Seafood Boil with ImwoahVicky

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Join me and ImwoahVicky for a seafood boil Blove Style. Connect with Vicky:
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May 25, 2019




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Comments 80
Bloveslife Year ago
GM, Everyone, I just wanted to say I don't know what some of yall beef is with Vicky but I genuinely like her for the person she is. She really is a sweet young lady. A lot of yall may not agree what she does or how she does it but I'm a strong believer in to each its own. None of us are perfect, if u have problems with individuals Pray for them and keep it movin. Love u Guys very much, Enjoy the rest of your Weekend😍
Ariel Yancy
Ariel Yancy 6 days ago
She really is ❤️
I love Vicky idk why they got a prob wit ha like idu!❤️
Kemaria Nisbett
Kemaria Nisbett 7 days ago
She should have a collab with that gurl lay lay!!!!!!!!!!
·Nadia Rene·
·Nadia Rene· 9 days ago
Bloveslife uh
Mauriyah Eldridge
Mauriyah Eldridge 16 days ago
Can you in vite me to your seafood boil
Chloe Amiya 01
Chloe Amiya 01 4 hours ago
Yeah get into it😂
Micah Kincade
Micah Kincade 14 hours ago
Braceface Moe
Braceface Moe 16 hours ago
Am I tripping or at the begging Vicky said she was 13 and den she said she started her ig when she was 17
Kylee Playz
Kylee Playz Day ago
8:48 had my dying when she ate that -no hate
hxney_ bees
hxney_ bees Day ago
I love woah Vicky
Babygirl J.
Babygirl J. Day ago
i love you bLOVESSSSS
millano D'rango
I don't even know this girl but I enjoyed watching the sauce torture her lol
A7 Animations
Having hair like that should be a felony.
Char Duol
Char Duol 2 days ago
I thought vicky was like in her 2o's
katiusca rubby sierra
I was surprised when she said she was 19
Bing Bing
Bing Bing 2 days ago
Y’all need to stop hating cuz imagine how she feels off camera. She’s doing her own thing focusing on her own thing and y’all haters can’t stop it periot ! Vicky keep doin your thing girl and sane to Blove keep doing you ! God bless and have a great day!✝️🙌🏾💖
Max Alexander Norris
Clicked on the vid and had flashbacks to the day where vicky was fighting with bhad bhabie and lil tay
Nora Armenta
Nora Armenta 2 days ago
She can't take the spice lol the white girl. 🤣😂 Latinas we eat alot of spice probably that sauce is nothing for us but looks so good. Is so funny how she don't know how to eat the seafood 😂🤣😂🤣 I'm from Sinaloa and we eat all of this Ewwww the way she eats with her mouth open so disgusting. Then she said I'm full. Hello, with all her water and drink she was drinking that make her full. Cuz she didn't eat nothing. Then she only dip it in the oil. 😂🤣
chicken nuggets
chicken nuggets 2 days ago
Let’s get into it
The Book Posh
The Book Posh 2 days ago
It's the ironing board for me...
Evie Martinez
Evie Martinez 2 days ago
does anybody else hate how blove doesn’t ever close her mouth when she chews but u still watch her videos
Keenan Perkins
Keenan Perkins 3 days ago
Eww Vicky smakin
lanaiii mochiii
lanaiii mochiii 3 days ago
i’m not tryna bug.... but she need some new eyelash glue it ain’t working
Lucia Paulino
Lucia Paulino 3 days ago
2:52 What kind of dip is that? she not even dipping it in the sauce all the way
Melissa Evans
Melissa Evans 3 days ago
Did she coughed over the food 17:59 , ew! Didnt even cover her mouth..
Taylor C
Taylor C 4 days ago
I could not with the smacking. Manners have exited the chat. Chew with your mouth close!!
RodeKiller 4 days ago
How has our world come to this fml
Emilie Perry
Emilie Perry 5 days ago
Love u Vicky
Ronnie Hammonds
Ronnie Hammonds 5 days ago
I meant muscles
Ronnie Hammonds
Ronnie Hammonds 5 days ago
All she did was eat the oysters lol
Tara Marie
Tara Marie 5 days ago
Vicky is a sweetheart i love her
Kennedi’s World
Yuh get into it!!!!
Thatgirl cici
Thatgirl cici 5 days ago
Vicky look so awkward in the beginning 💀
Halee 6 days ago
I actually love this collab.
Destinee Davis
Destinee Davis 6 days ago
Y’all stop hating on Vicky she’s rlly sweet lie comon
Sheila fofana
Sheila fofana 6 days ago
Sis Ya Show is Way To Lit To Have This Quality of Guest ! She Represents Nothing Positive. NEXT ! Glad you Have a positive and Warm Humbling Soul Though
Syrya Dawson
Syrya Dawson 7 days ago
Vicky couldn’t open the crab so she put it back 🤣💀 . no disrespect tho 🤍
Jala Crutchfield
Jala Crutchfield 7 days ago
Bruh why she look like Rufus from kimpossible
lit.dance trends
lit.dance trends 7 days ago
So she not gone wipe her chin???
Ashley Edwards
Ashley Edwards 7 days ago
I like ponysion or howeve you spell it too with my sandwich lol
Lina Reyes
Lina Reyes 8 days ago
When she said " Your remind me of the catch me outside girl" my heart dropped
Cornariah White
Cornariah White 8 days ago
Like how many times wow Vicky
XxAri ImvuChannelXx
Her right eyelash falling off then the sauce is burning her mouth and she don’t know how to cure her mouth close LOL I’m not hating but she’s really nice and I like her
xoxo savii
xoxo savii 9 days ago
Vicky has a little sauce driping from her chin 🤭😂
Sleepy Mafia
Sleepy Mafia 9 days ago
Damn she can’t even eat her own way with out ppl coming at her neck y’all Evil. She just eating
Morgan Halle new
Morgan Halle new 8 days ago
Word evil asl
Angel Hamon
Angel Hamon 9 days ago
@bloveslife is from ohio, girl 330!! how come I just found this out 😭
The Life Of Babyj
The Life Of Babyj 10 days ago
Yesssss WoahVicky Periodt
Selina Brown
Selina Brown 10 days ago
Have ya notice her lash was hanging on for dead life 😂
YouTube junkie
YouTube junkie 11 days ago
Omg vicki is a disgusting eater. Close your damn mouth
Leah German
Leah German 12 days ago
Yo if you gonna put lashes on make sure they don’t fall lmfao and she got unruly eyebrows. Might just be. Me cuz I’m a makeup artist 😂😂🤣
sabi 13 days ago
Pollo Msciel
Pollo Msciel 13 days ago
Love Vicky
Andrew 15 days ago
Conversation just wasn't happening here lol
BUNNOBB 16 days ago
Oh Shyt My future Baby-MaMa/$ugar-Baby! WHOA VICKY!!!
ITZ NIYAHTV 17 days ago
Idk why people have problems with Vicky and she even said she was young when she did everything she did
Honey Combbb
Honey Combbb 17 days ago
Bloves: imma tell y’all all about her Vickys mind: oh Jesus please no
TAEKOOK LOVER 18 days ago
Vicky is being really respectful
Majai Jenkins
Majai Jenkins 19 days ago
Vickey downing that drink
Karmen Woods
Karmen Woods 20 days ago
S l e e p y
S l e e p y 21 day ago
y’all stop making fun of the poor girl😂 she’s doing better then before she’s actually doing stuff and not acting dumb she’s better then danielle
txnker bxlle
txnker bxlle 22 days ago
Vicky's eyelash is falling off..💀😭
Breanna Scarborough
She said is it always this spicy lol
Fipe MAIRE 24 days ago
Who else is watching in 2020 lol
Ahmya Wyche
Ahmya Wyche 25 days ago
I’ve never had lobster and I wanna try it so baddddd
Viridity Angel
Viridity Angel 24 days ago
It's great...try lobster pizza too
Nafanua xXo
Nafanua xXo 25 days ago
Auntie you don’t need to collab with everyone
OmgItzMarshy 25 days ago
This is actually the first time when Vicky was nice
Little Bites ASMR
Little Bites ASMR 27 days ago
She realllyyy thought she was her worst enemy 😂😂😂😂 IMMM DEEAD That shit had me screammiinngg 😂😂
Leanas Squad
Leanas Squad Month ago
Caree Lyons
Caree Lyons Month ago
vickys eyelash if fanna fall off
Brittney Robinson
Princess Baybee
Princess Baybee Month ago
And tick-tock
Taylor Month ago
Vicky Pollard anyone?
Gavandeep Singh
Gavandeep Singh Month ago
Vicky has the same birthday as me lol
Toxic Playz
Toxic Playz Month ago
Age 42
Age 42 Month ago
Who came here cuz of Charlie, and btw who tf watches this 😂
Lauren Camarillo
Bloveslife so nice cracking the crab legs for her and she didn't even tell her a peice flew into her hair?! Oh man....
Jeremiah Meece
Jeremiah Meece Month ago
Vicky was looking wth is happening with her at the beginning
Joker Month ago
This is the most depresing shit i ever seen ....
mariah wright
mariah wright Month ago
did she just say do you eat meat and they eating crab
Tiff Owen
Tiff Owen Month ago
Great video some people are mess don’t have a life. Misery love company got pray for folks who not doing right
iiSimplyAlexaii lola
not shaming vicky put she eats with her mouth oped
omgskye Month ago
she was forced into this dont even argue with it...
Valeria Isais
Valeria Isais Month ago
I just saw this video and you did it on my birthday I was born May 25th 2008
Shayla M.
Shayla M. Month ago
I would eat mine with a spoon so I could get alllll that good stuff at the bottom of the sauce lol
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