Scottie Pippen asks Trae Young how long he'll be able to handle losing | The Jump

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Trae Young joins Rachel Nichols, Scottie Pippen and Tracy McGrady to talk about why he's improved so much in his second NBA season with the Atlanta Hawks, how much Vince Carter has helped him in 2019-20, how long he can take losing, and all of his nutmeg moves on the court. They then (4:38) play "What Were You Thinking," talking about the time he spun Bruce Brown all the way around when he hit the game-winner despite not having the last shot drawn up for him when Dejounte Murray dribbled him to the ground.
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Feb 13, 2020




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Comments 80
Young Love
Young Love 3 days ago
Pippen, you never been dunked on? John Starks doesn't ring a bell????
Kadroh 5 days ago
2:54 "We are super young" while Vince Carter's play is rolling.
Ariel M
Ariel M 5 days ago
Why doesn't this man get a haircut .-.
TJ L 7 days ago
When Scottie said "we ain't gotta go there" 💀💀💀💀💀💀 I was waiting for it 😂
Mark Chavez
Mark Chavez 9 days ago
Trae: I got a haircut Thanos: what did it cost Tre: ewrethang
Ricky Keefer
Ricky Keefer 9 days ago
I said it once I’ll say it again, the hawks need to get buddy hield with Trae young so they can have a steph curry klay Thompson duo thing in Atlanta going on
Kirin Yoshikage
Kirin Yoshikage 11 days ago
This thumbnail is gold
Joseph Kan
Joseph Kan 11 days ago
2:03 the guy in the back was so ready to be on camera
Jamie Clarke
Jamie Clarke 12 days ago
I used to have hair like Trae... ...Then my dad got a proper job.
General Paprika
General Paprika 27 days ago
Pippen was dunked on the cameras was just turned off
Little Jacob
Little Jacob 28 days ago
Trae Young was rocking the quarantine line up way before the restrictions were imposed.
Marshy Month ago
I hope one day I can watch an NBA Finals between the Dallas Mavericks and Atlanta Hawks. Luka vs Trae in the finals, each other playing against the guy they were traded for. That would be great to watch.
Sw1ft Tbomb
Sw1ft Tbomb Month ago
I didn’t think I’d find a more annoying woman on espn than Molly on First Take. I finally found one in Rachel
Moy Roy
Moy Roy Month ago
y’all talking bout his haircut, this man looks 12 but also 30
Malik Month ago
Trae needs to learn how to recruit people
Kota Lz
Kota Lz Month ago
He needs someone so he can make a good duo with like Kobe and Shaq or something Westbrook and snake Durant
Kota Lz
Kota Lz Month ago
I been a barber for 5 years and I can tell you I would be scared if he got in my chair with that hair texture LOL
D Mac
D Mac Month ago
Man Rachel Nicolas's voice hurts my ears.
Joseph Lawrence Jimenez
I wonder if scottie pippen cringes everytime he hears the word “management”
zaying Hui
zaying Hui Month ago
That’s one of the worst hairlines I’ve seen from a young 20 something year old in awhile 😂
1 Time
1 Time Month ago
What is that on his head 😂
drzitbag06 Month ago
bad hair competition?
awanderer Month ago
Rachel Nichols is an amazing host. She is bubbly, knows her b-ball, isn't annoying, and makes everything wholesome.
BELLY BOYZ Month ago
“Help our team win” proceeds to be second to last the entire season Bahah love to see it
MoneyBall Month ago
This guy is pure skills. I hope he becomes an all-time great.
Lord Claude GoonerTV
Yo Trae, who do you trust the most, your team mates or your barbar?
Shut Up Before I Ankle Pick You
trae young reminds me of nate diaz lol
Gareth Wren
Gareth Wren Month ago
Buttery biscuit base
Bushido Brown
Bushido Brown Month ago
5:14 “That was ball smooth right there” 💀😂
The MJ Take
The MJ Take Month ago
Gotta ask Trae’s barber how long he can handle losing...
Sy f
Sy f Month ago
Sounds like nate Diaz
GANG GANG Month ago
He talk like twig with his tongue from South Park 😆
Super Sticious
Super Sticious Month ago
Ok, 10 points per game not really that much
NBA 23
NBA 23 Month ago
Aa A
Aa A Month ago
Trae "I mean" Young
Joseph Stalin's Intern
For all of you wondering Trae Young has a "Blowout" but his hair is too curly and too thin so it looks weird.
BG TOO CLEAN Month ago
How bout he ask Jordan how was losing for the first 7 years of his career ... dummy
Marl Senin
Marl Senin Month ago
Why does Pippen sound like Optimus Primes brother Brotimus Prime?
EYY PRIL Month ago
If you seen the last dance you know what t-mac was talking about with scottie on taking the last shot
NightsPhenom712 Month ago
If he was a boxer then everyone would say he’s punch drunk
YungZonix Month ago
Hawks gon be a playoff contender if they play the cards right 🤫
Trey Foote
Trey Foote Month ago
Dude in the background at 5:09
beervlog99 Month ago
Confirmed Trae Young to Toronto, a winning team
Julian Month ago
Scottie asking that question is basically him saying "how long before you do/say something about the team so we can criticize you for not being tough enough to stick it out?"
carti's toothbrush
“what were you thinking when your coach didn’t draw up the shot for you?” scottie: 😶
leeon r
leeon r Month ago
Cant wait to see this guy on Kimmel's mean tweets 2020 edition 😂🔥
BafeHD Month ago
he's going bald by 25
christian Month ago
Trae young us going to have a worse hairline then lebron did
Richard Mull
Richard Mull Month ago
He gotta football head with a solid cut on one side tucked in the other and a half bald spot 😂
Goodness Gracious
Give this kid a comb please
GOKU Month ago
Icetwae: gimme da I jus got stwuck by whitening (lightening) haircut Djmeech has the greatest Trae young impression of all time
casey lindsey
casey lindsey Month ago
She was looking at Trae like a snack and Pippen and McGrady seen it haha
Larry Cooper
Larry Cooper Month ago
Trae young 14 with a bald spot.
Larry Cooper
Larry Cooper Month ago
Trae young cut his own hair.
Sophie Bennett
Sophie Bennett Month ago
Trae said give me that downward slope in the back of his head
Theo Boyd
Theo Boyd Month ago
He sounds like Kyle the rapper
Dir ty
Dir ty Month ago
6:47 Scottie - ‘It’s not on film’ We all know Scottie’s referring to his Bulls practice games with Jordan 👍
justice beswick
justice beswick Month ago
His hair looks kinda pubey
Herr NoName
Herr NoName Month ago
Youngs hair is horrible
RedxJG Month ago
Trae’s hair looks like a failed chemistry experiment
Charles Wofford
Charles Wofford Month ago
Scottie Did the Dunking, check out the one on Ewing.
junilog Month ago
Pippen could be a documentary narrator without us realizing at all
Marcus Watson
Marcus Watson Month ago
Lol I’m losing my hair worse then trae. Feel for you bro😂
madzz G
madzz G Month ago
the lord didn’t have to curse Trae with hair like that mannnn lol
anybody know the song in the intro?
Willie WMS
Willie WMS Month ago
Renato Flores
Renato Flores Month ago
2K having hard time copying the hair
Shibin Mathew
Shibin Mathew Month ago
What we're you thinking when you decided to get that hideous haircut
Otbangerscout Month ago
Gordon Lewis
Gordon Lewis Month ago
Whoever cuts this dudes hair needs to go to jail
T L Month ago
Watching this during the covid shutdown makes his haircut look average.
Keith Grenier
Keith Grenier Month ago
The thumbnail is making Scottie looking like he's bullying Trae.
Tripp McGee
Tripp McGee Month ago
Trae gotta get better on defense before we can start winning ngl
Is Grass Green?
Is Grass Green? Month ago
at least u guys got Clint capela for absolutely nothing
colonforsecs Month ago
A perfect example on how black people support each other, and why they're at the bottom on the food chain.
Nelson Nathaniel Garcia
Tracy McGrady referencing the Scottie play call issue at 5:54 , Hilarious!
Daniel Cruz
Daniel Cruz Month ago
Did nobody noticed that Trae's bald!!!
Bobby G
Bobby G Month ago
Guy behind Trae looks like a 2k character
Artro Month ago
0:21 why does that look like he hates life
40 Grit
40 Grit Month ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣got em!
Mayur Month ago
Trae just needs to get a buzzcut. He's not that bald that he needs to hide it and has a face shape that'll work with a buzz.
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