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These are a bunch of fun bloopers and outtakes!!
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Mar 25, 2020




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Comments 100
test acct
test acct 3 days ago
If Dobrik ever had to physically work I think he’d die
Malek Skull
Malek Skull 4 days ago
1:35 love you HEATH . You're fucking Funny BABA
Guadalupe Zepeda
Guadalupe Zepeda 5 days ago
God bless you man and all of you stay safe
Hanan Lala
Hanan Lala 5 days ago
I cant wiz snakes 💔💔💔
Haylie Yaroch
Haylie Yaroch 6 days ago
Dawn Defeo / Strigoi Madonna
That Albino boa was acting as uninterested in meeting him as he was of it. The loud talking and laughing was making the snake anxious. Love Kevin's comedy and his reaction is pure hart.
Joanna Phillips
Joanna Phillips 6 days ago
Corinna is definitely handling it like an adult especially having to be around her ex seeing him with a new girl.
Divyansh Arya
Divyansh Arya 7 days ago
Heath is the most underrated member.
BloxyWanderMan 11 days ago
0:00 is when he talked so fast I did not understand
Yani j
Yani j 12 days ago
Natalie went from Todd to David
Rigah 254
Rigah 254 12 days ago
2mins in and I'm so fucking confused,what's happening?
André A. Azevedo
André A. Azevedo 12 days ago
crazy frog
Henrÿ TM
Henrÿ TM 13 days ago
4:54 ÿou got outta that bih" XD
I am bana nas
I am bana nas 13 days ago
I'm still trying to understand what he said in the beginning 😑😑
Siberian Tiger
Siberian Tiger 16 days ago
Who's here when honey is sponsoring Mr beast ??
Siberian Tiger
Siberian Tiger 16 days ago
On and I don't care of you are
Terrell Davis
Terrell Davis 16 days ago
idgaf natalie and david are gonna be together eventually like how its supposed to
I n k
I n k 16 days ago
Asha Burale
Asha Burale 18 days ago
Honey is my name my video :>>
Cody McGee
Cody McGee 20 days ago
the only person to put Kevin Hart on his second channel
brenda Santos
brenda Santos 21 day ago
1:27 - 1:48 heath was sending and 2:25 why Did todd sound like that🤣🤣🤣🤣
Weston's Vlogs
Weston's Vlogs 21 day ago
If you like David's Vlogs, please check my channel out. He is my inspiration and I try similar content but with my uniqueness. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Thank you!
Mike 22 days ago
you speak in laugh bruh
valerie desbordes
valerie desbordes 24 days ago
best laugh of my life
William Spinn
William Spinn 24 days ago
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Dwight Johnson
Dwight Johnson 25 days ago
Why not continue posting BTS footage from old vlogs on here until normality returns. I’m sure he’s sitting on hours of footage that we’d love to see
Rocky Gaming- PUBG Mobile
Do they keep exchanging girlfriends
Linyin 26 days ago
Why is he scared of most animals when he is the zoologist in jumanji
Russo Na Prática
Russo Na Prática 27 days ago
Guy'$ reaction of Kevin Hart is very funny great video man muito engraçado 😭😂😂
Abhinav Puri
Abhinav Puri 27 days ago
kevin hart is at 2:48 min save ur time
Tonya Toodle
Tonya Toodle Month ago
Sorry I meant 1:01
Tonya Toodle
Tonya Toodle Month ago
:me proves my mom wrong .:my mom 1:1
The Joker
The Joker Month ago
Why is there 2.40 min of useless shit i had to skip?
Kailyah Jones
Kailyah Jones Month ago
How did you get Kevin heart!.....
Carlo Rao
Carlo Rao Month ago
bro..u talking way too fast brah
Alicia Simpson
Alicia Simpson Month ago
Low key sad that Natalie chose Todd over Ilya.
stanley Appleton
i really don’t want natalie and todd dating 💀.
bri utsav gupta
bri utsav gupta Month ago
Natalie and Todd are together???
Natalia Jones
Natalia Jones Month ago
i think this video should be called PLAYING AROUND WITH THE TIME WARP EFFECT ON TIK TOK
dr0p Month ago
Did anyone else get a Kevin hart ad
Lily Nicole
Lily Nicole Month ago
Why does it sound like he’s always on the verge of laughing with every sentence that comes out of his mouth
Amanda Payne
Amanda Payne Month ago
no its not a-OH SHIT OH
FatGuyFromMars Month ago
I thought David was with Natalie
Jayinizer Month ago
4:41 what did Kevin say
Jayinizer Month ago
I like that John and Boss were their
Jacob Canavan
Jacob Canavan Month ago
0.25x that
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Kingi991 Month ago
Slump Baby
Slump Baby Month ago
All I heard was wassup welcome to pysepentpammel
theo lyg
theo lyg Month ago
N R Month ago
why that kevin's trainer always has black eye?
Elias Pepito
Elias Pepito Month ago
Heath poking some nerves hahahahaha
Smartest Idiot
Smartest Idiot Month ago
3:52 Man from 1950's waking up from a coma 3:53 Man from 1950's seeing a black doctor
Mizy Month ago
zain is just cringe
Bianca Fernandez
Emma B
Emma B Month ago
Kevin- “terrified of literally all kinds of animals” Also Kevin: * plays a zoologist in the jumanji movies
Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari Month ago
I love how kevin is still holding the box😂😂😂😂😂
Jack Derbis
Jack Derbis Month ago
**casually gives him the snake**
Dom-B Month ago
they shoulda put child lock on so he couldn’t get out🤣🤣
Carlos A. Ramírez de Arellano
Corinnas a savage lol
Naim Osmani
Naim Osmani Month ago
James Bond
James Bond Month ago
Why does he fucking laugh while making adds. This is fucking stupid
Tacha's Society
Tacha's Society Month ago
Save 1.2 million dollars 😩I need 1.2 million dollars 😂
SUB for a SUB
SUB for a SUB Month ago
Fence Jumpstart ruvid.net/u-shortseQcenBtEGiA
Jonathan Gifford
Ahhahahaha the intro ahavshsvsjswinwbackwith
Finn Smith
Finn Smith Month ago
How else sees the guy with a camera in the back of his tesla
Nouman Mirza
Nouman Mirza Month ago
2 Davie i love Davie 504 and you
RubberTag Month ago
Why are they all acting like children?
Alma Month ago
l Lavet😂😂😂❤❤
Jnaini ART
Jnaini ART Month ago
Jnaini ART
Jnaini ART Month ago
@Bolajoko BALOGUN howa nta
Bolajoko BALOGUN
Milt Coronado
Milt Coronado Month ago
3:59 😂
Milt Coronado
Milt Coronado Month ago
2:58 “There Better Not Be No $h@t In Here” 😂
Pinkmen Jey
Pinkmen Jey Month ago
Kevin's being a good guy like "it's not quick and stupid..." BOOM *snake in the face*
Michele Schiano
Michele Schiano Month ago
The vapidness and vanity of social media "celebrities" is breathtakingly dangerous.
savage Smith
savage Smith Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-7XypEBBKQAU.html dovey bike life.
Questionator Month ago
Wow, i respect the hustle.
Marina Smallis
Marina Smallis Month ago
Look at dis dude 69
0:55 🤣
Enrico Ruggi
Enrico Ruggi Month ago
Ok this showed on my recommendation, can anyone give me a brief explanation of who are these people and what they do?
Boneclan77 Hi
Boneclan77 Hi Month ago
3:37 why did it sound so wholesome
Kathrine Kirch
Kathrine Kirch Month ago
Wher is lizaaaa😣
Emmanuel Month ago
They broke up like 2 years ago
Caden Webb
Caden Webb Month ago
DAVID MADE A NEW SECRET RUvid ACCOUNT!!! HERES THE LINK! ruvid.net/video/video-cMHNPlLFiGc.html
Idkwtp Month ago
I love how Kevin hart is scared of every animal yet he’s a zoologist on Jumani 😂😂
Yahna.12k Month ago
love scenario
Bella S
Bella S Month ago
Dear David dobrik I am buying a tapestry of you to show my appreciation for you
Hezekiah Walls
Hezekiah Walls Month ago
keevin heart
znk fn
znk fn Month ago
He was in jumanji and is scared of a snake
Lily Mooney
Lily Mooney Month ago
Yellow sus
David Massiah
David Massiah Month ago
Buy a nio car
ynw215 Month ago
why he laugh after every word?
Giovanni Patrick
He likes laughing
Michael Thompson
I've never been in a tesla truck, but i found that handle 😂
Jade Mullett
Jade Mullett Month ago
Soooo are u done posting new videos??? I’ve been watching u for years and I love all your videos
isaiah cash
isaiah cash Month ago
sims 4
Ashley Borthwick
Use code CNCJHLJX for 10$ off on the wish app first purchase only
Charles Adam Simmons III
3:50 I love this part.
K.C Rongmei
K.C Rongmei Month ago
Kevin Hart plays the role of Zoologist in Jumanji...
Simon Ho
Simon Ho Month ago
Kevin hart who played in a animal movie who played a bunny and still scared of animals really
Aniyah Chanayl
Aniyah Chanayl Month ago
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson Month ago
Do this with bam margera he would freak out
Charlie Ave
Charlie Ave 2 months ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love his videos and our birthday is the same day, which is so fucking dope💪🏿💪🏿 LEOGANG💪🏿🤣
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