Secret Service guns down armed man outside White House

CBS Evening News
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The White House was briefly locked down after a shooting occurred nearby. President Obama was not on the grounds at the time of the shooting, but security quickly mobilized after the gunshots went off. Chip Reid reports.

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May 20, 2016




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Leslie Chow
Leslie Chow 13 hours ago
Phew, that was close.
dick castle
dick castle 7 days ago
But why are government thugs shooting a good american exercising his god given right to defend himself from a fascist government when it becomes tyrannical? The tree of liberty and all.
C C 8 days ago
too bad it wasnt donut break time
U.S. Secret Service
Ahh...what a terrible time it was but now everything is "fine"
Oliver Revillo
Oliver Revillo 8 days ago
Nighthawk Dutch chameleon
Seeing people naming secret service SS.... I think it's time for a different name?
Lanny Yeomans
Lanny Yeomans 20 days ago
they shot the wrong one
Tr0ll g0d
Tr0ll g0d 23 days ago
Just like going to the military base in gta
Erudite Prof.
Erudite Prof. 25 days ago
The Federal government of Nigerian Army ( troops) entered Asaba Biafra land around 5 October 1967, and began ransacking houses and killing civilians, claiming they were Biafran sympathisers. Reports suggest that several seven thousand (7000) people was killed individually and in groups at various locations in the town. Leaders summoned the townspeople to assemble on the morning of 7 October, hoping to end the violence through a show of support for "One Nigeria." Hundreds of men, women, and children, many wearing the ceremonial akwa ocha(white) attire paraded along the main street, singing, dancing, and chanting "One Nigeria." At a junction, men and teenage boys were separated from women and young children, and gathered in an open square at Ogbe-Osowa village. Federal troops revealed machine guns, and orders were given, reportedly by Second-in-Command, Maj. Ibrahim Taiwo, to open fire. It is estimated that more than 900 men all Biafrans and many boys were killed, some as young as 12 years old, in addition to many more killed in the preceding days. The bodies of some victims were retrieved by family members and buried at home. But most were buried in mass graves, without Biafrans appropriate ceremony. Many extended families lost dozens of men and boys. Federal troops occupied Asaba for many months, during which time most of the town was destroyed, many women and girls were raped or forcibly "married," and large numbers of citizens fled, often not returning until the war ended in 1970. The total death toll during early October was in excess of 5,00600, Biafrans confirmed dead by Nigerian Government October 29th 1967. although the exact numbers will likely never be known.
Marcus Lonyon
Marcus Lonyon Month ago
I worked out how the white house could be totally obliterated.
Lowa Case
Lowa Case Month ago
Go ahead and try u will get destroyed
T mo
T mo Month ago
Now days many people commit suicide by cop.
C&C Phx
C&C Phx Month ago
That’s America’s house but we locked out they doubling the height of fence so now we know how Mexicans feel. Even the Clintons, Obama’s all of them have huge walls to keep us out we trash to them.
Tsuki Hoshi
Tsuki Hoshi Month ago
Too much Video Games of Hitmen ay
Jordan Connor
Jordan Connor Month ago
wtf i didnt know they have a road outside the whitehouse thats not safe
Oli Month ago
Jordan Connor I’ve been there just this past year and usually cars aren’t allowed to drive on it (except officials like police, etc.) and they have bollards blocking cars from going in that section
Ron H.
Ron H. Month ago
If you want to assassinate this president, you have to go to the golf course.
Admin Fenzexpo
Admin Fenzexpo Month ago
Obama golfing always was and they say Trump spends too much time golfing, rubbish, Trump is running the Country! Someone after Biden
Dave T
Dave T Month ago
He should got in to see Trump
Crypto Month ago
Why not stun the man after he refused to give up his weapon? Secret service is too harsh. A stun gun is easier to handle you know
YoBoiEli Month ago
I hope that's sarcasm
Bob 2 months ago
Did they catch the guy that fired eight shots into the building?
On Point Dogs
On Point Dogs 2 months ago
I like that the agents showed restraint by shooting once and then taking the guy into custody, unlike police shooting unarmed suspects multiple times.
Louviene Canlas
Louviene Canlas 2 months ago
On Point Dogs for real, maybe trigger happy officers gotta go through SS training but then again that would require actual qualifications in order to even be considered to do the job lol
Hunter Reads your embarrassing secrets
White house down
Gilbert Grape
Gilbert Grape 2 months ago
obama was golfing.....of course he was
JD Smith
JD Smith 3 months ago
Looks like Barry didnt pay the Coke bill!
The joker Channel
The joker Channel 3 months ago
Secret service : see a man with gun shoot him once Secret service : see a black man doing nothing whatsoever bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang
John Rogan
John Rogan 3 months ago
A drone attack from a piper cub would work....his rallies...a sitting duck!
John Rogan
John Rogan 3 months ago
Let's hope a dedicated team with Seal training does not attack at 3 am...
Lucifer Mctrippy
Lucifer Mctrippy 3 months ago
Give it a sec.
john doe
john doe 4 months ago
See no such thing as a gun free zone.
Mary Thompson
Mary Thompson 4 months ago
President Trump I just Love you forever. You are outstanding in every way, not to mention very entertaining!
Benito Pacheco
Benito Pacheco 4 months ago
Can we talk about the fact that this video has 1.5 million views and only had 461 comments (from the time that I’m seeing this video)
ACE7O2 4 months ago
amazing how a properly trained professional only needs to take one shot and poorly trained police officers unload their magazines on homeless people wielding sticks
az0970449 4 months ago
Pretty shure if go to the white house armed good chance you didn't graduate from MIT !!
David Whittaker
David Whittaker 4 months ago
secret service wearing vests saying secret service lol
Tae Kim
Tae Kim 5 months ago
For those complaining about the suspect being shot once: Gunned down means to be shot by a gun, and does not require an entire magazine/clip/cylinder to be shot at a target. People watch too much gang movies. EX: A cowboy (playing poker) was gunned down when a criminal walked up behind victim and blew his head off with a single shot
Ace21 3 months ago
Tae Kim it’s just kinda dramatic
Tae Kim
Tae Kim 5 months ago
Apparently the under funded military has the budget to build golf course on military bases. Maybe the exception due to proximity to White House and safety of President in a restricted military base when he wants to golf?
buya shaka
buya shaka 5 months ago
Olympus Has Fallen
Hamza Jamal
Hamza Jamal 5 months ago
Must be a Muslim. They're like that.
Trevor The Man
Trevor The Man 5 months ago
So all law enforcement doesnt empty the entire gun into someone.....who would have known.
Vortex PGNJ
Vortex PGNJ 5 months ago
Whats up with presidents and golf?🤷‍♂️
Bec busman
Bec busman 5 months ago
Good Morning America did a report about the two Sweet Babies like mine who worked for Obama were greeters and he had a Rude Awakening , Boo Boo and Pooki don't play , or in this case Hurricane and Jordan , they did well and got a Free Snack while ant work , cool
MrNacash 5 months ago
Build a wall around the White House, that should fix things
Uncle Merlin
Uncle Merlin 5 months ago
@Jessie Blanton ...theres a literal wall of no entry around the white house. Its called a fence.
Jessie Blanton
Jessie Blanton 5 months ago
@Uncle Merlin may be elvis will loan trump money to do that China want loan trump money.
Jessie Blanton
Jessie Blanton 5 months ago
@Uncle Merlin Trump needs to get the pillowtex people there jobs back
Jessie Blanton
Jessie Blanton 5 months ago
@Uncle Merlin Trump China Russia Iran Vietnam on their knees playing a crap game Korea Indonesia
Jessie Blanton
Jessie Blanton 5 months ago
@Uncle Merlin United States of rolling dice to see who dies next
Jose Parra
Jose Parra 5 months ago
Good job secret service, this is awful that people try to create a scare such as this.
Jose Parra
Jose Parra 5 months ago
[333] GetShrektOnM8 lmfao this was a whole three years ago and you’re commenting too hmm, seems a bit contradicting don’t you think you oblivious mutt.
[333] GetShrektOnM8
[333] GetShrektOnM8 5 months ago
This was three whole years ago Lmfao and your commenting now Lmfao
Ian TorresPerez
Ian TorresPerez 5 months ago
Why wasn’t warden their
Lesley Berko
Lesley Berko 6 months ago
That man would have been distraught to find out Obama wasn't even there God bless America x
Thomas Hurl Hi
Thomas Hurl Hi 6 months ago
Civil war around the corner
Ryōan Nazuk
Ryōan Nazuk 6 months ago
Before Garfield and McKinley people were able to walk into the white house like a court house. Now it has all that security.
doug mayer
doug mayer 6 months ago
Press acts like Trump is the only potus to golf.
Karam 6 months ago
Obama was still president when this was happening.
Mallory Butts
Mallory Butts 7 months ago
Obama's time in office. So who's watching in 2019
Pamela Mitchell
Pamela Mitchell 7 months ago
Oh let him have his fun. No big deal, probably didn't happen. Like everything in this administration, fake news.
swoosh50 7 months ago
Secret service used to carry mac10s and uzis
FREEDOMorDEATH1776 7 months ago
Even the way CBS makes it sound they just gunned him down for no reason
Brick Gang
Brick Gang 8 months ago
You should get an instant five stars if you jump the White House fence ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
MarlyK 8 months ago
Secret service shoots once. Police officers unloading full clips
Louis Cantelmi
Louis Cantelmi 8 months ago
Suicide by cop? Attack the White House...that's probably the best way to do it.
affton grown
affton grown 8 months ago
How old is this news? Charlie Rose hasn’t been on CBS for over a year!
HunterRKS41 9 months ago
That mans thought he was from Olympus has Fallen.
LionByHeart Facts
LionByHeart Facts 3 months ago
On life 😂
CookieeMonstarr666 9 months ago
It's all about the control of powers and excess wealth. Who would need tight security and who would fear getting attack when they don't have both. It could be either you were hated or causing hates or not using your powers and wealth towards goodness.
CookieeMonstarr666 9 months ago
It's all about the control of powers and excess wealth. Who would need tight security and who would fear getting attack when they don't have both. It could be either you were hated or causing hates or not using your powers and wealth towards goodness.
planarian 17
planarian 17 10 months ago
Objective: get as close as you could to the White House Difficulty: Very Hard Reward: you'd appear on news around the country.
ElectroWolf 8 months ago
Planarian 17 just imagine someone would do crazy things just to be on the news
doggo 10 months ago
Surprised it only took one bullet. Pretty much everyone who has had to shoot for self defense or is a combat veteran will agree with me when I say, it often takes a lot more than one bullet to neutralize an armed man.
Purchase Noir
Purchase Noir 10 months ago
They shouldnt cover the white house in the air like that
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