Season 5 Deleted Scene

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Jan 3, 2016




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artistic persona
artistic persona 12 days ago
she was basically on a fault more like, she is a freaking teacher who has a son and sleeping with a guy who can be basically be her son
Dylan Month ago
what is this series called
Utkarsh Thakkar
Utkarsh Thakkar Month ago
Which series or movie is this
Red And Read
Red And Read Month ago
what movie is this
Kathy Moceri
Kathy Moceri 2 months ago
Lip is so cute
omr bey
omr bey 3 months ago
Prince Levi
Prince Levi 3 months ago
You guys have no idea how badly i want to be lip right now
Pranav Kumar
Pranav Kumar 3 months ago
What is the name of this series or movie?
Chosen One
Chosen One 3 months ago
I would have given her a dry shot in the A right on that table!!!
James Dillard
James Dillard 3 months ago
She is very beautiful woman and dam he is very lucky guy to have her.
محمد شوقى
محمد شوقى 3 months ago
Neme moves
Nenna Salminen
Nenna Salminen 3 months ago
Ok wiki
shivanagouda patil
shivanagouda patil 4 months ago
Name of the show ?
Albert Sean Chen
Albert Sean Chen 4 months ago
I’m sorry 😐...I’ll work harder and never “disrespect” you again 🙏🏾🙏🏾. This is the kind teaching technique that surely works 👌🏾😄.
Filip Gasic
Filip Gasic 2 months ago
Fucking simp. She deserved a slap on the ass there
Paul Simpson
Paul Simpson 5 months ago
I would sleep with her, AGAIN !!! Lol
Cahaya Lurus
Cahaya Lurus 5 months ago
Nothing hotter than a mid aged attractive woman talking about post modern thoughts. Horkheimer, Adorno, Gramsci, Habermas. Damn..
sagar gupta
sagar gupta 5 months ago
What is the name of the series
Alessandra Casamassima
sagar gupta shameless
Tony Spikey69
Tony Spikey69 5 months ago
this happens
Tony Spikey69
Tony Spikey69 4 months ago
@渡邊す 79 PERCENT:(
Zaki Dastan
Zaki Dastan 5 months ago
Name film????
eg6gsr 5 months ago
series called shameless
beckham48 6 months ago
So disrespect the dude get a kiss, he should do more often
Sai Prasad
Sai Prasad 6 months ago
How to watch all this series can anyone send the link
Md fayez
Md fayez 6 months ago
Type index of shameless you will get all episodes
Rahmat ullah
Rahmat ullah 6 months ago
淳二松浦 6 months ago
Akhter Mehdi
Akhter Mehdi 6 months ago
anybody tell me what is the movie or darama name
Alix Griffin
Alix Griffin 7 months ago
I’m ready
Danny Byrne
Danny Byrne 7 months ago
I'd have taken a UF just for a shag of that haha
Thomas Danyluk
Thomas Danyluk 7 months ago
beauty and the beast
Chosen One
Chosen One 7 months ago
She is so hot, I would devour her and do anything she said just for a taste of her ass!!!!!!
Lucaria 7 months ago
I wanna be her personal student ,I swear I will do study 24*7 hours
Sharoon James
Sharoon James 8 months ago
Share the title of the movir/season damn she's elegant
Sharoon James
Sharoon James 7 months ago
@Everyday Search its that a season or a movie because can't find it on RUvid with the title shameless
Sharoon James
Sharoon James 7 months ago
@Everyday Search bundles of thanks
Everyday Search
Everyday Search 7 months ago
Abdul ghaffar
Abdul ghaffar 8 months ago
She looking so sxy
Khabib cherrypicking Weight bully
She would make you very jealous and paranoid a Muslim man can’t contain sexual woman like this
Khabib cherrypicking Weight bully
Abdul ghaffar bit you can’t handle a woman like this you would destroy her confidence and jail her in your house on chains
ابو علي Ali
ابو علي Ali 9 months ago
اذا في حدا يعرف اسم الفلم
معشوقتي ماتت
@ابو علي Ali نعم الله عليك عزيزي
معشوقتي ماتت
@ابو علي Ali الحمد لله
ابو علي Ali
ابو علي Ali 8 months ago
@معشوقتي ماتت كيفك حالك
ابو علي Ali
ابو علي Ali 8 months ago
@معشوقتي ماتت ونعم فيك ولله
معشوقتي ماتت
@ابو علي Ali عراقي
syam m nair
syam m nair 9 months ago
Which movie
Rao Khalid
Rao Khalid 10 months ago
Teacher are so beautiful
V 10 months ago
I am smitten..
TheFireOf1000Suns 11 months ago
In love 😍
Laura Pisco
Laura Pisco 11 months ago
salve è possibile tradurla in italiano????
Theodore Bugsby
Theodore Bugsby 11 months ago
Mediocre acting by the student-lover.
Dominick R DiGangi
Dominick R DiGangi 11 months ago
YT Animal
YT Animal Year ago
tu Tante ganas jg ya😁😁👍👍👍
Wh1plash __
Wh1plash __ Year ago
My fantasy
Steve Year ago
she got a pancake butt
Ray Sheridan
Ray Sheridan 5 months ago
Too Bad that She Did Not Meet Your Standards...
Paul Grimm
Paul Grimm Year ago
That’s one sexy bitch
Alexis Elvando
This is so fake and so stupid. Because it's never happened in the real life.
ayooo Year ago
She is professor of what? Postmodernism? Bullshit subject.. For bullshit leftist parasites
احمد سليمان0
Serial Name
A Friend
A Friend Year ago
احمد زيزو Kellogg’s Cornflakes
tgoon 90
tgoon 90 Year ago
God she’s so fiiiiiiit
Jignesh Shah
Jignesh Shah Year ago
So beautiful so sexy
N A A Year ago
Saali is tarah ki apni teacher hoti, apun to phir top krta ry boss
Bangkit Setyo Hutomo
What the title 😅
Reza Ekky Wirawan
@Tayza wolf ! there isn't on netflix
Tayza wolf !
Tayza wolf ! 11 months ago
Show is called Shameless. It’s on Netflix
BB Spec
BB Spec Year ago
Her name plz
cesar hernandez
rizal ical
rizal ical Year ago
What is the name of film???
ariftaba rahman
ariftaba rahman 5 months ago
Taubatan nasuhah
Isaiah Veluz
Isaiah Veluz Year ago
What's the title of this show?
Oliver Rider
Oliver Rider Year ago
Isaiah Veluz shameless
foljs Year ago
He gives the D and only gets a C?
Hardik Patel
Hardik Patel Year ago
Which series name
Tayza wolf !
Tayza wolf ! 11 months ago
Shahid Khan
Shahid Khan Year ago
I fancy you
Abel Cortez
Abel Cortez Year ago
Movie title pls
John William Ellis
I would fail her class and retake it over and over again if I was him
mf najeeb
mf najeeb Year ago
I would rather failed..maybe can get more
Swanand Mahashabde
The sad part is when you realise that this can only happen in movies.
I am Batman!
I am Batman! 28 days ago
Happened with me. Not like in this series but my mathematics teacher fell for me. She and I had a great time until I finished my college.
Epic City
Epic City 3 months ago
We never know 😃
onur sallı
onur sallı 5 months ago
Movie name?
Four Owls
Four Owls 6 months ago
@Pavlov Mukherjee Actually you probably don't...you would be on a massive high, then huge paranoia about losing her, jealousy over her loving/flirting with someone else. sadness that you know you can't keep her and that the situation is at best, a fantasy that will soon be memory....no wonder the poet Yeats mentioned that 'Ay, in the very temple of Delight Veil'd Melancholy has her sovran shrine"....so true...frighteningly true...
Rehan Verma
Rehan Verma 6 months ago
it does happen you just dont know about reality
zero dai
zero dai Year ago
This guy looks like a rat
John Melber
John Melber Year ago
I see same people's In comments section almost all is watching it in series.
The good Father
The good Father 5 months ago
John Melber can you tell me what the name of that series please
Sumtinrandom Year ago
I always had a huge weakness for dominant, highly intelligent, academically gifted women. I remember when I started uni we had this young teacher who was this arch-typical savant with alcoholism, and she would always blow my mind with her vast amount of knowledge and severely limited patience for BS. Many years later I got to sleep with her, and we had a thing for a while. That was nice, almost cathartic. TIP: if you meet women like this, they usually tend to be lonely because most men don't cope well with women who are smarter than them (I don't really know why, I just see it a lot). Therefore, in my experience they can appreciate a man who takes an interest, and is willing to learn a bit. So go for it, you don't have that much to lose.
Saurav Goldar
Saurav Goldar Year ago
Mr. Bean? Is this your son?
Tudorinc Year ago
Where was this when I was in college ?
Definition of a milf. Perfection.
Albert Walter
Albert Walter Year ago
Love knows no profession and people condemn teachers for seducing young boys 2 men haha
Alexander Mzhavia
Whats the name of these series??
Natx Year ago
Kieran B
Kieran B Year ago
massive fucking nose, pointy features... = getting a milf teacher. yeah sure kid.
snorgisborg2 Year ago
His face is punchable af
Kenway Year ago
Hottest MILF alive. Her face is fine as fuck, and that body.. HNNNGGGG
Rahmat ullah
Rahmat ullah Year ago
How ARE you 00971 56 4272501 Hi iAM RAHMAX 🥀🌷🌻🌹
无名 Year ago
William Utley
William Utley Year ago
Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar Year ago
how to watch full episodes ?
Maurice Marian
I don't know
lil zakar
lil zakar Year ago
Lip could of deadass manipulated her to get whatever he wanted but he didnt. What a good guy.
Paul Jones
Paul Jones Year ago
Anthony Hendra
Nikhil H
Nikhil H Year ago
This is good...everything is not abusive and harashment among opposite genders..
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