Searching for Murder Weapons in a Shallow Canal! (7 Guns, 4 Knives and 3 Phones)

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Searching for Murder Weapons in Drained Canal! (7 Guns, 4 Knives and 3 Phones) ruvid.net/video/video-Mk35GLC5Odw.html


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Nov 23, 2019




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Comments 80
DALLMYD 7 months ago
Drop a thumbs up if you want us to explore another creek for weapons! If we can break 10,000 likes I'll make another video like this! We'ere closing in on 10 million subs!!!
amanda dawson
amanda dawson Minute ago
Cool finds
Jordy den Haan
Mark Sheerin de poi
Sølaris Zodiac
Parker Ebert's Coins and Cards He now has 10.8 m subs
gecko Gameing
gecko Gameing 4 days ago
5:13 my nanny has that knife nannyyyy
Dinisha Hyman
Dinisha Hyman 5 days ago
@Mark Sheerin h no j
Kylie Broadhead
Gucci Gucci
Mr. McNuggies
Mr. McNuggies 4 hours ago
A spoon a pintchle murder weapon
nightwolf 64
nightwolf 64 5 hours ago
Anushka Seereeram
Anushka Seereeram 12 hours ago
real reve
Anushka Seereeram
Anushka Seereeram 12 hours ago
Rice Krispies
Rice Krispies 12 hours ago
That was a BB gun, I have the same one but with a scope
snifferstance 12 hours ago
bruh thats a bb gun i have the same one
backstabber7 12 hours ago
I love your vids
Daniel Dubovik
Daniel Dubovik 13 hours ago
I live in Georgia man I should of been their
Daniel Dubovik
Daniel Dubovik 13 hours ago
Hmmm I wonder if a phone is a murder weapon jk
Nahas Ali
Nahas Ali 18 hours ago
Pigstep :D
gacha dino
gacha dino 21 hour ago
:D pin this thing!!!! >:3
rundio clan
rundio clan 23 hours ago
You should search the creek by my house very scary found bones before there before never going back and it was human bones and they are probably still there
Stewie Montiano
Moose Braden rps
Knife being a potential murder weapon Me- THE MAN BEHIND THE SLAUGHTER *beat drop *
Kyoko :3
Kyoko :3 Day ago
DALLMYD:Finds glass “Its a potential murder weapon”
Krista Jones
Krista Jones Day ago
You better Send them here to the us air force area 51
Drew Judd
Drew Judd Day ago
I have the same BB gun
ficeagon Day ago
Jake I want to be like you when I grow up ur my insperation
Zahir John
Zahir John Day ago
That's my clippers
Zahir John
Zahir John Day ago
Jakes finds my uncle bouncy ball btw
ThatzEpicz Day ago
People put all those toy guns there to mess with Jake >:3
Roberto Ramirez
Zangtin Heng
Zangtin Heng 2 days ago
Ainsley Starcatcher
jake has a gun a pistol for self defence i think
chelsey white
chelsey white 2 days ago
Him:finds broken scissors this could be a merger weppen Me:me in kindergarten doing art cutting paper The kid beside me:😳😳😳😳 Me:what? The kid beside me:oh nothing hey do you want to be friends 😬😬😬 Me:ok The kid beside me:oh thank god
scootgaming 13
scootgaming 13 2 days ago
And I subscribed
scootgaming 13
scootgaming 13 2 days ago
I’ve been a fan for 8years
Trey Leach
Trey Leach 2 days ago
Why u got a gun with u
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon 2 days ago
Ur gonna brake ur arm like in few months
Greg Ziegler
Greg Ziegler 3 days ago
3:39 he says he would use that😳
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown 3 days ago
Him A spoon him this can possibly be a murder weapon Me me knowing that I killed a cirial box with that 😧
Jacob Santos
Jacob Santos 3 days ago
“Finds knife” me Knowing that I killed Sandwiches Crust with that knife🤫😰🤐😶😦😧😱😨😰😥
Michelle Faust
Michelle Faust 3 days ago
Credit cards in a wallet jake: there's a chance it's a murderer weapon
guy kearns
guy kearns 3 days ago
You guys that is a bb gun
Tornado Crazy
Tornado Crazy 3 days ago
Thank you for keeping so many rivers clean👍
Chris Vermolen
Chris Vermolen 3 days ago
Tommy burst is vintage and the revolver is the detective set
Alexander Vargas
Alexander Vargas 3 days ago
FYI the “bb gun” was a real gun a BB gun usually has holes on the sides
X lord
X lord 3 days ago
So far we’ve came across like five knives Title 4 knives ⁉️
Zane DePatsy
Zane DePatsy 3 days ago
It's a bb gun I have the same one
Sara Davis
Sara Davis 3 days ago
Liam Purdy if he's throwing his weapons in how are they THAT RUSTY AND BROKEN
Sara Davis
Sara Davis 3 days ago
Hamish Macleod
Hamish Macleod 3 days ago
5:33 is what u came for
Rosemary Dreyer
Rosemary Dreyer 4 days ago
oOOooOoOo I have a lagoon right next to my house, Manly Lagoon
Barbara Schulz
Barbara Schulz 4 days ago
That’s a 1960s cap gun. Loki’s like the nitroglycerin tabs bottle my mom used to get for her heart condition
JJ MM 4 days ago
Giger Family
Giger Family 4 days ago
Rusty machete Ability’s, giving people Tetanus PoTEnTial mUrdER wEApOn
Matt Espino
Matt Espino 4 days ago
Anton Lykke
Anton Lykke 4 days ago
tell me why he has a glock on him
Diane 4 days ago
Jake: *holds fidget spinner* petechial murder weapon Also Jake: finds knife this is not a petechial murder weapon
Garth Martens
Garth Martens 4 days ago
Like the video and the finds just ask your cameraman to focus on the objects/finds or you when you are talking. thanks so much
Joel Gamer
Joel Gamer 4 days ago
Wait that Fidget spinner looks like my fidget spinner that I lost
c bells
c bells 4 days ago
it's a bb gun
Harrison Smith
Harrison Smith 4 days ago
Yo you missed a gun next to the half revolver
FlossyBongo World
I will give you 0 licks
Christian Mercer
Christian Mercer 5 days ago
Haven’t even watched the video and the thumbnail is a BB gun
Holly ross
Holly ross 5 days ago
Person:*throws knife cuz noone is using it* Jake;MURDER WEAPON !! :person * sees this vid* I THREW THAT AWAY CUZ NOONE WAS USING IT!!
PURCELL LASH 5 days ago
How come Jo don't have on gloves?
Queen G
Queen G 5 days ago
yup pellet gun xxx
Goose And Ned the golden retriever goal10k subs
Roses are red Apples are to This comment has one like But why is it blue
yeet0nme 6 days ago
Feast boy bob Rios
Kelcie Stingley
Kelcie Stingley 6 days ago
Do some if y'all just click the video to look at funny commets
joseph little
joseph little 6 days ago
The first gun is a s&w500magnum
MegaBug12345 6 days ago
He found a dollar and eventually its a murder weapon
Itz Random
Itz Random 6 days ago
Jake: fines fidget spinner Also Jake: it could be a potential murder weapon
Gaming with Brooklynn
No one Literally no one Jake: A fidget spinner is a pOtEnTiAl MuRdEr WeApOn
Zodiac Striker
Zodiac Striker 3 days ago
Elizabeth Tidwell
There are some sharp fidget spinners tho
Cyclone Gaming
Cyclone Gaming 6 days ago
That weird
Joel Wagand
Joel Wagand 7 days ago
Finds a squishy Jake:a potential murder weapon Finds a cup Jake: A potential murder weapon Finds a shoe Jake: Potential murder weapon Finds a pillow Jake: Potential murder weapon Finds a knife Jake: Let's look at this and maybe play with it
Marife Lacre
Marife Lacre 7 days ago
Jake i found rusty clippers *cuts tristan’s fork*
Aidan Blair
Aidan Blair 7 days ago
joseph overmyer
joseph overmyer 7 days ago
this is horse shit
Martin Palmer
Martin Palmer 7 days ago
The diver says, "I found a murder weapon and I returned it to the owner." That was your good deed for the day.
Mikaylaa Washkuhn
Ya I wanna do this when I grow up
Julissa Rangel
Julissa Rangel 7 days ago
I a,
Cooper Phillips
Cooper Phillips 7 days ago
the gun that you found was a: 760 Pumpmaster Pump Action Pellet Gun. keep up the good work :)
Hunter Funtime
Hunter Funtime 7 days ago
Hey I like your picture and I love the fox say is this Daisy because this is a cool picture
Robyn Gray
Robyn Gray 7 days ago
Jake finds spoon Also jake this could be a merder weapon Me 😟 I merdered a Cereal box oh no
NATO Skate09
NATO Skate09 7 days ago
Jake finds dollar bill oooooo murder weapon these are used for paper cuts
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