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These are some fun bloopers and outtakes from the vlog!!
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Oct 24, 2019




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Comments 80
Cracker Jack 2369
Cracker Jack 2369 3 hours ago
What is the outro song
MrExotic 14 hours ago
Why was she laughing and smiling when a friking serial killer just frickin killed jason
Elastix Day ago
Taylor is literally the most sweetest girl I've ever seen.
quinton gardley
What is wrong with Alex? 🤣🤣 the straight face
Kathleen .w
Kathleen .w Day ago
Reggie is a WHOLE mood
Kathleen .w
Kathleen .w Day ago
Taylor and alex as a couple would be so cute
tanner mackay
tanner mackay 2 days ago
David:That shit of you breaking in was sick Alex:”It was cool I could tell it was cool”. Lol
Constellations 3 days ago
James Gaunt
James Gaunt 3 days ago
Who misses juise wrld and xxxtentacion
NitroX_ General
NitroX_ General 5 days ago
What about nattalie
HeyIts MeCherry
HeyIts MeCherry 5 days ago
That “im under eighteen” is iconic😂😂
panda dragon455
panda dragon455 6 days ago
you should of her a raise
Jessica Mecham
Jessica Mecham 7 days ago
am i the only one who thinks alex and Taylor would be cute together
Jessica Mecham
Jessica Mecham 5 days ago
Elianny Hezheng ik but if he didnt
Elianny Hezheng
Elianny Hezheng 5 days ago
Alex has a gf..lol
The CEEB Crew
The CEEB Crew 8 days ago
Love how Taylor thinks she’s a bodyguard, not an assistant. 🤣 Jason’s like yeah, no, not your job.
Aishwarya Sharma
Aishwarya Sharma 8 days ago
There is no way she didnt know old man scaring bit. she is his assistant, she obviously must have seen all the videos he posted. Also it looked fake.
Alana G
Alana G 9 days ago
Legit when I clicked on this Liza was on an ad and I was like...
Gacha_ Natalie101
Gacha_ Natalie101 10 days ago
Omg I love the part when she gives David a boost
Gacha_ Natalie101
Gacha_ Natalie101 10 days ago
The first time I saw this I thought Natalie wasn’t his assistant anymore
Jaxson Murphy
Jaxson Murphy 10 days ago
How tf was the fire an “outtake”??
Asfia Munawar
Asfia Munawar 10 days ago
Why he changed his assistant
chicken soup
chicken soup 11 days ago
The “okay okay” makes me smile EVERY. SINGLE. TIME
Da MaN
Da MaN 7 days ago
peaky fooking blinders
Jason pretending to be dead🤣🤣🤣
Hayden 12 days ago
I miss Alex in the vlogs he was deff my favorite character. I miss the vlogs all the way around lol
Lauren McCann
Lauren McCann 12 days ago
his new assistant looks like sabrina carpenter 😂
AwmGaming 12 days ago
I’m under 18 The greatest weapon of all
Milana Gulla
Milana Gulla 12 days ago
Wait what happened to Natalie who is this new assistant
Iain Webzter
Iain Webzter 12 days ago
Alex shoulda said fbi open up when he knocked the door down
Connor Duncan
Connor Duncan 12 days ago
Can Alex Ernst come back please🥺🥺🥺
arleth 12 days ago
This is litraly what I had to do yesterday
hazeera begum
hazeera begum 12 days ago
Stop laughing
Kasey Frost
Kasey Frost 12 days ago
I feel like talking about seatgeek is his permanent intro
Rebl_Playz _
Rebl_Playz _ 14 days ago
COD Zombies at the beginning
Dimi Pipi
Dimi Pipi 16 days ago
İs David trying to make a harem with assistants ????
Evan Brady
Evan Brady 16 days ago
I love how David was saying give me a boost while Natalie climbs out the window on her own lol
Zeroh 17 days ago
taylor give me a boost 😂
Kelly Prussian
Kelly Prussian 18 days ago
I like the make Jason do it
Amiel Faker
Amiel Faker 18 days ago
Your assistant would risk her life for you. 😂
Yana Stories
Yana Stories 19 days ago
"Oh no, he actually killed Jason"
Bandy Boovin
Bandy Boovin 19 days ago
She clearly knew it was fake
Rosemary 19 days ago
the way they went back to heaths house just for his lambo lmao 😂
George Snowden
George Snowden 19 days ago
Big bird meme lol 😂😂😂😂
Danny Rodriguez
Danny Rodriguez 19 days ago
Taylor was so concerned about Natalie’s door ! 😂🥺
soul king
soul king 20 days ago
I watched David vlogs for 12 hrs straight today and now my mouth is hurting from all the laughing
Smore Animation
Smore Animation 20 days ago
2:15 Reggie with a serious face before the joke and a serious face after the joke
Mando Guillen
Mando Guillen 20 days ago
At 2:11 - "Hhhhhooooooookkkkk..." 😂🤣
Gil Gaming TV
Gil Gaming TV 21 day ago
missin the vlog squad vids
Pure 21 day ago
I don't like this assistant
Sach Savala
Sach Savala 21 day ago
Could’ve said “You got hepaTITis” lol
Carlys ankles are super white
Calibry 21 day ago
Outro song?
drake noduh
drake noduh 22 days ago
Taylor looks like Dakota Skye lmaooooo
Beriwan 22 days ago
1:45 shes 100% a Leo. Trying to get all the attention.
Jane Johnson
Jane Johnson 22 days ago
Is it me or all of u guys can’t hear when David say seat geek
Bella Townsend
Bella Townsend 22 days ago
♡What happened to Natalie♡🙁
Joanna M.
Joanna M. 23 days ago
and also wut happend to natilie if u got a new assistant :I
Joanna M.
Joanna M. 23 days ago
one thing is *ahem* u start the video with a town on fire then i see this "SCARING NEW ASSISTANT!! (OUTTAKES)" ...........
Feyton Raye
Feyton Raye 23 days ago
David literally say "I dial a fake number" and she didn't believe it 😂
Leah Murphy
Leah Murphy 24 days ago
*David and his assistant literally about to fake die* David: "GiMmE a BoOsT!"
ZenXity Keirxn
ZenXity Keirxn 24 days ago
The Wugglz
The Wugglz 24 days ago
1:42 I just wanna say, I hate anybody who acts like that😬
Warmunity 24 days ago
Heath almost loosing his house dosent make the vlog
LTplayz 24 days ago
2:19 ok I’ll try to act like a doctor
lolo Ramirez
lolo Ramirez 25 days ago
kalob babiuk
kalob babiuk 25 days ago
i feel like it would be alot scarier if he had a knife
Teagan Goring
Teagan Goring 25 days ago
Am I the only that doesn’t like Taylor that much
Julian Baez
Julian Baez 25 days ago
1:02 why does LA fire accedent actually look like hell from everyone movie and video games
Natalia Maciel
Natalia Maciel 25 days ago
😱😱😱🤭🤭😓😭 I feel bad for you
Gina kendra Vera
Gina kendra Vera 26 days ago
What if i told you i got amnesia because of a social experiment and it turns out im a psychic tellepath. Can i have a job now please?😢
Nathaniel Martinez
Nathaniel Martinez 27 days ago
XxMurdererxX XxKillxX
The beginning David looked soooo gay
Diego Contreras
Diego Contreras 28 days ago
ahem what’s taylor’s @
Issy B
Issy B 28 days ago
Is it just me or did Alex say ‘’babe are you ok’’ like was that just me
Palwinder Dharni
Palwinder Dharni 29 days ago
clicking on this video david heywdfsfjbsfbj guys how you doing
SpookYDasherGD YT
I bet I’m the only one who thought of bo2 town in zombies when he cut to the scene with the fires
Wet Towel
Wet Towel Month ago
Heath almost dies and his house with lambo in it almost burns Title: sCaRiNg My NeW aSsIsTaNT
Venom Kayden
Venom Kayden Month ago
Sub to my channel
Jake MD
Jake MD Month ago
I love Suzies laugh
StripesD Month ago
I like her alot😂
Rodrigo Cervantes
Im i the only one who thinks taylor is cute asf🥵😍
Rock Ford
Rock Ford Month ago
i thought taylor was the first assistant
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