SCP-323 Wendigo Skull (SCP Animation)

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TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation EUCLID class object, SCP-323 Animation.
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SCP 323, also known as Wendigo Skull, is the skull of an unidentified cervid.

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Aug 19, 2020




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Comments 10 155
Pyro The Pyromaniac
“when communicating, must speak or write in any language but not english or french” me who is turkish: HAHA! I CAN COMMUNICATE
Ethan McAlexander
Ethan McAlexander 5 hours ago
siren head
Jesse Keane De Ocampo
Trevor Henderson new creature The Wendigo
1_rtist 4 days ago
Is this SCP-035's brother?
Emma Thin
Emma Thin 5 days ago
Jade Adamson
Jade Adamson 6 days ago
Widingo is a legend
PRM Tools
PRM Tools 7 days ago
My mom
xiaodong yang
xiaodong yang 8 days ago
-xXKenzieXx- 8 days ago
The wendigo: “hungry...so hungry...” me: *gets ad* Ad: pocket FM audiobooks Me: huh..... Ad:it seams your are pregnant *shows picture of baby* Me: is the wendigo gonna eat the baby/child??
Blueprint Gamer
Blueprint Gamer 10 days ago
What would happened if u put it in the soul extractor
Roti 12 days ago
Dayum tabi in scp?
Ken Andrew Ferias
Ken Andrew Ferias 12 days ago
I want to be an scp
Ken Andrew Ferias
Ken Andrew Ferias 12 days ago
Scp name scp 3086
{La Arroz}
{La Arroz} 16 days ago
Is it weird I saw that SCP in my dream one time when I’ve never seen it before?😟
Gray Ball Gaming
Gray Ball Gaming 17 days ago
It’s literally tabi from Friday
man bill
man bill 17 days ago
how do you even know all this
dhammano 17 days ago
The wendigo skull have a lack of grammar
mason mcintosh
mason mcintosh 19 days ago
There is one 323/one out there is not a human transformed its a windego real one
/Amon_gogoi Gogoi
/Amon_gogoi Gogoi 20 days ago
Scp 323's power like scp 035 but 323 can move without human body 035 can't move without human body but he can change his face -happy to sad
bon bon
bon bon 21 day ago
TheAdhipraz 21 day ago
e.d art is weird that 173 is like that
Himawari Uzumaki
Himawari Uzumaki 22 days ago
Scp 294 can beat any scp
O5-1 22 days ago
When will be the o5 council show
electro_sans 0
electro_sans 0 23 days ago
Oh nah thats some satan stuff
godzillla 2021
godzillla 2021 24 days ago
he seems kind ontell he's hungery
꧁• ItzNøtSɑm •꧂
I feel bad for wendigo skull hes so lonely and hungry hes creepy
jeweltara 25 days ago
ok so sick it on those fire monster dclass things it eats them and for once feels warm inside,[;is maybe if it gains thwir regeneration it won't constantly feel hungry...that or having them inside it will stave off the hunger. this ,makes it harmless and gets rid of another problem giving the skull a long term host. these [ep[;e are su[[pse to be a secret organization but they seem like idiots ,pst pf the time
Fernando Urra Leyton
SCP Video idea: SCP-5000 The suit
25 days ago
the wendigo mask looks so cool the design is amazing
tiky teh clon
tiky teh clon 27 days ago
This is tabi from fnf lol(please read)
Jack McCallum
Jack McCallum Month ago
Is scp real?
tita ramadhanty
tita ramadhanty Month ago
Well, he is kinda cute though
Neon LD
Neon LD Month ago
So basically this SCP is a Canadian urban legend
Think Month ago
So, it's the same type of stand as 035.
DominicTKC Month ago
I just watched this again and was reminded of my old lazy art 9:35
dexter dexter
dexter dexter Month ago
SCP-035: Sucks that I'm the only mask SCP. SCP-323: Guten Tag. I woke up to tell you that you're wrong.
ScreamingRain Month ago
I wanna put it in a room with the other mask scp
The inverted showa
I quess the foundation just stole the wendigo cause the wendigo also has an endless hunger and that kind of skull
Ron Llewellyn
Ron Llewellyn Month ago
Is it me or is the scp putting it’s rude finger at us.
koolboy59 123
koolboy59 123 Month ago
I live next to lac la ronge🥲
Aiden Schmidt
Aiden Schmidt Month ago
I watch all of you videos I just want to say I think your the best RUvidr ever to tell about scp Good job. 👍🏻
sour_skitz Month ago
The Wendigo skull is terrifying *that didn’t stop furries, though*
Wendigos weren’t impacted that much, we don’t see these things as furries because you have to dig REAL deep to find weird shit. *not like SCP-1471, they ruined that shit-*
anton de jesus
anton de jesus Month ago
SCP 323 kinda looks kinda cool
Paul Pascual
Paul Pascual Month ago
Because its the same
Paul Pascual
Paul Pascual Month ago
It should be keter to like scp 035
Ulaş gaming
Ulaş gaming Month ago
So very hungry😂
Summer Hilt
Summer Hilt Month ago
as someone who knows a lot about the Wendigo. i'm learning things my grandfather refused to tell me.
Ruby Pardee
Ruby Pardee Month ago
Now I now a way to lose weight.
luca stanaway
luca stanaway Month ago
ah so that's why I have a bloody fast metabolism
Marko Kuncic
Marko Kuncic Month ago
If that scp lived in my house he would wash his hands before eating or he would get belted
Leonardo Res
Leonardo Res Month ago
He's very dangerous but i feel sad for him he sometimes trying to made allies When he said ALONE SO COLD sounds sad i mean he tries to communicate and he feels insant cold as he to live needs always to eat and fight
Goddess demon angel Night wolf
*saw the thumbnail and be like* missing deer has anyone seen him?
timothy ewing
timothy ewing Month ago
4:59 nikocado avocado
ph4nt1z Month ago
It straight gets me in a good mood that the people are as kind as they can to the scp's
Noah Zellner
Noah Zellner Month ago
This is no where near accurate to anything that the w*ndigo legend comes from
Chelsey Carrera
Chelsey Carrera Month ago
*"Hungry, So Hungry"* **Mc Donolds Add** *"Im A Cannibal I Will not Eat Mc Donolds"* Sorry If Theres Any Things That Are Not Spelled Corretly
Delivery man
Delivery man Month ago
Reminds me of the Pagan Skull Mask from rdr2
SteelStables Month ago
Plasma Cannon
Plasma Cannon Month ago
1:33 that dance tho
dream-geroge's kid
W e n d I g o when I go👌😩
Kezban Umutberk ilik
9:12 i think u use a öodified blood pyhsics
miranda and rebecca Hemmings
This creature looks like the demon lurks down underwear demons are like heck and there's a bunch of demons and only one is the king so that one's like a deer face of a deer or a reindeer or reindeer or maybe a moose but if you add a black body it's going to be a demon like stumbling like these red symbols all over the grounds even the walls that's what he does but this one looks like the same but doesn't take your soul
Cloaker Fresquez
1:33 Man those are so nice moves .
Goat Goat
Goat Goat Month ago
1:33 DANCE
yuyuofd 2 months ago
Wendigo sus
Soldier 2 months ago
Why dont you guys foundation just put the skull on a class d and give all class d to it, then let him eat them all, would he be hungry still ?
Keagan Advincula
Keagan Advincula 2 months ago
323 is scared of touch
Keagan Advincula
Keagan Advincula 2 months ago
That's not long horse
laura sanchez
laura sanchez 2 months ago
This is scary
TITANS 2!!! 2 months ago
Jaren Williams-Lovett
Finally *pulls out 2 super minigun and a nuke*
AxoViki 2 months ago
Mhm. Yeah yeah. OH SH*T IS THAT 323?! *proceeds to load 50,000 guns*
Mothra 2 months ago
Zidane Cheekinew
Zidane Cheekinew 2 months ago
someone just tryd to rip off the myth and the skull is it's face and you can't study it the wendigo is a bad spirit
Zidane Cheekinew
Zidane Cheekinew 2 months ago
i forgot to mention i'm native american and the myth goes it eats kids and lives in caves some person made up this bullshit
Zidane Cheekinew
Zidane Cheekinew 2 months ago
it's fake it's a native american myth it never says anything about what the skull can do in my culture
Muhammad Isnadie Sanguila awlaki10
Aeonna Bolz ❤
Aeonna Bolz ❤ 2 months ago
Ohhhhh is that why they called humanoid reindeer
kushi 2 months ago
Tabi from Friday Night Funkin looks a bit different here 😍
nobody here
nobody here 2 months ago
oOo interesting..? lol
Noel Venus
Noel Venus 2 months ago
yeetimen454 2 months ago
So it's just a mind controlling skill ahh so it's just dead memes
5Fah 2 months ago
Sebastian Littleface
O-JIB-WE your American European!!!!!
STAR ALLROUNDER 2 months ago
10975 scp
Noah Mize
Noah Mize 2 months ago
Rubber likes blubber blubber likes me
Crey Gamer
Crey Gamer 2 months ago
I wanna lose fat too
Hunter 2 months ago
Hey the rubber what if the Class-D pull the wendigo's mask? Or it can't pulled off?
I feel like killing something or someone anything just let me kill it I will torture it
Stickboy 2 months ago
imagine hunting a deer and cutting at its head, getting the skull taking ripping the skull out and ripping the jaw off there you have a Halloween mask
Xerango_ 2 months ago
native american 035
Mark Pashkin
Mark Pashkin 2 months ago
the rubber: watches the scp video and ads hungry oh so so so hungry hungry soooo hungry
i like fnf
i like fnf 2 months ago
fnf TABI
Wesley Mark Hardwick
Emma May
Emma May 2 months ago
This scp bothers me because from what I researched wendigos they have no relation to deer heads, but are gigantic, emaciated, pale, with lips bitten off. Also the pronunciation of Ojibwe was super off, it’s O-jib-way.
Itz_ya_boy77 2 months ago
your local ramen noodles
323: *exists* Owl House: hmmmm
Gacha_Sky_Fandom 2 months ago
Why do I kinda want to be it’s friend cause it said that it was lonely. I’m weird I know 😂😂
Michael Gift
Michael Gift 2 months ago
How to feed forever: use the scp that turns any food or liquid into human flesh and blood
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