SCP-073 Cain (SCP Animation)

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TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation EUCLID class object, SCP-073 Animation.
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SCP 073, also known as Cain, appears to be a heavily-tanned male of Arabic or Middle Eastern descent in his early thirties.

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Nov 4, 2020




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Comments 13 319
TheRubber 11 months ago
Cain should be classified as EUCLID class, I'm sorry for my terrible mistake guys!
Anonymous 2 days ago
Jadon Parker-Bluer
Jadon Parker-Bluer 18 days ago
D gYou let mt
Benyamin1375 Month ago
Now it makes much more sense lol
Precious Queen
Precious Queen 3 months ago
( ͝ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ
Trevor Goodrich
Trevor Goodrich 3 months ago
Should be
Hahazif 8 hours ago
Look like badang if you ask me
Kuya9294 16 hours ago
KETER-CLASS SCP, it can wander freely around the facility and eat in the main canteen.
Muhammad rahimi Rosfazli
SCP-073 (The Ancient Armor) Object Class:Keter
Ruzz Day ago
Looks like badang from Mobile Legends
darcy obrien
darcy obrien Day ago
Couldn't Cain draw his own blood? Any damage done to him is afflicted onto the person that caused said damage so if he caused the wound, it would still be afflicted onto him and the foundation could still test on his blood or tissue. SCP-073 has been recorded to be very polite and compliable so I believe he would agree to such an easy and pain-free activity and even if he didn't know how to draw blood, he could be taught how. It is such a simple solution, I'm surprised that the foundation (let alone the 0-5 council) haven't thought of this. Maybe there is something the 0-5 council doesn't want to know or they have done it and there is something they don't want the foundation to know...... Also, when Able's unfinished business was met (being apologised to by Cain) he started to age and eventually passed away. This is strange since Cain's unfinished business was met (apologising to Able) he continued to be the un-ageing entity he had always been. Why didn't he age too and die along with his twin brother Able? Using the tissue and blood samples the 0-5 council obtained along with their advanced technology, they may have created their own Cain and hidden the one that aged and eventually passed away. The foundation has many SCP's that are getting more and more difficult to contain, an almost immortal and comliable secret weapon would be extremely useful for the foundation but if a malicious personnel got their hands on this secret weapon, things could take a turn for the worst quickly....
Azan Mohammed
This guy is my favourite scp Too kind lol
RoseArachnid Day ago
Cain had no way of knowing that what he did would kill Abel so… god’s kinda at fault for pitting two good people against each other
ShadowD1mond 2 days ago
makes sence how it goes into the Metal Arm 3:46
Anonymous 2 days ago
br 2 days ago
After watching both 076 and 073's video I think I'm officially gay now
Jerico Jabsworth
Jerico Jabsworth 2 days ago
Skip to 0:33
Vladimyr 3 days ago
imagine the female workers seeing cain be like
Zhe Xuen Hor
Zhe Xuen Hor 4 days ago
Yahweh? Or is it called God because in the Bible his name was God
Vladimyr 5 days ago
i think there's should be a safe Euclid class for cain and other SCP which is safe but kinda hard to contain
Leo 6 days ago
its not yaweh its god….
Leo 6 days ago
Cain and able are brothers in the bible story
Calico Bunni
Calico Bunni 6 days ago
thirteen killion
Tim Tierackic
Tim Tierackic 8 days ago
Taking his blood seems like an easy solution. Just have him take his own blood.
William Pope
William Pope 9 days ago
Okay but hear me out, if they bring back Able.. put a sound alert system on the door activated by it opening.. Awaken the Pillar Men.. till we meet again!
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 10 days ago
I wonder what would happen if they told able what happen to him when Cain killed him would it cause to revert back to his previous condition?
Ani playz games心臓ツ
What if cain read 300 and will 300 coughs or something?
Plasma Cannon
Plasma Cannon 10 days ago
you know you are horrible person when a deadly anomaly has better manners
Ani playz games心臓ツ
My religion has said that one of Adam's son killed one of his brother. It may be Cain and Abel. But bro... WHY COFFIN DANCE?
Ani playz games心臓ツ
I like Cain he seems nice and better than abel and Cain's dab is cute and when he got the bump thing is so cute :D
Gamer_12 12 days ago
Bruh it's like a hero from mlbb badang
Katlyn Santos
Katlyn Santos 15 days ago
Wait a minute is that badang in mobile legends!!???????
rads tv
rads tv 15 days ago
dast badang in ml
Broly Fan #StandWithVic
Wait, isn't Keter class given to SCPs that needed to be neutralized like 096 and 682? Cain is so nice, why does he get Keter?!
mesopithecus 12 days ago
Read the pinned comment
GamerxNIGHTCORE 16 days ago
Why this SCP look like badang from mobile legends
X?SirErrofer BG
X?SirErrofer BG 17 days ago
Nah its ok rubber i just saw you said able to abel in 7:07
RobloxPRO_YT 17 days ago
uhhh thats the mobile legend hero it name is badang
Cat 18 days ago
4:30 well that is sus
Peashooter Pro
Peashooter Pro 19 days ago
If all the damage you do to him comes back on you then ask him to take a blood sample make him do it himself so then you can actually scan his blood stupid
Kermaster 19 days ago
Able forgor
Misty_Gifts 2.0
Misty_Gifts 2.0 21 day ago
Cain : **kills Abel** Abel : **forgives Cain**
Facts 22 days ago
So able maxed out his offence, while cain maxes out his defence
Dl0G0 25 days ago
Is he pops
beautiful angel
beautiful angel 26 days ago
whats the background music pwease ;w;
Firz_Dzath 28 days ago
073 should fight 682. If 682 bites 073, the damage will be reverted, so the damages 682 dealt, would make 682 hit
xXWasteOfSpaceXx 28 days ago
1:45 me and the boys tryna watch the hub on our neighbours computer
Mundo Enderman Fabián Lozada Báez
Is an Euclid Object
TechSomni 29 days ago
Oh coffin dance!
Godzilla Traveler
Wow as a longtime fan of dscp articles I have to admit the animations on this channel are quite refreshing enjoyable I look forward to more good quality content in the future
Taha Moukhliss
Taha Moukhliss Month ago
Now that I think about it, maybe the reason why Able enjoys killing humans is because he views all of them as the descendants of Cain
Justinas Vančenkovas
O i need him to help me with history test
Toquero Nathaniel N.-AU Jose Rizal
I see mobile legends badang is an scp now xD
The dragon master
The rubber :"Black hair" *video* :brown hair.
zul abdrahman
zul abdrahman Month ago
Rubber: The National god of Yahweh. Real god: Allah.
Scheme 🔱
Scheme 🔱 Month ago
He's badang from mobile legends
Ragnarok Oblivion
Wouldn’t that theoretically mean he knows where Waldo is then?
dhammano Month ago
"He was deemed jhon doe" Thats a random dude in roblox right?
Irmuun 12Б
Irmuun 12Б Month ago
he looks like badang
O5-15 "Deathwing"
11:33 JKLSimon's art on SCP-001 When Day Breaks needs be a video. I hope @TheRubber notices this.
Mark Duffey
Mark Duffey Month ago
Scp 073 class should be safe.
the doll
the doll Month ago
Abel:....... Cain:............. Me and Dr brights:.......HUH-
Jack Bright
Jack Bright Month ago
hey have an idea ask cain to get the samples himself and study them: theyll be his
Just a Steam Player
(This is an actual test within the SCPF wiki) Upon reaching The Gate Guardian, 073 was immediately knocked unconscious with the Guardian’s swipe of his sword. Albeit the Guardian wasnt harmed.
MarzaGT Month ago
Look like badang
Maveric Month ago
MarzaGT Month ago
Yes badang
Monster King Calamity999
Why is you’re animation so cute?! I find it very peasant lol
Mateusz Sark
Mateusz Sark Month ago
What if he damage him self or get dna?
jeweltara Month ago
so the only real danger he poses is to vegitation and any harm inflicted on him is dealt to the attacker dude this guy is euclid af most and he cou;d be responsable fpr holding back all the dangerous plants from growing too much.
Night Hunter
Night Hunter Month ago
I consider it Safe due to its politeness
Raymond from animal crossing
073 vs 682
Terrablades Month ago
073 vs 173 and 096 That's all i need to say.
Ultimate Destroyer
2:50 TheRubbers response to hate comments:
zhoolor Month ago
did cain just.... ok us? and.... dab on us? im ok with that
Ice Makes Stuff
Ice Makes Stuff Month ago
SO it's just a stupid christanity promoting meme
JackAttack TheLast
076-2: *Dies* The Foundation: *Coffin Dance time boiii*
miya😜 Month ago
I like this intro and his story because he's really interesting but sometimes he's story's are scary and creepy or spooky😂😅
Aphofis Month ago
Is that Badang from Mobile Legends ?😂
TBone 4652
TBone 4652 Month ago
I wonder what would happen if SCP-073 met SCP-343/God.
Waheed Sujjad
Waheed Sujjad Month ago
I wonder what would happen if you show scp073 to scp 076
Javier Reyna
Javier Reyna Month ago
..............................what the fuck
ĐāĶū (Scp fandom + The mimic fandom)
Meow i like cain :3 And i hate able cuz it bad >:( Cain is too polite Meow i need cheese now
Sylph 6
Sylph 6 Month ago
oh... great. badang is here
MarzaGT Month ago
Yes badang
BiTe Month ago
MarzaGT Month ago
Yes badang
Jake Michale
Jake Michale Month ago
At least the SCP you talked about was nice for once!
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez Month ago
I think he needs to be a Safe Cuz HE IS NOTING ANYONE
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez Month ago
Killing anyone_
AussieTrain Gamer
He was ABLE to kill his brother with a CAIN
Niharika_ 0021
Niharika_ 0021 Month ago
stupid youtuber
stupid youtuber Month ago
ML player:that's badang
MarzaGT Month ago
Yes badang
GreninjaMC Month ago
Sweet Little Owl
The facts in this video are a mess. In the video you say 073 is keter but in the description you say he's Euclid (he is Euclid). 073 does not live in site 17. He lives in site 19. He also does not need to eat. I got no idea where you got that story of 076 and 073 interacting. You didn't provide a link to the tale so I'm not sure if you made it up for the video or you found someone's head cannon, but since you put the tale in a video where you're talking about the "facts" of 073 is very misleading.
Lala Martinez
Lala Martinez Month ago
What if they teach 0732 get his own blood then what happens
Kostaginka aRlaMarinova
John Phillips
John Phillips Month ago
So able is all attack, and cain is all defend? If able attacked cain he would only be hurting himself. Filled with rage for what had been done to him, but the only way to find peace was to forgive his brother. That's actually pretty deep. If you attack your brother. The only one you hurt is actually yourself, and the path forward is found through forgiveness. The world needs more of this philosophy.
You guys should search badang and lapu lapu they look exacle desame
Carlffler Aziz
Carlffler Aziz Month ago
So how Does he read that dictionary? Ia he cant touch paper
Le trollface (Wilson)
SCP fan:SCP 073 mobile legends fan:badang
Klaudiusz Polcyn
Foundation after Able died: Oh no, anyways
Jerlaine Maglaqui
Welp who still watch dis in 2021 AND DABBING IN 2021
Dexie Japay
Dexie Japay Month ago
Very very very handsome asking him?
His badang from ml🤪
MarzaGT Month ago
Yes badang
Indra Otsutsuki
Indra Otsutsuki Month ago
Is that badang
darwigamongus Month ago
Why scp073 same with Badang in mobile legends
you don't know me..
Isn't that badang
Prince Daniel Paladio
It's ok
MarzaGT Month ago
Yes badang
Laxxo Month ago
Why does he look like badang from mobile legend He has iron fist like badang Blue stripes like badang Edit: ok maybe its not iron
Pandastuck Month ago
SCP-073: I'm sorry SCP-076-2: Understandable, have a nice day.
Kostaginka aRlaMarinova
SCP-343 "God" (SCP Animation)
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