SCP-3000 Anantashesha (SCP Animation)

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TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation THAUMIEL class object, SCP-3000 Animation.
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SCP 3000 also known as Anantashesha, is a massive, aquatic, serpentine entity strongly resembling a giant moray eel.

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Jul 8, 2020




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yean hok
yean hok Day ago
i want scp-3008
Oujia craver
Oujia craver 3 days ago
I love how 049 could survive under the sea without equipment to survive
Ron Ron Ricardel
Ron Ron Ricardel 3 days ago
You know scp 682 is strong
Ron Ron Ricardel
Ron Ron Ricardel 3 days ago
Hey robber i have scp 300 in minecraft is a mod
Joe Peden
Joe Peden 3 days ago
only real ones know what it actually is the WORLD SERPENT
•milky mochi•
Ah yes: *vital to keeping the foundation a secret* Also the rubber: *makes a YT channel with over a million subscribers going through most of the SCP's*
Xtreme_Fade 4 days ago
I just got an IKEA ad XD
Dion Silang
Dion Silang 4 days ago
Also thats from subnautica
KS Hew
KS Hew 5 days ago
It is bigger than godzilla
“Estimated to be 600-900km in length” *I see what you did there, buster.*
Stormy 7 days ago
im eating a huge container of whipped cream
Azam Ismail
Azam Ismail 7 days ago
RelPlayz 8 days ago
SaintRuderic 9 days ago
Honestly, cognitohazard SCPs are some of the scariest. The fact that SCP-3000 is a multi-mile long sea serpent is bad enough, but even just being near the thing drives you insane. Talk about a one-two punch.
ShadyKoi The Fish of the Pond
So, in my opinion SCP 3000 is: Keter Apollyon and Thaumiel
What if this is titanaboa
John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy 11 days ago
Everybody gangsta till scp 3000 hears the soviet anthem and sees a submarine.
Matthew Gamer
Matthew Gamer 11 days ago
Sitex The Dragoneon
Imagine if this thing fought a Gargantuan leviathan. That would be a fight that would literally shake the earth
king 11 days ago
Even that the scp are not real I still love it
Jupiter 12 days ago
I have one question, *how did they contain this thing..?*
Randy Orton
Randy Orton 13 days ago
Leah Cowen
Leah Cowen 13 days ago
Leah Cowen
Leah Cowen 13 days ago
SCP-3000 Is A Like A Shoreham Shark,
Duulga 12
Duulga 12 14 days ago
explaining object classes with (the box) safe: if u put the scp in a box but it doesn't get out it's classified as safe euclid: if u put the scp in a box but u don't know when or how the scp will get out it's classified as euclid keter: if u put the scp but the scp gets out it's classified as keter thamial: if u can use the scp to contain other scp's it's classified as thamial apollyon: if there's no way of containing the scp it's classified as apollyon neutralized: if u destroyed or removed the scp's anomaly it's classified as neutralized explained: if u can easily explain the scp it's classified as explained
Lord JhonnyGun
Lord JhonnyGun 14 days ago
As a Guy with fear of ocean and it’s ugly creatures. I SHOULD NOT BE HERE !
Makoto Sama
Makoto Sama 14 days ago
I was expecting the lizard to be put against it xD
DARK LIGHT 14 days ago
World serpent 😂
Gamer 69
Gamer 69 16 days ago
Why did they once draw it with a smile
Advance 17 days ago
Bro it's literally the gargantuan leviathan from subnautica
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez 17 days ago
the most dangerous scp danger level is apolly =]-
Mya Paneto
Mya Paneto 17 days ago
MinusScythe 17 days ago
I enjoyed this because I'm Indian
José María
José María 17 days ago
- How we feed it to produce the amnestic? Send a cow? - Nah cows are cute. Send a d-class
tj jdyfiwudiwuoshi
tj jdyfiwudiwuoshi 18 days ago
Noice :D
Noice :D 19 days ago
Imagine SCP-3000 vs Godzilla in the Water...
zay yarhtet
zay yarhtet 20 days ago
Oh no
zay yarhtet
zay yarhtet 20 days ago
Scp is kill all
Alexander Van Deusen
Dear TheRubber Thaumiel class isn't the highesr class the highest class is apollyon.
Philippine EagleYT
i think thats titanabows
fastold 22 days ago
I wonder if it can beat 1128?
Kraken 19 days ago
with how long and how it’s technically Cthulhu as an eel, I just 3000 wins.
RK - 04AM 847326 Burnhamthorpe PS
Oof this was posted 10 minutes ago and it already has 11k comments and 5 million views I think
Aaron HU
Aaron HU 23 days ago
Just imagine that scp swimming to you
Lammi LemonBoy
Lammi LemonBoy 23 days ago
Moray eels are fucking scary, and this is coming from someone who loves weird fish. This thing would drive me insane just looking at it, nevermind the good stuff.
Hector Tegerero
Hector Tegerero 25 days ago
It's a giant electric eel
exo scaly
exo scaly 26 days ago
this man just casually said its length is estimated to be between 2 million and 3 million feet considering that 1km=3280.84 feet just do 3281x600 then 3281x900 then you got your two numbers how tf did they even estimate that????
Boni Dela Cruz
Boni Dela Cruz 26 days ago
EmiJoe 26 days ago
If it was able to shock people we all be dead by now
Tolaɘn 28 days ago
L30MGBR 29 days ago
what happens if you got your memory lost after looking scp 096?
Tolaɘn 28 days ago
If you looked at scp 096 you would already be dead so there is no way you could even get your memory lost hence the fact that you are dead
lil’ green pup
lil’ green pup 29 days ago
This creature isn’t even that big. The gargantuan leviathan is way bigger.
Florida Dood
Florida Dood Month ago
Baby goalie discovered their entertainment the divisions
900,000 meters long but only 10 meters wide. What kind of spaghetti monster is this?
・bxlke ・
・bxlke ・ Month ago
How do know so much
Basyang Bucs
Basyang Bucs Month ago
The only classes of scp I know is safe Euclid and keter and I didn't know there is more classes.
Zissa YT
Zissa YT Month ago
If it's 900 kilometers... How do they always find the head?
Jungle Rat
Jungle Rat Month ago
The Top most well known SCPs in my opinion 1. 173 2. 096 3. 3000
Patricio Benitez
Scp 3000 vs scp 1128 ?
Dyziunia Dyziunia
Can u do scp- 524 thanks
Kcrej Johanna Valmores
wonder what happens if you break those four little fangs Edit: did anyone else almost went deaf at the part where it went: EeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeE here's the time stamp 4:55
its luis
its luis Month ago
T Month ago
Mfs be like: its just the ocean, nothings down there i dont know why your scared
DINO GAMER Month ago
Is this real
Katherine Riel
Katherine Riel Month ago
Goku Month ago
I love how he said its head is 2.5 meters high but the submarine looks like its a submarine for ants
Hue Nguyen
Hue Nguyen Month ago
Me: at 5:38 Also Me: You don’t contain SCPs like that.
Matt Liam
Matt Liam Month ago
How did they survive big animals go to warm water and warm water is deeper the deeper you go the more pressure they would get crumbled like a strip of paper
PUMp Month ago
SCP-096 Month ago
It straight comes from Subnautica 😂
Manuel Alvarez
Manuel Alvarez Month ago
SaiZoTo_Ikhwan Dedeq
"Mother theres a blue worm in the water and why is little brother playing ship things in that-"
Irán j
Irán j Month ago
Legend GamingYTHero1234
About SCP 3000: SCP-3000 (sometimes referred to as Anantashesha, or simply The Eel) is a monster appearing in the SCP mythos, which is implied to be one of the Old Gods. Its object class is Thaumiel. (Contents) Biography Discovery Initial Contact Procedure Anantashesha theory The truth? Appearance Powers and Abilities Quotes Gallery Navigation Biography Discovery SCP-3000 was discovered by the SCP Foundation in 1971 off the coast of India after the mysterious disappearance of two Bangladeshi fishing boats and fifteen crew members. They quickly sealed off the area and put the Aztak Protocol into place. Initial Contact Three divers, Alpha, Bravo, and Foxtrot, were tasked with making contact with SCP-3000. The mental effects of contact with SCP-3000 began to take effect when the divers began to refer to each other by the incorrect name, with Alpha attempting to talk to a deceased member of Foundation staff. Bravo became unable to see, and soon became temporarily unresponsive. Foxtrot suffered a headache before beginning to ramble and stating that "only the eel remains". The three divers began to become delusional and all but Bravo were eaten by SCP-3000. Bravo requested to stay behind and remained alive for three days before being presumably killed by SCP-3000. Procedure The area in which SCP-3000 resides is sealed off and regularly patrolled by Foundation personnel. No civilians are permitted to enter the area, and personnel must seek permission before having contact with this SCP. The Foundation submarine SCPF Eremita is tasked with carrying out the Aztak Protocol to extract Y-909 from the creature. Aztak consists of the Eremita feeding D-Class personnel to SCP-3000, causing SCP-3000 to excrete Y-909. Divers will then be dispatched to collect the substance during 3000's digestive process. Anantashesha theory Dr. Venkat Krishnamoorthy of the Foundation, after an encounter with SCP-3000 permanently affected his cognition, became convinced that the creature was the Hindu deity Anantashesha. Anantashesha is said to be the king of serpents, and will live past the end of time. Supposedly, when all is ended Anantashesha will still linger on. Dr. Krishnamoorthy was so horrified by this prospect that he committed suicide by feeding himself to SCP-3000. The truth? Shortly after Dr. Krishnamoorthy's death, his colleague Dr. Mannava realised that his memories were being affected by his contact with SCP-3000. He began to remember things that never happened to him, and discovered that he was remembering things from Dr. Krishnamoorthy's past. This led him to finally discover the truth about SCP-3000: “ Something about it, some latent part of its creation, abhors cognition. It breaks down human consciousness and scatters the part of us that we believe is a soul until all that remains is what we really are: electrical signals that will some day become inert. „ Dr. Mannava later entered a vegetative state after deliberately ingesting a large quantity of Y-909. Appearance SCP-3000 resembles a giant, aquamarine moray eel of indeterminate length and glazed eyes. As it eats its prey, it excretes a black substance known as Y-909 that the Foundation uses to make amnestics. Powers and Abilities SCP-3000 is typically a sedentary creature, only moving its head during feeding or in response to stimuli, while the body rarely moves at all. Despite this, it moves extremely quickly to kill its prey. SCP-3000 appears to have psychic abilities, as demonstrated when a Foundation agent named Williams was exposed to it and began smashing his head against the submarine window before dying while whispering "There's nothing". Quotes “ I… I believe that SCP-3000 is Anantashesha. I believe that this… this aberration, this treachery against cognition, is the result of us being in the presence of a god. „ ~ Venkat Krishnamoorthy “ I do not think that the eel is Anantashesha. I don't think it would matter if it was. What is clear to me now, as I feel myself coming apart, is not that the eel is some mythological creature, or divine serpent. Perhaps it's just a primitive creature that eluded us, holding no malice; perhaps it really is a primordial deity, harboring resent beneath the surface. The eel is not the harbinger of my demise, or humanity's doom. The eel is not the end of all things, it only shows us what the end looks like. „ ~ Dr. Anand Mannava Gallery SCP-3000 Anaesthesia SCP-3000 and O5-12 SCP-3000 and O5-12 Gaslight
Legend GamingYTHero1234
ill tell more about 3000
Legend GamingYTHero1234
This SCP is one of my absolute favorites. I interpreted its abilities as: when people get in proximity of it, it has this ability to cause the soul/memories of a person to leak from the body into its surroundings. This generally causes muddled memories and emotions of all of the other victims to mix with the ambient "essence" of other victims, or other people. The creature has a way of inserting a bit of itself, causing people to continue to "see" it, or to become influenced by it. A part of the SCP entry seemed to imply that the Eel is actually filled with corpses, and doesn't actually digest any bodies that it eats. My theory, is that it extracts whatever is left of a victim's "self" and releases the empty memories/souls into the water as that grey ooze. Almost as if the souls/memories are drained of everything they held, but are still present. After SCP 3000 "eats" someone and excretes this substence, this (now) empty soul-goop can be used in amnestics in the same way that the creature would remove the memories of its victims. It allows the amnestics to replace the very memories and thoughts of someone else, which is why its so effective. The Amnestics carry a few properties of SCP-3000 in their ability to cause those specific memories to seep out of someone, and be replaced with nothing. Fun Fact! This SCP isn't the only instance of SCP 3000! If you read the logs for SCP 2922, within Corbenic one of the dispatched MTF members confirmed that another Eel exists within the Chitin Sea, and pretty much outlines what might happen if the SCP was to run unchecked without its goop being harvested.
Sergio Solórzano
8:30 can't they just feed it a pig?
Benjamin Tom
Benjamin Tom Month ago
do scp 1128 vs scp 3000!
Ezekiel Gonzales
"Warning: Multiple leviathan lifeforms detacted in the region. Are you certain whatever your doing is worth it?"
Kayla Brownell
Kayla Brownell Month ago
If they need the substance Y-909 so badly, couldn't they type it into SCP-294? That SCP can give you anything you want.
DİO BRANDO Month ago
İts basicly L O N G
PopCatGaming Month ago
After all why not Why should we test the *lizard against big noodle*
Unistealth Month ago
When you lengthen your snake in google snake so much it got real
Will use air SUPERSHOTGUN and
DraconicCheese Month ago
For anyone who doesnt know what the Thaumiel class of scps is ill explain the thaumiel class is given to special scps that are useful in countering the effects of other scps or helping to contain them an example of this is the ring that allows the wearer to survive a single touch from scp 049 (dont remember the rings designation)
Shion lacey
Shion lacey Month ago
Shion lacey
Shion lacey 15 days ago
Wait........ THIS IS INDIAN and IAM A INDIAN......................... Soooo this is my first time seeing an Indian SCP
ary Month ago
technically it's Bangladeshi since it resides in the Bay of Bengal
Pan Rogacz
Pan Rogacz Month ago
"SCP-3000 Strikes, and quickly consumes Krishnamoorthy" *TheRubber said calmly*
Macky Sy
Macky Sy Month ago
scp 3000: 900 km godzilla earth: 0.3 km *What.*
A Certain Lazy Reaper
The fact that's its above threat level of most 001-
Kameron Nelson
Kameron Nelson Month ago
Hey, what do you prefer, infographic or the rubber when watching SCP videos?
Why do they have to sacrifice other humans just to get samples
Black Month ago
They're Death row inmates so they're gonna die anyways.
Zeta H8 slaya
Zeta H8 slaya Month ago
How would personnel leave the submarine when it's bloody 3000 leagues beneath the Sea
Pure Vessel
Pure Vessel Month ago
What if scp:3000 met scp:1128
Mertcan Özbey
Mertcan Özbey Month ago
Are these SCP’s real.
Luckymyst Tsymykcul
Oh so basically Jorgumand
Lewis Lake
Lewis Lake Month ago
The wizards of once: Cressida Cowell. One of the scenes in the series involves an example of the witch blood playing with it’s host’s (xar (pronounce zar)) thoughts. The stain on his arm will begin adding, mixing, and even removing thoughts from his brain. It would be cool if that is how Y-909 worked.
Chilled out Anna
“I can see it in my head!!” Yeah dude that’s how your brain works😂😂
Sharil Azri
Sharil Azri Month ago
Rubber:memory lost or alternation Scuba diver:wait wat im doing here again?
Kean the noob
Kean the noob Month ago
Snake.io but real
This SCP is always number 1 on Slither.io
Durvasa Month ago
Fun Fact Anant = Infinity Shesha = Serpent These are Sanskrit words. Interesting that Krishnamoorthy is also a name of Sanskrit origin and is a common name in many parts of India.
SCP-343 "God" (SCP Animation)