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HeyYo Guys,
How Y'all doing?
Well this clip is about me when I was getting scammed and cheated but fortunately, it was not possible in my case.. So I decided to scam him back and got everything recorded on camera.
This is how they rob you so be careful and share for the maximum to let people be aware.
They try to talk to you so that you are distracted and then scam you!
This happened to me in Jammu at Gandhi Nagar area Indian oil fuel station. (Chugh Service Station)
Don't forget to share this and let people be aware of what is happening at the fuel stations.

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Feb 25, 2018




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Comments 80
rohit sunny
rohit sunny Day ago
Broo u r the scammer 16rs scam karrey thuuu😅😂😂😂
Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy 2 days ago
Nishant Chandel
Nishant Chandel 3 days ago
Ur maths is so weak bro....
vikram singh
vikram singh 5 days ago
You fooled him bro.....gr8888
Sunil Ghate
Sunil Ghate 6 days ago
Sir aaise logo mar na chaheyea sir
pandey4awes0me 1
pandey4awes0me 1 6 days ago
Oo bhai yeh accent
Dipankar Dey
Dipankar Dey 7 days ago
Most of the petrol pump scam videos I am seeing on RUvid are from INDIAN OIL !!!! IT'S TIME TO AVOID INDIAN OIL PUMPS. 😠😠😠
Are bahi ise fuel station me baht bar ase hua he
Ranjan Singh
Ranjan Singh 8 days ago
Fu#### offf
Mohammad Bilal Khatib
You are Scamester, you robbed Rs16/- from the poor person, & wasted our time useless fellow
Mohammed Ibrahim
Mohammed Ibrahim 10 days ago
The time u asked him, zero kiya?? He was like fucked
mind gaming
mind gaming 11 days ago
Petrol pump wale chor. Hotey hey
Sharandeep Singh
Sharandeep Singh 14 days ago
Jammu chugh pump
Craig Smith
Craig Smith 16 days ago
India, the scam nation of the world
Irfan Chaudhary
Irfan Chaudhary 16 days ago
Yo, that really helps lot for us foreigners don’t know. That’s messed up for this person to be lying and causes this commotion by trying distract you but you caught with camera. Good job on your part!
Loie Frac
Loie Frac 17 days ago
Oh so they dont put the gas on the hole
Ashu The Fitness PRO
Hahaha... Very funny... Lolz.. Full kameena... Mera bhai biker mast... 😁😁😁
Ashu The Fitness PRO
U conned him up for Rs 16/- lolz... Hahaha... 😁😁😁
Thanigai Velan
Thanigai Velan 19 days ago
Boring video
Sharad Kumar
Sharad Kumar 20 days ago
mast bhai aap nay to maar li
neeraj manohar
neeraj manohar 24 days ago
Samne dekho sale sare chor h ye ,,,, ye sab khde khde dekh rahe h , sabko pata h ki ye pakda gaya , ,,,,,
soul walker
soul walker 25 days ago
Thug Life bro
Uday Shankar Prasad
Very Good Bro ...🤘
Zaid Zaka
Zaid Zaka 28 days ago
aman anshuman
aman anshuman 28 days ago
I wish u could have complained in police .
Hoxy Hope11
Hoxy Hope11 Month ago
He put 2000
Kashyap Sahab
Kashyap Sahab Month ago
3.6k dislikes because they are son of a Bitch
Wolverine Games
Wolverine Games Month ago
nice one
Apps world
Apps world Month ago
kohi scam nahi hoyya. 800 -184 = 616 ........ 616 rupees oil in your tank . 16 rupees ka tutti ka packet ata hmm o oil k sath maching sea nahi nikalta hmm.
Gamer Pugs
Gamer Pugs Month ago
Scammer gets scammed
Shreyas P
Shreyas P Month ago
Camera ka use at its best
Mauricio Valdez
Mauricio Valdez Month ago
So what exactly happened??
Santosh Vhatkar
Santosh Vhatkar Month ago
Bhai so nice work u
Mehul Kumar
Mehul Kumar Month ago
Bosedeke 200 mei se oil ka 16 so fuel 184 ka hi dala . 800 mei se 184 cut hoga 200 Kaise ? Chutiye
Panderk Rayson
Panderk Rayson Month ago
I see many many many many scammers in India.. shame for India people.
Manas Karthik
Manas Karthik 2 months ago
This guys speaks hindi better than my cousins
King Chum
King Chum 2 months ago
Good jobs brother
Rajesh Nayak
Rajesh Nayak 2 months ago
Bhai din me lut rahe ho saram ana chahiye
Lucky Trainer
Lucky Trainer 2 months ago
Makes me scary to go to india
awiixo 2 months ago
Well done
Oof 5k
Oof 5k 2 months ago
All the people who disliked are Indian lmaooo
Dino Saur
Dino Saur 2 months ago
He learns to scam there in India....Then he graduates and gets sent to a Mobil or 7-11 in the US.
D y o o o o d
D y o o o o d 2 months ago
Gasoline Boy na pala si Zaito sa India
Gaviel Rhys D Evangelista
I dont get it
Simran Sran
Simran Sran 2 months ago
That’s not your video you cheater
Ŕoyal Ŕider
Ŕoyal Ŕider 2 months ago
Bro, you scammed him for 16rps...
Setrika Man
Setrika Man 2 months ago
In my country indian going vacation and steal item from hotel lol Whats wrong with india🤣
Razak Idris
Razak Idris 2 months ago
kul karni
kul karni 2 months ago
no rules by govt for scam petrol bunk ,most bunks loot customers even govt department involved in it
skull candy
skull candy 2 months ago
Reason why I am using electric Scooter for traveling in city area !! I am waiting for some electric superbikes to be launch in India with longer millage so that I can take it to out of City too !! I don't have any problem with rising prices of petrol but when you get folded by those people even after paying the high price of fuel ! What the fuck man , but no worries I am seeing the ERA of electrical bikes and car is almost about to fuck the fuel engine
super sang
super sang 2 months ago
why all scam happens on Indian Oil petrol pumps
Albin 2 months ago
So they try to scam you in all the ways ? Not only by phone ? I can’t believe they’re all such as that, shame.
Hook Look Global
Hook Look Global 2 months ago
Whenever peteol boy talk with you it means there is something stroming in his mind
Mac Strickland
Mac Strickland 2 months ago
You forgot the fuckn cash idiot
GENZ ESPORTS 2 months ago
Tarun Rana
Tarun Rana 2 months ago
Bhai bike konsi he teri badhi mast lg ri h yr
Super Rocky
Super Rocky 2 months ago
Muje toh scam nahi muje uski math weak lag rahi hai 🤣
Chuckey Newkirk
Chuckey Newkirk 2 months ago
They're all a bunch of f****** scumbags all around the world you just have to be where it'd be cool if you got off the bike and beat the s*** out of him right there that would have been cool give him a little tip right on his job oh well I love the fact that you're showing what kind of dirty scum bags are out there that's why the videos are so interesting
Mathew Zacharia
Mathew Zacharia 2 months ago
The guy was even trying to cover the meter so he couldn't see it and he was asking him questions so suspiciously. Even indians get scammed not only foreigner like karl rocks
Lalit Kumar
Lalit Kumar 2 months ago
Simon go back
Ombin Channel
Ombin Channel 2 months ago
Terbaik infonya 👍
deep k
deep k 2 months ago
The biker scammed him of 16 rs Instead
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar 2 months ago
Hi Guys🙏.i had bad Experience in Indian oil in Tirupathi.i went to Tirumala last month on the way to Temple i decide to fill my car petrol tank in Indian oil which is located in the near foot hills of Tirumala. I ask to fill the tank to the working guy.he entered some numbers in the meter.i had an doubt and start to notice the guy.and went near to the tank he put the petrol pump inside the tank and start to run the meter. The meter runs near Rs-400/- I decide to see whether the petrol is really coming out from the pump. I ask the guy to take the pump from inside and put petrol from little high.but he not taken and told petrol running wait for few minutes.. I had heavy doubt and pull the pump higher from his hand... I shocked.... No single drop petrol came from pump. Still the meter running empty.... Crossing Rs-400/-..i ask them and fight... But they remain calm and asking sorry... So friends please be careful in petrol bunk...it's our hard earned money... They will cheat us easily if we careless...Be please Careful.. Thank you 🙏.
Muhammad Ismail
Muhammad Ismail 2 months ago
1:53 184.57 rs thy. 16 ka choona laga dia
Vikas RaJPuT
Vikas RaJPuT 2 months ago
184 da petrol pya sale osnu te 616 da tenu gusse samj kuch ta 800 hoye posdu
Sanjay singh Meena
Sanjay singh Meena 2 months ago
Ye pada likha gawar ek garib ke 16 rs kha gaya
Stephan Adam
Stephan Adam 3 months ago
pastaa 3 months ago
call center vibes pretty strong here
rahul falke
rahul falke 3 months ago
Chal 200 kat deta hu...wa re chutya sala petrol pump wala
Tajinder Singh
Tajinder Singh 3 months ago
u dnt know math asshole ,, everyone getting go pro n becoming fucking reporter,,,stupid asshole
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh 3 months ago
What a fake accent
Bhim jadhav
Bhim jadhav 3 months ago
Yaar wo fraud kar raha tha but tere ko 16 rupees ka fayda ho gaya agar usne 800 Mai se 200 kahta hoga to
Iron Head
Iron Head 3 months ago
Ur accent sounds fake dawg!!
SIZZX HERE 3 months ago
Kerim Aslan
Kerim Aslan 3 months ago
Did he got the 200 rupes? I cant see it anywhere 🤷🏻‍♂️
Patel G
Patel G 3 months ago
Yanha aap galat ho Bhai Aapne 16rs usse jyda le liye petrol pump only petrol Ka paisa count krta 2t Ka nhi scooter wale me 200rs diye h 184petrol+16rs 2t Ka 184+16=200 Yanha par Aapne ptrol dalaya total huye 800 Ka bil to 800-184=616rs Aapka bil hota h but Aapne only 600 diye
pubg insaan
pubg insaan 3 months ago
Bhai you scam title change kar
Jerri S
Jerri S 3 months ago
Ok im a little slow lol I missed the part where he scammed the scammer back
Vijay Thakur
Vijay Thakur 3 months ago
I won’t pay him anything lol can’t trust his swap on machine
vines of manender
vines of manender 3 months ago
भाई ये बाँदा भोले type का है। क्यों miss use कर रहे
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