Seafood Boil Feast!

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Mar 17, 2019




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Comments 3 198
Alicia Gray
Alicia Gray 3 days ago
I love your jacket! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ella McCoy
Ella McCoy 11 days ago
I want sauce
Ella McCoy
Ella McCoy 11 days ago
I had a bad surgery From my gallbladder. Then had to be rush back to surgery had exploratory surgery and I had three draining tubes.
the bat kid 5890
the bat kid 5890 15 days ago
I love you so much for ever
the bat kid 5890
the bat kid 5890 15 days ago
Colaine Cheskamae Suarez
i love your vlogs evry day
Nia Dorsey
Nia Dorsey 16 days ago
You do do not look rough
Fornite squad YouTube
Hi beloves can you friend us my family love you
Kerin Marcial
Kerin Marcial 19 days ago
were you pregnant?
that94 White
that94 White 21 day ago
Blove looks so much younger w/ a bare face , gorgeous either way tho
Latoya Simmons
Latoya Simmons 21 day ago
You were allowed to have your nails with all the stuff on them, because I'm having surgery and I was told not to have anything on mine????
sara smith
sara smith 21 day ago
For every like im going to type this(🐣)
Yvonne Pleasant
Yvonne Pleasant 22 days ago
Good morning Bloves I know what I'm eating today love that chicken from Popeyes.
Valarie White
Valarie White 25 days ago
Hey Blove I've been watching you since my daughter's introduced you to me a few month's ago and have made your sauce which my family absolutely loved👍😍 but I've noticed it seems like your sauce can make it thru a whole a video without seizing up without being on a heat source what are you doing that I'm missing?
Christian Seville
Christian Seville 26 days ago
Those nails tho
Tamia Brown
Tamia Brown 27 days ago
What she talking bout c-section?
Nicole Jones
Nicole Jones 27 days ago
When can we get the sauce in Cleveland
I’m Here For Mukbangs
Imagine eating big portions for 30 mins everyday whew Chile lol. If ur full stop eating that’s so bad when u force urself to eat after a tummy tuck
Rose Rose
Rose Rose 28 days ago
Am I the only person that was triggered by the mess on her hands
Tykyrah Chapple
Tykyrah Chapple 28 days ago
Blove you should definitely do a collaboration with Naveen& Sheena & get their daughter Reign to eat seafood with you!!! Like if u agree!!🤗🤗
Pretty Desi
Pretty Desi 28 days ago
Give this a thumbs up if she is ugly 😈
Thats Letty
Thats Letty 28 days ago
The words are kinda distracting from the actual video
Dionne Cornett
Dionne Cornett 28 days ago
Quick recovery
Anita winstanley
Anita winstanley 28 days ago
Is it just me that thinks she looks like Darius in this video?
kitty kat
kitty kat 29 days ago
When you get a mommy makeover..you can't really do much and you are in lots of pain so how are you pigging out and you look like you are not in pain..using that pigging out on camera money to look like Nicki Minaj...why people gave this ratchetness clout..
LaCray Francis
LaCray Francis 29 days ago
Wait so Blove you had a baby?
LaCray Francis
LaCray Francis 29 days ago
Oh never mind a tummy tuck
Ariana Ellis Videos
Save us some 🤤
Hassnain Ali
Hassnain Ali Month ago
donna Miramontes
Ya smack a little to much for my taste.😂
Jackie Murphy
Jackie Murphy Month ago
My son and I enjoy watching your videos... he want to eat seafood with Blove. He's 6 years old...lol... I am going to make the sauce and seafood for him one day...we lay in bed mostly every night watching your videos
TiTi Gang
TiTi Gang Month ago
Can we buy yo sauce online ?
Pearl Jackson
Pearl Jackson Month ago
Seafood. Boil is good for you and Jacksonville Florida
Johonna Bowe
Johonna Bowe Month ago
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Month ago
You should start taking your ring off so you get it dirty
Michelli Alves
Michelli Alves Month ago
Oi sou nova aqui e sou brasileira gosto muito dos seus vídeos
John Dino
John Dino Month ago
Crystal Anderson
I enjoy watching these videos regardless of what Blove eats. If you all have a problem don't watch. It's not anyone's place to judge or criticize what she does. Speedy recovery Blove!
The cutest squad Squad
I made you bloves sauce it was good it was a little bit spicy
Delightful Dime
Delightful Dime Month ago
🤣 my high ass thought you had a baby... had to read threw n see u had a tummy tuck
Delightful Dime
Delightful Dime Month ago
+Tatanka Evans 😂 glad im not the alone
Tatanka Evans
Tatanka Evans Month ago
😂😂😂 same
Jasmine Yates
Jasmine Yates Month ago
Too old to be smacking like that 🤮
Destiney Harper
Destiney Harper Month ago
I like when she makes the sauce thick like that so all of the onions and stuff can stay on the meat!
djahkya palmer-reid
i think it would be easier if u put the lemon in the sauce in stead of squeezing every bite
MyLifeIs Beautiful
Yes I sooo can’t wait for the sauce. I want Two bottles of it in Spicy. Already sent my email in....
Your Mom
Your Mom Month ago
Wait..... she was pregnant
Benjamin Cameron
Come on for the vocal effects on healin'. Yassss lol
Honesty Alexander
My grandmother just had on and it good because she dosnt have cancer
audreythh Month ago
I know this can’t be good for your cholesterol... 👀
Willie Mae Johnson
take yourself time to heal or let your husband help you eat all that
Laura Lamb
Laura Lamb Month ago
Black Chyna in 20 years..
Taylor vids
Taylor vids Month ago
Girl I don’t know what your talking about your slaying it in every video
Shanice Porter
Shanice Porter Month ago
And here I am working a full time and in nursing school and these assholes just go in sit down and leave smfh 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️I want my damn money back
Dus GANG Month ago
Sauce look so good
erica grant
erica grant Month ago
Storytelling Productions
Wish I could afford to eat like this ill be the same way... Eat what i want.. Nip here tuck here.. But i also love working out..
keara a
keara a Month ago
This just popped up on my notifications today. Was the newest video with the chicken and egg rolls?
757VaBlac Stallion
Forget a tummy tuck!!! The gym is the only thing you need baby!!! 💪🏿
Deven Garin
Deven Garin Month ago
She pregnant
Marla Hernandez
Marla Hernandez Month ago
A tummy tuck is nothing like having gastric bypass surgery. It does nothing to change how much you can eat.
Daesia Month ago
Why does every video have seafood
Denika Williams
Denika Williams Month ago
These edits are sending meee💀💀💀💀😍😍😍😍😍😍
Brenda serrano
Brenda serrano Month ago
My favorite fan you are and I like the way you talkin U2 and I got a gift for you how do knitting and I will give you some gift for you you my favor fan and I love you and God bless you
M Mars
M Mars Month ago
What do crab legs taste like? I hate fish, but LOVE lobster tail & shrimp 🍤 Someone help me out? ♥️
Lailah Moye
Lailah Moye Month ago
Good asf 😭
Bubbafrom Youtube
Are u pregnant or jus had a kid??
Neveah Williams
Neveah Williams Month ago
I’m hungry give me some please 🤣🤣🤤
Takyrah Ramsey
Takyrah Ramsey Month ago
I love ur seafood boils 🤩🗝.
nanà Cuomo
nanà Cuomo Month ago
Shanna Armstrong
Me so ready to eat crabs 🦀 today but ready to get. in pool
Leggs 4Dayz
Leggs 4Dayz Month ago
Girl where is your water bottle? LOL! Didn't get my "waddah break!" I know you sipn' on that pineapple juice though. Hope you have a speedy recovery and enjoy that rest while you can cause when that sauce hits the market you ain't getting none! Blessings hun!
tay the cool girl Tay
Question why would you get a tummy tuck if you still eating bad?
Babyyyy where does she get the money to buy that high seafood...i count about $200 plus worth of stuff...wow
Lexi Lex
Lexi Lex Month ago
Y’all stfu she not bout to die from eating seafood all the time tf it’s actually healthier then steak pork and all of that.
It’s funny how Blove is just doing something that other non poc women does on RUvid, and they do not get that much bullshit y’all be barking under their comments like how y’all do her. Like damn. If you don’t like it, then don’t fucking watch it.
Natalie Franklin
Can you buy me some seafood
Sunshine Peoples & Fam
Food looks awesome!! Feel better soon and I pray for a speedy recovery. I just had a csection 6 weeks ago and it still is sore so I know how it feels. I didn’t know pineapple juice makes you heal faster I gotta try it!!! My dad ate like that too it had to be his white and black square plate. I never seen the show wife swap
China lee Homemade Eats
Hey Blove!
shaniqua Danzy - Burton
Legit love your seafood boils and your sauce looks soo 🔥🔥 good
Anora norville
Anora norville Month ago
Hey people stop with the negative comments, please stop, life is too short, please let her be,she is our sister ok
Niyzarialeonae Johnson
Too many haters commenting. If you don't like her, why did you subscribe to her and why are you commenting. Gtfoh!!!
baby cee vee
baby cee vee Month ago
Is your muhkbang only based on seafood it seems like u dont try anything else but that
Zemetria Keller
Zemetria Keller Month ago
is it so good that u have to smack like that
Tootz Hill
Tootz Hill Month ago
Surprisingly she not drinking for the coldest water
Julia Latham
Julia Latham Month ago
Hey y'all.
Kay D
Kay D Month ago
Ok can someone help me out? Did she have the surgery in La and staying there for observation.
M&C Month ago
She’s a whole mOoD, “these cRaB legs gOoD” lol
easygoing1 easygoing1
Leave her alone, I'm sure her dr told her what she should and shouldn't do, she dosnt need to hear it from random people every other comment. Yall annoying 🙄
Liliana Prado
Liliana Prado Month ago
was she pregnant?
obey brezzy
obey brezzy Month ago
Carter Hazell
Carter Hazell Month ago
This girl gives me Cardi B vibes oof
JayJay Month ago
Ok I know people who went to USC and it’s not that hard to get in lol
Kierra Ford
Kierra Ford Month ago
“That’s okay girl you healing, you HEALLLLINGGG” 😂😂😂😭😭😭♥️
Christina Joseph
Wait she was pregnant??
Lady Joe
Lady Joe Month ago
Just pray for Ms bloveslife,just say it in a nice way to her, sometime we need to look at our mistake,text her and say can i talk to you as my sister,from another mother,we all have feeling,pray for her,and talk to her husband if you are scared about her health,God bless you all
Lady Joe
Lady Joe Month ago
ItsKayla Tv
ItsKayla Tv Month ago
If u think bloves look better without makeup=Subscribe to my channel❤️‼️
Alberto Cayente Junior
Who else doesn’t eat lobster and crab, but enjoy watching her eat it
maachah75 11 days ago
Izthatkay Kaykay
Izthatkay Kaykay 20 days ago
Alberto Cayente Junior nobody
Ramii Sings
Ramii Sings Month ago
I could literally eat a whole plate of food and watch your videos and get hungry again 😩😂
Martina Mitchell
Why keep eating when your full
Martina Mitchell
She said she not gonna eat all that knowing damn well she’s gonna eat the whole plate
LaPortia McKinley
My 6 year old LOVES you and Tae&Lou. We were cuddled up and she asked to watch you. She looked and said "whats wrong with Mrs. Belove?" I was surprised. I said "she just had surgery, shes okay". She said "She's been in the hospital?" I replied "yes but shes okay", she cried and refused to watch. Baby TAKE CARE!!! WE LOVE YOU.
Dead Walk
Dead Walk Month ago
Jordan Brooks
Jordan Brooks Month ago
12:29accitaty you mean acidic 😂😂😂😂
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