Scar's NEW STORY Revealed In THE LION KING (2019)

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Disney has made some major changes to Scar's origin & story in The Lion King (2019), revealing the origin of his scar, and new details about Scar and Mufasa, Simba, Sarabi and Nala!
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Don Hahn video by Western Pioneer Productions vimeo.com/153581810
Lions rule the African savanna in The Lion King, which welcomes Donald Glover (Atlanta, Solo: A Star Wars Story) as future king Simba, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter (Dreamgirls, Lemonade visual album) as Simba’s friend-turned-love interest Nala, and James Earl Jones (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Field of Dreams) as Simba’s wise and loving father, Mufasa, reprising his iconic performance from Disney’s 1994 animated classic. Chiwetel Ejiofor (Twelve Years a Slave, Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange) was called on to portray Simba’s villainous uncle Scar, and Alfre Woodard (Juanita, Marvel’s Luke Cage) portrays Simba’s no-nonsense mother, Sarabi. JD McCrary (OWN’s Tyler Perry’s The Paynes, Apple’s Vital Signs) fills the shoes of Young Simba, a confident cub who can’t wait to be king, and Shahadi Wright Joseph (NBC’s Hairspray Live, Broadway’s The Lion King) brings tough cub Young Nala to life.
Every kingdom comes with a trustworthy advisor or two. John Kani (Coriolanus, Marvel Studios’ Captain America: Civil War) was cast as the wise baboon Rafiki, and John Oliver (HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) was tapped as hornbill Zazu, Mufasa’s loyal confidant. When Simba goes into exile, he relies on two newfound friends-Seth Rogen (Sausage Party, Neighbors) lends his comedic chops to naïve warthog Pumbaa, and Billy Eichner (Billy on the Street, FX’s American Horror Story) joins the cast as know-it-all meerkat Timon.
From Disney Live Action, director Jon Favreau’s all-new “The Lion King” journeys to the African savanna where a future king is born. Simba idolizes his father, King Mufasa, and takes to heart his own royal destiny. But not everyone in the kingdom celebrates the new cub’s arrival. Scar, Mufasa’s brother-and former heir to the throne-has plans of his own. The battle for Pride Rock is ravaged with betrayal, tragedy and drama, ultimately resulting in Simba’s exile. With help from a curious pair of newfound friends, Simba will have to figure out how to grow up and take back what is rightfully his. The all-star cast includes Donald Glover as Simba, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter as Nala, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar, James Earl Jones as Mufasa, Billy Eichner as Timon and Seth Rogen as Pumbaa. Utilizing pioneering filmmaking techniques to bring treasured characters to life in a whole new way, “The Lion King” roars into cinemas Summer 2019.




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Comments 80
Flicks And The City
Flicks And The City 8 months ago
What do you think about Scar in the new Lion King movie? 🦁🦁
Īgņa Now
Īgņa Now Day ago
Mufasa become much kinder and that make scar much more evil
Garth Davis
Garth Davis 4 days ago
He’s darker in the live action movie. That would explain why he didn’t sing his villain song I know and love.
Musa TFK
Musa TFK 10 days ago
No scar got his scar by a snake 🐍 bite
horror fan Dylan is horror
@dark wyvern yesan
Anais Anthonimootoo
Kelvin Salomón Argueta
Done I want simba. Pls
conrad camber shinywax 82
I want shenzi to return
Abigail Martinez
Abigail Martinez 2 days ago
Be prepared is the song I wanted to hear the most and I very disappointed when it didn’t hear the same
Garth Davis
Garth Davis 4 days ago
Scar’s real origin was revealed in an episode of The Lion Guard. He explained (in song) that he was the leader of the original Lion Guard. He met an evil lion who promised him power as long as he was allied with him. A cobra that was with him, bit him in the face, giving him the scar that he was nicknamed for. Later, he was corrupted by his own greed and he used the Roar of the Elders to destroy his former teammates and forever lost his ability.
Kakarot LOL joke
Kakarot LOL joke 5 days ago
Do the producer realise that betrayal isn't exist in the lion brotherhood?
Rosalee Vercillo
Rosalee Vercillo 5 days ago
WTH Disney
Allen Baskota
Allen Baskota 6 days ago
scar got his slashwhen he was in the lionguarrd he got bit by a snake and got a scar and then mufasa named him scar
Liam Fc
Liam Fc 12 days ago
Scars scar is from a previous battle he had with Mufasa. The Lion Guard is a Disney junior show was essentially the continuation of the movie. During this time kion has the lion roar which is gifted to siblings of the king or queen. For example next in line to rule was kiara which gave kion the roar. Same thing applies to mufasa and scar. When mufasa got chosen to rule the pridelands scar was gifted the roar. During this time scar met a lion who wanted to work together with scars roar to take over the pridelands. As the walked a friend of the lion, a snake, bites at scar creating the infamous scar on his eye. Also not having to do with scars scar, kion left the pride lands with his friends. When they returned they were caught up with what had occurred in the pridelands after they left. Rafiki tells them essentially want occurrences in the second movie “simbas pride”. This means that during that time kion was always around just not in the pridelands for us to see him. It makes sense and could be a very interesting video
Callum Bell
Callum Bell 12 days ago
I love how scar is always calm and spine tickling evil I also like how he manupulates his prey(btw if i win can i have the timon pop vinyle or are all of them won i dont get it but you do)
Lilk Haley
Lilk Haley 14 days ago
Idc what u say they’re brothers in my eyes
mags oboyle
mags oboyle 15 days ago
What happened wasn't in the movie score
Grimlord 31
Grimlord 31 15 days ago
Would people please stop bringing up Scar's origin in The Lion Guard, I think they get it by now. It's a stupid origin anyway.
The Last Dragonborn
The remake wasn’t needed the cartoon version was the best it didn’t need a remake
ريأكشن ألعاب
Edwin G.A.
Edwin G.A. 20 days ago
Man Brits and Australians really need to talk w/out their accents. It’s sort of annoying and hard to hear what you guys are trying to say.
Mhyrynde Noa
Mhyrynde Noa 22 days ago
there are a lot of ways people think he got his scar some people think his dad gave it to him. well they can't be the same lines as in the first movie because then it would be the same just with real animals.
Masood Tehrani
Masood Tehrani 27 days ago
Hi my namse sarar scar evil what happening to scar and banzi Kira and kion and nala and rani
wavejumper2160 28 days ago
The Scar and Sarabi plot comes from how The Lion King is based off the tale of Hamlet.
Lemuel Zyyon
Lemuel Zyyon Month ago
He got bit by a snake that’s what it said in the lion guard
Tora-Lily Month ago
His scar actually came from venomous snake, its shown in the lion gaurd where its shown how kion gets the same scar from a venomous snake.
Sky Light
Sky Light Month ago
In lion pack rules, lions with black manes are more superior meaning Scar would traditionally become Alpha
Ian Franklin
Ian Franklin Month ago
For the beginning scene in the original movie when we first meet Scar, he actually does call Mufasa his big brother when he when he tries to eat Zazu and Mufasa stops him. He says "Why if it isn't my big brother descending from on high to mingle with the commoners". And this was before the gene pool line.
Sam_ The_cookie_lover
And in the lion guard we learn a different story of how scar became scar and how he got his scar
Aadi Tamargo
Aadi Tamargo Month ago
Hey you should Watch the lion guard it reveals scars story but you will have to wait
chuisan yee
chuisan yee Month ago
I subscribe pls give me simba and scar plssssssss
vc s
vc s Month ago
Can you make a face reveal please we really really need it
Lara Joy Gheriafi
I used to think that maybe scar was mufasa’s step brother. Like mufasa was an only child and his parents divorced, so his dad married another lioness who was already the mother of scar
Shamma Marie
Shamma Marie Month ago
In the lion guard , scars ghost shows up in the volcano in front of the new offspring of hyena his words were "the snake of evil , left this mark on my eye, that's how i got my scaaarrrrrrrrrr , that's when i became scarr."
85stumpen Month ago
But how could people think that they weren't brothers in the original? Scars says it in that movie as well “Why, if it isn’t my big brother descending from on high to mingle with the commoners.” And mufasa says "scar! Brother! Help me" right before scar killed him.
Jayden Espinoza
Jayden Espinoza Month ago
Scar got his scar by getting bit by a cobra its in the lion gard
Lance Harris
Lance Harris 2 months ago
Nawww a snake did that to his eye
Special k K Spesh
Special k K Spesh 2 months ago
I hate scar from the lion king
tiffanie Patterson
tiffanie Patterson 2 months ago
The new scar has mange
James Mix
James Mix 2 months ago
i think he is crool and something i have never seen before it a wird bomantion
Cody Webb
Cody Webb 2 months ago
First 1994 of scar is he not be mufasa brother but to killer mufasa because about simba grow up be lion the lion king 2019 is good movie for real animals in the movie because is of scar is real animal in the movie but scar killer mufasa not be brother for the killer anything about simba
EclipseFox 2 months ago
666 dislikes
Gregory Pieterse
Gregory Pieterse 2 months ago
I don't like scar but simba
Jerusha Smith
Jerusha Smith 2 months ago
Scar is his brother this whole thing is not true
Jerusha Smith
Jerusha Smith 2 months ago
The scar story you said is not true watch the new season of the lion guard (spoiler: he got bit by a snake and got venom and turned evil)
Ruben Alvarado
Ruben Alvarado 2 months ago
This is why I’m disliking every Disney remake into real life movies from classic cartoons, they be switching every detail
Aiden Hoffman
Aiden Hoffman 2 months ago
Why did they change his story
William Hoyle
William Hoyle 2 months ago
What is yipikaya
Leanne Evans
Leanne Evans 2 months ago
Ask disney the compony dummys
Dani Creasy
Dani Creasy 2 months ago
First of all you're being really stupid cinnamon roll scoring on STI by a venomous snake third of all he's going to die again his they're not Brothers
greenbanana1001 2 months ago
I still prefer the original
Colourful Crew
Colourful Crew 2 months ago
He got bit by a snake it says in the lion guard He makes a big song about it
Syeda Hamida
Syeda Hamida 2 months ago
Did anyone notice Nala that has balls!! 4:26
Hawa Abub
Hawa Abub 2 months ago
My favourite part is between 5:36
Nosizo Ncube
Nosizo Ncube 3 months ago
Scar is ugly
Huskylover 08
Huskylover 08 3 months ago
Scars dad gave him the scar. I don’t know why but he did
Ermond Gates
Ermond Gates 3 months ago
ScarVery scary
bhad_bhabie squad
bhad_bhabie squad 3 months ago
I love the lion King movie that’s the best but scars evil but the fastest good 📱📱
Ronald L. & Angela M. Vaught
Humans aren't animals we need to address this & affirm it that way were less likely to act like it. Scar might well had been treated differently a resented it. Which ought to lead to compassion to prevent in future but he still created bad Karma for himself & its the society of the jungle in this case or in human society humans must prevent to avoid having to cure.
Ronald L. & Angela M. Vaught
Scar intresting name could this be like cain and able one is showed favour the other not could not the scar have been healed with plastic surgery cognitive theropy was scar selfish because he was treated differently at early age?
king king
king king 3 months ago
No a rhino did that to scar
Olivia's house of coo coo cats
I think scar is evil and I really like how in the new movie he still has his droopy muzzle I also think he is really clever
Joshua Patterson
Joshua Patterson 3 months ago
When u look at scar he has a small mane skinny and different coloured fur Mufasa:big mane yellow fur stronger 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😑😑😑 How do u say dey are bros .....wHAat ARe U ThInKIng...THeY loKKk ToOTSlY dIfFeReNt
julies moom
julies moom 3 months ago
another story is he got the scar by a snake and it made him bad and uncontroable
Doomsday 345
Doomsday 345 3 months ago
I love one little scene in particular in the remake. Where Cub simba has his back to scar and says " one day il have to give you orders" and the camera pans in on Scars face slowly and you can see it's taking everything he has to not rip Simba to shreds right then and there.
Katrina Heikkila
Katrina Heikkila 3 months ago
Scar looks bad ass though
Aaron Reveredo
Aaron Reveredo 3 months ago
Watch the song How I got my scar By the lion guard Scars story
Emad khan
Emad khan 3 months ago
Lareb and zeeshan my best friends. Alikhan
Emad khan
Emad khan 3 months ago
I love my best friends lareb and zeeshan
Emad khan
Emad khan 3 months ago
Sibgatک 3 months ago
I wished mufasa didnt died
Sibgatک 3 months ago
It's just an movie but it hurts alot what scar did to them.
Jeriel dylan Santos
Jeriel dylan Santos 3 months ago
Actually scar got his scar it was from a snake
Poodles Duh
Poodles Duh 3 months ago
Well as far as actual prides go if there are any other male lions other than the ‘king’ they are normally fought out or pushed down to beta through fights if a leader is challenged. (tho there is normally only one male lion in the pride that being the leader.) With that the les dominat male will grow ‘sickly ‘ becuse they eat last. the male lion with the fuller lighter main is seen as having good geens and more leader like worthy. And tho it is in fact possible they are brothers it’s most likely they are only half brothers due to the fact there is normally only one male lion in the pride and many females. (Yes they ‘mate’ with there kin.) So I beliVe it’s Morley possible that the two half brothers were born around the same time and then when the time came for a new leader/king they had to fight of corse to determine who was fit to lead. Hence why scar got his scar.and seems to be cast out away from the others (even if he does have a subcluted personality.) Or - it could be likely that scar and mufasa fought of Sarabi to see who would be aloud to have her . Just some things -
wolf M
wolf M 3 months ago
#is he his Brother
Michelle Kish
Michelle Kish 3 months ago
He is evil
Cookie Playz
Cookie Playz 3 months ago
Wow, i always assumed scar\taka got a scar from a water buffalo in the stampede. I also seen this in driveway theaters.
Cheuk Ying Lau
Cheuk Ying Lau 3 months ago
Scar is the most evil villain of Disney
ursula morrow
ursula morrow 3 months ago
he. Meaning the. Killing. Simba. Dad☹️🦁🦁
BFGIWater 3 months ago
🦁🏅🏆💿📀 lion king movie
BFGIWater 3 months ago
I haven't seen the new lion king yet
Charlotte Kazoora
Charlotte Kazoora 4 months ago
In Lion guard it says Taka was bit by a snake and Mufasa nicknamed him Scar
Riley's Klay Titan motion movies
@ 8:18 I agree with him despite the evidence mufasa and scar could be related because they both have extra tuffs of hair on the knee joints which would mean they are masai lions so based on species of lion I would consider mufasa and scar genetically brothers I just want to add a comment I never mean to correct.
Mohammed Rayan
Mohammed Rayan 4 months ago
Go and c lion guard 😏
phillyhippie 4 months ago
Scars voice WAS so iconic
NightFang but picture is Leo
Little scars running around everywhere!
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