SEC Shorts - SEC referee Take Your Daughter to Work Day

SEC Shorts
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It was a tough weekend all around for SEC officials as huge missed/blown calls were prevalent in several games. Oddly enough, it was also time for SEC officials to do their annual Take Your Daughter to Work Day.

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Sep 20, 2021




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Michael Parker
Fade routes on 4th and 2, there is only so much you can do. 🤣
David Tynes
David Tynes Day ago
2:10, Tennessee fans did something about it…
raider nation
You could do this same skit for NFL refs
dtuna42 Day ago
Tim Hicks
Tim Hicks 4 days ago
Sec officials are Auburn alumni
No more donuts
No more donuts 11 days ago
If they talked about 2020 Arkansas at aurburn I would get mad
mac cheese
mac cheese 13 days ago
Did Joe Biden write this? Joe Biden look at all my screaming fans in all the stadiums . let's go Brandon is now what they are saying , geeee it use to be we love joe Biden I think 🤔 well at least that's what NBC sports says ....
Coly Hope
Coly Hope 15 days ago
I wonder if that is his actual daughter. They do kind of look alike and she has been in other episodes.
tedskam 15 days ago
As a Penn State fan, I've loved SEC shorts for years. But thanks. Z. (Smiley face emoji)
Tony Crabtree
Tony Crabtree 15 days ago
“exclamation point, smiley face emoji” 🤣🤣🤣
Evan Long
Evan Long 16 days ago
Shoulda thrown in an Arkansas joke
Baseball Card Squad
State vs. Memphis *cough* *cough*
D Fordham
D Fordham 17 days ago
Sadly there is some truth to the video. Refereeing seems to get worse every year.
relatedreality 17 days ago
Oof oof oof
Salty 76 Lax
Salty 76 Lax 18 days ago
As a psu fan I always think what would’ve happened if psu lost and looked back on that call. Jesus bless y’all.
dawg Nation
dawg Nation 19 days ago
Should have had Bama hand them some money
Ron Firestone
Ron Firestone 20 days ago
Auburn should keep their mouth shut with all the bad calls that goes their way
SA From NC
SA From NC 21 day ago
This...is spot on....
Mr Ingram
Mr Ingram 21 day ago
Just damn
Radha K. Ugo
Radha K. Ugo 21 day ago
Alabama @ Florida 3rd & 7 - Bama throws an Incomplete Pass SEC Refs: Pass Interference .. Defense
spaceracer23 22 days ago
Wait, SEC officials are supposed to support the home team when it's a non SEC opponent? I just assumed they were supposed to be pro Aubrun. -Arkansas
LJ Gaming
LJ Gaming 23 days ago
She's grown a lot since the LSU/OU Peach Bowl video.
Braden Devitt
Braden Devitt 23 days ago
BAMA BOI 24 days ago
Aged well as they favored auburn again against Georgia fucking state
Boss Tweed
Boss Tweed 24 days ago
Paul TUKE 24 days ago
This aged very well over the past week. Just ask Georgia State!!
True Auburn Champion
An there is so many rules now. Used to be a good game. They ruined it with so many rules. Basically the refs always determine who wins it now. Sucks now.
Mathew McKenna
Mathew McKenna 25 days ago
They were at it again against Georgia State.
Danny 25 days ago
Who's here after the refs saved Auburn again?
Shane W
Shane W 25 days ago
after I saw the auburn/ga state game this girl would do a better job
Chili Dogg
Chili Dogg 25 days ago
The SEC officials struck again yesterday, September 25th. They bailed out - who else - Aubarn, which was losing to mighty Georgia State. Yes, Georgia STATE. Without that bogus pass completion (after the bogus review), it would likely have ended up a pretty ugly day down in that village on the plains. The villagers would not have been happy.
Rock girl
Rock girl 25 days ago
Even as a Penn State fan this made me laugh. Great Job SEC Shorts
aias1996 25 days ago
After the Auburn GA state game you can’t just redo this one with slight changes
Doug3 26 days ago
Everyone complains about refs but couldn't do 1/4th as good as them.
Mike King
Mike King 26 days ago
Robert Davenport
Robert Davenport 26 days ago
Seems like all of the youtube links have nothing to do with the SEC shorts video or discussions of it
Rock girl
Rock girl 25 days ago
involved conference. Like how it is done in soccer
Picker Jim
Picker Jim 26 days ago
Perfect….go ‘bama
cheezybuns47 26 days ago
Are u not teaching them to screw arkansas cmon man
Scott Landrum
Scott Landrum 26 days ago
SEC refs are banned for life from entering PA...but their daughters are welcomed because they feel sorry for them...that was hilarious..a dark comedy..
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 26 days ago
sports. Looks over at professional soccer....
mongonius 26 days ago
Placing the ball on the wrong 45 yard-line was pretty bad. 😳😁
Destiny Chavious
Destiny Chavious 27 days ago
You tried your best
Gregory Adkins
Gregory Adkins 27 days ago
Take you’re daughter,to how to become an incompetent official day.Just ask Mike Leach!!!!
Caleb Morgan
Caleb Morgan 27 days ago
All this talk about Auburn, did anybody even here about what happened in State and Memphis game!
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 26 days ago
Truth is more BRUTAL than fiction.
Prime Beef
Prime Beef 27 days ago
I had flashbacks on that fourth down. The refs gave Colorado a fifth down at Missouri. That wasn’t funny, they lost the game and I’m thinking Colorado split the National title that year.
Aaron Cornelius
Aaron Cornelius 27 days ago
Where tf is the Mississippi State references we got hoed last weekend
The Wonder Blunder
The Wonder Blunder 27 days ago
I wonder how many Auburn games have had these bad officiating refs? I remember last year's Arkansas game where a fumble was ruled an incompletion backwards pass. . .
Editor RBR
Editor RBR 27 days ago
There is a serious point buried here though - as bad as officiating may be, piss-poor coaching lost those games in Happy Valley and Memphis. Play to the whistle. And don’t run a play where your best outcome is DPI. Simple, really.
Joe Momma
Joe Momma 27 days ago
Not flagging Georgia players committing obvious hands to the face penalties is definitely a state of mind!
Mangu King
Mangu King 28 days ago
This is so accurate that I can't even laugh hahahaha nvm lol why would they allow own conference refs in a game like this? So sad. I would have expected a ref from a non involved conference. Like how it is done in soccer
Levi Baggett
Levi Baggett 28 days ago
1:43 “People have made so many terrible calls…they won’t remember this one.”😕 Reminds me of the Saints vs Rams 2018 Playoff Game that cost the Saints the victory.🤦🏽‍♂️
Zac Jamerson
Zac Jamerson 28 days ago
Auburn is literally a trash team that’s only ranked to keep interest in an iron bowl because it makes the corrupt ncaa money. Sec as a whole has agreed that you screwed Arkansas last year. We don’t forget this stuff
Zac Jamerson
Zac Jamerson 28 days ago
We only give targeting calls to Arkansas and we don’t give alabama any calls because they utilize the corrupt Ncaa headquarters being in alabama. We also give auburn wins to validate a false ranking like their notredame so we can create false interest in a beat down of an iron bowl
Justin Cavey
Justin Cavey 28 days ago
These are great
lior yunfh
lior yunfh 28 days ago
Love ?? love ?? ?? the video
FantillDeath 28 days ago
That targeting rule does need to get fixed
Jaems Scott
Jaems Scott 28 days ago
LoLoLoLoLoL!!! O'Mi'Lord, my side hurts.
Kamon Reynolds - Tennessee's Bees
Truth is more BRUTAL than fiction.
Gabriel Peterson
Gabriel Peterson 28 days ago
Only beat by A1 towing for how loved and revered they are
lior yunfh
lior yunfh 28 days ago
LMAOOOO, this is amazing as always
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu 28 days ago
This is a prime example that the refs need to be reprimanded when making mistakes, not just players and coaches. It should apply to everyone
James Arnold
James Arnold 28 days ago
The Auburn Arkansas game total screwup stands out.
Dary Jackson
Dary Jackson 28 days ago
They didn't say anything about the safety that Auburn got, but wasn't awarded. I don't see Penn St fans upset about that mess up.
JRock Media
JRock Media 28 days ago
It's sad that this is so true...
James Simms
James Simms 28 days ago
Vicious but to the point
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu 28 days ago
“By the time they realize it it will be a couple series later and we will have so many more terrible calls by then they won’t even remember this one!” 😂😂😂😂
Patrick Davis
Patrick Davis 28 days ago
This has been on for years at Penn State. This bit was awesome..
Jefferson Ogden
Jefferson Ogden 28 days ago
*Pac-12 refs
Dr.ATsavage 28 days ago
They also can’t see a lateral ironically against Auburn
Randy Bombardier
Randy Bombardier 29 days ago
You've got nothing on ole Nebraska. Imagine being in the same conference for 110 years. Yeah, sucks to be we. Ok, ok, maybe Oklahoma is even worse. Freed the local chain gangs on Saturdays. You'll never guess where they showed up.
Jerry Umfress
Jerry Umfress 29 days ago
These videos are hilarious🤣
Antonio del Rio
Antonio del Rio 29 days ago
Skit is sad but TRUE.
aegisofhonor 29 days ago
still not as incompetent's as Big Ten (Fourteen) refs.
CynicalApex 29 days ago
LMAOOOO, this is amazing as always
Phil Duritza
Phil Duritza 29 days ago
Not 100% sure but I think we’ve seen this scene-stealing actress on SEC Shorts before, about 2 years ago! If I’m right…she totally stole that video from Josh too. What a great talent! Someone sign her with an agent. m.ruvid.net/video/video-1c567b2gUn8.html
John Loye
John Loye 29 days ago
they didnt say anything about the Mississippi State punt that was returned for a touchdown after one of the officials blew the play dead
Whgu ybnm
Whgu ybnm 29 days ago
And we missed an opportunity to bring in his brother who called the MSU game and forgot about downing the ball or playing with multiple players with the same number….
Josh Dyess
Josh Dyess 29 days ago
AUBURN SHOULD HAVE WON!!! And Zakoby McClain did not committ targeting!!!!
Person 29 days ago
“By the time they realize it it will be a couple series later and we will have so many more terrible calls by then they won’t even remember this one!” 😂😂😂😂
David Gilhousen
David Gilhousen 29 days ago
To eliminate home cooking, do away with conference refs and bring crews across country to do games. Refs from Oregon and Washington should have no bias in a game like Penn State - Auburn. You might even get a higher quality ref. - Become a referee, see the country!
Whgu ybnm
Whgu ybnm 29 days ago
I just hope they have their big boy glasses on for the game at Jerry's World this weekend.
Shutter Lag
Shutter Lag 29 days ago
SEC Shorts is the best thing about this football season! war eagle.
Joe Rex Music
Joe Rex Music 29 days ago
I feel as though this is the level of delusion these guys must live in.
Casey S
Casey S 29 days ago
This was good, now do pac 12 refs
A guy named Kirby
A guy named Kirby 29 days ago
What would be nice is if we could find out who was officiating each non-conference game. It would also be nice if officials would be held accountable. If you think SEC officials are bad, check out Big 12 officials. They'll call facemask on the person who _received_ it, and until last year, the Longhorns never got called for targeting (in any game that I watched, at least). Of course, every conference has their own botched calls, even with instant replay. It seems to be a theme.
Gambia’s Grandma
Gambia’s Grandma 29 days ago
Kid can act 👍🏻
Jim Adams
Jim Adams 29 days ago
This would be funny if it wasn’t absolutely true. Officiating in general, and in the SEC in particular, is horrible and getting worse every year.
Jason Rogers
Jason Rogers 29 days ago
Why Kirk Herbstreet !!!???? Why he sucks up to Ohio State get him off this channel
Christopher R.
Christopher R. 29 days ago
This may be the best one of these EVERY well done to everyone involved lol
Cotton 29 days ago
Reminds me of a UT Fla game where the UF QB threw a pass into the end zone with 0 seconds on the clock. The ball bounced off the receiver’s chest and was called a TD, costing UT the game. I guess if the ball touches the receiver, it’s a catch.
ddebenedictis 29 days ago
The sarcasm is strong with this one 😂
Barry Johnson
Barry Johnson 29 days ago
Anyone see the LSU Central Michigan game where they put the ball on the wrong 45 yard line?
Eddie Daves
Eddie Daves 29 days ago
Brother I loved it...we need a new big ten shot...thanks
James Wallace
James Wallace 29 days ago
A number of years ago, I remember Colorado was given five downs. They scored on fifth down and won the game.
Samuel Maxwell
Samuel Maxwell Month ago
Penn State has no ground to complain. Like a Big 10 team was about to convert a 3rd and 12 anyway. Plus, the targeting wasn't even the worst. Auburn had a clear safety with Noah Cain's knee down with the ball still over the goal line. Did the refs call it a safety? No. Did they even review it? Of course not.
Steve Friery
Steve Friery Month ago
I just hope they have their big boy glasses on for the game at Jerry's World this weekend.
Brody S.
Brody S. Month ago
1:56that was a bad call in the real game Zakoby McClain did not target the penn state player.
Tyler Hecht
Tyler Hecht Month ago
2:10 I wish this actually happens. Also this girl is gonna go places.
Christian Boekhout
No mentions of the refs in the LSU game placing the ball on the WRONG 40 yard line?
Signal Light Productions
So good!
BA Month ago
Nothing about that Memphis home cookin?
Jason Pratt
Jason Pratt Month ago
"NOTHING! -- absolutely NOTHING!" -- someday, when a channel needs to represent Arya telling off fans for how her arc in GoT ended, this will be the go-to actress.
Jason Pratt
Jason Pratt Month ago
*boos of the desperate need for a tiered targeting penalty so defenders stopping advancing runners from crossing the goal line don't get ejected* -- speaking of tiers, the subtitlers are clearing s-rank again!
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