SCP-2317 A Door to Another World (SCP Animation)

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TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation KETER class object, SCP-2317 Animation.
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SCP 2317 is a wooden door and frame originally constructed as a basement door for a 19th-century Massachusetts brownstone. Upon opening the SCP2317 door, any person stepping through the door frame will be transported to an alternate reality.

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Jul 1, 2020




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Comments 14 453
Hoang FPS
Hoang FPS 23 hours ago
7:16 lol i almost misheard that line to: "Blood for the blood god"
Tallis Brown
Tallis Brown Day ago
i have a method for reattaching the chains: flex tape.
Nickel 2 days ago
Bro just cut its arm off and make another chain. Just out smarted the 05.
Quantum Leap
Quantum Leap 2 days ago
I’m so glad that the SCP franchise has gained a surge of popularity. As someone who was a fan from the beginning it is wonderfull to see so many people enjoying these strange and unique stories.
Alexandro Puscoiu
ThIS sCp IS FroM MinECraFt. Non seriously the thumbnail is literally the warden.
Sadonley 3 days ago
I have a small story about a shadow it comes out at night and has one leg and walks
brownie kitten PLAYZ
(Last chain breaks) World:this is the end! (Humans went poof) Devour:where are they? Ghosts of the humans:we are here
Malaki Natividad
Malaki Natividad 5 days ago
Ok I don't know what happened but the hell "he is like galactus from marvel game so" what the actual hell is he another galactus or what? I know that it is fanmade but the name devour of worlds is like galactus.
Evan’s New Channel
After failure … E̢̢̻ͮͧͦ͋͞͡N͔͔̥̺̞̿͊̇D̷̨̥̥̥͖̞͐ͮ̄ Ơ̷̴̪̪̝͈̥͈̆̀̚F̼̼͓̙ͤ̋̅̚͞͞ W̧̤̤͇̣̥͂͐Ơ̷̴̪̪̝͈̥͈̆̀̚R̛̦̦̝̤͌̏͜͟͜Ļ͓͓̣̽͟D̷̨̥̥̥͖̞͐ͮ̄. E̢̢̻ͮͧͦ͋͞͡S̢̼̼͖̺͖ͪC͖͖̮̗̗͉̔̓ͧͨA̳̳̹̟̋ͣ͌ͅP̤̤͖ͪ͑̕͜͜E̢̢̻ͮͧͦ͋͞͡ N͔͔̥̺̞̿͊̇Ơ̷̴̪̪̝͈̥͈̆̀̚W̧̤̤͇̣̥͂͐
Evan’s New Channel
TheRubber : Should any mishap or failure will result in a XK - Class End Of The World Scneraio.
suranga premaratna
Wonder why the scp foundation doesn't consider a sentient smart rubber an scp
Kalles 001
Kalles 001 7 days ago
Aeon Chris Atos
Aeon Chris Atos 7 days ago
This devil want to plan to destroy the world
zac bridger
zac bridger 7 days ago
why not just remove the broken chains and replace them??????? (edit): said that too early nvm
Rbx Retro
Rbx Retro 7 days ago
Scp foundation: finds a portal to another dimension. Also scp foundation: sees a rock in the dimension. Scp foundation: we’re giving this scp classification
zachiamtheone 7 days ago
I bet the final one broke and it was coronavirus
John Martin Ferolino
just go around 180° d the door and see whats happen
Purple Wolf
Purple Wolf 8 days ago
But- how would he get through the door?
ShadowBandit39 9 days ago
How about SCP-914. Stick the chains in the input, see if it repairs it.
Cherylle Ang
Cherylle Ang 10 days ago
Minecraft 1.17 update new mob
Roy 11 days ago
why not just destroy the door and lock the world devourer in that dimension forever?
GoldenStarGamez 11 days ago
Monster king and boros had a baby.
GoldenStarGamez 11 days ago
Fma vibes.
that guy
that guy 12 days ago
The warden do be lookin different today
scrpbnsp 12 days ago
just put the chains in the tree that multiplies stuff
Foxyisinhell 12 days ago
Wait how would it lead to an XK? isn't it trapped in the dimension that door leads to? or is that "dimension" just in our universe/world. im not understanding
ShadowBandit39 9 days ago
I'm guessing its not really trapped in the other dimension, they just placed it there to get it away from humanity. If it escapes it will warp to our dimension.
Henry Toledo
Henry Toledo 13 days ago
Dam, The Rubber is serious and all business about this one. No jokes and just the facts, kinda weird.......
The Scooshinator
The Scooshinator 13 days ago
Why don't they just destroy the door. If there's no door, there's no way for the devourer to get through.
Damian Llanos
Damian Llanos 15 days ago
Do a vid about the scarlet king pls
kakashi hatake
kakashi hatake 17 days ago
Whoever broke the last chain mad covid 19
Riley Plays
Riley Plays 18 days ago
In 2021 the last chain broke then we have covid Lol
ShadowBandit39 9 days ago
Well thats anti-climactic....the devour of world killed less then 1% of humanity......
cda133 18 days ago
Is this a game?
Longo Dongo
Longo Dongo 18 days ago
(Scp - 2317) 7 chains holding a monster that can destroy the world All chains broken except 1 (Scp - 231) 7 pregnant mothers carrying 7 babies that when born lead to disasters and if the last mother dies or its baby comes out will destroy the world All mothers dead except 1 Even the names...this one 2317 and the mothers 231 Not to mention the mothers were chained up also Coincidence i think not
Jmanab 19 days ago
Scp's aren't real right?
ShadowBandit39 9 days ago
Thats what they want you to believe
Lily Afton
Lily Afton 19 days ago
Send the door to the sun and let it burn.
catito yt
catito yt 21 day ago
it is minecraft warden lol
Lester 21 day ago
Plot twist: COVID was the sixth chain breaking
Kyojuro Rengoku
Kyojuro Rengoku 22 days ago
Wait isn't this an Apollyon class object?
idk what to do with this channel
Not sure if I'm right but I'm sure it's not a keter class It's an apollyon class scp with are extremely hard to contain Pretty much they are scps which are much much much more dangerous then keter class svps
The Derpy Pinsir
The Derpy Pinsir 23 days ago
Ight so my only question is if it wakes up HOWS IT GONNA FIT THROUGH THE DOOR HUH???? DIDNT THINK OF THAT NOW DID YA SCP FOUNDATION?????!?!?!?!?!?!?
scp 457
scp 457 24 days ago
Let scp 096 go next to him The devourer of worlds will die
Lin Yu
Lin Yu 24 days ago
The U.S. could beat scp 2317
Vlad the Impaler
Vlad the Impaler 24 days ago
A 200 km height means half the entity's body will be in space while standing on earth.
khalid Aljohani
khalid Aljohani 25 days ago
Anti christ 🤔
TenoM 25 days ago
Two words, flex tape
Noobified 26 days ago
What if, we block the door, and don't do the ritual thingy, if it can't open the door, or breakthrough, it needs to destroy it, correct? But what would happend, does the door simply get destroyed and it got stuck, or it just shows a portal to the human world
LogoDefAlldogo8437 26 days ago
thareen attanayake
thareen attanayake 26 days ago
minecrafts new mob
The Arctic Winds
For some reason he draws the o5 council very cool looking
Beybroshouse Month ago
Therubber, the objet class is actually appplyon
GemmaGamer 2009
GemmaGamer 2009 Month ago
Rubber: Disaster will happen in 30 years. Me: Why don’t we just, *BLOW UP THE DOOR?*
Dank Memer Music
it reminds me of the red sea object
PedroTuber2021 Month ago
SCP-2317-K Is An Apollyon Class Object
B_Donnas Month ago
The 4.9 million people who watched this: 'Maybe I am an O5'
Tevi Jevil
Tevi Jevil Month ago
I can’t live that short !
Tevi Jevil
Tevi Jevil Month ago
You chilling this for a thank you and we gonna die in 30 year
Aleksandar Sasa Abutovic
Capture him in the miroor scp
Danica Lompero
Danica Lompero Month ago
Scp 99999 (the deadlys)
Y/N_Not_Here Month ago
Guard 17: what the actual fuck are you doing-
Interior crocodile alligator
“why are these guys killing a chicken and spraying water onto this guys head, I’ll go check” “Jesus Christ did they just nuke this place
Anne Lincolne
Anne Lincolne Month ago
Utan so will see what is I make a SCP 0000
Bumpduh Animatronic
F K Month ago
Last chain: Breaks Giant monster: Where are all the humans? Covid-19: Sorry but I think you were a little late
Dingo Dog
Dingo Dog Month ago
I though this scp was Apollyon
River Jade
River Jade Month ago
how to get rid of all the scps step one move to mars step 2 blow earth up step 3 kill dr bright and selebrate
Skittle #2
Skittle #2 Month ago
Why don't they just use the coffee machine and make "liquid metal that can repair scp-2317's chains" or something.
I was thinking the exact thing. I mean we know that scp-682 can be killed by the "killing solution" Created by the coffee machine but this was turned down on the grounds that it will be too difficult a large amount of said substance. But just think about it. The coffee machine can make anything for infinite amounts. If it exists near the machine then the substance will be teleported from there but if it's nonexistent in the present time its just spontaneously produced by the machine itself. So basically all we have to do is wait for the 90 min period to be over and continue producing the liquid till it fills the required quota. But the powers that be in SCP foundation have ruled out this method. Despicable.
Childe Month ago
Just slap some flex tape to those chains 🙄
Will Simpson
Will Simpson Month ago
scp 2317 k is the great destroyer it only stay contained due to the the ritual thought to be what contains it they believe it works so it dose scp 999 was born and so it should be free once scp has grown and is ready it will take on 2317-k, scarlet king and his brothers 682 the shy guy and others thw ritual is a farce holding the, off till 999 the tickle monster is ready and will win not with weapons or war but with Love, Peace, kindness and understanding
Sunken ship
Sunken ship Month ago
Now, don’t even ask the SCP foundation it took those things. Trail and error. And death.
Slim Wolf
Slim Wolf Month ago
i realized what the phrase ment the scarlet king has 7 children and for them 7 throwns exept for 999 which is the disapointment for him 999 may be the one to save us from evrything
Mindy Abram
Mindy Abram Month ago
Me a year ago when i didn't know that SCPs were fictional: WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE
Rowena Perjes
Rowena Perjes Month ago
Wait how does he does this rubber you got something to explain
Rowena Perjes
Rowena Perjes Month ago
Can you just melt the chains and reatached them?
AddONS Month ago
weirefsh Month ago
*minecraft warden noises intensifies*
freddy fazboy
freddy fazboy Month ago
me: **goes into level 05 section** also me: guess ill die ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
ROWNIE Month ago
What’s the song in the intro
Gabronthe Month ago
Noriaki Kakyoin UwU
Thank god these are fake
Jjay Scoggins
Jjay Scoggins Month ago
Paolo Noka
Paolo Noka Month ago
shouldnt it be apollyon?
bensive Month ago
So, this is the start of the fire in Chicago?
ali shah
ali shah Month ago
Love your chanel
Voltpuff Month ago
Isnt it appolyon class?
Ceai Albastru
Ceai Albastru Month ago
This devourer is weakened, light ray weapons needed and strong sound to shatter it's exterior, for interior a bomb drone with specific materials for freezing it or burning(even acid) it to destroy it from inside + sigils and symbols to be equiped or prepared for holy weapons or artifacts.
rue s
rue s Month ago
literally just break the door
omg I actually got scared when he said there was no avoiding the xk class scenario but then I looked on Reddit and found out SCP's weren't real
Fang Wei
Fang Wei Month ago
scp 001 guardian of the gates: FINALLY A WORTHY APPONENT
Nothing Month ago
"the world end scenario is unavoidable" me with the idea of destroying the door: I'm surrender by idiots
Matilda Malos
Matilda Malos Month ago
So we’re all gonna die if it brakes out just plant 100 nukes blow the gosh darn thing up or just blow up the door that way you blow up it’s only way to get in
Zane Ong
Zane Ong Month ago
"seven thrones for the scarlet king" Why does this guy needs so many chairs just to sit down?????
BOI Month ago
the seven brides the seven kids of the scarlet king
Hans Alanson
Hans Alanson Month ago
Asking the real question right here
Suksy Month ago
how is mans gonna fit through that door like
TXC 97
TXC 97 Month ago
"But....why the nuke? if we fail we are supposed to run for our lifes" "well...maybe...maybe the class D personal runs very fast.....idk man i dont get paid enough to ask questions"
Birbasaurus Drawsandstuffs
so no one will talk about the cat in the beginning?
Private Dino
Private Dino Month ago
HG lovecraft: I just want to say I’m a big fan
Roland Garcia
Roland Garcia Month ago
how to terminate scp-2317? let him kill Dr. Bright and let Dr. Bright pass his consciousness to scp-2317
Nick E
Nick E Month ago
Spoilers to anyone who doesn’t know anything about this scp. This scp may or may not actually be the scarlet king the most evil scp in existence but know one knows if it’s true or not.
Spud Month ago
How would he get through the door
Comrade Month ago
I am scared you maggots.
last of the 4 horsemen
Ab ra ham ic