6 дней назад
can we get a odwgkta reunion plz
Froggit _
Froggit _ 6 дней назад
0:09 A$AP Rocky is that you i see in there??
Кирилл Ларкин
Кирилл Ларкин 6 дней назад
tyler has seen karlson
sonny lee
sonny lee 6 дней назад
ASAP rocky just there chillin
Skodm 6 дней назад
didnt expect it to turn into where this flower blooms
Big 7 дней назад
Rozes 7 дней назад
20 20 20 20 vision, cupid hit me with precision
Me 101
Me 101 7 дней назад
This was published on the day after my birthday. Great present.
Flex Piper
Flex Piper 7 дней назад
Tyler reppin the Dennis Rodman hair color in this 👍
Gabriela Diaz
Gabriela Diaz 7 дней назад
fr can someone sing this song to me so I feel loved 😔
La Tuque
La Tuque 7 дней назад
Been depress for a year and a half now.. Your music is special my guy you re-learnt me life and what really matters. Thats what I call art in the soul. Love u tyler💪🙏
bouncyshield 7 дней назад
1:41 when he says "I" his eye lights up and it got me so hard
Jennifer Kamweny
Jennifer Kamweny 7 дней назад
T The Goat!
fruitycup of evie
fruitycup of evie 8 дней назад
“Can I get a kiss, and can you make it last forever, I said I’m about to go to war, and I don’t know if imma see you again.” I’m a junior and my crush is a senior joining the military 😭😭
Strayven 8 дней назад
0:06 Does he say relocate, we’re lowkey, or you look in?
Beep Bob Burrick
Beep Bob Burrick 8 дней назад
I showed this to a fat kid He’s still fat but he liked the song
Brigitte vega
Brigitte vega 7 часов назад
Beep Bob Burrick Lmaoooo
CheySenpie День назад
Lmao wow 😆
Aaron Flowers
Aaron Flowers 4 дня назад
Exavion Johnson
Exavion Johnson 5 дней назад
imagine one day you get famous off of your stolen comment
psycho bratt
psycho bratt 6 дней назад
reiilnyckyj 8 дней назад
20/20 20/20 VISION sick of sick of sick of chasing okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay *lmao i can't stop saying these every fucking day do i need help¿?¿*
TURDY_ WATER 8 дней назад
No one gonna mention the fact that his cut looks like a soccer ball
scientificpeople02 8 дней назад
Anyone else triggered by the planes on aircraft carrier?
Kunzang Bhutia
Kunzang Bhutia 9 дней назад
Tyler low-key tryna save bees.
o X
o X 9 дней назад
Guardian Angels wear red beretss. Gear Up
infinite zero
infinite zero 9 дней назад
im gonna blast this song in 2020
the lord is good
the lord is good 9 дней назад
EYE swear this is poetry
TrossBossinIt 9 дней назад
Only Tyler the Creator can put 3 songs in 1 and make it all blend together
Pickle Wart
Pickle Wart 9 дней назад
Translation: "Yo niggas, I be gay up in dis biatch! Suk EEET!"
Htx_Cameron 9 дней назад
I understand the bees, but the "run it" kills me 💀
Haley Taylor
Haley Taylor 9 дней назад
it's an ugly video
Spicy 9 дней назад
0:50 this part always hits me man
Pink Llama
Pink Llama 10 дней назад
1.25 speed is better in my opinion
Sara Yang
Sara Yang 11 дней назад
wow, MORMOR ....performing in Portland and Los Angeles but.... what about OAKLAND/SANFRANCISCO!????????? =[
Toes 11 дней назад
fucking genius
Distant hills
Distant hills 11 дней назад
Jake 11 дней назад
Vincent Rodriguez
Vincent Rodriguez 11 дней назад
2:07 was that wolf saying soft?
Healthy sandwich
Healthy sandwich 12 дней назад
YeeZUS 12 дней назад
My nigga I dont got 20/20 vision, im fucking blind🤦🏾‍♂️
EdenRae 12 дней назад
Nicole K
Nicole K 12 дней назад
This guy is another R Kelly. The only difference is he likes little boys. I know you all will come for me in these comments in but you will see.
Cherish Okwelu
Cherish Okwelu 12 дней назад
I'm pretty sure I saw Frank Ocean near the back at 2:15
Stephieliciousz 12 дней назад
I could only see your face when I close my eyes”
Viannie A.
Viannie A. 12 дней назад
sometimes i think Kali Uchis is the softer version of Rosa Diaz; atleast i like imagining it
Zoo Waffles
Zoo Waffles 12 дней назад
How the fuck does he move like he does
Tia Dalton
Tia Dalton 13 дней назад
0:31 he hit them vocals
SomeVideoGames 13 дней назад
I'm in love with this song, Kali Uchis is a Bae, and Tyler is a Fucking Creative Guy!
Gung i
Gung i 13 дней назад
Nice vid
addy 13 дней назад
I'll see you again after the storm
Jhayz Joy
Jhayz Joy 13 дней назад
Yeah bois its 2019
jam h
jam h 13 дней назад
Quick debate Wich music video has better visuals .SEE YOU AGAIN by Tyler The Creator Or .sicko mode by Travis Scott
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