See first images inside Notre Dame Cathedral after fire

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CNN's Tom Foreman discusses historical artifacts inside Notre Dame Cathedral as firefighters continue to battle the flames. #CNN #News

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Manuel Jimenez
Manuel Jimenez 23 hours ago
One miracle was that everything burned but the only things that didn't was the Angels, the cross, and Mary
Mahdi Lais
Mahdi Lais 3 days ago
Time to kill some brownies
Checkerzzz gaming Hi
Heaven is special Just like a prayer no choice no voice can take you there
Checkerzzz gaming Hi
You can feed the world but won't wow God in heaven struck fire A message from God Not Even Satan can Take on God in Heaven Don't you see the Rome you have harmed American and Italy and France and Germany all countries suffered as church says what you do Come s back to you sounds to me we all are seeing a higher power heaven not humanity
Waqar Hussain
Waqar Hussain 9 days ago
You fucking liars, this same thing happened in I, pet goat ii. Fuck you
shhotput 10 days ago
Islam did this!
Ma Ka
Ma Ka 12 days ago
Isn’t it funny the Sri Lanka bombings got hardly any attention in comparison to the muslims in Christchurch.
1woksape 13 days ago
Joan of Arc was a Godly nationalist.. God save us now. .
Winke 13 days ago
Anybody noticed they've never told us the real cause of this fire..
Kalebs World
Kalebs World 14 days ago
The cross is still there :p that’s how you KNOW JESUS CHRIST IS HERE
Greg Espinoza
Greg Espinoza 16 days ago
This is worse than I thought and I believe in Murphy's Law.
Becky Britin
Becky Britin 18 days ago
Checkerzzz gaming Hi
A Catholic evil person did this
Beerus God of Destruction
I ve heard a wise man said that this is all Macron plan and hes a mason, to ruin the Christianity.. hows that such iconic building have no cameras or midnight active firemans, and was forbiden to spill water from the air ( "could damage the wood and make more damage") even Trump said not to do it like that. Who the fuck you kidding???
Joanna Fr
Joanna Fr 19 days ago
And at the same time as a Catholic icon went down, a fire broke out at Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, their new capital. On the same week, a nation very friendly to Palestinians just lost about 300 people. As they attempt to start a religious war around the world, it's looking more like Venezuela breaks for the "smart ones" or is it "chosen"?
Remsey 19 days ago
The scaffolding was not grounded well. The scaffolding functioned as a conductor to static electricity in the air. The difference in charge. This caused the fire. At sea this is called St Elmo's fire.
I_Am A_Messenger
I_Am A_Messenger 20 days ago
Did any copy of the Canon survive without damage, please? Saw no pictures up close to see that or not. If it's a true God approved church- there will be no damage to any of the copies of the Canon.
gorilla199 20 days ago
Idunno Mancuso
Idunno Mancuso 21 day ago
I think the notre dame getting on fire has a meaning.
Rozalee 21 day ago
The comments, no matter what the opinion, show a sad lack of ability to stick to the fact that a world treasure has been greatly damaged. Even CNN couldn't resist getting off track and making it into a political commentary in part. No matter your religious beliefs, this cathedral represented enduring faith and survival over 800 years. The fact that it has stood this long makes it a marvel in and of itself. All the "yea but's" in the world won't alter the fact that Notre Dame Cathedral was cherished by many people of many nations and faiths. What a shame we can't see this as a tragic event without making something negative out of it.
UpdateDotExe 21 day ago
Im happy Notre Dam burnt down so now we can have Notre Dam memes.
jenny hamr
jenny hamr 20 days ago
obviously you seem that you are an evil person.
baileyboy125 21 day ago
Ah yes, the football field as a unit of measurement... Typical American.
Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown 22 days ago
Platform Strange
Platform Strange 23 days ago
Noter dahm, that's a new one. Normally it's noter dayme Rofl
Még Édesebb Erdély
If France will correct its historical felony - TRIANON - in this case the world famous Hungarian carpenters of Transylvania will rebuild the roofing of Notre Dame free of charge!
Famous TV
Famous TV 24 days ago
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assaf sela
assaf sela 24 days ago
The arson of churches in France, ten have been set on fire since February, others are severely damaged by vandalism . Many people understand who does it, but it is forbidden to say (muslims); Or as they say in the Middle East: "After Saturday, always comes Sunday," meaning that after the cleansing of the Jews (and its in progresses) will move to Christians. Or do they do a favor to the French, who in any case destroy their churches and cathedrals themselves for new mosques.
Gravelord Hunter
Gravelord Hunter 24 days ago
I knew something like this was going to happen. I KNEW IT
ScorX 24 days ago
Assassin creed unity is free btw.
Incredible World
Incredible World 25 days ago
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Kitcatplayz 87910
Kitcatplayz 87910 25 days ago
Did anybody notice that giant cross that is perfectly fine in the middle of a charred room???
Incredible World
Incredible World 25 days ago
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Life With Duchenne
Life With Duchenne 25 days ago
David Amsber
David Amsber 25 days ago
Pray for NOTRE DAME de Paris Saint Germain 🙏🙏🙏
BITCH helli
BITCH helli 25 days ago
how did this happen and who did that ??! Maybe someone did that for money ?:)or illuminati
Famous TV
Famous TV 25 days ago
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Famous TV
Famous TV 25 days ago
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Ainobolic 26 days ago
Remeber In the Movie (Before Sunset)[2004] Jesse says to celine : One day (pointing to Notre dame) That will be gone ! 😥
Nola Deckard
Nola Deckard 26 days ago
Wow the cross didn’t burn that’s amazing!
Bamidele Ola
Bamidele Ola 26 days ago
This is from ISLAMISTS no doubt about that!
Famous TV
Famous TV 26 days ago
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Famous TV
Famous TV 26 days ago
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ʜᴏᴜsᴇ ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ
It was 100% caused by a white man. After NZ terror attack ..if any white man is capable to committing murder, arson is nothing for him.
ʜᴏᴜsᴇ ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ
Novey - you don’t see black Arab or Asian supremacists how they only want their own race to dominate in their countries.
ʜᴏᴜsᴇ ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ
Novey -becoz I have read scriptures the NZ terrorist had and 1000s of anti-religious far right extremist whites you see protesting how they want only white dicks in the world.
Novey 26 days ago
See, if someone would have said that about an asian, arab or black man it would be racist but for some reason, you don't seem to think that in this case. Why?
Famous TV
Famous TV 26 days ago
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Rod Watts
Rod Watts 27 days ago
That cross didn't burn down
Nyawan Fuselier
Nyawan Fuselier 27 days ago
I hate that it took Notre Dame to almost demolished for us too actually appreciate our historical structure landmarks😔😔
Marc Duchamp
Marc Duchamp 27 days ago
Nobody know how the fire started? You actually believed that?
annmarieknapp 27 days ago
Very sad to see this happen. Religion should have nothing to do with the loss of a classic structure that has so much history.
Lorielane Filipino
Lorielane Filipino 27 days ago
The God who made the world and everything in it, being Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in temples made by man, Acts 17:24 English Standard Version (ESV)
Zander A
Zander A 27 days ago
Notice how the cross never got damaged.
Vea Cabral
Vea Cabral 27 days ago
its a miracle
WorldSerpent 27 days ago
Jesus thanks for saving the church
Da Legend
Da Legend 27 days ago
Anti fucking christ
Barack obama
Barack obama 27 days ago
Someone mix tape burned down Notre dam
Barry Lincoln
Barry Lincoln 27 days ago
What’s worse? Muslims worshipping a pedophile or cnn?
Barry Lincoln
Barry Lincoln 27 days ago
Christians has it coming due to there treating others like they want to be treated, and forgiving others and turning the other cheek. Arabs have the true religion by destroying every thing they come across and earning there 72 virgins. God wants us to kill and destroy and then have sex with virgins.🤥 jackass Muslims
Barry Lincoln
Barry Lincoln 27 days ago
Now we gotta figure out how Trump caused this right?
Barry Lincoln
Barry Lincoln 27 days ago
I checked Fox News and this is a real news story!
Willie 212
Willie 212 27 days ago
Man fuck that church 😂😂
Aulé the Battlemage
Religious ppl: the cross! The cross! 🤪🤪 Gold: melts at 1948 F 🤨
Incredible World
Incredible World 28 days ago
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Rudy Krom
Rudy Krom 28 days ago
4/15/19 These numbers look familiar ?? (911)🤫
Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Frog 24 days ago
No, they do not.
Carolvs Martelvs
Carolvs Martelvs 28 days ago
As a french i can say to you that Macron did it
Tv Land
Tv Land 28 days ago
It reminds me of the Yuanmingyuan Park, what French and Britis did.
Angela Gomez
Angela Gomez 28 days ago
Isn't it strange that a Muslim Michelle Obama just happened to be in town?
Buttered Toast
Buttered Toast 28 days ago
*judge Frolo has entered the chat*
Dawson 28 days ago
I thought it was the Notre Dame college in the U.S. but I guess it's Notruh Daam (how some people say it) in Paris......
Cthulhu’s Abode
Cthulhu’s Abode 28 days ago
Grow up, people. It’s a fucking church that burned. Boo hoo.
Special Agent Washing Tub
It's kinda bittersweet. This is terrible, but the money raised and donated for repair is honestly quite amazing. It kinda reminds me how Victor Hugo basically set out to save the Cathedral by writing The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and interest in repairing historical buildings rose very quickly.
East african 123
East african 123 28 days ago
THIS WAS PLANNED! There was an episode of the notre dame on fire many years ago on the Simpsons. And the brainwashed sheeps will say it’s just a coincidence. Can’t be a coincidence when so many Simpsons episodes have warned us
GradeBUnderB 28 days ago
Subscribe to T-Series.
BIG HUNGRY 28 days ago
They’re saying the fire was caused by a computer glitch LMFAO. ...the peaceful Muslim immigrants wouldn’t set fire to a Christian church🙄
MarcellusTheGreen 28 days ago
What a terrible shame, not in terms of valuable property loss, but in terms of loss of history and art and such. Millions (or more) of dollars may succeed, but not replace, the loss.
MarcellusTheGreen 28 days ago
And I've already heard this used as an argument for stricter gun control in the U.S.
3ds max
3ds max 28 days ago
Newsweek headline: Catholic Churches Are Being Desecrated Across France-and Officials Don’t Know Why LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3ds max
3ds max 28 days ago
Erin popped out a useless kid and boy did she blow up! Fatty fat fucking smelly twat cunt bitch!
3ds max
3ds max 28 days ago
I'm not saying it was arson But it was arson
3ds max
3ds max 28 days ago
Fire was still raging and they said: Well.....it's not arson!
Alabama Mothman
Alabama Mothman 28 days ago
After the Sri Lanka church bombings try and tell me this wasnt arson.
Chicago Guy
Chicago Guy 28 days ago
Regarding our president trumps tweet and Frances response, nothing more then a friendly exchange. I think everyone who basically doesn't have the experience thought that would help, I certainly did. Our president was filled with emotion nothing more. Anyone should b able to determine this. God bless us all and happy Easter.
nandofigueira2005 28 days ago
I ask the Russians to comment that they take care of their country, do not come here to annoy and talk nonsense.
kriskinealy 28 days ago
I knew Keith Flint wasn't really dead
ShiJie 12311
ShiJie 12311 28 days ago
As a Christian, I am FURIOUS at ISLAM And if I was a Muslim, I will celebrate the Arson of Notre Dame ISLAM IS A GROWING VIRUS...EUROPE HAS FALLEN TO ISLAM
Max lord of cats
Max lord of cats 28 days ago
This is frollos hellfire
ESSE 28 days ago
Good let it burn.
LET THERE BE LIGHT 28 days ago
K Z 28 days ago
That was a satanic temple. Everyone wake up! It was full with satanic symbols and had Masonic tiles. Set up by Demolay, he was murdered once people found out in that temple they were worshipping the BAPHOMET and did rituals like spitting on the cross. He preformed black magic before he died so some of those who were involved in his death died the same year. There’s a reason why the satanic corrupt news doesn’t show you the crucial details. We are mind controlled and brainwashed by the news that’s owned by fake Jews that control how you think. Do your own research you’ll be surprised how much they’re hiding. Women and children were also beat,molested and killed in there as that’s apart of rituals (blood sacrifice, adrenochrome rituals) they do and still continue to do. The bloodlines ( Rockefeller, Rothschild etc) that control our world are just apart of this satanic cult and have their hands on any industry that generates millions (Hollywood, music industry, sports, politics, entertainment more) that’s why we see so much satanic imagery and symbols flashed before us and predictive programming in movies like the acceptance of microchips and robots in movies and now in real life ( enhances their magic). The cathedral also had status of DEMONS around it, if only people were smart in this generation we would’ve uprisen against the corrupt government already but no, instead we are getting our guns taken away due to set up shooting so when they push the new world order... we have nothing to uprise/ protect ourselves with. Everything on news is pushing some sort of agenda to divide and conquer.
Peaceful Mind
Peaceful Mind 28 days ago
A building with that amount of history and importance should have had someone on watch 24/7. Fires during construction or renovations are very common. It's possible the Elite did this to stop the Yellow vest movement! Your attempt did not work! The Yellow vest are still active! Keep up the struggle!
matt matt
matt matt 28 days ago
Fuck Notre dam burn thar mfkr down again.
Dabunny Rabbit
Dabunny Rabbit 28 days ago
If rebuilding/restoring this world land mark, is to be true to form... It must be rebuilt using nothing but the building methods that were used at the time of it's construction and followed to the original as exactly as possible, with absolutely no deviation. Like if you didn't know it was restored and were looking at an old photograph (even a very close up one) you wouldn't even guess or think something happened. If not then in my op it is only adding insult to injury.
Kithro Games
Kithro Games 28 days ago
The cross survived
Chocolate Thunder Cherry
Notre dame Cathedral got on fire, in less than 24 hour, $1 billion was raised Meanwhile Haiti is still suffering from 2010 Earthquake Mozambique is still seeking for aid Puerto Rico need aids Plenty of Poor countries need aid where's it at!!!! It is sad to see a stupid building has more value than human lives.
Kaboom 214
Kaboom 214 29 days ago
Why is everyone donating they have insurance
Anthony Porreca
Anthony Porreca 29 days ago
Has anyone heard how the fire may have started?
Brian Yun
Brian Yun 29 days ago
It is time. Start your repetence the Messiah is here. Matthew 3:11 New International Version (NIV) 11 “I baptize you with[a] water for repentance. But after me comes one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with[b] the Holy Spirit and fire.
Lesley Woodsmith
Lesley Woodsmith 29 days ago
Howdy, someone posted a vid of 2 people creeping around in 2 locations high on top of (N-D) while the cathedral was in flames and they were not fire fighters. It was taken from a camera on the ground that zoomed in on one of these individuals moving across a balcony dressed in white, No question about it. The other pic was blurry but it was human too.. I showed it to my wife and the next day it was banned as content not suitable for the You Tube community and we have not seen it anywhere since. There is now a video out that confirms people were on the roof just before the fire started . This was arson.
Natty Lou
Natty Lou 29 days ago
That female reporter was quite unprofessional handdling this unfourtunate situation.. shame on CNN
Joshua Mcnellis
Joshua Mcnellis 29 days ago
Is this woman retarded? Her job is to speak? She cant e b.c. en get a full sentence out? CNN will hire anyone.
Bluearesoldier 26
Bluearesoldier 26 29 days ago
It reminds me of devastation from battlefield v
Adam Taurus
Adam Taurus 29 days ago
Frollo got his revenge apparently.
Student Freeman Morgan
It is almost like Disney predicted the future
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