School districts fight back against the vaping epidemic

ABC News
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Many schools across the country are filing lawsuits against vaping companies like Juul after the vaping epidemic has resulted in hospital visits for thousands of minors.

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Jan 23, 2020




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1,300 People Die From Smoking Everyday How Come That is not Called an Epidemic by the media but Vaping is?
La Faux
La Faux 27 days ago
Black market THC laced with vitamin E acetate caused harm, not Juul. No news reporting on those culprits still in hiding at large. They the ones needed to be investigated further.
KD3N AL 29 days ago
Kids are such pussies these days lmao my god i blame their lame parents 😂😂😂
La Faux
La Faux Month ago
Do the school’s lunch program serve 🍅🌶🍆🥔 and cauliflower? They contain nicotine too! Won’t hurt ya. Neither will e-cigs. Stay the hell away away from vitamin e acetate in THC mods!
1up the octoling
Lil Feast
Lil Feast Month ago
People really be thinking vaping will kill u. Well, here’s how it is: if you’re smoking cigs, then yes, vape. If u don’t do drugs, don’t. I tried it cus i was curious lmao
Mr Choo
Mr Choo Month ago
Stop the so-called vaping epidemic.... DO BONGS!!@
Chris Weg
Chris Weg Month ago
60 people died from vaping this year and 480,000 died from smoking sigs
sugreev2001 Month ago
The only reason E-cigs have grown in popularity because of it’s notoriety. Such are the machinations of the teenage mind.
wilber818 Month ago
This is stupid, the fact that the great majority of teenagers are not vaping is more than enough of a reason to not give these dumbasses any special treatment or money. There's already warning labels on the boxes, can these high schoolers not read? If you're still vaping after all these people have been hospitalized and a few have died well then keep on vaping so you can claim your Darwin award.
Cali Latin
Cali Latin Month ago
Paid Actors...
I Hate people
I Hate people Month ago
What about the gun epidemic? Oh I guess that's only a issue when its another mass shooting and then its forgot about.
Andrezzi Month ago
Just so you know deaths from vaping actual ejuice are 0. Deaths from buying black market thc oil and hacking it into a vape pen that was not designed for that purpose are the ones these news are talking. In uk and other parts of the world people are vaping for years none died why? We got steel lungs? No retards...once again media fear mongering wrong details wrong story..
Dustin Davidson
Dustin Davidson Month ago
Parents need to crack down and start watching their kids
Amanda Sailsbury
There has always been teens becoming addicted to nicotine.
Amanda Sailsbury
It isn't even JUUL that was killing people..
Jake Mazza
Jake Mazza Month ago
Nobody cares
Nikita D
Nikita D Month ago
These kids are not even Cigarette smokers why would they start? At least smoke weed
Muhammad Saad
Muhammad Saad Month ago
Fuck it. Let natural selection do its job.
tina Haynes
tina Haynes Month ago
A very simple way to find out if your addicted. Try stopping for an extended period Addicts will say “ I don’t want to “ I’ll do it “later” or something like that
P M Month ago
All kids know they're not supposed to be vaping and yet, they do it. The fault lies with the kids themselves for being stupid.
Tyrus Month ago
I have nothing else do so I vape. dumbasses
saitama Meme
saitama Meme Month ago
dumbest lawsuit of 2020 already hasn’t been 6 months yet and hearing a school district not satisfied to the FDA changing the smoking and vaping age to 21 decides to sue juul to want to fund a district doesn’t sound right in 2020 lol
Darius Ketchup
Darius Ketchup Month ago
So they want to stop kids from vaping......how about stopping the spraying of the chemtrails which goes on 24/7 above our heads?
Lex Wilen
Lex Wilen Month ago
George you suck ABC you suck FAKE NEWS
Aston Kruger
Aston Kruger Month ago
I can't go to the bathroom since others go to the bathroom to vape. I had a metal works class and made a metal sheet that said "Vape room" and put it in the bathroom. (It got taken down a while later)
annette martinez
Please Take care 😟don’t make bad decision and acuse God for it, (Act17:28) said the life is a gift from God
Third Reich
Third Reich Month ago
Oky_ 890
Oky_ 890 Month ago
So what kills more school-age kid's, vaping or bullying?
XD Gaming
XD Gaming Month ago
Why’s that a question?
Christina LLT
Christina LLT Month ago
What the fuck are these parents doing!? I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this comment. But why aren't we talking about punishing the parents for their kids being idiots if they're under 18 I don't care go ahead and shit comment on this comment all you want That's my opinion You're not going to change it
John Barber
John Barber Month ago
Easy solution: BAN ALL FLAVORS NOW
no Month ago
Epidemic my asshole
Jess Renee
Jess Renee Month ago
Stupid teenagers ruining vaping for adults. I swear to god, this is why I hate kids.
Brad Blackburn
Brad Blackburn Month ago
My son vapes, and vaping is a lot better the smoking smokes
Sir Aragon of Enid
Let the kids smoke what they want. If they die, they die. It's a great way of population control.
Yesenia Lewis
Yesenia Lewis Month ago
I just wanna day that....the dude on the right with the glasses is cute at the beginning
John Montgomery
John Montgomery Month ago
bruh my parents walked their high school hallways while smoking cigarettes, whats the problem now? If we choose to vape and juul and get sick its just natural selection.
FPSLand Month ago
Fuckin nerds
Christopher Month ago
The amount of laws they’ll pass to justify inept parenting is staggering. You guys are a joke
Isaac Kafoa
Isaac Kafoa Month ago
If Papa God, the Creator, wanted humans which He created to smoke, whether by cigarettes, vaping, bongs, etc., etc., He would have turned our noses/nostrils upwards like a chimney! Daaah!!!
Fiona Corliss
Fiona Corliss Month ago
Yeah, this makes sense when the Dems and Republicans scoff at us for wanting real HEALTHCARE.
*Mister JD*
*Mister JD* Month ago
Not the vidya games not the vapin shut the fuck up boomers
nick sanders
nick sanders Month ago
Why u gonna due the vaping company if it’s the kids fault
Allaan Snackbar
Allaan Snackbar Month ago
I’m sorry you have a bunch of kids that don’t have enough self control to care about their body
Alen KaZemi
Alen KaZemi Month ago
I am alen Kazemi and BBC news and ABC news and love you so much@
Miles Robinson
Miles Robinson Month ago
Wow that's so sad Keep the kids away from vaping! Everybody who is doing is going down the Path to *Death!* it's so addictive! Kids at Pike high school Indianapolis do it all the time! So sad.
Arthur Ellison
Arthur Ellison Month ago
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Loretta Gallagher
Why blame the juul company? Start suspending these kids from school and they'll get the message. I personally miss my cucumber flavor pods that were taken off the market.
Captain Comments
People who vape are really just losers. You aren't cool for smoking.
michael guzman
michael guzman Month ago
Make America great again and make cigarettes available to kids!
bee kang
bee kang Month ago
School polices by the government has the problems. Too much freedom is not the freedom. That is the shortcut for the disorder. Pointless school planning
rstyree Month ago
Because interventions work Lmfao
XD Gaming
XD Gaming Month ago
What would?
anonymous1hahaa Month ago
im sure there could be another problem they are overlooking as this is getting this amount of attention.
GetGlocked_ Month ago
*a crisis of retards who do it because they think it’s cool lol*
don cahooti
don cahooti Month ago
I’m the ONLY cognizant person who can see from the evidence that the injury and death results from home-made or black market cartridges containing E oil ??
Dan Musick
Dan Musick Month ago
So what school is suing a vape company because their students are vaping? What about the parents shouldn't they be held responsible I just think this is total BS
Dan Musick
Dan Musick Month ago
@jonny-rockin-it preach it brotha #true
A Month ago
Bad journalism
DayanaraDays Month ago
Y'all should probably know, that thumbnail looks like a pregnancy test, and coupled with the viable title "School districts fight back against. . . " Well, finding out it was about glycerin and water is anticlimactic.
George E.
George E. Month ago
Just leave the damn kids to smoke who cares if they die i don't
A Month ago
Your kids are smoking black market thc morons
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