"Scouts In Here, Give Them A SHOW!" Julian Newman Feels The PRESSURE & Jaden DESTROYS HIM 😱

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Hello Newmans EP 1 ►► ovrt.me/2IvTq2k
Julian Gets CLEAN Customs ►► ovrt.me/2U7w75U
This is the second episode of our new reality show HELLO NEWMANS! We'll be showing you guys all the amazing and crazy things that go down in the lives of Julian and Jaden Newman.
In Episode 2, things get HEATED between Jamie and Julian after their team gets beaten by 50. Then, Julian and Jaden go out for a long, late night dinner with the team even though Downey has a game the next morning. Jamie does not appreciate that, and takes it out on Julian in an....unconventional way.
Later, Julian and Downey have the chance to redeem themselves. If they don't catch a big win, there's gonna be BIG problems in the Newman household. Julian NEEDS to step up.
Finally, some fam drops by for a Prodigy Brand photoshoot. Is Prodigy the next Supreme?? Jamie thinks so.
Drop a comment and show love for the NEWMANS!
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Apr 13, 2019

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Comments 3 701
Overtime 3 months ago
What COLLEGE will Julian end up at!?
Robert Jacobson
@Ladidadida 1133 u mean first team
Robert Jacobson
@Jaalen Cooper he couldn't even make D3! I play against morningside college hoopers(who just won the national championship) which is D3 and let me tell you I'm better than Julian by far and I easily hold my own against D3...
Robert Jacobson
Local Community College.
Max Blackout
Max Blackout 2 days ago
Overtime Duke
Inferno The best
Inferno The best 5 days ago
Overtime duke
Alex Lee
Alex Lee Day ago
how would your family be taking over when you aren’t even being ranked
Robert Jacobson
Julian's dad is a terrible coach. Just terrible.
eastern2western 2 days ago
5 feet seven is a major bottle neck.
Salisbury Steak
Salisbury Steak 3 days ago
They haven’t won a game ever or what?
P BAYLOCK 4 days ago
So basically the other 4 guys on the team is the to pass him the ball so he can look good
J Conklin80
J Conklin80 4 days ago
Julian is talented as fuck but his attitude is fucking toxic
Momo Billz
Momo Billz 5 days ago
My favorite part about these vides are the ending this guy always come up with a good funny vibe for us no cap. Larry you da best
EST Of Youtube
EST Of Youtube 6 days ago
He treats Julian like Dan did to Nathan in One Tree Hill
Bodz Vlogz
Bodz Vlogz 6 days ago
The thing I hate about these videos is the dad
steph curry with the shot
“Steph Curry can’t move that fast” 💀 you trippin ma
Atrainw19 7 days ago
These niggas always smiling and shit. This is the fastest bull shhh I ever seen. This is cringe like a mf, Walmart version of BBB. Overtime lost hella points for this one...terrible just terrible all the way around the board
Navy 8 days ago
Wannabe ball family
Ween Fain
Ween Fain 8 days ago
I don’t get why they’re even a thing lol he really isn’t that good and way too small. He ain’t no Mugsy lol All the highlights I’ve seen he really isn’t impressive and his dad is a twat lol if you’re that small you better be 100 times better than everyone else on the court and break ankles
Caroline Levine
Caroline Levine 9 days ago
“Dad made us do sprints before the game” “When”
King Winner
King Winner 10 days ago
Jadens fat
Slumplokey 11 days ago
Jaden got more D1 offers den julian😂😂
Deanna Alvarez
Deanna Alvarez 13 days ago
Steph Curry should feel offended
Deanna Alvarez
Deanna Alvarez 13 days ago
His dad is talking about chasing girls like her knows that struggle or something 😂
Nathan Gonzalez
Nathan Gonzalez 14 days ago
"Currys not faster then that" Me-😔🔫
Chris Aguila
Chris Aguila 17 days ago
Him n his pops so lame ass weenies
Chris Aguila
Chris Aguila 17 days ago
Truth is. Very overated
PoppaRBX 19 days ago
Julian: I wanna go to Kentucky Every other college: He to short Lavar Ball: *Slides in Dm's*( congratulations you have been chosen to play for the JBA league) Julians Dad: I'm going to make a new league called the prodigy Julian: Dad stop. Im going to go play for lavar ball
This girl
This girl 19 days ago
Why does the dad always depend on Julian and Jaden and not the other players??? And no food when the team lose??? I know YOU fucking lyin, you better feed me, sittin there lookin like a damn beanbag 😒😒😒
Wow 21 day ago
Jullian Newman: I’m the most famous baller Lebron James: Am I a JoKE tO yOu Steph curry: Am I a JoKE tO yOu
VII_ dreams
VII_ dreams 21 day ago
The dad is a dick
Bye 21 day ago
His sister look like a thooter
sirron mac
sirron mac 23 days ago
Them sprints prolly helped him play better not waste to much time dribbling and get the dub
Julian Michaelson
Julian Michaelson 24 days ago
He seems like he has a good personality and heart, it's just his dad who ruins what he does, always overworking him around basketball.
Desmond Tinson
Desmond Tinson 24 days ago
Sj Lpz
Sj Lpz 25 days ago
The way this dude is with his kid so mf wrong
Nicole Pham
Nicole Pham 25 days ago
I suggest that Julian goes to UCLA or USC those are one of the greatest colleges for sports and they also have a great education so ....
MrDasilva8383 26 days ago
This fool should have played tennis he is too short
Wayne Macdonald
Wayne Macdonald 28 days ago
He's a terrible coach. #3 is a very good player but doesn't get a chance. If his son scored 2000 points and had 1000 assists instead of 4000 points and 2 assists he'd be a true point guard. Then he'd be able choose where he wants to go.
Mohamed Hassan
Mohamed Hassan 28 days ago
He would never played NBA he’s not good enough
Isabella Diaz
Isabella Diaz 28 days ago
“It all revolves around him” ummm this is a team sport no? Shitty coaching
Andrew Kirkland
Andrew Kirkland 29 days ago
These niggas never win
Camden 29 days ago
Other coaches, players, and fans must get second hand embarrassment from Julian’s dad...
Camden 29 days ago
Julian has one more year of fame left. Enjoy it
David Bordans
David Bordans Month ago
Do they win any games?
Bill Bradski
Bill Bradski Month ago
I would be pissed if my school recruited him
rjdjjf spesl
rjdjjf spesl Month ago
julians mom
XOXO WXW Month ago
sTePh cUrRy cAnT eVeN mOvE tHaT fAsT Whoooo do you you think you are 👏🏼👏🏼🙄
07 Sadler
07 Sadler Month ago
Why Jaden wear the same thing
Alexander 3 Face
Worried about being cute that's yo problem from the coach down wtf
Sachin Peiris
Sachin Peiris Month ago
This shit is messed up
Shayan Month ago
This kid doesn’t know what it means to be on a team. He’s ok with losing as long as he gets his points.... he’ll play half a year at college then quit with a bunch of excuses.
WavyBoy Meek
WavyBoy Meek Month ago
His pops wanna be Lavar Ball so bad. It’s a shame lol
Micah Cosmos
Micah Cosmos Month ago
I feel bad for Julian. His dad is such an asshole.
abram chavis
abram chavis Month ago
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