David Dobrik Too
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These are a bunch of fun bloopers and outtakes!!
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Mar 25, 2020




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Comments 80
Isaiah Nelson
Isaiah Nelson 6 hours ago
Sorry I was late to the video I forgot to turn on that bell sorry
Isaiah Nelson
Isaiah Nelson 6 hours ago
I hope you see this you are my favorite RUvidr your the best and nicest person in the world I love your vids
John Smith
John Smith 6 hours ago
7.79 Million subscribers for this junk???
TJ Brooks
TJ Brooks 11 hours ago
At 1:01 three f**king girls😂
Heezie 12 hours ago
He always sound like he is about to laugh🤣🤣🙈
grimmzys youngin
grimmzys youngin 22 hours ago
Why does David laugh during his sponsor 🤣
P. M.
P. M. 23 hours ago
Anyone else feel like that donkey smiled at David’s joke 😂
Keli chan
Keli chan Day ago
So what's the switch w/ David and Natalie then?? 👀👀👀
Hershel Saylor
Andddddd that's why Kevin Heart locates handles when entering a vehicle.
Annon Omus
Annon Omus Day ago
Corinna is so beautiful
Fernando Valencia
Why does he do intros like he has two seconds like you videos are already short enough
Sarah O
Sarah O Day ago
david seventh wheeling is hilarious
Sir Jacob
Sir Jacob 2 days ago
3:13 did anyone else see that
Fizt Clan
Fizt Clan 2 days ago
Every video of his second Chanel is sponsored wtf
christine spencer
The fact that the Gabbie show is still in his linked accounts just speaks to the kind of person David is
Mikhail Zykin
Mikhail Zykin 3 days ago
I saw 7,77 million lol
Dip_ Edits
Dip_ Edits 3 days ago
Coryxkenshin sent me here
Colton Courter
Colton Courter 3 days ago
I seen a video making fun of you and had to come see who you were just to get it, in my opinion you a fucking tool. And the joke made earlier makes sense and I laughed hysterical for 10 minutes.
mad jack
mad jack 3 days ago
A giggling Bill Gates in 2015 on a Belgium TV being interviewed "We take Genectically Modified Organisms (GMO's) & shoot them right into kids veins"
Delmi Morales
Delmi Morales 3 days ago
Hi guys can yu guys please help me to get David dobrik to notice me I really need him to txt me back on insta it’s @_d3lmi please please please It’s important please ☹️
YFR TheGoat
YFR TheGoat 4 days ago
David should watch the new meatcanon video I want to see his react to it I would click on it
Alina Muresan
Alina Muresan 4 days ago
Why doesnt liza make videos anymore???😢
Emily Webb
Emily Webb 4 days ago
Jason’s laugh at the end 🥺🥺 HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD BAG ❤️
Natalie Hernandez
I love how David has such an amazing friendship with all the celebrities that have appeared on his videos
Nikki T
Nikki T 4 days ago
All hail Meatcaynon
Dominik Tranžík
Whos there after meat canyon video?
IMAGINITI_8808 4 days ago
Is it just me or is David really trying hard not to laugh while he is explaining the sponsor
Trent Montoya
Trent Montoya 4 days ago
Hey David! You should check out MeatCanyons new video :)
MacKenZ Camacho
MacKenZ Camacho 5 days ago
any a in a seekgeek comercial he starts chuckling.
Caleb Noel
Caleb Noel 5 days ago
How is David gonna put Kevin Hart on his second channel
Richard Guevara
Richard Guevara 5 days ago
Caleb Nash the mayor of clutch city💯
vishvajith naveen
"you guys have sex but don't hold handss" I died
De Loui2v8
De Loui2v8 6 days ago
Wtf happened to dirt dom???
Violet Swenson
Violet Swenson 6 days ago
davids' channel: *all vids ** 4:21 ** time* this vid: *NO BREAK THE STREAK ** 5:26 ** TIMEEEE*
Von 16
Von 16 6 days ago
roses are red violets are blue we love david dobrik and david dobrik too
TÏØ KÄKÄSHÏ 6 days ago
Broken Ryan
Broken Ryan 7 days ago
Can you just upload ACTUAL outtakes plss
Summer Gaskins
Summer Gaskins 7 days ago
Cheerfuldavied is my sis inta its her 14 birthday tomorrow and it would be amazing if you would follow her back plz
Ty Garland
Ty Garland 7 days ago
Natalie a fucking idiot why Todd over Natalie
Just A Guy From North East India
Fuck I don't Like Natalie anymore ☹️
Rishabh Krishnan
Rishabh Krishnan 7 days ago
kevin hart : "ive never been in a tesla truck before" j cole's kevin hart music video, model 3 : am i joke to you
Melie blog
Melie blog 7 days ago
haha kevin is even scared of rabbits
Andrew Wallace
Andrew Wallace 8 days ago
That's funny he is in the movie Jumanji and he is the zoo man thing..
Destiney Capistran
donkey and shrek LMAOOO
Makayla Nguyen
Makayla Nguyen 8 days ago
The guy behind Kevin Hart😳😍
Ava Carrillo
Ava Carrillo 8 days ago
the snake trying to kiss david LOL
Brannon Harmon
Brannon Harmon 8 days ago
I thought he defanged a snake
Jayo Bo
Jayo Bo 8 days ago
“What the fUcK is this?”
Mauricio Esparza
Mauricio Esparza 8 days ago
I feel like all of of his 2 vlogs are sponsored
Breezy J
Breezy J 9 days ago
Natalie and Todd makes no sense still so weird seeing them together r
Lylah Rueff
Lylah Rueff 9 days ago
You should have lock the car! Lol 😂
Leo R
Leo R 9 days ago
I love your bunny so fucking much!!!
SpongeBobGames 9 days ago
Jishnu Dutta
Jishnu Dutta 9 days ago
David ends every sentence laughingly. This guy is truly made for the stage
Klaidi Shaho
Klaidi Shaho 9 days ago
You and Natalie should be dating
Olive Garden 227
Olive Garden 227 10 days ago
you posted this on my birthday I turned 14 and I love your videos you mean the world to me, you're the best.
Jeng Videos
Jeng Videos 11 days ago
Check out my RUvid channel if ya enjoy fishing and giveaways
Mason Perry
Mason Perry 11 days ago
3:52 guess im gone have to show him what these fuckin bullets do
Aasad Thomas
Aasad Thomas 12 days ago
Brian Borden
Brian Borden 12 days ago
I would like to see ... " David Dobrik meets Mikey Bolts !! " Lol
Keoxy 12 days ago
wasnt kevin in a tesla for j coles kevins heart music video?
Mr Hybrid
Mr Hybrid 12 days ago
David : sponsored by honey Seat geek : am I joke to you
Dakota Small
Dakota Small 13 days ago
david is so calm around the snakes
j o c e l y n
j o c e l y n 13 days ago
Y'all remember this channel. Where Liza and David both had "too"... Those were the days. I miss 2016-2018
Charlie Himel
Charlie Himel 13 days ago
I know I can’t be the only noticing how even when he’s explaining his sponsor hes laughing
James Cunningham
James Cunningham 13 days ago
0:00 how fast did he speak ?😂😂
Robloxgirl 13 days ago
Lesieli Lataimaumi
Lesieli Lataimaumi 14 days ago
Am I the only one that screamed Jeff!! when I saw Natalie and Todd :((
Vloggin Squad
Vloggin Squad 14 days ago
The celebrity yellow snake 😂🙏🏽💁🏽‍♂️
Keiira 14 days ago
1:40 Heath is just HIGHKEY funny and cute
No MiddleName
No MiddleName 14 days ago
That snake keeps trying to kiss david😂😂
Jeff Pinili
Jeff Pinili 14 days ago
If you Love David's Vlog Subscribe to my channel Now!
Justin Rios
Justin Rios 14 days ago
Jandira Fortunato
Jandira Fortunato 14 days ago
Hello David, I am from Portugal, I your fan since I remember, and I miss you videos on RUvid, I here to ask you for help, for the first time on my life, I can not support my family has I like, because of the pandemic crises we have been living this past months, and it’s not over yet, I am not working and I am not able to do basic stuff for my son. I hope you see this. Please help. Love from Portugal Stay safe ♥️💪🏾
Sam Lopez
Sam Lopez 15 days ago
I love corinna 💕
TheAmethystKid YT
TheAmethystKid YT 15 days ago
Need to get zane back in bars 🤣🤣
rvs 15 days ago
I like Corinna. She is chill and cool
Ten Ruins
Ten Ruins 15 days ago
Hiii I am new
Adi Mane
Adi Mane 15 days ago
I think I could've done better.
Aniyah Toro
Aniyah Toro 15 days ago
I am a big fan 😜😜😜
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