Scuba Diving One of Hawaii's Most Dangerous Cliff Side for Sunken Treasure! (Spitting Caves)

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In this video I explore Hawaii's Spitting Cave underwater for lost valuables!
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Hello! My name is Jake. I'm a treasure hunter, scuba diver and RUvidr w/ 7,000,000+ subscribers! I enjoy traveling to new destinations and sharing my adventures on RUvid!
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Apr 14, 2019

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Comments 4 434
DALLMYD 2 months ago
Drop a thumbs up if you guys want us to film another Hawaii video! If we can reach 10,000 likes we'll team up and metal detect a waterfall in the jungle!
Justin Davis
Justin Davis 13 hours ago
You should film an episode off Wrightsville beach, NC at the Meg ledge. Your viewers would flip!
Miranda Bennett
Gso Motors
Gso Motors 4 days ago
Big black cock my nigga
The view are so good
DuhItz Mangos
DuhItz Mangos 8 days ago
Hey u know that there are Killer shells in the ocean they stick a tube out of the shell and it can kill a human!!!
Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown 6 hours ago
Hawaii is not beautiful than new zealand
Robyn Gullo
Robyn Gullo 9 hours ago
I love this channel, so interesting!
Robyn Gullo
Robyn Gullo 9 hours ago
Super super careful
SilverTempest 10 hours ago
I just went to Maui and the water there was really clear I recommend you check it out and try the road to hana
Justin Hernandez
Justin Hernandez 19 hours ago
I thought the first thing you’re going to say I am just terrified of a sharks
Hải Nguyễn
Hải Nguyễn 20 hours ago
hay lắm anh bạn :)
Reid Gray
Reid Gray 21 hour ago
@DALLMYD You ever just float underwater and just sorta bask in the silence? Especially while you can hear the whales and stuff in the distance. It's so peaceful. Kinda like sitting in the middle of a forest listening to the wildlife around you. Y'know?
Alex Palmer
Alex Palmer 22 hours ago
why is ur tank strap so low? it makes it a lot easier to hv it a little higher up but whatever works for u
12:32 What was that?
Enricos Darkshadow
Übertreib halt mit der Werbung
+sees kids+ +touches kids leg+ +boop+
Łįmê.-. Day ago
hey! I live in Hawaii and personally this spot to me was where me and my friends would go cliff jumping.
Rita Hunt Deal
Just priceless buity
April’s Slime channel
You scared me
mudswine wood
I love jumping. You do a great job of making video. Keep it up!!!
Nhút hao Ma
Nhút hao Ma Day ago
ckid j
ckid j Day ago
Go and California and the ocean they had Tupac funeral they throw his jewelry in the ocean
NickJussen C.
NickJussen C. 2 days ago
EDIT: omg 1.3k likes
NickJussen C.
NickJussen C. 2 days ago
Whats that strange sound???
utusan kami
utusan kami 2 days ago
hope 1 day i also have that metal detector.. hope...
broer en zus tv
broer en zus tv 2 days ago
Awais Shahid Siddiqui
jake your videos is awesome . .....:)
Dat Nguyen
Dat Nguyen 2 days ago
7:54 music ?
Sebastian Curtean
Thangjam Langamba
The sound it's so amazing with the moves of you jake
Lps Patch21
Lps Patch21 2 days ago
T!møx陷阱 2 days ago
this is a really awesome video I love so under water guess look mega is a super cool video 👌
Pingu Luver
Pingu Luver 2 days ago
No one: Brandon: *GO BOIS GO GO GO*
Savannah Ross
Savannah Ross 2 days ago
I’m so jealous😂😂 I’m 13 and I dive with my dad. I have been diving for about 1 1/2 years and all I’ve wanted to see is a turtle. Sadly I still have not😂
Cole Stevens
Cole Stevens 2 days ago
Should of just jumped you pussys more dangerous to walk down
JC Muffett
JC Muffett 3 days ago
For once clean water!!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Dee MacDonald
Dee MacDonald 3 days ago
When you clicked on the little i icon button in the top right corner, it says 10 most popular videos, but there are 11 videos. It’s all a lie!!!!!!
Sarah Hoctor
Sarah Hoctor 3 days ago
Extreme workout
Yuki Playz :3
Yuki Playz :3 3 days ago
12:47 thats me... Xd
MESIA ONE 3 days ago
very cool...
Alyssa Robbins
Alyssa Robbins 3 days ago
When you guys where on the cliff my hands where getting sweaty
Torrence Brickman
When jake first jumped of the rocks in slow mode if he jumped a little less farther he would not be happy with the out come
Ewa K.
Ewa K. 4 days ago
That's incredible! 😱
Simon Mathiasen
Simon Mathiasen 4 days ago
It’s about 11 meters or 36 feet
Ashley Dimples
Ashley Dimples 4 days ago
Wow I heard the whales
Lux Nathalia Selma
Don't take seashells crabs could go and live in it but if you take it then maybe crabs won't have any home.
zach herron lover
Just watching him climb down the latter gave me anxiety.
lapak channel
lapak channel 4 days ago
Yang nnton dari Indonesia sub my channel
Infected Galaxy
Infected Galaxy 4 days ago
So my mom was a scuba instructor and she explained all the vocabulary. It’s so nice to hear people say things correctly
Gavin Santa Catalina
Molli Mc
Molli Mc 4 days ago
You gotta be super super careful
Kmcswager 4 days ago
Random people swimming. Touch's leg.
NCN_Jamoesde 4 days ago
Kmcswager ??
Zoë Rassier
Zoë Rassier 4 days ago
When you could hear the whales I thought I heard rain so I looked outside and it was raining but the sound I heard wasn’t from outside... lol
Evelyn Escalante
Evelyn Escalante 5 days ago
Could someone please give my a ticket to go to hawaii
Max1109_LTH 5 days ago
-How was Hawaii -**Aloha** -He's been influenced.............
RONNIE RIVAS 5 days ago
Awesome video
Eddie Munster
Eddie Munster 5 days ago
Never herd anything about locals but a high percentage of tourist usually die jumping off the top into the water.
Twystn 5 days ago
6:48 I thought he was gonna fall 😅😅😅
Dylan Howe
Dylan Howe 5 days ago
Ima kid and I’m a rock jumper
FEEL CARLOS 5 days ago
i heard that the oceans ot hawaii have sharks big sharks
Gunnar Jones
Gunnar Jones 5 days ago
8 Million subs = Rent a boat. Gave me anxiety looking over that cliff for a second, 03:06 then I realized how far they actually were, 03:18
DØGSHEEN 5 days ago
Jake: *sees shark* Jake: RUN BOIS RUN!
Lena Volovik
Lena Volovik 5 days ago
Were u in Maui
Jakob Lanzas
Jakob Lanzas 5 days ago
What island are you on?
Evan Loomis
Evan Loomis 5 days ago
believe it or not the coral reef ur walking all over is alive, and they are being destroyed by tourists like u!
Caleb Sosebee
Caleb Sosebee 5 days ago
There was so many sea erchins
Hunny Bunny
Hunny Bunny 5 days ago
There are two types of people in this world.... those who go to the ocean with scuba gear, and those who go with McDonalds
Louie Kearney
Louie Kearney 5 days ago
Louie Kearney
Louie Kearney 5 days ago
Can we talk to you
Justice Wahlquist
is it just me or do you love his voice
Lulu 6 days ago
love what you do, the editing is awesome and i can totally relax watching your videos but please be cautious with corals. stepping on intact corals is hurting my eyes and heart
asunta cator
asunta cator 6 days ago
It's so scary, what if there's a shaaaark
Michelle Stypayhorlikson
Dude I was just like omfg so many sea urchins,I hope he won't step into one.
pandabear_57 2 days ago
same dude omg
Seashell hunt!!
Emma Queen
Emma Queen 6 days ago
I am going to Hawaii in 1 month
Kayla Leblanc
Kayla Leblanc 6 days ago
Your really brave
DjMummyTM 6 days ago
I heard the whales do so cool! Love youre vids!
BlueBerry YT
BlueBerry YT 6 days ago
You Are My Favirute RUvidr
KDR Gaming
KDR Gaming 6 days ago
"He was in the air for like 5 seconds." lol he was literally in the air for 2 seconds. He jumps nearly exactly at 1:43 and hits water at nearly exactly 1:45. Almost all humans have an absolute TERRIBLE estimation of time. This guy can't even tell the difference between 2 and 5 seconds... and he wasn't even the one jumping.
Shané Jooste
Shané Jooste 7 days ago
You guys should've gone in the cave
Veronica Beth
Veronica Beth 7 days ago
Hawaii is really pretty. I went on vacation there for two weeks in May and I LOVED it. The snorkeling was so pretty and fun, and we saw a bunch of turtles!! What coast was this off of?
Freizeitspieler 7 days ago
Jake, the quality of your Videos is absolutely awesome and stunning!
Kiana Kahele
Kiana Kahele 7 days ago
Hearing the whales was amazing...mahalo nui...
Jexter Playz
Jexter Playz 7 days ago
Though it was the devil tears isnt?
Martin Frank
Martin Frank 7 days ago
10:54 left leg (ring)
Gacha Pínk
Gacha Pínk 7 days ago
Jake's friend: RUN BOYS RUN Me:WTF Me again: Mom Mom:Yes? Me: I heard that we can run while we are in water Brother:*Sings WTF*
thekillermoth99 7 days ago
Why is there dislikes
Nicole Foucrier
Nicole Foucrier 7 days ago
Starts at 10:42
Mekhi Yan
Mekhi Yan 7 days ago
You should metal detect the trail
Waddup Broskis!
Waddup Broskis! 7 days ago
"This is one of the most beautiful sceneries here in Hawaii" Me: sees a dirt trail Uhh sure
Sean Heaton
Sean Heaton 7 days ago
15:35 THICC
Quinten Phillippi
what is your vest for?
its_topguN 7 days ago
Should've added Eiffel65 - Im blue da ba de 😂
its_topguN 7 days ago
Should've added Eiffel65 - Im blue da ba de 😂
peter colbrook
peter colbrook 7 days ago
livin the dream guy's exellent video
ninjabo 01
ninjabo 01 7 days ago
There so much urchins
Marla Parris
Marla Parris 8 days ago
When will you actually dive
Marla Parris
Marla Parris 8 days ago
When will you actually dive
Eliza Benson
Eliza Benson 8 days ago
8:08 ur welcome
Trisectus 8 days ago
it may be disturbing the habitat but if you had an underwater jackhammer may be able to find something inside the rocks.
Hayden Wederell
Hayden Wederell 8 days ago
Ashia Davila
Ashia Davila 8 days ago
Sooo glad you guys had enough sense to not jump in the water from that high up! That’s so stupid people actually do that
XxGachaQueenxX 8 days ago
Me when you kept finding money Maybe he could just pi- Oh wait never mind that’s just killing the coral
Naia Ayau
Naia Ayau 8 days ago
Next videos