Scottie Pippen reacts to Isiah Thomas’ Bulls-Pistons take | First Take

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Scottie Pippen reacts to Isiah Thomas saying the Detroit Pistons were better than the Chicago Bulls on First Take.
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Published on


Feb 13, 2020




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Comments 80
Erik Ricardo Boscolo
It is just so embarassing that senior, elderly people like this guys still nurture these grudge upon each other, for as much as how peculiar and unique these moments turned 90's NBA into what it was...it's still just a shame.
Iverne Yearwood
Iverne Yearwood 18 hours ago
The pistons made bulls a better team but ultimately the bulls became better than them . scottie pippen is a legend
Daniel Phillips
Isiah never quit on his team.
M B F T R Day ago
Scottie Pippen had to take 8 seconds trying to decipher what Isiah Thomas just vomited.
Christopher Grier
No excuses for jordan because you wouldn't give lebron none. Isaiah use to kill the bulls all the time. Just like he said they didn't beat them until piston players got old
Barbara Gordon
Barbara Gordon 3 days ago
Yeah by Detroit playing alley ball beating up other teams Isiah sit down stop hating on MJ
Martin Clay
Martin Clay 3 days ago
Pistons Thomas, eliminated Bulls, Celtics, Lakers in one playoff run...at that time it was like a 3peat in one year.
The Fearless Shaheen
Why is Max disagreeing with Zeke and Pip. Like he was on the Bulls. Someone get Dennis Rodman's opinion. Dude played for both peak teams.
Contorno Academia
Pistons made BJ Armstrong ;Cartrwright;Paxon;Perdue and made Pipen greater and push MJ lift weigh to become The greatest as a braisilian alien live in New from 1987 to 1992 I became Detroit fan because They took away basketball out of Boston and LA.They made small teams thought they made we can make also.I born to love soccer because Pelé is the MJ with feet theres no doubt.When I child was training soccer with me down here Argue them You Know Pelé and MJ?If you don’t know come back to your house and ask Google them I Will allow you to training again...
Craig Enock
Craig Enock 5 days ago
I'm no basketball fan , I'm english and love football (soccer 🙄) but anyway how can you have an all time great basketball player on a show and the 2 presenters talk more than him ... wouldn't be allowed over here .
gem1993_182 6 days ago
MJ and Scottie has been the most “all business” duo in NBA history.. You can debate the best duo.. Kobe and Shaq, Magic and Kareem and so on.. Everyone can pick his favourite.. But when you talk go out there and win no duo is even close to MJ and Scottie.. They knew how to win games, and how to win championships.
J L 6 days ago
Scottie Pippens voice has become a Father figure to me.
Benyamin S
Benyamin S 6 days ago
2; times champions vs 6 times champions?...go figure
Joe Broughton
Joe Broughton 7 days ago
Stephen a. Looks so disgusted when Isiah says they were better
Marjorie Neal
Marjorie Neal 7 days ago
Scottie needs to stay away from the mic he is talking a little to much about last dance you can't clean up your past you did what you did we were there watching move on
pogi ako
pogi ako 8 days ago
is isaiah lying,nope they beat the bulls more than the bulls beat them...and by the way isaiah beats magic and bird in the same year which jordan never did...so give the man a respect that he deserve IT is a legend...
HandGrenades 4Balls
Nothing but respect for ALL the OG's in the game. This era was prime time for real
ingenueGi 8 days ago
The Bulls didn’t go on vacation when they lost to the Pistons, they hit the gym and then beat them the next year
JAYDEN Ibrahim
JAYDEN Ibrahim 8 days ago
Scottie Pippen sounds like a person who woke up in the morning
Parker Shelp
Parker Shelp 8 days ago
Stephen A is right because if it wasn't for the pistons and their bully ball, MJ wouldn't have put on that muscle make him more dominant in the paint. His shooting ability was already insane, especially in the air, but he had no muscle, and he was getting pushed around by the pistons before he could take flight. That was literally their game plan, double him in the lane and hit him before he could take flight. He wasn't gonna gain momentum from shooting foul shots over and over again.
Perry Kettler
Perry Kettler 9 days ago
Why is that white guy screaming?
Jae Beez
Jae Beez 9 days ago
Poor that champagne over Max’s head lmaooo
Renan Cunha
Renan Cunha 9 days ago
Scottie is the best player in Chicago Bulls! I'm not telling he's the greatest of all. That's MJ, inarguably. But Scottie is the best player on the court. Pippen exhibited enormous progress as a player. It went from a good level and went to a much higher level of excellence. He had a very, very mature game. Very intelligent and dominant. While facilitating movement in the offense, he was also present in the delivery of the attack. A brilliant mind in defense, no need to tell anybody. The guy is unquestionably a hall of famer! There is not a single player in the NBA today who bears any shadow of resemblance to Pippen.
MrNathan791 9 days ago
I agree with Scottie. "THEY Weren't OLD, THEY WAS DEFEATED." 'nough said.
Space Banks
Space Banks 9 days ago
Didn’t the bulls lose in 95 to the magic ?
Does this man age
tennaj 10 days ago
Isiah Thomas has beaten Jordan more times than any other player in NBA history ! Zeke #11 has a 55% winning percentage against Jordan AND is 3-1 against Jordan in the playoffs!
Martin Carline
Martin Carline 11 days ago
Why have someone like Pippen on then talk over him. Rude and ignorant...
Private Number
Private Number 11 days ago
"Scottie Pippen was my best Teammate." - The Greatest Basketball Player to ever Live.
Dammon Firoozbakht
Dammon Firoozbakht 12 days ago
It seems like I’m the only one thinking how disrespectful Stephen reacted to Max’ take on Pippen. I don’t understand the hate Max is getting on his comments either when he’s clearly giving Pippen credit and watching everybody in the room applaud shows they all agree with what he said. Even Pippen said “I like that”. But then Stephen has the nerve to tell Pippen to forget about all that and in his response keeps on referring to Max in third person which is extremely disrespectful. Max clearly wanted to respond but unfortunately was cut off so I’m very curious to know what Max would have said as his final reaction.
Darius Trice
Darius Trice 12 days ago
It so messed up that Isaiah Thomas was born and raised in Chicago, a Chicago Native & Legend but Jordan and Scottie still get more live then him and to ger booed like that for his a opinion is messed up. But Detroit will always have your back Zeke. Bad Boyz 4 Life!
MinesISay 12 days ago
The Michael/Scottie Bulls had six championships. The Isiah Pistons had two. Case closed.
Cushan Manson
Cushan Manson 13 days ago
Well I feel that the Bulls was the Pistons rival and we always going to say we better than the Bulls but I like the Bulls but they was just rifles to me
TheRbruin10 13 days ago
The Pistons have been historically known as the dynasty destroyers. 1980s Celtics, 1980s Lakers, and years later the 2004 Lakers with the all star team Kobe, Shaq, Malone, Peyton. The Pistons defense was intense in the 80s and intense in the mid 2000s.
Andreas Wiki
Andreas Wiki 14 days ago
What's with the yelling? You can prove your point without those decibels
Stephanie F
Stephanie F 14 days ago
They like to make it out that bulls never had a challenge. There was plenty of buzzer beaters and game 7 eastern conference games. Jordan was the best but it wasn’t as easy as they make it out to be
CastleDragon78 15 days ago
What is this a Bulls Pep rally! Give Isaiah his proper respect! Stop booing and do the math.
Ern Hernandez
Ern Hernandez 16 days ago
Someone needs to get rid of max dudes getting loud interrupting hall of famers as if he was actually the one to live it
Jot Grewal
Jot Grewal 16 days ago
The NBA now is owned by Disney compared to that era
Notorious Nerd
Notorious Nerd 16 days ago
*Bad Boys Pistons*
silky johnson
silky johnson 17 days ago
6 championships compared to 2?
Reuter Abhram Joshua Israel Jacob
I would like to see S. Pippen and I. Thomas in a show that they wuld agree on something. This was great.
Desert Rose
Desert Rose 18 days ago
Steven Jackson is so unprofessional.
Victoria Johnson
Victoria Johnson 18 days ago
Thomas is a crybaby!
kwame robinson
kwame robinson 19 days ago
Hating on Detroit Bad Boys
DAVID ROJAS 19 days ago
They should reunited both squads and have PPV game.
TAJY26 19 days ago
The Pistons were not old when they got beaten
hix efalaimo
hix efalaimo 19 days ago
Why do you all have to yell when speaking..so annoyed l have to stop watching!!
Gary Mehmet
Gary Mehmet 19 days ago
Scottie Pippen is the coolest!
Mystic Ok
Mystic Ok 20 days ago
AMEEN 20 days ago
Scottie: What is he saying? They're better than the bulls? 🤣
Thabang Ntladi
Thabang Ntladi 19 days ago
You can hear that this man wants to understand before going off lol!
Mayav V
Mayav V 20 days ago
I hate IT, him and his fake smile. People like that have evil heart. He is from Chicago, but no one even likes him from there. He always have hate in his heart. First he said MJ was GOAT. Then said LBJ was GOAT, then Wilt, Kareem. Detroit was a dirty team. They intentionally hurt the best opposing players. Now days im the NBA, lambire and other dirty players would be banned forever.
A Látó Malbeth
A Látó Malbeth 20 days ago
tom sch
tom sch 20 days ago
I hated Laimbere and the rest of the Pistons they sucked totally
Fernando Rodriguez
Respect ✊ to Scottie. Dallas Texas
mooky 21 day ago
Something about max makes me uncomfortable. Might be those nervous eyes.
Vigaro 21 day ago
Im from detroit...I watched every single piston game back to tripucka and all i can say is that we literally TAUGHT the chicago bulls how to play. They started using our heart that we had against us, They matched our energy after seeing how we didnt care about the rules and we created a monster...Jordan actually had to lift weights and get bigger to beat us.. ASK MAHORN.
David M
David M 21 day ago
Isiah Thomas - Detroit will always have your back. - nuff said.
Ethan Tenorio
Ethan Tenorio 21 day ago
Isiah had a point lol but the Bulls dominated once they all got in their primes.
Samuel Jue
Samuel Jue 21 day ago
can Max go through one show without bringing up: 1.) Bulls would have beat Pistons in game 7 if Scottie didn't have a migraine 2.) MJ couldnt be beat after he has one all star on his team. 3.) Bulls never played a game 7 in the Finals.
mikec48180 21 day ago
Let's also not forget that how long the Pistons had went every year and the way they played Defense which is still the best Defense till this day and only other team that could have a say in the matter is 2004 Pistons and I mean is a NBA Championship and the best Defense and won it all!! I'm a Bulls fan but I have to give love that Defense was nasty and to keep that up for that long is hard on a body every year!! Also the NBA realized that Jordan was the cash cow and not to have them in the NBA finals was not good business and the following year they started calling the ticky-tack fouls the Pistons couldn't D him up like they did the following year and the fouls they was calling they let go in years past
Chuck chuck
Chuck chuck 21 day ago
Dia Akin
Dia Akin 22 days ago
Those Bad Boys don't get enough credit. Not including the Bird, Jordan, and Magic in ONE playoff run, let's also look at their Finals record. 8-1. They nearly swept back to back Finals!!! Put some "respeck" on Zeke and my Pistons!!!
Francis Be
Francis Be 22 days ago
Isiah was hard done by... he was more than deserving to be part of Dream Team but was left out.
TheAlbanda89 22 days ago
If you close your eyes you can hear lord veder when pippen talk
Jasper Branch
Jasper Branch 22 days ago
They got old...detroit went to 4 str8 eastern conference final...why when it comes to Houston the bulls and their fans get quiet....i luv it...
Teyo Ramirez
Teyo Ramirez 22 days ago
Media!! Really Sad part !! We listen!!
Azariah Tedford
Azariah Tedford 22 days ago
The bulls got 6 titles that's all that matters
Ken McNeill Music
Ken McNeill Music 22 days ago
I can’t believe this guy says the Bulls lost game 7 of the ECF because Scottie had a migraine. Seriously? You win you win, you lose you lose. No excuses. Bulls won 6 titles. Pistons won 2. Bulls were better later. Bottom line is Isiah more than earned his spot on the Dream Team.
Wotan Machine
Wotan Machine 22 days ago
Pippen is ther being like, hm, well, ok. Pippen is Pippen right? I bet he know better...
Jeffrey Bautista
Jeffrey Bautista 22 days ago
who is thomas? 😄
Lion Heart
Lion Heart 23 days ago
He deserved that things from MJ
Jimmie Lee Patterson
It feels like the Pistons are a forgotten championship team. They went 3 straight finals and won 2. But they're really not talked about on the same level as the Laker, Celtics and Bulls. So now you got exPistons taking credit for making Jordan and the Bulls the team who they are. I think Max is right. Scottie became an all-star in 1990. In 91 they swept the Pistons. He did enter the league in 87, so there is that 3 to 4 year stint that could be debated whether they turned Scottie an all-star. But anything prior to 1990, it was Jordan vs the Pistons. I also think Phil's philosophy in getting Jordan to trust his teammates more played a bigger part in getting pass the Pistons than Doug's give the ball to Jordan and everyone else get out of the way game plan
Khosi Lwazi
Khosi Lwazi 23 days ago
Wait a minute?? What happened to social distancing in America??
The Asian Nomad
The Asian Nomad 23 days ago
I'd love to have that girls job, she gets paid for sitting around and looking pretty.
Mike Rodrigues
Mike Rodrigues 21 day ago
And having absolutely nothing to add to the conversation.
The Asian Nomad
The Asian Nomad 23 days ago
Whose here after seeing 'The Last Dance' and finding out about the rivalry between the Bulls and the Pistons.
Dee G
Dee G 23 days ago
Nothing to do with the topic lol.. but.. whewww.. Scottie seems like he had no personality... I fall asleep looking and hearing him talk lol
Jazz Man
Jazz Man 23 days ago
These older pass NBA players love this new attraction. Thank you Michael for releasing the BULL s s***.
Joegamer55 23 days ago
Scottie has a voice like Barry white ...
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What happened to Pippen’s hair? He must had an expensive haircut.
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