Second Stimulus Check Update | Sooner Than Later??

Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose
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Here's my prediction on when a second stimulus check will be issued.
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May 26, 2020




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Comments 80
Leslie Kerr
Leslie Kerr 15 hours ago
Trump wants to send the innocent children back to school while this awful virus is taking control, why? Does he have something against them too?
Coldblooded King
Coldblooded King 9 days ago
Hello. Love watching you when I can. me and my wife were to get Stimulus checks BUT my wife owed 500 bucks in back child support ( which she paid but they don't show she did and she has valid receipts and all. anyways. they took the money from her portion we have two kids in home both 6 and 8 we filed through our local DSS because we couldnt figure out how to do the non filers on our own Well they never gave us the money because the lady messed it up Supposedly now were told to wait until 2021...we have no food...rent is due...had to take car off the road( not that we drove it but) plz help somebody
Anthony Campos
Anthony Campos 13 days ago
10 more lol .
Garza Garza
Garza Garza Month ago
I didn't get my first one let now next I know am not going get this too
walton rocks
walton rocks Month ago
Yo yo yo everyone involved in the so-called peaceful protesting should have to Forfeit any second stimulus check for all the damage they advocated and that was done in the name of a criminal and yet nobody protest the murder of a 77 year-old man Mr Dorn. Yo yo yo
Judy Artis
Judy Artis Month ago
I am talking about the second check cause I get ssi
Judy Artis
Judy Artis Month ago
What if you get ssi and were claim on some one taxes would you get the check in your own bank account or would the people that claim you get the money if that person get the money it would call a lot of problem
LouAnna Month ago
Rose Davis
Rose Davis Month ago
These people need to stop lieing their is no 2nd stimulus
Raül Lara
Raül Lara Month ago
Raül Lara
Raül Lara Month ago
Is not gaana happen shot up
Riccardo Gasparini
Emily An
Emily An Month ago
on the planet, BY A LANDSLIDE... Our government is truly incompetent led by a presidential FAILURE, at best.
Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose
Which country would you say has a competent government?
romisague Month ago
Why you lying
Nicholas Gonzales
Fuck 🇺🇸 ....Assholes never did shit for me. I'm a citizen with all the "rights" 😆.. This place fuckin sucks. Everyone can suck it. Especially our government
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Month ago
Whoever likes this comment will one day become a multi billionaire.
Emily An
Emily An Month ago
No need for stimulus checks if they allow the peoples to go back to work, just that simple. Everyone don't like sitting home waiting on government handouts
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia Month ago
I see your a wrestling fan ha👍🏽
Mojeer Yunis
Mojeer Yunis Month ago
This is very entertaining good job dude !!??
William Wilson
William Wilson Month ago
Still waiting for the first. Supposedly mailed two weeks ago.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Month ago
I rather have a free pass to the whore houses
Justin Hicks
Justin Hicks Month ago
I will be happy if I get that money no lie
Remyganzon Kingsbury
Wheres is the money if it's already passed to the Senate let the. President sign it so it' will send to he people who need it this time of crises.god bless.
Carlos Beltran
Carlos Beltran Month ago
I haven't get mine yet
liz trevoc
liz trevoc Month ago
I think we all should get what we pay in a year in taxes . For me 45,000.00 .... i hate this POS country
Sequoia Month ago
Talk a lot and say nothing.
Gordon Stewart
Gordon Stewart Month ago
Hey Republicans...with regard to all the Democrat 'pork' that has been put in the Heroes Act that you're all upset about....how about the billions sent to corporations and banks under the first stimulus bill? Pot...kettle...black
Big Mvne Live Streams
Stop leaving comments. Take action.
Ronnie Jones
Ronnie Jones Month ago
I see why people leave United Snakes of America-
Ronnie Jones
Ronnie Jones Month ago
Ha, and they said United States is the most wealthy countries in the world- Nothing but lies and deceptions....
Ronnie Jones
Ronnie Jones Month ago
They gave out a measly $1200.00 and act like that's going to cover everything- in this pandemic $1200.00 is like $12.00,it's not enough to pay anything
Ronnie Jones
Ronnie Jones Month ago
By default everything should be passed by congress- Americans people are in desperate need and who have time to wait why they pussy foot around...
Essie Almond
Essie Almond Month ago
No need for stimulus checks if they allow the peoples to go back to work, just that simple. Everyone don't like sitting home waiting on government handouts
Cassie Month ago
Would be kool if they gave everyone 5,000 for misskng all these months and to help out with future expenses
CNN IS FAKE NEWS GO TO STATISTICS AND YOU’ll see why.. June 26th the Bill will be delayed. I’m paying out more for gasoline to have a taxi cab service take me if they even come here because of them not coming here because of the coronavirus “they’re saying then It’s costing me more money to go to a grocery store right here in my area because my friend could take me in her car because my car is broken down but I had to pay twice as much for the items and now that everything is shortage the prices have gone up on other things would normally cost me $200 I now paid $550 for and that’s not an exaggeration I’ll take off the $50 which is basically a toaster and some dog food but still it cost me double the cost to van groceries it normally cost me $200 to go for a month. Actually goes about a month and a half. We won’t receive anything until July 3 I believe or after if they are going to do that check at all.
Howard Catman
Howard Catman Month ago
I rather have a free pass to the whore houses
Cassie Month ago
Yes we all love cnn the communist nonsense network...along with Pravda (new york times) and Izvestia (washington post)...enough with bailing out states and cities that was
albert boring
albert boring Month ago
And yes I do agree with the Americans at $2000 a month which should be only the right fulness thing to do for the AMERICANS
albert boring
albert boring Month ago
I do have direct deposit at the bank and why should it take so long cause I'm in a situation where I am close to be moved out or hang in for another month. I don't know??
albert boring
albert boring Month ago
I can use the money ASAP
albert boring
albert boring Month ago
I have rent do on the 1st of the month and apartment management are hard negotiate with
albert boring
albert boring Month ago
I need the money ASAP cause the doctors put me on retirement because of medical issues and messing with diabetes and need the money to pay for medications that I need
Frank hobson
Frank hobson Month ago
people are hurting bad and going hungry
Frank hobson
Frank hobson Month ago
the american people did not have acatin this year . why should the government get one
Anwar Mohamed
Anwar Mohamed Month ago
One Question Second Round Stimulu Pay For Disabilty Or For All ?
William Archie
William Archie Month ago
Waiting for the first to arrive and my tax return also let's go #IRS.GOV give it up.
Big Will
Big Will Month ago
Would department of defense contractors working overseas be considered as “essential” work? (Middle East, Europe, etc...)
Beverly Heyward
Beverly Heyward Month ago
What is the procrastination we are tax payers other states are more than willing to help their people people are suffering they want to open the economy and expect people to shop if there is no jobs and no money to put in the economy what do they expect us to do
Leto2ndAtreides Month ago
It looks dead. Senate will reject it and then there will be a fuss.
Jessie Timmons
Jessie Timmons Month ago
My Rant is do nowww
Kathy Deweese
Kathy Deweese Month ago
Kari Smith
Kari Smith Month ago
My workplace had 50+ people with covid so they shut down for a week. I made almost 2 times what I make working while I was on unemployment for the week! What's wrong with that picture? There's no incentive for people to work. We got no hazard pay.
D CARR Month ago
My bank likes to deposit through the mouth...
ITILII Month ago
Yes we all love cnn the communist nonsense network...along with Pravda (new york times) and Izvestia (washington post)...enough with bailing out states and cities that waste the peoples money; and banks that take the peoples money...get the money to WE THE PEOPLE !!! It's OUR tax money in the 1st place !!!!!!!!
Shirley Sutton
Shirley Sutton Month ago
IAM thankful to get this information ,but I pray that the hero act will past sooner bills are due, rent has to be paid, house hold solutions .must be needed in family houses who has children to keep from virus's and germs Andrew now they mandatory masks I don't have any more money to even go out and buy masks please God open up the hearts of our senetor, treasury house person and governor let them see that there is a need for population of all states to receive our simulants checks a lot sooner thank you again for your up date concerning hero act.
Alisa Mccarty
Alisa Mccarty Month ago
Why have I didn't get my stimulus money
Brasspineapple Productions
my Two cents here... (2) stims at $5,000.00 usd would be fair for each American citizen I think personally.
Brasspineapple Productions
" 'Im gonna need four briefcases of straight cash "
Yolanda Musumba
Yolanda Musumba Month ago
They don't give a fuck talk,talk,talk,we are a joke and the more people die from conorna just makes thier day
Darla Geiger
Darla Geiger Month ago
So what date are we supposed to get our stimulus check
MR. TMV Month ago
Money in the bank briefcase 💰💸 who u cashing it on?
Janey Lyons
Janey Lyons Month ago
It's may28,2020 please raise all food stamp.we don't need to go hungry.
Janey Lyons
Janey Lyons Month ago
I Janey Lyons have not yet receive my first stimulus check.
Shirley Walton
Shirley Walton Month ago
Haven't got my 1st one yet. ???????
Deborah Getman
Deborah Getman Month ago
Hope come election day he will be OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!!!
Deborah Getman
Deborah Getman Month ago
Trump said it will be dead in the water.
Deborah Getman
Deborah Getman Month ago
Trump doesn't care he just wants to get reelected. Please he needs to get out of the White House. He is the reason we're in this mess. He said it was a hoax!!!
Shirley Walton
Shirley Walton Month ago
That's nice, but Ihaven't gotten my 1st one yet. And I am on social security.
Da Blackxican
Da Blackxican Month ago
People going to die from starvation by then..
Jobe Smith
Jobe Smith Month ago
No one is getting a second stimulus check
Holly In Hell
Holly In Hell Month ago
Show me the money
James Edmister
James Edmister Month ago
I don't want a second stimulus check!
The 3rd Spokesman
ruvid.net/video/video-nRr7JnUArlg.html Generation Y
madmarine57 Month ago
I rather they don't give us a second stimulus if they're going to give the Socialist Demonrats pieces of crap all this money for illegal aliens and abortions, these sick bastards Ruin everything, the Democratic treasonous Pig's once again fucking up America need to be strung up by the neck from every tree
Angel Faith
Angel Faith Month ago
I got my direct deposit from the first one on the 10th not 15th. So would I get it sooner?
NN FW Month ago
Hud Nortè
Hud Nortè Month ago
How many times does one need to ask the same question and draw it out over 12 minutes?
Hud Nortè
Hud Nortè Month ago
Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose, Oh dear lord
Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose
At least 37 times
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson Month ago
Kinda convenient that everyone is a financial expert and know everything the government is doing during a freaking economic crisis.
Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose
Super convenient
Suzie Kelly
Suzie Kelly Month ago
😂 no more stimulus checks coming!
Jim Irvin
Jim Irvin Month ago
This political bullshit this has been created by our government In my opinion it is up to them to help us when we are forced to lose our homes jobs and free will We are forced is this really a domrecy we live in. I think not Time we take American back and say screw Republicans and Democrats. If this was not a election year we would not even know about this virus. This was as reason for all of the rich get what they want and the average person pays to make them rich. Things are way out of hand they have the control just like the leaders of other countries they speak against. Everyone one of them on both sides are a bunch of greedy lies. We pay them we should have the right to fire them. Like us all we don't do our job we get fired. WAKE UP AMERICA. Keep our freedom.
gasho 69
gasho 69 Month ago
Government owes us like three... Fuck republicans just because they made more money than everyone.
louis mays
louis mays Month ago
People are gonna suffer financially no matter what Congress does they need to find a way to give us money but keep the debt ceiling low enough that they can recover the debt through tax income revenue
Sally J
Sally J Month ago
My family is doing ok but many people are already struggling and starving and the first check didn't go far enough. This is insanity! $1200 to live on for 4 months or better?
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