Search Party with the Stranger Things Cast

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Millie Bobby Brown, Sadie Sink and Noah Schnapp team up with Jimmy against Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin and The Roots' Tarik Trotter as the Stranger Things cast faces off in a race to guess the most popular Internet search results, like "Will I regret eating this whole..."
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Search Party with the Stranger Things Cast


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Jun 15, 2019




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Comments 4 537
Omg Billie told Noah to get a new boyfrie-....
Elijah Schloßmacher
#coldbloded hahahha
Inés SA
Inés SA 4 days ago
Noah suffering under pressure made my day
jaden riley
jaden riley 4 days ago
I love jimmy's and finn's friendship lol
enick 5 days ago
i lost my phone, i need an OHonE
elif melike tüz
elif melike tüz 5 days ago
Tarık türk mü
Séverin Official
this is so funny!
Andres Alfaro
Andres Alfaro 5 days ago
Noah esta mas perdido que cuando se perdio
Hae mon
Hae mon 5 days ago
Ethan Galindo
Ethan Galindo 6 days ago
80s: has the worst music Thrash and heavy metal: am I a joke to you
Sara rivera
Sara rivera 6 days ago
Noah has offically stolen hearts including mine😍😍😍
Libert Matteo
Libert Matteo 7 days ago
no u
no u 7 days ago
Me when I see a spider: 5:38
Crys B
Crys B 8 days ago
We need an Edward Scissorhands remake. Finn.
david singh
david singh 8 days ago
1:37 "ok okokokokokokokok" ok
Trying to get 100 Subs with no videos challenge
Caleb: i love you but no. Millie: i dont like you sooo. 😂😂😂
Peti y satsumi Chan
La conch4 de tu madrastra
Briana S
Briana S 8 days ago
lmao gaten at the end "HE SAID OHONE, OHONE CANT COUNT"
Movie World
Movie World 8 days ago
Abraham Samuel
Abraham Samuel 9 days ago
Idk everything about Jimmy is so fake!! 🤪
Mackz114 M
Mackz114 M 9 days ago
I I Jkkk
Sweet Tooth Slimes
Millie:Don’t be salty Finn:is that an English thing?
lolzzz dab
lolzzz dab 10 days ago
Girly_ Goals
Girly_ Goals 10 days ago
Omg they had soo good clothes and sooo good music and hair i love the 80’s
Amber Swinnen
Amber Swinnen 10 days ago
In Stranger Things are they looking so young
Rachel Sprague
Rachel Sprague 10 days ago
5:36-5:56 are my last 4 brain cells forming a sentence
katie - ellen
katie - ellen 11 days ago
jimmy fits in so well with the teens lmao
why don't we grande
poor sadie.. jimmy played instead of her. that's so rude,, he could have added another round or smth.
Leela B
Leela B 11 days ago
What great about me
Leela B
Leela B 11 days ago
Hey I'm on the team
# Pugtoob
# Pugtoob 11 days ago
Family feud anybody?
melek aygun
melek aygun 12 days ago
Do i have to press *ENTAH* lol sweet
Woman Like Perrie
Woman Like Perrie 12 days ago
Omg Noahhh😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️
Jimmy,Millie,Noah and Sadi ARE THE BEST TEAM !!!!!
ItMat 13 days ago
Well I thought they would trying to find will
esin cundar
esin cundar 14 days ago
Abhijeet Shrivastava
Can you host 😂😂
Paige Dueck
Paige Dueck 15 days ago
The 80’s had great music
hacis s
hacis s 15 days ago
How can u reject Millie's hug I don't understand
Alexxx 15 days ago
GOD I just adore the Stranger Things cast. They are the best How can you not love them?
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 15 days ago
Lol every answer are subjective
Matt Skates
Matt Skates 16 days ago
80s has the best music, The Smiths were brilliant.
Kartik Hongal
Kartik Hongal 16 days ago
Ian waiting for 4 the season
Grace Vano
Grace Vano 16 days ago
when Millie was like "BOYFRIE-" i choked on my water
Grace Vano
Grace Vano 16 days ago
This maleb friendship
Sydney Wayne
Sydney Wayne 16 days ago
Mavis Beacon! I used to use Mavis Beacon
Leni Summer
Leni Summer 17 days ago
2:48 millie is me when I look at the math test
The Hunt Rock Band
The Hunt Rock Band 17 days ago
80’s music is great! What about should I Stay or Should I Go? Or Kickstart My Heart?
Everyone is saying Sadie didn’t get a chance... What about Tarik? 😦
finnland 16 days ago
Alessia Ghezzi
Alessia Ghezzi 17 days ago
3:22 cadie moment
Mary Crowther
Mary Crowther 17 days ago
nobody: not one person: not the mind flayer: not even the demogorgon: noah: o-h-o-n-e
zosia ry
zosia ry 18 days ago
Jmoney Jackson
Jmoney Jackson 18 days ago
Why did Millie say boyfriend
Nylnuj_ 17
Nylnuj_ 17 18 days ago
Fuck the 1.5k dislikes😤
Minty Cupcakes
Minty Cupcakes 18 days ago
3:38 Noah’s scream 😂
randomz 18 days ago
Well I guess I should get a Life
Emilia Grace
Emilia Grace 18 days ago
5:38 wtf noah 😂
Madeleine Braley
Madeleine Braley 18 days ago
Who loves Finn’s laugh? 😆❤️
Uzy 19 days ago
1:44 who the fuck produces this? 80’s music is the best
Egemen Butik
Egemen Butik 19 days ago
Turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
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