Scottie Pippen & Dennis Rodman: Our Bulls would have gone 50-0 during the lockout season | The Jump

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Dennis Rodman joins Rachel Nichols and Scottie Pippen to discuss the 30 for 30 documentary "Rodman: For Better or Worse," as well as talking about Michael Jordan's leadership style, ”The Worm's” off-court behavior, and how many more titles the Chicago Bulls would have won if Rodman, Pippen, MJ and Phil Jackson had been allowed to stay together.
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Sep 10, 2019




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Comments 100
RAW BEE Hour ago
Why does rodman look like the bufallo on my grandfather's farm.
Berkay Aksoy
Berkay Aksoy 15 hours ago
We all know jerry krause screwed it up
Stoker Roylott.
Stoker Roylott. 17 hours ago
I think Scottie would make a great politician, heck he’d make a great President.
Mexican Bitch
Mexican Bitch 2 days ago
I love this
Punch Up Then Pee Right to Wakeup AOC Nancy & Mitch
Honestly believe both Rodman Teams were in the top 5 ever.. Celtics Lakers Pistons Bulls Spurs
NinjatOrtles N
NinjatOrtles N 2 days ago
dennis rodmans credentials said "former member of the nWo" not even basketball related. haha
Gurpreet Singh Pottiwal
JezzyBeast 2 days ago
no one : The Jump: Scottie Pippen accomplishments : 2010 HOF Inductee 6-time NBA Champion Member of 1992 Dream Team DUNKED ON PATRICK EWING REALLY HARD
Ernane shockbass Rodrigues de souza
Poxa coloca com legenda seria bacana
Joshua Ricofort Crudo
Scottie nah, your whole team would foul out every game if you play in the nba today
kaneki kun
kaneki kun 4 days ago
IFS , the oldmans always Talk greats . not only in Basketball but also for being womanizer or Good looking nor how Badass in life they are even if its not true.
Irving Taborn
Irving Taborn 4 days ago
I truly did that conversation with Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen and the narrator the sister that was pretty cool but pretty cool pretty cool pretty that was on point both of them will very intellectually to me showing gratitude for each other and the game by the way
Patrice Lumumba
Patrice Lumumba 5 days ago
I don't know what happened to Dennis Rodman once he came to Chicago but when he was in Detroit you never saw any such behavior and he was a model citizen. Credit Isiah Thomas I guess.
Justin Mathis
Justin Mathis 5 days ago
Bruh these niggas need to stop capping bruh
sindimatrix 6 days ago
Dennis Rodman is Mike Tyson junior
superburaot1 6 days ago
when basketball is a mans game.. i miss the 90's 😭😭😭
Caspar Elstgeest
Caspar Elstgeest 7 days ago
Why is everyone simping on Scottie?
Cadence Fortè
Cadence Fortè 8 days ago
They don't have to play anymore....So they can say anything right...? A lot of what ifs around here...
jair 9 days ago
“Dunked on patrick ewing really hard”
Brent Bovell
Brent Bovell 12 days ago
Dunked on patrick ewing really hard 😂
Adam Lopez
Adam Lopez 12 days ago
“We formed a triangle in the bathroom” - D. Rodman
Khamran Jordan
Khamran Jordan 13 days ago
Pippen voice has full of bass
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 14 days ago
Scottie should be the new Allstate voice That’s all Allstate stand Are you in good hands 🤲🏿
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 14 days ago
These 3 are true brothers
Richard Ransom
Richard Ransom 15 days ago
I still think they are amongst the best ever but stop saying stuff like that, you are disrespecting others who exist in the NBA by saying that smh
DJ Maxx Saint
DJ Maxx Saint 15 days ago
Jam Man
Jam Man 17 days ago
2:18 look at Pippens accomplishments at the bottom left. Did Ewing dirty
herotiramisu 17 days ago
very humble speaking of Scottie.......
Flex Flex
Flex Flex 18 days ago
Rodman was REALLY high during this podcast.
Rnzel Rozay
Rnzel Rozay 18 days ago
Nice to think that isn’t it Dennis
Davi Guilherme
Davi Guilherme 19 days ago
im a straight married man, but what a sexy voice Scottie Pippen, goddam
No Need
No Need 20 days ago
Was she flirting with Dennis?
ph1484 20 days ago
EViLKiDD187 20 days ago
I wonder if Scottie Pippen introduces him himself like this: "Hi my name's Scottie Pippen and I dunked on Patrick Ewing REALLY HARD" lol
Justine Jun Banogon
Scottie, please do a cover of Your Man by Josh Turner
it's past midnight.
michael jordan
michael jordan 21 day ago
Pip doesn’t wanna badmouth the little man after he died so he says “it wasn’t nobody’s fault the team split”
michael jordan
michael jordan 21 day ago
Rodman said he never once spoke to MJ or Pip off the court
Turtle Island LAC
Turtle Island LAC 22 days ago
The NBA is a business. Would not be surprised if the League was already secretly setting up the Lakers Dynasty and all that Jerry Krause drama was scripted.
PoPPin 22 days ago
Ya uh na
Jeremiah De La Cruz
Scottie literally doesnt age
TravisNamasté 22 days ago
"Former member of the nWo" hahahah
Bayardo Vanegas
Bayardo Vanegas 23 days ago
“Dunked on Patrick Ewing really hard” 2:25
Bruno Bagsby
Bruno Bagsby 23 days ago
Scottie's voice has become a real father figure to me
lvitela24 24 days ago
We'd go 50-0. 95-96 bulls started out 5-1....shut up lol
Khaleb Titus
Khaleb Titus 24 days ago
it would have been until kobe and shaq.
JK number5
JK number5 24 days ago
The Pistons beat them in 5
HIS GRACE 24 days ago
She's a trouble maker to the 10th power
Carlo Marcel
Carlo Marcel 25 days ago
No because u guys sucked at shooting 3's life with that
RICARDO GARCIA 25 days ago
Scottie Pippen the Fckn GOAT for me ☝🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Altiar253 25 days ago
Scotties voice is so low my speakers just burst to much bass
Charl Eeee
Charl Eeee 25 days ago
2:24 having the accolade “dunked on Patrick Ewing really hard” is probably one if the coolest things to be praised about😂
Juan Gomez
Juan Gomez 25 days ago
pippen dunked on patrick ewing really hard Lmaoo
Nomer Flores
Nomer Flores 26 days ago
Dennis wouldn't last in the bubble.
Balls 26 days ago
Scottie Pippen Dunked On Patrick Ewing Really Hard LMAOO
Mladen Denjiz
Mladen Denjiz 26 days ago
M J is a joke and u
chad johnson86
chad johnson86 26 days ago
always dem dayum triangleZZZZzzz. getcha errtime
Louella Whitehead
Louella Whitehead 27 days ago
I want scottie pippen to narrate my life
Impidimp 27 days ago
One's a former member of nWo and the other dunked on Patrick Ewing really hard.
Caleb Quintero
Caleb Quintero 27 days ago
Scottie Pippen sounds like a tree if they could talk
Red Ras
Red Ras 20 days ago
@Let's Lockdown aah, a man of culture i see
Let's Lockdown
Let's Lockdown 24 days ago
Mathias Albrecht
Mathias Albrecht 28 days ago
"former member of nWo" that's what's up. But hey, hey ESPN over there, yeah you. Always remember when you are nWo you are nWo 4 life. 🕶️
TheySeeMe Trolling
TheySeeMe Trolling 28 days ago
"former member of nWo" 🤣😂
Soul Of America
Soul Of America 28 days ago
I don't think the 1996 Bulls would have beat the 2001 Lakers. Too much Shaq & Kobe in their prime.
Jemal Robinson
Jemal Robinson 28 days ago
Jazz Prince
Jazz Prince 29 days ago
Dennis would have an amazing talk show lol
TooLive 29 days ago
dude pippin got that million dollar smile
nayana n
nayana n Month ago
KingsteveTV Month ago
Scottie sounds like the six paths of pain
Szilárd Nagy
Szilárd Nagy Month ago
Dennis concentrating so hard not to swear. It’s amazing.
PraytoGod AndhopefortheBest
I bet after this interview, Dennis Rodman became a member of "Athletes who smashed Rachel Nichols" 😉
danybeast92 Month ago
1:06 *Former member of the NWO* 😂😂😂 4 LYF hahaha
Chris Rocket
Chris Rocket Month ago
Rodman wouldn't survive in the bubble.
Benjamin Michna
Benjamin Michna Month ago
Jimmy crouse screwed it up...
Mister Mister
Mister Mister Month ago
1:04 LMAO "Former member of nWo" that was amazing!
Carson Rose
Carson Rose Month ago
Lol ok
CJ Toh
CJ Toh Month ago
They were the best team. When Mj left, other players on that team didnt really do much. Even Scottie. He was still good, but far from what most people think. Shows how much load Mj carried especially in that '98 championship run.
Psalms 126:5 They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.
Jon Harvey
Jon Harvey Month ago
lmao they put "Former member of nWo" on Dennis and "dunked on Patrick Ewing really hard" on Scottie
Sarthak Shelar
Sarthak Shelar Month ago
Russel Westbrook is the modern Dennis Rodman
Renee Resendez
Renee Resendez Month ago
wart meds for the love of God tarp
Marlon Fermin
Marlon Fermin Month ago
Mj is trying to work on his teammates weaknesses that's why mj give them a hard time during practice.
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson Month ago
LeBron isn’t a leader. He is a team maker just to win titles
Korey Sylver
Korey Sylver Month ago
Who screwed it up? Jerry Krause
Tony Lo
Tony Lo Month ago
LOL former member of NWO.
KODIAK Month ago
Scottie should do narration
Take Notes
Take Notes Month ago
Remember when Jordan couldn’t make it out of the first round without pippen “swept twice” , Lebron lead the worst team in nba history to the finals
Take Notes
Take Notes Month ago
🧢 all cap
Dauglas Nalliah
Dauglas Nalliah Month ago
but would they beat the Bubbble Suns?
Hristijan Dimitrovski
Haha good joke, Golden State would destroy them now.
1ShotKestrel Month ago
rodman looking at her like she a piece of meat lol
CheeseBurgers Anonymous Skateboarding
Former member of nWo New world Order
MOBROOKS Month ago
"Former member of the nwo" Hahahahhaa Yall are crazy for that.
isaiah baughman
isaiah baughman Month ago
They aren’t really attractive human beings are they?😹
IcE Boi
IcE Boi Month ago
mad props to the dude who put "Dunked on Patrick Ewing really hard" under Scottie's achievement list thingy......2:26
Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins Month ago
Look at 3.20 when Rachel says that about madonna Dennis whispers stop that and Scottie handles that well. Fking Espn has no chills
Nic Month ago
Easily 50-0
G Don
G Don Month ago
I would give them '99 but the Lakers were already giving them the business. I highly doubt they would win '00 against the Lakers. The Spurs werent a cakewalk either in '99 so Im not quite sure bout that Scottie as much as the '90's bulls webre always my team.
Dan Reyes
Dan Reyes Month ago
2:18 the accolades speak for themselves.
Michael Chan
Michael Chan Month ago
I don’t know if I could survive partying with Dennis just one night back in the days....it must have been epic with a giant capital E.
Michael Chan
Michael Chan Month ago
Reggie Miller would have made a lot of current guys cry in this era lol
ten 2twelve
ten 2twelve Month ago
Those Rodman 98 converse 🔥
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