SCP-3288 The Aristocrats (SCP Animation)

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TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation KETER class object, SCP-3288 Animation.
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SCP 3288, also known as The Aristocrats, designates a highly predatory species or subspecies of the genus Homo (Homo anthropophagus).

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Nov 25, 2020




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Comments 7 782
Paw 09
Paw 09 Day ago
Since when are the British SCP's
BiBa Gaming
BiBa Gaming Day ago
This why we mongolians are not inbred
Aerofan339 2 days ago
Let’s talk about the fact that there’s something called an “MTF Sigma-6 Operative” in the SCP foundation
This SCP puts Virginia family reunions to shame
Boho Biscuit
Boho Biscuit 3 days ago
damn they were just eating bro
snosraP nediA
snosraP nediA 4 days ago
King george its time to imbreed again
ANDREALEONE95 6 days ago
"Is SCP- 3288 a metaphor for the worst thing that humans can do or a joke about inbreeding inside Habsburg House?" "Yes."
LeoBug0128 7 days ago
Tyler Sims
Tyler Sims 8 days ago
Can someone tell me what the name or title is of that pipe organ music that plays at 9:53? I’m having a hard time finding that exact ominous pipe organ melody when I look online. If anyone knows the name or title of it, please let me know.
chud babies
chud babies 10 days ago
definitely not a robot...
Mai Quang Huy
Mai Quang Huy 14 days ago
I always know something's off with the Habsburg family...
Denzu 14 days ago
Ecol Johnson
Ecol Johnson 15 days ago
I have never heard the word Sarcophagi pronounced like that.
SCPKing1835 18 days ago
Well of course it's the Habsburgs, who could possibly be that inbred?
GRAN EME 19 days ago
spoilers end al 0:21
Meme _ lord
Meme _ lord 21 day ago
Is it just me or do S.C.P. operatives sometimes look like A.A.H.W. Units.
Serpentinious 21 day ago
I'd love to see an interview between 3288 and 1788 since they both think they're the pinnacle of human potential.
Bunoy☑ 22 days ago
Almost every scp: *stronk*
PirateKing1256 22 days ago
Mark ZUkerburg is one of this thing
Nathan Vankoughnett
Juan Nicastro
Juan Nicastro 27 days ago
6:34, Ethier a Colt M16A2 Or a Colt M16A3, MAYBE An M16A4
um ok
um ok 27 days ago
Samuel Bañuelos
Imagine being so thicc they gotta bring a crane to get you out of the ballroom
D(oc) H(oliday)
D(oc) H(oliday) Month ago
They have polydactyl hands... shoes a hand with the regular number of fingers lol
Corbett Month ago
SCP-3288 Alpha reminds me of Tarrare
NoSuchUser Month ago
That flamethrower looks really familiar
Shawn Sigma
Shawn Sigma Month ago
The scariest, most destructive creatures of all: rich people
Depressed Month ago
The Gray Gunner
The Gray Gunner Month ago
I know this sound harsh but after seeing this makes me glad that I hate my family.
bananana Month ago
hey the rubber can you do the top 10 scariest scp?
TOP FAN Month ago
hysteria, autism, Hapsburg jaw, various dormitories, DEATH dont inbreed
Medic Bag
Medic Bag Month ago
Goyangi Month ago
1:08 LOL
just some random guy named sam
I thought this was a family act
Andre Pascua
Andre Pascua Month ago
How to spell kid amongus
Lourd Elis Dela Cruz
From this picture of these demented freaks, they look more of like vampires than hunch backed freaks
janitor bob
janitor bob Month ago
If they got into the millions I know 1 person who would survive *STEVIE BERWICK*
Malyssa Trouble
Malyssa Trouble 2 months ago
I'm pretty disappointed this doesn't have anything to do with the joke, an SCP version of The Aristocrats would have been awesome.
• Brujita •
• Brujita • 2 months ago
3:30 sorry, the great plague of what year?
Franken Weeny
Franken Weeny 2 months ago
This is like an 18th century version of hills have eyes lol
Small channel
Small channel 2 months ago
What if we share every single video of scp of all languages to everyone in the world?
Alec Ornellas
Alec Ornellas 2 months ago
Use shy guy pictures in the catacombs to kill scp 3288
Think Fight Talk
Think Fight Talk 2 months ago
Wow they really made the British a real thing
Une Nobdautremonde
Une Nobdautremonde 2 months ago
Delusions of grandeur indeed.
CurvingFyre 2 months ago
wait... is this a fucking voice to text??? I've watched dozens of these videos, how the FUCK did I not notice sooner??
ShadowBandit39 2 months ago
no its not
Trevalon N
Trevalon N 2 months ago
People in Alabama be like
zero 2 months ago
darkest dungeon
Meu Nome Não É Júlio
The aristocracy have eyes. And soon Aristocracy still have eyes
Brøken XD
Brøken XD 2 months ago
Soo if Alabama was a horror movie, with extra steps?
King Frog
King Frog 2 months ago
I think I fell down the wrong RUvid rabbit hole but, eh. Ribbit Ribbit. :^
jaderaptor 2 months ago
Is incest still wincest in this situation?
Chase Frost
Chase Frost 2 months ago
The always trusty Dragonball locator
Missingno09 2 months ago
These are not good and we should stop giving god ideas before he puts these in australia irl
The dogmonkegod
The dogmonkegod 2 months ago
British people be like
Dylan DeLeon Vetter
Dylan DeLeon Vetter 2 months ago
Is scp 096 one of them
Marchion Ro
Marchion Ro 2 months ago
Pretty sure this SCP title is a reference to the sick joke "The Aristocrats" as the SCP is also very...depraved
Samuel Zhang
Samuel Zhang 2 months ago
RobbiePTSD 2 months ago
humans be tasting good innit
Mark Bessell
Mark Bessell 2 months ago
Imagine you task force being called sigma-6
Bacon 2 months ago
Is it me or TheRubber has the most fun SCP videos and explanations that are easy to understand?
Cretters 2 months ago
This was the first video i watched by you, now im back again!
da irish potato
da irish potato 3 months ago
I like ur vids
Shane Derpington
Shane Derpington 3 months ago
Stigma-6 using Elon Musk flamethrower lol
Shane Derpington
Shane Derpington 3 months ago
Monsters from Darkest Dungeon's The Courtyard
Maria Juarez
Maria Juarez 3 months ago
Why do you look so cute I don't get it I think if you're square head or your tiny body
UniFewWasTaken 3 months ago
genus homophobe
Gibberr Woods
Gibberr Woods 3 months ago
Definitely some resident evil level stuff
Cristian Grimaldo
Cristian Grimaldo 3 months ago
These are not scp these are bri’ish people
Kitten Von Tacos
Kitten Von Tacos 3 months ago
sarkofageye...... are you kidding me
RobbyTheDemon 3 months ago
If one of them that were teller then a human and had a hunch back.. Were to disappear and I'm talking about the hunchback If it was fixed how tall would the entity be then?
Alexis Lloyd D Alinan
Therapist: Rambo Rubber doesn't exist, It can't hurt you Rambo Rubber: 11:08
Alexis Lloyd D Alinan
Alexis Lloyd D Alinan
The people of Alabama finally get their own scp
ShadowBandit39 2 months ago
these are europeans....
The Kidneystoners
The Kidneystoners 3 months ago
So.. they're redditors?
Berdeh 3 months ago
vampires but they don't suck blood
Full Contact Downhill Gymnastics
"Anonymously large mouth" just doesn't sit right with me
Sunflower 3 months ago
Them being haspbergs just makes too much sense
Cleaning 3 months ago
Scp - 3288 Monstros
Alexandros Doane
Alexandros Doane 3 months ago
The host:😉😁😶😋😻 The story:💀☠👹👺⚰
Daveth 3 months ago
The Rubber: sarcophagi Me: What did you just call me!?!
Hsn Firas
Hsn Firas 3 months ago
Containment procedures: a single guillotine.
224,Hernandez, Beatrice A
and The family are real to I think.
Cj Hierco
Cj Hierco 3 months ago
so definitely handle covid-19
Winning 3 months ago
The Habsburgs already looked like that even before the creation of those SCP’s
Alex S
Alex S 3 months ago
pyromaniac v2
pyromaniac v2 3 months ago
ǝɥʇ ʎuunɟ
ǝɥʇ ʎuunɟ 3 months ago
Plot twist:they were from Chernobyl
Sameena Sabir
Sameena Sabir 3 months ago
there like vampire but scarer somehow
[ SmileySoul ]
[ SmileySoul ] 3 months ago
The thumbnail reminds me of the zombie from "paranorman" movie
Paulie D
Paulie D 3 months ago
I don’t know why but around 1:20 scared me
Turplexx 3 months ago
Habsburgsss lmao
Firman N
Firman N 3 months ago
Hehe, the branch of the House of Habsburg (Habsburg-Lorraine) still exists. And I don't think they practiced incest for blood purity rather maintain an alliance and relation between the Spanish and Austrian branches.
Nina Christine Oldervik
They aren't in alabama Bruh
jackbeneventi moment
Upon further investigation and visual of teeth and breathing, these have been identified as nothing more than British People.
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson 3 months ago
Thumbnail had one helluva behelit
Danknoodles_ 3 months ago
So this scp is just British people?
MOwOnlight 3 months ago
Big respect to that one mtf
Incognito Ancognito
Incognito Ancognito 3 months ago
So they’re just British
Monksta 3 months ago
Wtf is an anonymously big mouth.
Lilyana Marhova
Lilyana Marhova 3 months ago
SCP-4000 Taboo (SCP Animation)
SCP-076 ABLE (SCP Animation)
SCP-343 "God" (SCP Animation)