Scream Powered Microwave

Michael Reeves
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Your robot ideas are bad and you should feel bad
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Jul 20, 2019




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Comments 38 563
Herikzx Zhangxie
Herikzx Zhangxie 42 minutes ago
nice job
Zycrexis 44 minutes ago
You should make a robot that screams at the microwave that cooks when you scream at it.
fandercraft Hour ago
You should make a robot that when you swear at it it will hurt you in many ways lol
hugo 4363
hugo 4363 2 hours ago
I love that the camera one is the very next video.
Egg Nugget
Egg Nugget 5 hours ago
Make a refrigerator that makes you feel worthless when you leave it open too long.
XxRDxX 10 hours ago
Make a robot that screams for you for your scream powered microwave
G R U C C I 14 hours ago
make a toilet that moans when an object falls in it
Boya 2400
Boya 2400 18 hours ago
start a timer using your brain
stuf 18 hours ago
Make a robot
Death W1n5
Death W1n5 19 hours ago
You should make a robot that tells you how bad everyone commits are.
Yoshi Element
Yoshi Element 19 hours ago
the strat is just to delete the entire comment section
Mia Minnie
Mia Minnie 20 hours ago
Him talking about the connections and science things Me: English please?
DeadChannel69 20 hours ago
Screamed hams
Tristan Merkley
Tristan Merkley 22 hours ago
the microwave looks like its a bomb and they are going to blow up target -Micheal "oh a microwave bomb thats a dumb idea" *makes his next video of a microwave bomb*
Maddox Siuda
Maddox Siuda 22 hours ago
Make a youtube who destroys itself, oh thats all ready a thing.
Chadwick0515 Day ago
No need for robot we already watch one guy's he's a bot !
Humber 25
Humber 25 Day ago
Thats just monsters inc.
Fatal _gm
Fatal _gm Day ago
Make a dilbot aka dildobot that comes to you when you feel horny.
VZ_ Reapz
VZ_ Reapz Day ago
Make a robot that Electricutes you when you breathe haha lol
Logan Silverman
You should make a car that is powered by screaming
Mugs 8800
Mugs 8800 Day ago
Make a robot that is a good fit for you and
This is your internet security without nord VPN: *AAAAAAAA*
mRbaybay I
mRbaybay I Day ago
The title is pretty clever
Ethan Sparrow
The michael wave
Eddie Rounds
Eddie Rounds Day ago
A chair that cooks food when you sit on it
Axel Annand
Axel Annand Day ago
Eh, now you don't need a therapist!
Gaydalf The White
Make a robot that ends your life so you no longer have to this idiocy.
Ape HEUL Day ago
Make a boot that makes you an inch taller than the person your looking at
A robot that runs aimlessly and flails it's limbs when set on fire!
Isabella Curiel
Make a light that turns off everytime you say fuck
Rylan Christianson
Make an alarm clock that tazes that ugly goblin in the morning
n0rdi Day ago
build a robot that builds a robot to build a robot that builds a robot that shoots someone in the head every time someone makes a robot idea
Function 5
Function 5 Day ago
A robot that says your idea is bad and you should feel bad
Adaptt Dolphin
Create a code that deletes robot comments
Animusreptor Day ago
build a robot that follows your roommates around screaming and squirting fake blood at them when they look at it.
You should make a gun out of pvc that shoots apples 🍎 🍏
That's is the best idea in the world
ItzLiqquix 2 days ago
A Freezer that tazes people when they try to open it
Alpha 100
Alpha 100 2 days ago
A laptop that shocks u every time you hit a key
Salarboy 70
Salarboy 70 2 days ago
Make a pen that doesn’t work
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