SCP-343 "God" (SCP Animation)

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TheRubber brings you SCP Foundation SAFE class object, SCP-343 Animation.
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SCP 343, also known as "God", is a male, seemingly race-less, humanoid in appearance with apparent omnipotence.

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Music by Gravity Sound.

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Jan 20, 2021




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Comments 9 563
ns cannoner
ns cannoner Hour ago
when the god brought a cheeseburger that reminded me of a spongebob episode where the god of the sea was grilling infinity cheeseburgers but noneone liked them
Shanelle Paz
Shanelle Paz 2 hours ago
This made me wonder if i looked on a mirror i was looking on a different me in a another universe
ScreamingRain 3 hours ago
682 been real quiet since this dropped
Jayden Meilof
Jayden Meilof 4 hours ago
Paweł Maciąg
Paweł Maciąg 5 hours ago
Hey Rubber purple gun wasn't a revolver it was an Beretta M9
Jemuel Dacringey
Jemuel Dacringey 22 hours ago
cool cookie
cool cookie Day ago
Sign me up for a job at site 17 now
Birch Day ago
Yo I think 239 is *highhhhhhhhh*
Zardy Foolhardy
How the hell did the Foundation manage to get God to come queitly
andy holmes
andy holmes Day ago
Hey Old Man prove me that you made the universe! God:*laughs* *passes on wall and get a hamburger out of nowhere
andy holmes
andy holmes Day ago
1 hamburger please god
Block clutcher
he euclid
Pallet Town Heroes
does this mean scp 239 has been neutralized?
jeb 2 days ago
"Prove to me that you made the universe" "borgir"
obame 2 days ago
Doctor: prove you are God 😡😡😡 God: *borgir*
Jamal Colon
Jamal Colon 2 days ago
Why, just…why..?
Mihai Eminescu
Mihai Eminescu 2 days ago
oh so you remember me tank you now im free
vaughnhacks 2 days ago
I hate Vaughn
Ole Sonntag
Ole Sonntag 2 days ago
Intro: Me: Yep God‘s a pervert
Little fire thingy
343: atheists begone!
Birkan Bayram
Birkan Bayram 3 days ago
This was awsome pls part 2
Army forever!
Army forever! 3 days ago
Poor 239 😢
joeybuddy96 3 days ago
0:54 "But what if I were to purchase fast food and disguise it as my own cooking?"
CREEPERTRON3000 3 days ago
is it just ne, or does 343 sound like goku
Unknownub 4 days ago
1:00 Prove to me you are god *2 seconds later* H A M B U R G E R
Kezban Umutberk ilik
Kezban Umutberk ilik
So scp 239 now neutralized?
Maximus 4 days ago
i don't think he is even the world creator god
GareBear 4 days ago
So people pray to an SCP before bed
D B M 4 days ago
scp:343 gets burgeer me: asking him if his real him:🤦‍♂️
Happy boiiiiiii
Happy boiiiiiii 4 days ago
I have a suggestion for you ask God to read the Babadook
Jannie Pate
Jannie Pate 4 days ago
"we're cold not cruel"
ZEE SLASH 5 days ago
So SCP made us
Louisa Smooshy Hamster
So you created the universe? I stole a hamburger
Justin Garrity
Justin Garrity 5 days ago
8:57 - 9:06 without context sounds wrong....
Jannie Pate
Jannie Pate 4 days ago
With context it still sounds wrong
Unknown gamer
Unknown gamer 6 days ago
“He had has revolver out” Me:that ain’t no revolver if I’ve ever seen one
Wilienn Fredric P. Gungon
marwan mohamed
marwan mohamed 6 days ago
There are only god and he is alah he is the creator of the universe and humans and you can't call anything in the world god expect alah.
Jeremy the curious being
"Prove it, prove you're god" "Gotchu" *Phases through a wall* *Phases back in* "Yeah anyways you want a burger while I tell the story of how I created the only thing bigger than all the planets, which is, of course, your mother?"
Jeremy the curious being
"Prove it, prove you're god" "Gotchu" *Phases through a wall* *Phases back in* "Yeah anyways you want a burger while I tell the story of how I created the only thing bigger than all the planets, which is, of course, your mother?"
Jeremy the curious being
"Prove it, prove you're god" "Gotchu" *Phases through a wall* *Phases back in* "Yeah anyways you want a burger while I tell the story of how I created the only thing bigger than all the planets, which is, of course, your mother?"
moon 6 days ago
UMMM is she alife???????????????????????????
UshankaGirl 6 days ago
"Well Johnny, I gotta go. Enjoy tusk A4, the scp force is calling me."
Bayta The cashier
Or zeus
Bayta The cashier
Toxic Gunner
Toxic Gunner 7 days ago
"And returned with a hamburger"
Nia Knowles
Nia Knowles 7 days ago
next up the scp foundation will make Albert Einstein alive again
Veronica 7 days ago
How do they become SCP. And even the lil girl SCP was born to be human, but after falling from the playground, she started to be a SCP. Weird, but you're telling me that SCP are real... but where are they...
Hoodie_ie 8 days ago
i watch these just because of that dance at the start of every video
mr dogebear
mr dogebear 8 days ago
That clever bitch
8.1Muhammad Ibrahim
mmm red sea object isn`t it?
BenIsEpicGamer 9 days ago
first off how do you contain 343
jonsu omg zz kim
jonsu omg zz kim 9 days ago
haha hamboger delishos yeesent yeet
MizoMan011 9 days ago
Bro if that was actually god he would take down the building in a blink
purplelampps 9 days ago
SCP 029: ... SCP 343: ... SCP 029: Dad?
I have new channel
I have new channel 10 days ago
"prove u made the universe" "DID U WANT A WHOPPA"
James Carl Pilar
James Carl Pilar 10 days ago
guy: prove that you're god 343: h a m b u r g e r
7s BBM
7s BBM 10 days ago
if 343 made better halo games they would maybe be god
Cybernetic Legionnaire
Hey METHUSELAH, Dr. Clef sends his regards.
Haydenex 10 days ago
Looks like God just wanted another chill spot
mask 11 days ago
the intro sounded like the beginning to a pedophile story
Gav Raschke
Gav Raschke 11 days ago
Shouldn't 343 be appolyon since he could end reality?
Hehe Watermelon
Hehe Watermelon 11 days ago
Please do the Keter class object, SCP-409? its a scp that is a crystal, but once in its containment cell, you grow crystals and they kill you slowly. Its raidiation :) ty
Who Tao?
Who Tao? 12 days ago
Blood falling from his nose?!? Idk why but it reminds me of that notch mountain who cry before killings you
petfroggy dbm
petfroggy dbm 12 days ago
thats not a reveolver ;l
Humble Cosmas
Humble Cosmas 13 days ago
Scp 343 should be keter since if he wanted to do anything to the foundation they wouldn't know his exact weakness.
Carlo Crisanto II Buela
343 can be assigned to be an protector for site-17. And he can be allowed to keep the scp’s back to their cell safely.
Da fake tbag
Da fake tbag 14 days ago
He uhhh doesn’t look that evil..........
Flor Gombio
Flor Gombio 14 days ago
wait god created earth his not a scp
Mansion Booker Studios
Great job 👏 go watch yeonmi park to save North Korea that need to be freed o
Šimon Schreier
Šimon Schreier 15 days ago
I am From czech Republic
Hat Girl
Hat Girl 15 days ago
man they really had to capture my man God like that
your boy haris khan
Allah created the univers stupid this is fake ok FAKE you are a dumbo
your boy haris khan
@Alex Ok
your boy haris khan
Alex plz put me in a video and i am a muslim and god cant die
Alex 13 days ago
God is dead lolol
Cathy Echevarria
Cathy Echevarria 15 days ago
Wait, if God is an scp- *Is Satan An Scp That Can't Be Contained-*
Nana Kojo Awuah Darko
Well bye!!!👋👋😁😁😃😃
Nana Kojo Awuah Darko
His granddaughter
Nana Kojo Awuah Darko
But why is she like that
Nana Kojo Awuah Darko
That was a good God though
Nana Kojo Awuah Darko
Nana Kojo Awuah Darko
It is an scp version
Nana Kojo Awuah Darko
Since he is an scp
Nana Kojo Awuah Darko
Nana Kojo Awuah Darko
It is an Scp
Nana Kojo Awuah Darko
That is definitely not God
Nana Kojo Awuah Darko
I don’t think that is God
Generation Gaming
Generation Gaming 16 days ago
(343) I a m G o d (Scp) Prove it (343) *H A M B U R G E R*
Keondrei Ornopia
Keondrei Ornopia 16 days ago
Damn Dr clef is badass
Anony TheBadArtist.
Researcher : “Ok then, can you prove that you made this universe?” SCP 343 : *borger*
colt0100 colt0100
colt0100 colt0100 16 days ago
clef did a sacrifice
gabriel playz
gabriel playz 16 days ago
ask scp-343 if there are more planets than we think
Topher_69 Eze
Topher_69 Eze 16 days ago
SCP-343 - colloquially called "god" is no god, but a high level ancient sorcerer reality bender is in fact METHUSELAH, the fabled man said to have had live up to 979 years of age. He is indeed 100% confirmed to be METHUSELAH, by a trusted and highly receptive source, no book or painting can provide.
Sri Mishra
Sri Mishra 17 days ago
All scp can can solo gods even marvel with one above all dc with the presence even anime
Tobiáš Anderle
Tobiáš Anderle 17 days ago
Wait how im from Czech republice and i was in prague 100 times and i didnt see god
ThEngineer 17 days ago
Reality bending anomaly: *exists* Dr Clef: *loads gun* We do a moderate amount of trolling
Gamer Plays
Gamer Plays 17 days ago
Is scp real please respond
S.C.P Clorox
S.C.P Clorox 17 days ago
God himself
gamer boi
gamer boi 18 days ago
Hello jesus :)
Cleary 18 days ago
Phoenix Dening
Phoenix Dening 18 days ago
They should tell him about the many winged angel
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