Seafood Boil Feast!

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Mar 17, 2019

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Comments 2 573
Mo' Ney
Mo' Ney 22 days ago
She got food for years PERIODT
Mo' Ney
Mo' Ney 22 days ago
She said what u know about that baby
gabriella perez
gabriella perez 27 days ago
Love you !! So much❤️❤️
Réprëśśêd Dëprêšśïøn
Tra Rit
Tra Rit 2 months ago
First off she was NOT FAT she got the surgery to get the excess skin off.. go back and watch her video.. ANDDDD.. everything she eating is not fatty.. lemon actually burns fat, n calories, seafood is not fatty corn is good tooo soooo.. PLEASE STFU ABOUT MY GIRL...
ebonyblue4 2 months ago
I would like to order sauce
Sareth Vivian
Sareth Vivian 2 months ago
This comment section saltier than where that crab came from, like jeezzzzzzzz, there’s not reason for hate
dahooperof2010 2 months ago
Awesome video ❤️
berrel wear
berrel wear 2 months ago
Love u Blove
Mikail Karakaya
Mikail Karakaya 2 months ago
Brittnie Broomfield
Brittnie Broomfield 2 months ago
Will y’all leave this women tf alone! Let her eat in peace don’t watch if it bothers you that much!
Christina Marie
Christina Marie 2 months ago
Blove... where you get your crab legs from?
Nola Giirl
Nola Giirl 2 months ago
Seafood, buttery sauce and pineapple juice? Poor combination...
makaykay gang13
makaykay gang13 2 months ago
Anyone elsw not liking the new edits and stuff?
mimi shaw
mimi shaw 2 months ago
Are you supposed to be eating corn on the Cobb with braces on?
Alicia Gray
Alicia Gray 3 months ago
I love your jacket! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ella McCoy
Ella McCoy 3 months ago
I want sauce
Ella McCoy
Ella McCoy 3 months ago
I had a bad surgery From my gallbladder. Then had to be rush back to surgery had exploratory surgery and I had three draining tubes.
the bat kid 5890
the bat kid 5890 3 months ago
I love you so much for ever
the bat kid 5890
the bat kid 5890 3 months ago
Colaine Cheskamae Suarez
i love your vlogs evry day
Nia Dorsey
Nia Dorsey 3 months ago
You do do not look rough
Fornite squad YouTube
Hi beloves can you friend us my family love you
Kerin Marcial
Kerin Marcial 3 months ago
were you pregnant?
that94 White
that94 White 3 months ago
Blove looks so much younger w/ a bare face , gorgeous either way tho
Latoya Simmons
Latoya Simmons 3 months ago
You were allowed to have your nails with all the stuff on them, because I'm having surgery and I was told not to have anything on mine????
sara smith
sara smith 3 months ago
For every like im going to type this(🐣)
Yvonne Pleasant
Yvonne Pleasant 3 months ago
Good morning Bloves I know what I'm eating today love that chicken from Popeyes.
Valarie White
Valarie White 3 months ago
Hey Blove I've been watching you since my daughter's introduced you to me a few month's ago and have made your sauce which my family absolutely loved👍😍 but I've noticed it seems like your sauce can make it thru a whole a video without seizing up without being on a heat source what are you doing that I'm missing?
Christian Seville
Christian Seville 3 months ago
Those nails tho
Tamia Brown
Tamia Brown 3 months ago
What she talking bout c-section?
Nicole Jones
Nicole Jones 3 months ago
When can we get the sauce in Cleveland
I’m Here For Mukbangs
Imagine eating big portions for 30 mins everyday whew Chile lol. If ur full stop eating that’s so bad when u force urself to eat after a tummy tuck
Rose Rose
Rose Rose 3 months ago
Am I the only person that was triggered by the mess on her hands
Tykyrah Chapple
Tykyrah Chapple 3 months ago
Blove you should definitely do a collaboration with Naveen& Sheena & get their daughter Reign to eat seafood with you!!! Like if u agree!!🤗🤗
Pretty Desi
Pretty Desi 3 months ago
Give this a thumbs up if she is ugly 😈
Thats Letty
Thats Letty 3 months ago
The words are kinda distracting from the actual video
Dionne Cornett
Dionne Cornett 3 months ago
Quick recovery
Anita winstanley
Anita winstanley 3 months ago
Is it just me that thinks she looks like Darius in this video?
kitty kat
kitty kat 3 months ago
When you get a mommy makeover..you can't really do much and you are in lots of pain so how are you pigging out and you look like you are not in pain..using that pigging out on camera money to look like Nicki Minaj...why people gave this ratchetness clout..
LaCray Francis
LaCray Francis 3 months ago
Wait so Blove you had a baby?
LaCray Francis
LaCray Francis 3 months ago
Oh never mind a tummy tuck
Ariana Ellis Videos
Ariana Ellis Videos 3 months ago
Save us some 🤤
Hassnain Ali
Hassnain Ali 3 months ago
donna Miramontes
donna Miramontes 3 months ago
Ya smack a little to much for my taste.😂
Jackie Murphy
Jackie Murphy 3 months ago
My son and I enjoy watching your videos... he want to eat seafood with Blove. He's 6 years old...lol... I am going to make the sauce and seafood for him one day...we lay in bed mostly every night watching your videos
TiTi Gang
TiTi Gang 3 months ago
Can we buy yo sauce online ?
Pearl Jackson
Pearl Jackson 3 months ago
Seafood. Boil is good for you and Jacksonville Florida
Johonna Bowe
Johonna Bowe 3 months ago
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 3 months ago
You should start taking your ring off so you get it dirty
Michelli Alves
Michelli Alves 3 months ago
Oi sou nova aqui e sou brasileira gosto muito dos seus vídeos
John Dino
John Dino 4 months ago
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