Scottie Pippen & Dennis Rodman: Our Bulls would have gone 50-0 during the lockout season | The Jump

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Dennis Rodman joins Rachel Nichols and Scottie Pippen to discuss the 30 for 30 documentary "Rodman: For Better or Worse," as well as talking about Michael Jordan's leadership style, ”The Worm's” off-court behavior, and how many more titles the Chicago Bulls would have won if Rodman, Pippen, MJ and Phil Jackson had been allowed to stay together.
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Sep 10, 2019




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Comments 60
the rock obama
Then I’m here
Joe Bonner
Joe Bonner 2 hours ago
Dennis Rodman may be weird, but I bet he would have your back 100000% in a fight👍🏾
Riley M
Riley M 4 hours ago
Imagine looking like denis Rodman
Endyz 11 hours ago
why does she say young pup so much
FAITHandLOGIC 20 hours ago
Did ESPN serioisly put up "former member of nwo" for Rodman? 🤦‍♂️
realme 5s
realme 5s Day ago
My phone vibrate when ever he talk. Now I know why my sister love to heard Scottie voice alone in her room.
TheLebowski5 Day ago
Pippen: Dennis WAS a virus
Luis G.
Luis G. 2 days ago
No kidding. The Knicks went to the Finals as an 8th seed that year. Spurs/Bulls would have been a good series, but the Bulls would have definitely won that had they stayed intact and if Krause wasn't such a douche.
A J 2 days ago
I am so grateful that I got to witness the Bulls at their prime.
팍소니 2 days ago
If Charles Barkley had had them two, He could have put some rings on his fingers.
Travis Charley
Travis Charley 2 days ago
Rodman badass quit wearing dresses lol buck yea at least 2 Scottie
CordlessPizza 2 days ago
you left me wide open don't do that
utexas kid
utexas kid 2 days ago
Dennis you're a Heyoka
Ravishing Beast
Ravishing Beast 2 days ago
Dennis, your Bulls would have dismantled the most loaded of Warriors teams too. You on KD, Pip on Klay, Harper or MJ on Curry. Now reverse those matchups and tell me who is going to guard Jordan, Pippen, Kukoc, etc.? Luc Longley would easily get 15 and 10 per game. I don't even think the series would be close.
Adriana Trujillo
Adriana Trujillo 3 days ago
Graeme Matamua
Graeme Matamua 3 days ago
Dunked on Patrick Ewing really hard hahaha
Raymundo Chavira
Raymundo Chavira 3 days ago
Scottie could essily be Thanos voice.
Fazeel Shah
Fazeel Shah 3 days ago
Dennis Rodman: - All accomplishments - also member of the nWo Because when you're nWo, you're nWo for life
Lucia Samaras
Lucia Samaras 3 days ago
I love how supportive they are and were to one another
Ammar P
Ammar P 3 days ago
u put scottie dunked on patrick ewing LOLOLOL
videopaenguin 4 days ago
daniel laurence
daniel laurence 4 days ago
Scottie Pippen is testosterone and testosterone is Scottie Pippen
TheDJ 4 days ago
Who watched this before they watched “The Last Dance”
Miles 5 days ago
Dennis is a sweetheart
Bethany Denney
Bethany Denney 5 days ago
Scottie Pippen is a class act. I agree, he should do voiceovers, and narrate some things, I could listen to him all day.
?? 6 days ago
Scoties comment about winning 2 championships i dont think it wouldve happened cause their gonna face a new dynasty in the spurs
Smartest Idiot
Smartest Idiot 6 days ago
Remember... They sat in a triangle...
Samuel Williams
Samuel Williams 6 days ago
Michael Jordan and scottie pippen, Dennis Rodman, lebron James
Wiggle Master
Wiggle Master 7 days ago
what lockout season
Juan Miro
Juan Miro 7 days ago
Rodman nails paint...
Dayvid Byun
Dayvid Byun 7 days ago
Scottie was better than Jordan or nah
Ricardo Fermé
Ricardo Fermé 7 days ago
that piercing in the lower lip looks so uncomfortable
Youssef Belbacha
Youssef Belbacha 7 days ago
Rachel definitely get wet from Dennis Rodman 🤤😁
0fret 8 days ago
'member of 92 dream team... dunked on patrick ewing really hard'
Shaun Tanger
Shaun Tanger 8 days ago
I love that under Rodmans acomplishments it had "member of the nwo".
jado a.k.
jado a.k. 8 days ago
lockout season. hmm.
kianna alarid
kianna alarid 9 days ago
Starting a kickstarter to have Scottie Pippen record a reading of Green Eggs and Ham.
Kai Osada
Kai Osada 9 days ago
Dunked on patrick ewing really hard lmaooo🤣🤣🤣
Anh-Tu, Phuc Hoang
Scotty pipen looks even better now
Ryan Owczarczak
Ryan Owczarczak 10 days ago
Rodman is the man
Alex John
Alex John 11 days ago
shes trying to touch dennis so hard all through this lol
Ana Garcia Perez
Ana Garcia Perez 11 days ago
MJ wasn’t loyal to any of them.
U Suck
U Suck 11 days ago
Interesting how these 2 have aged a bit better than MJ...
ForeverKIS 11 days ago
Scottie's voice just broke my subwoofer
Matt Switalski
Matt Switalski 12 days ago
The fact these legends can go out on a bender and still perform in game
Intellectual Ninja
Intellectual Ninja 12 days ago
Bruh they look like the same guy of different dimensions...
jmpayne333 13 days ago
No they would have went 48-2 lol
Wang Yang
Wang Yang 13 days ago
Pippen looks like he could be an African King in the past.
Brian Mutsika
Brian Mutsika 14 days ago
Dunked on Patrick ewing so hard. Member of the nWo Resumes resumes resumes
Dominic Parker
Dominic Parker 14 days ago
Who's the redhead chick
Gadget Reviews
Gadget Reviews 14 days ago
Rachel trying too hard
Stable Elite
Stable Elite 15 days ago
Why do the look like they have only aged like 5 years
Sean The Baptist
Sean The Baptist 15 days ago
MJ is the GOAT, but Pippen is just as much a legend. Never got the credit he deserved.
geovani supit
geovani supit 16 days ago
what's with "dunked on patrick ewing really hard" lol
Rodolfo Suarez
Rodolfo Suarez 17 days ago
Scottie brings the bass
dc m
dc m 18 days ago
Former member of the nWo lol
Jamie Parker
Jamie Parker 18 days ago
Oh, he was viral, alright…
Kelvin Boyd
Kelvin Boyd 18 days ago
Scotty told it all lol
ThePhoneBook123ABC 18 days ago
I love that they put “former member of the nwo” in Dennis bio lol
Filip Ostojic
Filip Ostojic 19 days ago
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