Second 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

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President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden participate in the second 2020 presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. www.c-span.org/debates/
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Published on


Oct 22, 2020




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Comments 100
lesley stewart
lesley stewart 2 hours ago
Big off fairy floss hairy trump
Alejandro Salazar
Alejandro Salazar 2 hours ago
These guys are fucking old
amanda baker
amanda baker 2 hours ago
Omg you see his meds wearing off. Biden is the worst of the worst
MyNegativeCreep 2 hours ago
Biden says there is no evidence about small businesses going bankrupt when minimum wage is introduced? Here in germany this happened. A lot of small shops are now bankrupt because they couldn't pay it.
I DO COOL THINGS 2 hours ago
"in spite?" I think she might have meant something else
Yuanxiang Qi
Yuanxiang Qi 2 hours ago
This man finally knows how to debate like a normal person, ls it a dead cat bounce?
lesley stewart
lesley stewart 2 hours ago
Yas in
Yas in 2 hours ago
Janvdh 2 hours ago
Hillary Clinton was a horrible choice and Joe Biden too. It’s like they want president Donald Trump to win. Obama (and Biden) spied on the president and couldn’t find anything. “C’mon”
David Randasu
David Randasu 2 hours ago
Could I turn off biden
hiking U
hiking U 2 hours ago
youarehere0 2 hours ago
I have to admit. I was sure that Biden was the answer. But after hearing how drastically different their plans are and how Trump communicated policy and successes rather than doing all that fake political talk, I will vote for Trump. You can honestly tell he loves this country.
mike odonnell
mike odonnell 2 hours ago
gasoline is $1.78 here. Joe wants to increase that with his plan. hey, were are the million green energy jobs Obama said he would create? where are the kilowatts?
Mr Chillwave
Mr Chillwave 2 hours ago
biden is disgusting
Burak Salvo
Burak Salvo 2 hours ago
Oh Shit, here we go again russia. 1:36:55
mike odonnell
mike odonnell 2 hours ago
Russia, Russia, Russia.......... would not even be logical if Marcia Brady was saying it. I am pro-vajazzle as many people know
Death Star
Death Star 2 hours ago
I think Trump won this.
The Sicilian
The Sicilian 2 hours ago
ruvid.net/video/video-hKiE8pwtovI.html That Real Pac ishhhh
The Sicilian
The Sicilian 2 hours ago
ruvid.net/video/video-hKiE8pwtovI.html That Real Pac ishhhh
Kayhan Swarup
Kayhan Swarup 2 hours ago
Last night in my dream, Trump kept pissing the entire Presidential Debate. Without even noticing he kept making the point, "Look! Joe's got shit on his pants! It's true! He's wearing diaper, and still there's shit dripping from his pants! How's that fair?"
Biden is Sus
Lu Waner
Lu Waner 2 hours ago
Who will you vote for, if is Trump, comment me.😜
kyelle batts
kyelle batts 2 hours ago
Uhhh. NY isn’t shut down 👀 we have the option to stay online or go into school. Teachers also have the choice to teach virtually or in person
David Rich
David Rich 2 hours ago
Trump is the worst president in US history. I will never complain about Jimmy Carter again. I remember the Carter years. What we are going through now is worse than the Carter years. Landslide victory! Go Biden!!! Death and permanent destruction and dismememberment and extinction of the Republican party. Like the permanently extincted Whig party. Good by Republican party good by. Good by Republican Senate good by. It is going to blood bath. Get ready everybody. Hell is coming to breakfast. Sunday bloody Sunday is here. It is going to be a Democratic landslide victory across the board. Go Biden!!! Biden Harris 2020. A new one party rule Democratic era is upon us. Go Biden!!!!!!!!
BBC NEWS Arabic 2 hours ago
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BBC NEWS Arabic 2 hours ago
Lose weight in two weeks. The best program ever, there’s nothing as easy as our program : Click on the link to join us : shrinke.me/nNmNmJ
DeathByReeses 3 hours ago
Trump 2020! 🇺🇸🥳
Cw5110 3 hours ago
Have we still not learned from Germany's mistakes when they had inflation issues during World War 2?
sean watts
sean watts 3 hours ago
I'm not super into politics but they both had good points. I feel like both of them don't know 100% how there going to fix things. No one does. Only opinions on how they would fix things. This debate was very interesting.
Tanner Morris
Tanner Morris 3 hours ago
This was better than the last debate
AlMaslool 3 hours ago
The one thing I got from this debate.....Biden loves sitting around the kitchen table feeling depressed about everything .....
Herve Claude
Herve Claude 3 hours ago
I can’t believe how ill-informed people are when it comes to Corona. Are people not aware that we had Pandemic preparedness teams whose main job was to track viruses worldwide in their earliest stages of development, and that Trump himself disbanded those very teams months prior to Corona? This could have ended before it even started, we had teams based in China but Trump pulled them out, disbanded their teams then cut funding. Our response to this virus was awful, plain and simple. The government knew of the severity of the virus early on, yet didn’t care much to stop it. Their main concern was the Chinese TRADE DEAL. They didn’t want to do or say anything to upset the Chinese so they took XI’s words for it; even going as far as to congratulate him on numerous occasions. People need to do their research on these things. It was an absolute blunder by the United States. Yes, the virus may have started in China, but to say we had no control over it is egregious. We have the greatest technology and experts in the world, but there’s only so much you can do when your own leaders treat science and facts as some made up hoax. IMPORTANT READ: www.google.com/amp/s/abcnews.go.com/amp/Politics/wireStory/trump-disbanded-nsc-pandemic-unit-experts-praised-69594177 www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/nsc-pandemic-office-trump-closed/2020/03/13/a70de09c-6491-11ea-acca-80c22bbee96f_story.html%3foutputType=amp www.google.com/amp/s/www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/05/trump-obama-coronavirus-pandemic-response/amp
Mia Smith
Mia Smith 2 hours ago
Then why do we pay the most money to WHO, and have WHO tell the whole world that everything was contained in China when it first spread in Wuhan? That's where Fauci gets his info and gave that to President Trump!! You are very ill informed!!!
Blake Acosta
Blake Acosta 3 hours ago
A nuclear war with North Korea. Lmao. We use nuclear weapons every year wtf is he talkin ab
Simon Haering
Simon Haering 3 hours ago
"I dont look at it like red states or blue states.... But the Spikes are all in red states" - Biden
Bruno B
Bruno B 3 hours ago
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Alejandro de la torre
Abajo Trump Eres una vergüenza para los EEUU y tus acciones cargas con el peso de 200000 personas muertas
John Robinson
John Robinson 3 hours ago
Robert Draper
Robert Draper 3 hours ago
Biden talks about a black winter ... guess it would be if he was president, because with his intellectual prowess, America would quickly plunge into the dark ages. If he gets 1 vote, that's 1 too many. I believe the bingo hall is calling for you Joe.
Flat Eric
Flat Eric 3 hours ago
Best invisible accordion performance Trump has ever done. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nate Cox
Nate Cox 3 hours ago
Last Debate: Toddlers fighting over the same toy while screaming This Debate: Toddlers fighting over the same toy while having a conversation This is much better
Maddog 3 hours ago
Trump 2020 🇺🇸
Jenni Faires
Jenni Faires 3 hours ago
The coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic... well, mr. president, did you know that every 60 seconds, a minute passes in africa?
Yasmin Element
Yasmin Element 3 hours ago
328million people in the USA and these two old geezers are the best people they can find 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ WTH?
Jenny Hendrickson
Jenny Hendrickson 3 hours ago
Omg now I have more and I did before Biden is an idiot period. And no Trump is not racist or against ur sexuality please get your facts straight
Media Buster
Media Buster 3 hours ago
Biden: "I don't look at this as the blue states or red states, I look at it as the united states. 2 sec later: "look at all the states that have spikes, they are all red states." FACE PALM!!
NH4 Ci
NH4 Ci 3 hours ago
How low has one's IQ need to be to vote for Biden 😂
Meowmeow 2 hours ago
@NH4 Ci great arguments, wow....
NH4 Ci
NH4 Ci 2 hours ago
@Meowmeow thank you for proving my original statement's right 😍
Meowmeow 3 hours ago
Why would you vote for Trump knowing he supports anti-abortion laws and tax cuts for the ultra-rich while fucking over the poor?
Meowmeow 3 hours ago
As I see it: Voting for Biden means: you signal to the system that they can buy you off with a crappy candidate as long as he's left. He's pretty old and confused generally. Voting for Trump means: Trump will continue appeasing christian fundamentalists and will continue fucking over the shrinking middle class and struggling lower class. Also a lot of the Trump fans are more annoying than the average Biden fan and seeing them seethe would be funny. Not american but I know who I would vote for.
Sharon Willing
Sharon Willing 3 hours ago
Pollute.look.atthe.chem.trails.in.the Sky.joe.that.lays.for.hours.making.us.sick.Dumbo.
Donnie Miller
Donnie Miller 3 hours ago
If everyone else has to have a mask on why don't they,, they are no better than anyone else!!!!!
Hope Rock
Hope Rock 3 hours ago
Why didn't they use the mute button?
Obadan Mwangi
Obadan Mwangi 3 hours ago
Is this the same joe bidden i saw touching childrens and women bad way in public or just a copy? Trump might not be the unswer but bidden is a very big mess
Alda Galinato
Alda Galinato 3 hours ago
This moderator once again gave more time Biden to talk than Trump. Still unfair like the first debate.
Myt Empuser
Myt Empuser 3 hours ago
He'll make Russia and Iran but shy of China, pay for US damage if he ever won. 😄 🤣
SirMikeSelf 3 hours ago
History will remember Trump’s loss of these elections as “the end of a dick-tatorship.”
Baleur 3 hours ago
1:36:45 wow, Trump totally overcompensated there, more animated than he's been the past whole hour. There might be something to what Biden claimed.
Jenny Hendrickson
Jenny Hendrickson 3 hours ago
Lol commented too soon. Trump hella right on that health care!!! I was at the time making 11.50 an hour and had to pay $400 a month on health care and includes lipo. Wtf?!?!!!?! I was in great shape and everything and didn't have that issue. Obama meant well but fucked up
Janice Leighton
Janice Leighton 3 hours ago
You have and it's not directly to you but you get big cut biden
Isabella Lam
Isabella Lam 3 hours ago
Joseph Handford
Joseph Handford 3 hours ago
Minimum wage has not worked well in the UK and incentivises the employer to keep the wages below a liveable level. The minimum wage was a good idea, however, it was thought up far too late and the wage gap between rich and poor increased by far too much by the time it was brought in.
QuinntonB 3 hours ago
This dude joe Biden is so untrustworthy, listen to him talk. He doesn’t even believe the bullshit he’s saying lmao half of the shit he swears it’s even realistic.. Trump Is weirdo too but at least he wears who he actually is in public lol I’m not saying he doesn’t lie either, but we know who he is and he doesn’t hide it. This guy Biden is such a fake “say all the right things” dude man.. can’t speak a sentence without hesitation.. he doesn’t know how he wants to act or who we wants to be.. he’s just saying a bunch of general bullshit. Look at how surprised he is at hard questions.. and how speechless he is before he starts talking. He’s terrible under pressure because he’s not authentic. If you guys believe that Biden is all on the up and up and trump is just straight evil, you’ve let social media convince you to hate trump and just blindly support Biden. Use your eyes here man.. look at how he talks.. his mannerisms.. the way he says things.. this man is NOT the answer. You can’t trust him. Again I think trump is wack too... dude has no filter and is incredibly insensitive, but so are a lot of humans I know.. and chances are, so are you. So idk man.. I didn’t vote.. I dislike them both.. but come on guys.. we’re smarter than what the world is trying to influence us with.
Meowmeow 3 hours ago
Don't vote based on some biased gut feeling... Vote based on what the actual changes are they will bring with them
America needs UBI Trickle Up Economy
*💙America needs Ubi💙* spread the message
Sharon Willing
Sharon Willing 3 hours ago
Jose.route.the.route.to.destruction.windmills.kill.the.birds Windmills Do..damage.look.at.it.do.your Homework.on.windmills.
RC Johnson
RC Johnson 3 hours ago
why would you do that" she knew how stupid that statement was
Nathan McKeogh
Nathan McKeogh 3 hours ago
I love how he blames it on China 😂
vishal autar
vishal autar 3 hours ago
biden is too old
Meowmeow 2 hours ago
They're both too old
Agarykane 3 hours ago
Trump 2020
Python 3 hours ago
Biden clearly won this debate lol, trump trying to blame others for his failures
Johnny Edge
Johnny Edge 3 hours ago
The talk is not a race issue, if anything *it is* a class issue. Everyone should be taught how to behave at a traffic stop. Turn off the engine, roll the Windows down, and place your hands on the wheel. Don't reach for *anything* until the officer instructs you to. The fact is it's always he thugs that show out or attack the cops that end up dead. Don't antagonize the police, it seems rather obvious....😐
MADNIS 3 hours ago
29:29 How ironic. The one guy that says he recommend we wear a mask AT ALL TIMES isn't wearing a mask. Not because he doesn't have one with him. But because he'd rather wave it at us and hold it in his pocket. Lead by example? Nope. Why would Biden do that? Biden claims he'll end COVID and that he has a plan but continues to tell us how we all should wear a mask at all times; WHILE NOT WEARING A MASK. 🤬
Jenny Hendrickson
Jenny Hendrickson 3 hours ago
So after Biden said trump was a thug and all the other bs. Non answering bs. I swear don't effing vote for Biden. Trump ain't perfect but y'all wanna say Biden even knows wtf he talking about? Then lets not forget thenpedo shit.
Papa John's UK
Papa John's UK 3 hours ago
Robert Dillion
Robert Dillion 3 hours ago
Every time creepy joe has a smirk on his face take a shot. All joe says is trump lied in January. Trump destroyed these crazy socialist
Meowmeow 2 hours ago
lmao you americans don't know shit about socialism
Bryce Dev
Bryce Dev 3 hours ago
ruvid.net/show-UCPq1xnbitPj107jtrumpUiw plz go support my channel thank u😀
Sharon Willing
Sharon Willing 3 hours ago
Biden The.laughing.joker.and.liar.
Humberto Vargas
Humberto Vargas 3 hours ago
Read this if you want, we all fall short of Gods Glory, and broken Gods law and their must be a punishment for sin, but the good news is that JESUS CHRIST TOOK OUR PLACE, we must repent and turn to Christ and dont trust in your own understanding, Repent and put your trust in Christ...He who endures to the end shall be saved•The gospel⬇️ruvid.net/video/video-4exu-7RDdKE.html •Watch a poem "THE GREAT I AM"⬇️ ruvid.net/video/video-bYTypUb_Jc4.html .............
Meowmeow 2 hours ago
there is no god, grow tf up
TruthStream -
TruthStream - 3 hours ago
Joe Biden says he wants to transition from oil, yet says restaurants need to be fitted with plexiglass. Just goes to show how stupid and uneducated his voters are.
Sharon Willing
Sharon Willing 3 hours ago
The.electric.car.will.not.happen.for.another.decade.they.cant.even.keep the.back.bumpers.onthe.cars.falls.off.while.goingdown.the.road.
Steven Raibley
Steven Raibley 3 hours ago
A bunch of he said he said bs
HoHo K.
HoHo K. 3 hours ago
Debate =getting a bit personal for me..... ( is it only me?!?!?!?!)
Meowmeow 2 hours ago
No you're right, it's just mud slinging for a popularity contest... It's a shame people see this as acceptable politics
Mr.Santini 3 hours ago
I'm Just Curious To See How SNL Tries To Make Fun Of This One
Fat Tony
Fat Tony 3 hours ago
Biden : I don't look at it as red states or blue states it's all the United States but the infections are going up in the red states. Huh? This guy has no clue what he's trying to say.
Reva Hanna
Reva Hanna 3 hours ago
You suck
Joe 3 hours ago
This moderator was smarter and calmer than the first one but still biased to biden, whenever trump attack biden she always ask biden if he want to response back but when biden attack trump she never ask trump if he want to response back, he always have to interfere to defend himself and she tell him to response fast because she have another question, this way trump will look like he was being rude. Also she never questioned Biden on his statements but she always did with trump.
Chiara Manna
Chiara Manna 3 hours ago
For people who don’t know everything joe says is a lie he probably seems somewhat decent but literally everything he says is a lie
Chiara Manna
Chiara Manna 2 hours ago
@⠀ Lol ok I’m saying bc you have no idea who I am yet you’re making judgement on my character which doesn’t make sense but have a nice day dude ❤️
2 hours ago
@Chiara Manna i didn't expect you to get it
Chiara Manna
Chiara Manna 3 hours ago
@⠀ that doesn’t really make sense but ok
3 hours ago
this comment is projection at it's finest
Moe Lester
Moe Lester 3 hours ago
When Biden realized he was fucked he just had a smug smile or laughed or looked dumb founded
Avatar1977 3 hours ago
Only President shit for brains could attack someone for talking about the welfare of American families
MADNIS 3 hours ago
1,315 people die from smoking cigarettes EVERY SINGLE DAY in America. That means in the last 10 years on average 3.65 million have died from cigarettes. Politicians do not care about your health. They care about profit.
Steven Raibley
Steven Raibley 3 hours ago
No more blame game. Let's work together to help us all.
Bruno uno Wuno
Bruno uno Wuno 3 hours ago
Really hope Trump wins
Sharon Willing
Sharon Willing 3 hours ago
They Release.so.they.goout..and.do.more.crimes.to.keep.the.judicial.system.money.and.ruin.more.American.lives.
Moe Lester
Moe Lester 3 hours ago
Haha joe Biden is such a liar
badbear02 3 hours ago
America used to be known as the Leaders of the Free World now thanks to President Trump America is known as the laughing stock of the Free World, America used to be feared... NOT ANY MORE, not whilst President Trump still holds the top job... SORRY AMERICA... :( :(
Hsuai U
Hsuai U 3 hours ago
I mostly just skip whenever biden starts rambling incoherently. Pretty much the whole debate.
Sharon Willing
Sharon Willing 3 hours ago
In.joe.a.mexican.rapes.a.woman.is.a.murderer In.gods.eyes.boy.joe.Biden.a.nut.ball.hopes.its.not.an.American.family's.daughter.Joe Wouldn't.care.about.the.crimes.
SquidderWard 3 hours ago
Every non-american: *Grabs a bag of popcorn*
Kalyca Nabilah
Kalyca Nabilah 3 hours ago
So true😂
Vladimir Carp
Vladimir Carp 3 hours ago
Trump 2020
Your Wrong
Your Wrong 3 hours ago
he's trying to bash Trump about emissions, when Trump has the lowest emissions in 40 years. He literally just avoids every obvious fact and politician speaks
Zackary Miller
Zackary Miller 3 hours ago
Oi. That’s only true because he has not done anything about COVID and nobody has money for: A: Cars B: Gas C: Both A and B C was correct.
Aimee Duncan
Aimee Duncan 3 hours ago
when does trump dance
Ghos t
Ghos t 3 hours ago
Donald Trump : these elections are rigged!
Da goyim know
Da goyim know 3 hours ago
Take a shot whenever you hear “China”
ohnoitsdom 3 hours ago
Can just ONE of them tell the damn truth? Biden was lying so damn much and all Trump could say against Biden were unproven conspiracies. I'll take neither of them, thank you.
Zackary Miller
Zackary Miller 3 hours ago
Yup. Though, if I had to choose, I’d go with Biden
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