SCP-3000 Anantashesha (SCP Animation)

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TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation THAUMIEL class object, SCP-3000 Animation.
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SCP 3000 also known as Anantashesha, is a massive, aquatic, serpentine entity strongly resembling a giant moray eel.
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Jul 8, 2020




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Comments 8 378
saurabh singh
saurabh singh 21 minute ago
do a reluctant dimension hopper scp animation believe me it will b worth it
HARISH SAI.D. 57 minutes ago
King Ninja
King Ninja 3 hours ago
I wonder what will happen if megalodon and Scp 3000 fight.. but i guess megalodon will get completely owned
jesus chacon
jesus chacon 5 hours ago
♥️ Amo a los SCP 🐉 y tus animaciones ojalá estuvieran subtitulada al español 🇪🇸
grave digger
grave digger 6 hours ago
So the ammestics came from the eel it's self to control people minds but can it be use as a medicine
Headass 11 hours ago
imagine spending 8+ years getting a phd and becoming a doctor, only to get killed by an oversized water snake
Murat Aksoy
Murat Aksoy 12 hours ago
What if they do a termination attempt with 682 and 3000
Murat Aksoy
Murat Aksoy 12 hours ago
Appolyon is a higher class than thamiel
shadow 12 hours ago
what if you type y-909 into scp 294
rubick aghanim
rubick aghanim 13 hours ago
10:04 10:09 10:15 10:33 It really irks me how you kept butchering the pronunciation of anantashesha while the first one at 9:55 was fine
Dhong Manondo
Dhong Manondo 14 hours ago
Hmmm suspicion about thisbis how the last diver get the substance , the other two was killed then somehow he reach 3000 without difficulties wow
Lantern Apocalypse
Lantern Apocalypse 17 hours ago
This is really good! Why call your channel 'TheRubber' of all things? I almost avoided it because I assumed it was like a condom review channel or something.
Mike Chatterton
Mike Chatterton 21 hour ago
i wish 3000's face was derpy, like in 0:38
This is a nice animation and all, but just imagine with me for a second. You are a deep sea diver. While diving, in the pitch black, you think you see something. You move a little closer to see a weird looking underwater pipe, though its kind of weird looking. You swim up to it, only able to see a small part of the object in the darkness. You touch the object and it immediately begins to move, you immediately start feeling headaches, anxiety, etc. and then you turn around to swim away only to see an 8 foot eel head with white eyes starting back at you. You try to swim away but the eel slowly opens its mouth and moves closer. You back into the side of the creature and realize just then, you are already dead.
Hi There
Hi There Day ago
Everyone gangster till the eel takes steroids
BettaGecko Day ago
I love ells
alex toll
alex toll Day ago
That's cool they have the freaking "World Serpent" in the SCP world. Awesome!
eddie Towers
eddie Towers Day ago
Why not let the ROV do all the work to collect y-909, after the digestion period. This way there is no risks, d'uh.
FusiC Day ago
Just thought that, what if Y909 is so effective that the patient forgot they existed
Silania da Silva
DR SQUAT Day ago
Anantashesha is an indian mythological legend there are proofs of anantashesha even my mother used to say that it is the most strongest off serpents and it can survive anything. there are proofs of anantashesha and it is huge as per the drawings.
Jepoi Vlog
Jepoi Vlog Day ago
The Middle Child
wyd if this start swimming at you
Anshu Sharma
Anshu Sharma Day ago
Just swimming then AAA!! It’s SCP 3000
Derpology 2 days ago
Who makes up this scp stuff??
Charles Pendragon
what is this mucic. I love it.
Alonee Night
Alonee Night 2 days ago
Scp 3000 IS like scp 137 but u cant look at him
NoJam Hyung
NoJam Hyung 2 days ago
Thought that SCP 3000 was a big snake
Shanbo26 2 days ago
Um, couldn't they feed it a cow or something instead?
HSpartaL 3 days ago
Wait a sec... did this nigga say 900km?
Ka Bam
Ka Bam 3 days ago
Total and utter garbage....
teamkilled 3 days ago
everybody gangsta until therubber says the scp is thaumel
Camden Welch
Camden Welch 3 days ago
He seemed nice but when he attacked the people my opinion kinda changed
Camden Welch
Camden Welch 3 days ago
Scp 3000 seems nice except when he attacked that guy
Hana1LuLu 3 days ago
I appreciate the pure scientific and base informational point to these videos, but the exclusion of the story part about the crossed over memories made me a little sad.
hilmi tok
hilmi tok 3 days ago
Kefah Nassar
Kefah Nassar 3 days ago
12:06 My fav is the: hello im the rubber and the other brown hair dude says:all hail the rubber boi
SweetLemans 3 days ago
“Will experience head pain, annoyance, and fear”. Hmm fear when there is a Massive eel in front of you. Crazy
aaronvalleytrees 4 days ago
you should make a video about a apollyon scp
dhlix00 4 days ago
Why I done want to sub
Blaise Green
Blaise Green 4 days ago
Goddamn the “william was dead” was so like idk careless?
Nanzor YT
Nanzor YT 4 days ago
Scp 3000:*swims* guy in the water:THATS A HUGE B
Dylan Comstock
Dylan Comstock 4 days ago
Your telling me this thing is at least 372 miles long?
Vincenzo Bisogno
Vincenzo Bisogno 4 days ago
0:01 Io: Morto😂😂(for italians)
dina v
dina v 4 days ago
launch 096 in there to kill it
RustyRobotTech Gaming
What is thameil class
Ralsei 4 days ago
5:38 scp-3000: c'mere boi scp-049: oh god help me
Angelo Dauz
Angelo Dauz 4 days ago
Rubber I'm a fan of your channel
V S 4 days ago
Fun fact- in hindi anant means infinite and shesh means snake
Dasherino 4 days ago
But couldn’t you use the vending machine that can give any liquid to get Y-909
Ronnie Sofeni
Ronnie Sofeni 4 days ago
respect to these people that actually go near that thing
mariana the night / sea
The thumbnail is copyrighted
tech king
tech king 4 days ago
I'm a hindu and I think SCP 3000 is not Anant shesha but is actually kalia naag which was defeated by lord krishna and had kalia naag had to flee . It is also said in Krishna's story that kalia naag used to excrete a liquid which polluted the whole river . The liquid was poisonous as well as made people dizzy and unconscious
XxMattvdbraakxX 4 days ago
scp-3000 is now in: the big ocean. America > Japan in in size for the ocean. covering about 33.333333333333334% of it.
eduardo bacongco
eduardo bacongco 5 days ago
eduardo bacongco
eduardo bacongco 5 days ago
eduardo bacongco
eduardo bacongco 5 days ago
eduardo bacongco
eduardo bacongco 5 days ago
eduardo bacongco
eduardo bacongco 5 days ago
Technologistical 5 days ago
0:37 rtx off 0:32 rtx on
Memerath 5 days ago
10:00 that is terrifying
is that the world surpent
KiwiAsid T
KiwiAsid T 5 days ago
Idk why but your a genius rubber
yina Sanchez
yina Sanchez 5 days ago
Is rubber a scp
big big person
big big person 5 days ago
The beginning part is just horrific.
itz silx
itz silx 5 days ago
Dang. He's really smart 🤓
Ivy Quest
Ivy Quest 5 days ago
I wonder if the anti-Christ is with scp right now
Twybo 5 days ago
U put him at toppa da triangle There's 5 classes So ur saying he's Apollyon
Monika Monikute
Monika Monikute 2 days ago
William Fox
William Fox 5 days ago
changes of mental state, paranoia, fear, i mean it makes *if you're fucking staring at an 800km übereel*
Golden Gamer
Golden Gamer 5 days ago
Scp 3000: is capable of killing millions in seconds Megalondon: not bad kid
oh wow
oh wow 3 days ago
The Megalodon is like 60-70 meters long, this is 600-900 kilometers, that’s hundreds of miles
TheGamingPhoenix 5 days ago
You said Ananthasesha wrong, dude
Anna Cieślik
Anna Cieślik 5 days ago
Please do scp 500
liper 5 days ago
Imagin if its just a cute misunderstood animal that wants pats
John Jiang
John Jiang 5 days ago
Why can’t they just use scp-294 to dispense Y-909 Scp-294 is a coffee machine in case you didn’t know
Deoxys320 Dude
Deoxys320 Dude 5 days ago
@John Jiang not just anything. It has to be liquid and most likely y-909 isn't on a liquid state until human consumption
John Jiang
John Jiang 5 days ago
Yea but scp-247 can dispense anything
Deoxys320 Dude
Deoxys320 Dude 5 days ago
They'd still need to feed of humans as SCP-3000 produces Y-909 only after consuming a human being
moded darkgray
moded darkgray 5 days ago
9:35 I have all of these symptoms even tho its probably a fake symptom
Bithul B
Bithul B 5 days ago
Seriously Dr Krishnamoorthy🤐🤣
Malsting T
Malsting T 5 days ago
Titanoboa : none can beat me Scp 3000 : *ArE YoU SuRe*
Elina Lundqvist
Elina Lundqvist 5 days ago
I am very afraid of the ocean so this is like my nightmare
okda abriana
okda abriana 6 days ago
scp 682
Interior crocodile alligator
A human is sacrificed, and a submarine is sent to look for a giant monster Just for some anaesthetic
The Mothman
The Mothman 6 days ago
Throw the lizard at it
Spino Constrictora
5:42 Me: WAIT U TRYIN TO KILL 049!?? **grabs all the Mary Sue Fangirls** any regrets?
caleb Donoghue
caleb Donoghue 6 days ago
Are scps real?
Daniel Cook
Daniel Cook 6 days ago
Can we please have horror movies based off SCPs namely this one pleaseee
clancy 6 days ago
_i have thalassaphobia stop._
Sage Mitcheson
Sage Mitcheson 6 days ago
Ya thats my teacher
dusitn_ 6 days ago
This is the scariest documented scp
Tam Nguyen
Tam Nguyen 6 days ago
When William banged his head on the glass that is so painful 😱(also luv your videos)
ol' Man Scalps
ol' Man Scalps 6 days ago
by far my most favorite SCP
Gummoboi2020 6 days ago
The rubber was my introduction to scp. My least favorite video so far in terms of uneasyness was the build a bear thing
w1ndy 64
w1ndy 64 6 days ago
*why* - 909
Kerim K.
Kerim K. 6 days ago
Everybody gansta till a blue giant snake comes out of nowhere
King Ghidorah
King Ghidorah 6 days ago
Oh my oh my This is a Masterpiece 👌
Eduardo 6 days ago
If you didn’t have thallassaphobia before watching this video you will now
X DuskAshes
X DuskAshes 6 days ago
If y909 is liquid use that vending machine that can create any liquid. Boom, done.
The boy that has fun
How the hell dose 3000 eat it them dose he swallow them whole chew them are they still a live when they entered the stomach
Stone Sage
Stone Sage 6 days ago
World Serpent ?
noobs gamez
noobs gamez 6 days ago
Are you the maker of scps
Lakhimai Sagolsem
i was so scared after hearing those scary word too scary that i did not even sleep for a night.
Connors Conquest
Connors Conquest 6 days ago
Next videos