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HeyYo Guys,
How Y'all doing?
Well this clip is about me when I was getting scammed and cheated but fortunately, it was not possible in my case.. So I decided to scam him back and got everything recorded on camera.
This is how they rob you so be careful and share for the maximum to let people be aware.
They try to talk to you so that you are distracted and then scam you!
This happened to me in Jammu at Gandhi Nagar area Indian oil fuel station. (Chugh Service Station)
Don't forget to share this and let people be aware of what is happening at the fuel stations.

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Feb 26, 2018




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Comments 6 728
FÅLCON YT 6 hours ago
This is from kashmir see the Number pkate in the begging it was "JK"
NEPALi unedited
NEPALi unedited 15 hours ago
All da dislikes from da scammers n their family ...gud job bro u guys can teach them a good lesson behalf of all innocent himans thank u brother
FÅLCON YT 6 hours ago
This video was filmed in kasmir see the Number plate of the starting!
Guitargreat Day ago
Indians are thieves, our local Indian gas station guy tries confusing you when giving you change he says “how much you want back” and if you say a number and it’s lower he’ll give you that amount back!!! Fuckin crooks, he also got busted putting water in the fuel!!! It’s a Sunoco and they wouldn’t bring him gas for years
Yousaf Khan
Yousaf Khan Day ago
India is full of fake cheater people
tarun gupta
tarun gupta 4 days ago
Bahot sahi kiye bhai... Ye petrol pump wale aise he customer ko chutiya banate h .... Bahot hard bhai...
Hopi Swu
Hopi Swu 4 days ago
Joe Average
Joe Average 4 days ago
Thank god I don't live there.
Jaggi Plays
Jaggi Plays 4 days ago
Same happened with me he was saying me Paytm krlo cash doge kaise doge
Deep Patel
Deep Patel 4 days ago
184 was correct as 16 rs oil is given separately from a sachet and not from the machine so machine for you have continued from 184 so now you have cheated him
rocky rambo
rocky rambo 4 days ago
Bichara ko scamstar banee deya
Cutiee Gursaya
Cutiee Gursaya 5 days ago
Chutiye tu galat hai 184 hi katne the ulta tune garib ki gaand maar li 16 rs ki
Jett-Rampart Flyer
You are so nice and patient. I would've pumped 75 rupees worth in his butt, a full on Petro-enema.
shank Rayadoo
shank Rayadoo 5 days ago
No..U r wrong here...Watch ur vdo again ,,u r a bad listener... Actually it's u who get extra rs.16...No doubt gas station guys makes their customers fool but here ur ignorance and stereotype thought set bad example..U must APOLOGIZE here..
Shahjahan Khan
Shahjahan Khan 5 days ago
Oo Teri
Langchinmang Lethil
Good hit
Rocket man
Rocket man 7 days ago
Maare kyo nahi bhai...India me aise hi sabakh sikhana hota he
kosmosleha 7 days ago
Indians at their best occupation. In usa they work on the phone.
Catchme Ifyoucan
Catchme Ifyoucan 8 days ago
Indian are naturally scammers
uzzie88 8 days ago
Catch a scammer, and scam the scammer. The cannot complain about something they find acceptable practice.
Rajendra Yadav
Rajendra Yadav 9 days ago
Garib samaj ke daan hi krdeta Rs.16 Chutiye ... 😂😂😂😂😂 Ye Jo million views Aaye Hain Wo Kewal TERE chutiyape ke peeche 💀💀
Seͥirͣaͫ MiຮຮO多eຮe
You from JAMMU ?
Elmucio Dingdong
Elmucio Dingdong 10 days ago
they cant even do the math correctly
Damien Lemerle
Damien Lemerle 10 days ago
In my time in India or any third world countries , I always prepay with the 100 ruppee note for gaz and 10 ruppee for oil cup
Yaikhomba2018 Akham
I hate this scammers
Subhodeep Biswas
Subhodeep Biswas 10 days ago
Apke charan kidhar hain prabhu
Adeel Ahmad
Adeel Ahmad 11 days ago
Hey everyone.Please watch my first vlog here : ruvid.net/video/video-jiJKM-eKxSA.html
Bro you didnt take 200 rupees
C M VISHVAS 11 days ago
Bro I think you took extra money 💴
Arun S
Arun S 11 days ago
You could end up in jail for unearthing the scams that are happening in india
Jack Anderson
Jack Anderson 12 days ago
I always assume they all rode magic carpets
Jack Anderson
Jack Anderson 12 days ago
Dirtbag people
Sidhanta Moharana
Sidhanta Moharana 12 days ago
Its biker fault
Frozen Actor
Frozen Actor 12 days ago
He stares so strange 2:19
M Singh
M Singh 12 days ago
You were careful but jjuusstt enough. Didn't use u r camera well. View to the readings got blocked. Thanks
Shujalpur Talk
Shujalpur Talk 13 days ago
Miter nhi dikhya he apko
Shubham Kale
Shubham Kale 14 days ago
अबे चूतिये इतना बोल रहा न तु तो गांडू उसके मालिक को क्यों नही बताया भोसदिके
Another MGTOW Monk
Another MGTOW Monk 14 days ago
Smartest thing if possible is not to own a car. As a 50yo I ride my $325 21 speed pushbike. The amount of money I am saving is incredible. Saved around 5K in the last two years. Just fixing up my old car before I sell it, this will be my last car. I am done with the whole auto industry full stop.
Another MGTOW Monk
Another MGTOW Monk 14 days ago
Smartest thing if possible is not to own a car. As a 50yo I ride my $325 21 speed pushbike. The amount of money I am saving is incredible. Saved around 5K in the last two years. Just fixing up my old car before I sell it, this will be my last car. I am done with the whole auto industry full stop.
Foxy Little Things!
scam and everything is okay but why do you have to fake your accent mate? That's the biggest scam here. LOL
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