Señorita - Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - Cover (fingerstyle guitar) Andrew Foy

Andrew Foy 앤디
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Comments 80
Andrew Foy 앤디
Andrew Foy 앤디 8 months ago
You can steam it now on Spotify and all others here: bbtv.lnk.to/afoy-senorita
Veer Sharma
Veer Sharma 14 days ago
HairyshX u learn spellings before teaching others 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Veer Sharma
Veer Sharma 14 days ago
HairyshX and u change the spelling of your change😂🤣
Manuel severino Parra romero
Bas por buen camino
Yerraji Reddy
Yerraji Reddy 22 days ago
Can you play I can treat you better song
Alqadri 19 hours ago
Yesterday i just bought my guitar and today it just became history....
Kaick Ribeiro
Make one tutorial , your tecnic in bass are incredible
Aakarsh Saggar
Searched up Sasuke with short hair not sure how I ended up here.
Бесконечно Вечное
Why you so handsome and talented at the same time?! It's not fair...Do you hear me, universe?! It's not fair! Ugh...hate myself
Azhar Jawed
Azhar Jawed Day ago
I can see a pokeball on the shelf...he is Pokemon fan too
Diih Corrêa
Diih Corrêa 2 days ago
Al Vu
Al Vu 2 days ago
Tutorial porcoddio
İclal Cevlik
İclal Cevlik 2 days ago
Cok iyii
Nafi Ahsan
Nafi Ahsan 2 days ago
Man the starting was perfect😭👌
More Than Boxing
More Than Boxing 2 days ago
It's great 👍👍
Your Chimmy
Your Chimmy 2 days ago
Ugh Im melted😍❤
Chau Hoa
Chau Hoa 3 days ago
Me: Dad!! Dad: What's up, son? Me: I want a guitar
김세영 3 days ago
Elvin İbrahimov
Elvin İbrahimov 3 days ago
Good job
Gea Moda Intima
Gea Moda Intima 3 days ago
Harsh Patel
Harsh Patel 3 days ago
Please make a tutorial on this..
Ken Otaku
Ken Otaku 3 days ago
You have to play the guitar so well, I really like you playing the guitar
Т Ттт
Т Ттт 3 days ago
sohaib sallak
sohaib sallak 4 days ago
People: this song needs a capo Andy: hold my guitar
Ammu Ved
Ammu Ved 4 days ago
I was waiting for the 1:51 part
Foo Boo
Foo Boo 4 days ago
Mustafa Kilinc
Mustafa Kilinc 5 days ago
You so sweet andrew you so sweet
Twiks TV
Twiks TV 5 days ago
А можеш розбір зробити
White Diamond
White Diamond 5 days ago
I'm REALLY looking forward to play the guitar, but I'm still quarantined sooo yeah it sucks😔😔
Foo Boo
Foo Boo 5 days ago
Omg wow 😭👍🏼
Sreya Datta
Sreya Datta 5 days ago
Actually i ws lukin' at ur face😝u luk soooooo gr8😝
Mahdi Alizadeh
Mahdi Alizadeh 6 days ago
Shahina Naz Aamir
Wow beautiful.....
6StringVibes 6 days ago
who all are here after 2020 corona outbreak ?
Who Care?
Who Care? 7 days ago
Kenapa dia bagus sangat main nya, omg! Mana dia belajar cara ni semua? Omg can't believe it
Nato Resch
Nato Resch 7 days ago
Te pasas amigo SOS el mejor bro
Karol bance
Karol bance 7 days ago
נתן בכר
נתן בכר 7 days ago
יפה מאוד!!חולים עליך!!⁦🇮🇱⁩⁦🇮🇱⁩⁦🇮🇱⁩⁦🇮🇱⁩
이상민 7 days ago
뭐야 이분 한국에살아?
Usm _31
Usm _31 7 days ago
viet phung
viet phung 8 days ago
Dạy đánh đi ad
Ivan Uchuya
Ivan Uchuya 8 days ago
Yeah , nice
Pranaya 8 days ago
Started learning guitar because only of this song and you!
Denli Ak47
Denli Ak47 9 days ago
can I take your track for the cover miss?
Suha Perera
Suha Perera 9 days ago
Is it even ok to propose??? Jeeez this guy ❤️ Okay just read "about" part. Forget about proposing i can adopt him. Born in 2001 seriously. Way to go lil one. Keep doing good stuff
kizzwa 9 days ago
i really love this version ;)
it's me
it's me 10 days ago
How does he do this so easily btw mind blowing
Tece Meb
Tece Meb 11 days ago
ı love you guıtar
Mum Taki
Mum Taki 12 days ago
Wait!!my guitar doesn't do that.
claudia da conceição
Não costumo ouvir esse estilo de música, mas ela é bem bacana, e parabéns você tocou MUITO !!! Ficou ótimo.
Kelvin Camma
Kelvin Camma 13 days ago
Damn man,you looked like a a filipino actor,and his name is Rostom padilla but used to be and his now is Gandang hari
Anonymous 9 days ago
Korean 🤭
Aditya Mahajan
Aditya Mahajan 13 days ago
Lovely pal
Abhishek Dwivedi
Abhishek Dwivedi 13 days ago
how to start learning this technique....?
steven domingo
steven domingo 13 days ago
Try to listen at playback speed 0.75x
Глеб Орлов
Го разборы с табами
Kookie Crush
Kookie Crush 14 days ago
Awesome bro you have magical fingers. No word can describe you .one like from me 👍👍❤❤❤
Michu 14 days ago
Polacy jesteście 🇲🇨🇲🇨
Saroj Rathi
Saroj Rathi 14 days ago
*wow. Thank you !*
This inspired me to learn and play an guitar and show my talent to the world I wish I can do that too I'll work hard to play along I will learn and play a guitar🤩🤩😁
Salman Shaikh
Salman Shaikh 15 days ago
Bro I am indian ... This is your big fan...bro my favorite...song..
camila giron
camila giron 15 days ago
I'd love to play the guitar seriously you impress me
rapper bro prajjwal
You're the god man
Michael Zacarias
Michael Zacarias 16 days ago
yes sir
syahirol salleh
syahirol salleh 16 days ago
Nice,soon become a legend...
Kacper Dziedzic
Kacper Dziedzic 16 days ago
phuong nguyen
phuong nguyen 17 days ago
Can you please do a tutorial :< ?
Alejandro Chavarría
Tocas vien culero
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 17 days ago
How did you learn ?
Sumit Sss
Sumit Sss 18 days ago
plzzz make videos for beginners it will be helpful for them
Juan Perez
Juan Perez 18 days ago
Sos el mejor
Fatima Ait ali yahia
Name of this guitare please ????
Dhriti Shah
Dhriti Shah 19 days ago
Rifqi Equinox
Rifqi Equinox 19 days ago
Rambutnya kek edward di terminator
lara lara
lara lara 19 days ago
loveeeee youuuuuu cat
Bimsara Bandara
Bimsara Bandara 20 days ago
Do a duet with Eddie van der meer
ScarletWitch 18 days ago
Bo Stoffels
Bo Stoffels 20 days ago
Dudeeee I love youu
The Designer
The Designer 21 day ago
Send me the tabs please..
sejal gupta
sejal gupta 21 day ago
Me :looks at my guitar Guitar :don't even think of doing that to me .😢
Caje D'Souza vibes
Dude no words for you Ur awesome 👌👌👌♥️🤩🤩🤩
Sana Asiya
Sana Asiya 21 day ago
He's handsome and talented too.... Not fair........
40分 1:
40分 1: 21 day ago
🔥🔥🔥 Who is listening this all the time This video lovely 0:52 💓🔥❣ 👇👇👇👇💗
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